Thursday, September 30, 2004

Yay Sprint!

We heard this a week ago, but it's public now.

We were all very shocked but proud, so I thought I'd give Sprint a shout out.
Now where're those damn benefits for single people?
On a different note:
Can anyone come up with a good drinking game for tonight's Presidential debate? Please share.
BTW: Please, Please, Please, WATCH the debate tonight. No matter who you're for, watch the debate !!! Stop this 'I don't care', 'too busy', or 'it's not my bag' crap. It should be your bag cause it will affect you and the world for at least the next 4 years, and NOTHING you've got going on should be more important than that.
Stop going by what you've seen in those ads or what others have told you. Judge these candidates for yourself! I know, a lot of this will be scripted, but it's still better.
Watch the presidential debate tonight!
Your questions from yesterday will be answered tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Questions?? Questions?? Questions??
Come ye thou with yo questions.

This work thing and the nightly therapy meetings (i.e. drinking) have really hindered my blogging and so I’m going to try this. I know many of you have done this before and I thought it was cool.

I will answer any and all questions that you ask me about any topic (unless it might land me in jail). Give me all your politics, meaning of life, what to wear tomorrow, booty, 401K whathaveyous, whatnots, and whatever questions. No limit to the number of questions!

You know you’ve got questions to ask. So ASK it!

You know you want to.

I will reply back in one big post. Unless no one asks any questions, then it’s just sad.

Don’ make a sad Pup!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Now you can start eating dinner at 5pm.
Blue Plate Special
I got some beef with you!!!
Okay, here's the scene: I'm just getting home from work. Right as I walk through the door and set my things down, the phone rings.
ring ring

Me: Hello?
Dude: Oh. Sorry. I have the wrong number.

WTF!?! You don't know how you use a numeric keypad? You know you got the wrong number cuz I aint yor bitch!!! Its even worse when its after 10pm cause that's when all the jive suckas dial a booty call but get me instead on the receiver. Some fools try to play it off:

Punk Ass: Where my boo at?
Me: I aint hearing dat bitch! You needs to learn your ass some eye hand coordination. 8 don't look like 4. Hit the right numbers, fool. And spit that bubble gum out your mouth!!!

I hate you all!

Then again, if you dialed my number and your measurements are 32-26-32, I might have to holla attcha!!!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Say it isn't so man.. Say it isn't so...

How did this happen? Times are rough and things couldn’t possibly be going that well over there.

In Bagdad, beheading videos replace porn as favorite TV fare...

This is simply out of control. What is this world coming to? It’s a sad day when people rather watch beheadings than porn.

A sad sad day indeed.

Maybe we need to send them some homemade porn. It’ll have all the shock value of the beheadings, plus the porn part. It’ll be fuzzy and hard to see. People praising the lord with plenty of ‘oh God yes, yes, yes!’.

See, the same thing. Plus the porn part. This won’t be good porn mind you, oh no, not by a long shot, but porn never the less. Maybe that's the problem. Let's send some good porn over there. Maybe that'll help.

Stupid terrorist. YOU (terrorists) are NOT better to watch than Porn. Nor are your beheadings. This is NOT tolerated by ANY religion or any GOD. Your God hates you and I hate you.

Too busy for a real post today. Got a good post (non political / non ranty) in the works for tomorrow. Promise.

Mondays.. blah...

Friday, September 24, 2004

Must be nice, that view from the top.

So in the last few years, the economy hasn’t been well in the aftermath of 9-11 and the 2 crusades that we are currently in. Oh, sorry, I meant to say wars on terror, to kill them and their innocent people on their land instead of ours and on our land. Oh wait, nevermind, that’s the same thing. I digress.

Back to my main point, the economy hasn’t been doing too well, though there are some slight signs of recovery, it’s far from where we were a couple of years ago. Yet, with the majority of the population hurting and unsure of their financial futures, according to the new Forbes list, the combined net worth of the nation's wealthiest climbed to $1 trillion, up $45 billion in 12 months. There are 313 billionaires (up from 262 last year).

