Sunday, January 21, 2018


It’s been one year since Trump has taken office. On the anniversary of the inauguration, the US government has been shut down. It’s the only time in history where one party had both houses of congress and the presidency and still managed to shut down the government.

Everyday, Trump and his cronies tears at the democratic fabric of America. What has taken the country over 200 years and the backbone policies of why America has become a superpower and leader in the world, Trump and his cronies are ripping it to pieces.

Scandal after scandal, conservatives seem to care less and less. This supposed ‘value’ voters seems to now be ok with supporting a man who has 5 children with 3 wives (who he cheated on each with), with someone who has affairs and pays hush money to porn stars, and probably the worst, comparing Trump to Jesus. This is the person that the evangelicals looks up to and supports. Never has the Christian faith been in so much trouble.

The stress Trump has caused in this last year has been unwavering. Tweet after Tweet, chaos grows and spreads from his administration. Trump creates conflicts where there were none, Trump creates fear as to feed off the grief from his victims. The spread of his cancerous influence is not only affecting the US, but it’s had a rippling effect all over the world.

With his support of white supremacists, he has given life to a new era of horrors. White supremacists all around the world are embolden, no longer do they need to hide in the dark, they have their savior and they know they will have support from the top. In return, these white supremacist groups does his bidding to bring more fear and chaos around the world.

The world is bleak right now. There’s no sugar coating that fact. The scales are clearly tipped towards the darkness and it’s growing stronger.

It’d be easy to retreat and hide from all the madness that Trump has created. Ignorance does offer a degree of relief from reality, but the escape will only be temporary. Sooner or later, reality will kick in. Sooner or later, they will start coming for you too.

The world has seen this before. We have seen this level of darkness several times around the world. Every time this happens, the good and the brave did not hide, they did not take the easy road. They did not cower. It’s time once again to call on the good and brave once again to roar.

We are the protectors. It is us who will protect those that can’t. It is us who will fight back against the villainy. It is us who will drive the darkness back into the hole and tip the scale once again. It’s not going to be an easy road. There’s no time to waste and there’s much to do.          

It’s up to all of us. Do something, however small, fight back. Fight.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Thank you for screaming

Thank you for screaming

I don’t remember the first time I heard a Linkin Park song, but I remember the exact feeling.
After the death of my mother, I was in a downward spiral. There were so many feelings raging through me and when I wasn’t drinking, I could hardly stand all the emotions. I’ve never been someone who was outwardly emotional. I was raised to keep it inside, not to show or let anything out and that was probably killing me inside. These feelings were growing stronger by the day, feeding off my loss and spreading their control. Unable to control these demons, I felt helpless as they started taking over and leaving me a passenger in my own body.

One day when I was driving, a Linkin park song came on the radio and I heard Chester scream for the first time. I screamed along to the song even though I didn’t know the words. I scream at the top of my lungs for what felt like forever and at the end of the song I felt tired and my throat sore. Then, I felt something I haven’t felt in a while, a sense of relief.

I remember driving straight to a best buy and buying the CD. I listen to that CD over and over till I lost my voice from screaming. Chester and Linkin Park’s lyrics expressed what I couldn’t. I don’t know the story behind their songs, but they gave me the words that I wasn’t able to express. More importantly, Chester showed me how to scream.

The buried emotions were eating me up inside and I didn’t know of a way to bring them out. Inside your mind, these emotions are strong. They feed off the darkness in the corners of your mind, but like most demons, if you can bring them into the light, they often lose their power. These feeling won’t be easy to bring out, there’s not thinking it through or working it out. The only way to bring these feelings out it to scream and keep screaming and when you lose your voice, scream some more in silence.

The songs and the voice of Chester will be forever with me as they saw me through some dark times. Every time they’ve re-raised their heads, I know I had Chester with me to bring them to the light where they would have no power.

I am deeply sadden to hear about your death Chester. I know there are many others like me out there that you’ve helped through your music and the power of your voice. There’s nothing I can say that would truly show my appreciation so I’ll keep it simple.  Thank you.   

Chester, may you finally find peace and escape your demons.

Friday, June 09, 2017

God's religion

It's utterly naive and ignorant to think God 
would have a religion.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Salty Egg Crispy Chicken

Saw this at a food hall the other day and was just thinking. We're going to cut you up and cover you in your young and then fry you.

Yea, a bit morbid and in case you're wondering, yes, it's very delicious.


Friday, February 03, 2017

Where to even start

Where to even start

The strategy for Trump, his administration and the GOP is to roll out their hate filled, money grabbing and far right conservative agenda as quickly as possible. They are using blitzkrieg to overwhelm the population and the news media with so much that none of their policies will be properly analysed. Sure, there will be a few major policies that get people riled up, but the majority will slip through the cracks. Even more sinister is that some of these major ones are designed as distractions while they get the others passed.

While Trump and his cronies work at the federal level, the same thing is being done on the state and local level. Using Trump as the distraction / encouragement, so many new anti-choice, discriminatory bills are getting passed every day. You have an administration that just outright lies (e.g., Bowling Green Massacre as a way to defend the Muslim ban? Just outright lie) and no one on the right holds them accountable? Trump and his administration has been beating the drum of 'fake news' so much that when credible news outlets tries to call out these lies, they can easily label them as 'fake news' and the public believes them. 

Trump's administration has started lying about attacks by Iran and China that never happens. To accuse another country of an attack is an attempt to incite a war. That is the end game for this administration as through war they will really concentrate their power. This is a very dangerous game that they're playing. Again, while they distract us with all their horrible internal policies, they are creating the same havoc around the world.

So where do we even start?

To try and keep up with all the damage they’re doing is simply too exhausting. The anger and rage that one feels can’t help but ooze into other aspects of one’s life. I personally feel that the anger I feel is leaking into my personal/social life which is one thing I def don't want. So what’s the solution here? Stay informed and let the anger slowly eat you away? Be uninformed and let the world burn while you ignore the injustices happening? Is there no middle ground?

I would love to say that I have the answers for you, but I don’t. I don’t think there is a silver bullet and more than likely, the answer will be different for each person and will probably change with time.
This is going to be a long and exhausting fight and it’s one we must win. Stay well everyone, remember to take care of yourself. Unplug when you need and come back strong and refreshed. We will remain vigilant while you rest and you can do the same when others need to do the same. 

Together we will turn back this tide.