Does that seem right? While the majority of Americans are hurting with record job loss, with the only jobs “created” being underpaid or unskilled jobs, and with record debts and bankruptcy filed in every corner and demographic group in the country, how did the nation’s wealthiest acquired $45 billion dollars?

Yes, the president may be sending you a tax cut check for whatever dollars (I personally have yet to receive ANY tax cut check), but think what these tax cuts are doing for those people. Those people who have acquired $45 billion dollars. Obviously it’s not from the economy because the money’s just not there. So it’s probably something else. Something to do with them not having to give back as much.

Please think. Think of the bigger picture before you so quickly jump to the conclusion that tax cuts are always good. Yes, you may pay a little more, a few percents, but those few percents from the nation’s wealthiest will greatly help the country as a whole, and probably in parts of your life. What they don’t pay, you will end up splitting the bill with them. Them who has billions of dollars, yet pay the same as you.

Of course, someone will surely accuse me of being prejudice against the rich here. Why should they pay more? They’ve earned it.

The thing is, whatever they pay will have very little effect on their lives. Even if it was in the millions, their lives would not change. It would be the equivalent of a normal person paying 10 more dollars on their taxes. These people are beyond the scale of needing money for basic survival, or even good living. It's just not possible to spend THAT much money that they possess. Also, since there is a finite amount of wealth out there, that 45 billion had to come from someone that did need the money for basic survival.

I understand that a lot of people in this group does a great deal of charity work, and donate a lot of their money. But that still does nothing to close the basic problem of a huge wealth gap in the society. A wealth gap that’s the origin of so many problems. The basic concept of a government is to take care of its people. To equally value the lives of the poor along with the rich, the powerful along with helpless, and the strong with the weak.

People came together to form a society in order to have a better chance at survival. A chance of survival for everyone. Somewhere along those lines, some of these people began to rise above the others. That's fine. There will always be those that are better. It is in our nature to follow the concept of 'survival of the fittest', but at this juncture, it is being taken to unreasonabl levels. There has to be a point when the government steps in to help close the wealth and power gap.

To recreate a middle class. It has been repeatedly shown throughout history that any society with only 2 classes will not work. A society simply cannot survive much less evolve with only a extremely rich and extremely poor classes.

Why can’t either one of our presidential candidates talk about this? Oh right, they’re probably on the list too.

Pup for Pres 08’
Happy Friday and a Fun Drunken weekend to you all.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Be aware of new car-jacking scheme Imagine:
You walk across the parking lot, unlock your car and get inside. Then you lock all your doors, start the engine and shift into REVERSE, and you look into the rearview mirror to back out of your parking space and you notice a piece of paper stuck to the middle of the rear window. So, you shift into PARK, unlock your doors and jump out of your car to remove that paper (or whatever it is) that is obstructing your view...When you reach the back of your car, that is when the car-jackers appear out of nowhere, jump into your car and take off!!! Your engine was running, (ladies would have their purse in the car)and they practically mow you down as they speed off in your car. BE AWARE OF THIS NEW SCHEME THAT IS NOW BEING USED. Just drive away and remove the paper that is stuck to your window later, and be thankful that you read this email. A purse contains all identification, and you certainly do NOT want someone getting your home address. They already HAVE your keys!"

I think the campus police are a bunch of burly women. This was hilarious when I first read it. Then I thought, "If I wanted someone's car, why would I trouble myself with a note telling the owner, I'm taking your car?" Hell if I want your car, I'll fight to take it from you. There might be something wrong with me but I aint hearing that while I'm riding away in your ride.

Anyway, I hate messages like this, especially when the message attempts to safeguard women with fear. These messages tend to degrade a woman's intelligence. If someone wants your Benz, let him take it. If there's some foreign object stuck to your car, drive fast, it might blow off. Maybe I'm being simple minded here, not being a woman and all, but it seems to me that these messages generalize women as house maidens without sound judgment of good ol' practical common sense. I might be wrong........

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Necessary Cheesyness
The Best Movie EVER? Hardly.
Original Idea? Not Really.
Laugh out loud comedy merits? Nothing to brag about.
Cheesy with ever sport cliché that they can fit into 108 min.? Oh yea!
On Pup’s top 10 best movies ever? You bet your sweet ass.

Necessary Roughness. A movie about a bunch of has-beens, never-will-bes, and underdogs (much like the actors who stared in the movie) playing football in the ever menacing world of Texas football. As one critic said “Necessary Roughness is a brutal exercise in stale jokes that shows no imagination, and no hope of capturing the audience’s. …”

Ok, so it’s not a good movie, but that’s not why it makes it on my list. It was the whole package. This was the first real “date” movie that I saw with my first (later to be) real longtime girlfriend. Those group outing dates, roller rinks dates, or one daters don’t count.

Back during a more innocent time, when the Pup was a young naïve Pup, Necessary Roughness was the new movie at the multiplex. After courting a cute gal all during band camp, in an almost stutteringly nervous squeaky voice, Pup asked the gal if she’d like to go out with him after they returned from camp. Shortly after hearing one of the best words to ever come out of any gal’s mouth (yes), an overjoyed Pup turned around only to trip over a music stand. Very smooth.

So it was from here that Pup went out on his first official “date”. Being that neither could drive, Pup’s sister had to be bribed to drop Pup off at the restaurant and to be picked up later. The price was steep for the ride. Cash and chores were done for weeks. Little did Pup’s sister know that 5 years later, he would get revenge by flipping and crushing her car on a hwy (Bwhahaha).

It was agreed that the gal and Pup would meet at the restaurant. A very lovely Olive Garden located next to the theater was the chosen place. Pup was there before her, and instead of waiting, Pup’s sister drove quickly to the mall. So Pup was just standing there waiting, more nervous than a gay man at the Southern Baptist convention.

Out of nowhere, Pup felt a gentle tap on the shoulder and proceed to screech like a small girl. Seeing the gal behind him quickly turned his fear response to a total embarrassing shame. This was funny, really, and not pathetic as you’re probably imagining it in your head.

The Olive Garden, or as some of us call it, the OG (some of us being me and us voices in the head), was quite nice. The tables were clothed and candle lit. The roof was a big glass dome so the night light shined through (very fancy for the OG I know). Dinner was good. The conversation flowed smoothly. No awkward silences or anything. So everything’s going great Pup said to himself as he went to use the rest room. When he came back, the gal was gone.

The rational thought was that she went to the restroom. Being the naïve Pup, there was no rational thought. The only thing on Pup’s mind was ‘the purse is gone, good god, she’s taken off’. So Pup decide to wait a bit. Leaving now would be silly. And illegal since he hasn’t paid the bill yet.

Being the quickly bored type, Pup started playing with the candle. The poor plant next to the table took some damage that night. “Hey”. Once again startled, Pup looked up to see the gal nice and freshen up (really where was she going to go? Not like now when they can just drive away. Not that that’s happened or anything).

The conversation continued as the desert was finished and Pup asked for the check. Pups have sensitive noses. So when the scent of something burning began, Pup quickly became aware and looked around. Turning to the plant, a few leaves had begun to burn. It seems that Pup didn’t move the candle back to it original place and was thus slowly heating up the plant. After putting out the mini-fire with his napkin, Pup and the gal quickly paid the check and exited the OG before they became wise to the shenanigans that took place. That and the partially burnt plant, and ruined napkin.

The movie theater was across the street from the restaurant. Friday night at peak hours, the cars were speeding through the streets. A real game of Frogger began as Pup held the gal’s hand and sprinted across the street. Sadly, it was the other way around towards the end since she ran faster than Pup.

We watched Necessary roughness, but I don’t remember much of the movie. My mind was too pre-occupied with “Should I hold her hand?” “When do I go for the hand grab?” “Maybe the yawn move?” Argh!! The pressure!

About half way in the movie, Pup made a move and it was warmly greeted. Yay!

After the movie ended, it was off to the pay phones (yes, people used those back in my days. None of this cell phone crap) to call the sister for a pick up. After being bullied into doing more chores than initially agreed upon, the sister came to pick up Pup and the gal.

The ride back was quiet. That is, until the sister started asking questions about the night. Putting the gal on the spot with embarrassing questions and slight hints of bodily threats. That was a good time had by all. By all, I mean only the sister.

So we arrive at her house. The gal and I get out of the car. Instead of going to the front door which is in clear view of the drive way, she goes towards the back door (I found out later that this was done on purpose. Silly Pup. So naïve). “Do you usually go through the back door” Pup asks (stop it with your nasty thoughts). “Umm, not usually.”

Small talk continued for what seem like forever. Nervous Pup wasn’t interested in anything he said or what she was saying. The thoughts of kissing her now are screaming in his head. Right when the silence bragan creeping in between the two and the sounds of the night could be heard, the flood light turns on in the backyard. Arghh.. the light!! The fight/flight response kicked in and he went in for the kiss.

The kiss was short, but in Pup's mind, it would last forever.

How good was Necessary Roughness the movie? It’s not bad, but it’s far from being good.
How good was Necessary Roughness as Pup experienced it? Priceless.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

W stands for Women?
You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.

How stupid must you be to actually believe that sign that you’re carrying? Oh my God… what is wrong with you? That’s would be the equivalent of the Red Cross changing their sign to the skull and crossbone or the swastika. Well, that’s not a good analogy, but you know what I mean.

So in the last couple of days watching the RNC (BTW, PBS still has the best coverage. So screw you and your cable channels), I kept seeing this red sign with black lettering mixed among the crowds.

I found out later that the big black W on the red sign was for a campaign that was launched a few years ago to target the female vote. Here is the link.

Quickly scanning the site, an informed individual can quickly pick up that there is a theme here. The site first uses fear to capture your attention ("the stakes in the next election are high: the safety and security of our families and homeland..."), then they target the women's "domain" of children (..the health and education of our children...). One thing that is blantly missing? Actually talking about WOMEN! There's nothing in here about women's rights or anything pertaining to the woman herself. There are however, lots about the traditional "duties" of women and how he will help in those areas.

Why the fuck does this even belong here? "President Bush is expanding the armies of compassion, putting government on the side of faith based and community groups... " Isn't that a big ass No-No? To put government on the side of faith based groups? Isn't that what the people we're fighting doing? Are we to become like them in order to defeat them? And when we do defeat them, won't we just take their place cause we're theortically the same way?

Please read this article from a reporter with the the village voice who was at the RNC interviewing the women who were holding up these signs. It’s quite informative at getting what these ladies are thinking.

Realize that yes, W does have affection for women, and that he knows exactly where they belong. The place of women is to behind the men. To support and serve what the men tells them as his faith has preached for so long. This is what the W stands for. To those women that ‘knows their role’, he is quite the gentleman. After all, that’s his role.

The following is from someone else’s blog. I think it does a better job of explaining this than I do. I’m sorry, but I can’t remember where I got it. If it’s yours, let me know and I’ll properly quote you.

So, according to the link, George W. has the nerve to start a campaign in which he claims the "W" in his name stands for "Women."I can see how that would be true - if he means it stands for the Women he's let die in Africa because he wouldn't turn over the United Nations Population Fund's $34 million to prevent Women dying of AIDS and fistula and in childbirth and due to illegal and unsanitary abortions. It might stand for those Women.

It might stand for the millions of American Women he's betrayed, by rolling reproductive rights back to the 14th century, restricting access to abortion and emergency contraception, telling Women that abortion causes breast cancer, which the American Cancer Society's Data proves is an outright lie.

How about the young Women, who he has decided are too young to take a pill to prevent pregnancy - but are apparently old enough to be mothers. Or the ones subjected to his "abstinence only" sex education, whose teachers aren't allowed to tell them anything about birth control except its failure rate.

Oh yeah, the "W" stands for those Women.

Monday, September 20, 2004


The best thing about having a car that doesn't accelerate is that you can dance 12 bars before you run into anything!

I put $5 of gas in my tank the other day; that's just enough to crank it up. I need 5 more dollars to make it go.

Ass, funk and piss...if you're the passenger, you're sitting in it!

I name my car the Bass Ship; I'm the Bass Cadet. Let me 'splain sumptom. Only one speaker works...2 days out of 7! The bass tone is actually a ratty old muffler. I drive around thinking of ways to sample that tone with real beats. Hey, it kills the time!

About 18 months ago, some fucker broke into my car and guess what he stole? A cassette deck car radio! What a dumbass. Must have been hard up for cash. That I can understand. I wonder, could he have even gotten 20 bucks for that old radio? I guess 20 bucks is a short lived party....

Love my car! Its a love affair really. Whenever I do something nice for myself, I do something in return for my car. For example, I get a haircut, the car gets a clean windshield. Sometimes I cheat the car; "Yeah, I got new kicks! So what? You weren't suppose to see that! I'll hook you up with an oil change next week."

My car can't afford to be jealous. We're cruising on I-75 North at top speed of 50 mph. Yeah, anything faster than 51 mph will be the death of my car. So, my car's like, "Dude, get a car like that! Check out them rims, yo! Tinted windows on that one! Oh, snap! That one has a V-6!!!"

I'm jealous though--my car gets more booty than me, even though most of the time its mine.
Monday… Monday….

So it’s that time again. Monday morning. Time to wake up at some ungodly early hour, shower and shave, put on some nice clothes, and get my ass to work. After years of practice, I can usually do this in about 15mins. For those of you that have a problem getting up in the morning (not like that sickos), the first one’s boring with using 2 alarm clocks.

The second one’s much more effective, if not a lot more painful. You know that phrase roll out of bed? Do it. Roll your ass out of your bed and fall on the floor. It's hard at first, but force yourself to literally roll off your bed. The falling sensation when you’re semi-conscientious will trigger some primal fight/response in your body and jack it up with adrenaline. It’s horrible to put your body through the system shock and depending on how far up your bed is, it could be quite painful, but it works. You'll be wide awake. Feeling like crap, but wide awake.

I have no idea why I felt the need to share that.

There are better ways of waking up with a big smiley on your face. I'll let you guys come up with those.

Maybe it’s just me…
I saw Resident Evil 2 this weekend. After reading all the horrible reviews about the movie (only 24% good from Rotten Tomatoes), I must strongly voice my disagreement. It’s not that bad. So there’re lots of holes and events that takes place that were completely random. Also, there were parts that were just weird if you think about it (2 types of zombies? What the?).

People, this isn’t going for an Oscar. Take it for what it is. A video game about zombies turned into a movie. It's bound to be ridiculous. However, there was quality ass kicking by hot chicks and some big fucker that wouldn’t die (and with a heart of gold too, nice touch). Stuff was blown up, lots of zombies were killed, and there was of course the big evil corporation that was covering things up. So it’s all been done before. It’s still worth a couple of hours of escapism.

All you smart, thinking about ways to bash the movie while you’re watch it, can’t turn off their brains and just enjoy a pointless kill-fest for a while, however filled with cheesy and old movie clichés can all go get your brains eaten by zombies….

So there.

Yea, that was pointless. I’ve got nothing today.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Friday Slacking…
I’ve been busting my balls all week. Working at home after work and all (home time should be porn time, not work time). So, I’ve finished most everything I need to do for the week yesterday. Today should be pretty lite. I mean, of course there’s things I COULD do, but I’m just gonna hang out.

You didn’t know this, but ‘Conscientiousness’ is the biggest word I know and know how to spell. I’m a terrible speller in general, if I ever meet the guy who invented spell check, I’d buy him a few pints.

I’ve been averaging about 4 or 5 hours of sleep this week. The weird thing is I’m not tired at all. I get sleepy at work when I don’t get enough sleep, but not this week. I just feel kinda numb. Numby Num. Yup, Numby. Like Gumby, but a depressed out-of-it version.

So Numby had to do training all week for a new system that he's launching for the company. Favorite fun (by fun I mean I should be kicking you in the face) questions Numby has been asked:
1. What do we do about people getting confused with the system because they’re not reading the instructions? (I have no fucking idea. Why don’t you tell them to fucking read? You’re suppose to be adults and professionals)
2. What if someone doesn’t want to use a new system and want to stay with the old? (well, since the old one sucks balls and is out of date, then maybe they are too. Fire them.)
3. Can you come and train some of these people for me? (No dumbass. Being a ‘trainer’, that’s kinda your job)
Being insensitive I know. You’d understand if you were there though. I can give you a conference number to call in and you can hear the fun if you really wanted to waste a hour or so.

And now, for something completely different:
I’ve had some questions in my head that’s been bothering me other than the standard crap that’s usually whoring up all the space. If someone could enlighten me to the following questions, that’d be great.

1. How does the bus drive open the door in the morning?
2. Who closes the door after the bus driver leaves for the day?
3. How well would I do in a dance off?
4. I wondered if anyone’s ever looked at me and said “Yup, I’d do him”.
5. How come no one ever says anything when you cough? You get a nice “bless you” when you sneeze, but you’re on your own if you’re coughing and choking to death.

I have a cordless extension cord. It’s completely useless.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

...Appear Offline
This is where my mind has gone
We thought it'd be best if we went away for a while
We're going to stay here on this nice island a while
Don't bother trying to find me
My island you will never find
My Island is where my mind has gone
My mind's at the good island now
Till' I find the good
Where are you good
I swear I'm looking

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Suggestions Needed
I’m going a bit mental here. Wanderlust and a lack of excitement is eating away at me like zombies to brains. Brains... need more brains..
I really need to get away somewhere, somehow, or do something. It’s too late to catch flights, so I need something that I could drive to or something I can do here, or there.
Anyone have any ideas? Blooger brains unite! For the love of Pup, Suggest something.. Anything!
Please help!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Here we go again with another edition of….

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

These are my comments and rebuttals to… basically, stupid dumbass people. A commentary on how society as a whole or groups in society is pissing me off. There're a lot of them, so this will be a long running column (at least till I piss off the wrong people).

If you think, you need a semi-automatic weapon in order to ‘hunt’, or to be used for recreation, you are a fucking dumbass. Yes, you. You selfish, gutless, little twerp hiding behind your big scary gun.

After a 10 year ban, the bill that has banned the American public from purchasing 19 assault type weapons on the market will expire. Finally, it’s about time! Your favorite weapons are back! Tech-9, Uzi, and AK-47s.

Finally we’ll be able to hunt down all those nasty animals out there that have been causing havoc in our society and were impervious to our other rifles and shotguns. Also, I believe now we will truly be able to protect ourselves and our family from the criminal element.

You're a damn dumbass if you believe that! Dumb Fucking ASS.

Let’s go over the top 2 reasons people (NRA related usually) has argued for the legalization of these weapons. The first reason is that they are used for hunting / sports. Yes, these guns can be used for hunting / sports. BUT, if you need a semi-automatic weapon to shoot an animal that isn’t Godzilla, maybe you should go back and practice. Spraying an area and hope you hit something is not hunting! You unskilled-played-too-much-Halo-piece-of-shit. Get some damn skills.

I understand that there are still a few out there that still hunt and eat the meat of their kill. That’s fine, but that can be done with a regular rifle.

For those others of you, DO NOT call hunting a sport! You with you big ass gun hiding in a tree waiting for a deer to come by is not a sport! You want a sport? You want excitement? Make it fair! Give another man a gun, you and him go out to an area and hunt each other. Now that’s excitement, and that is a sport. Hell, you can have a gun and just give me a piano wire. I promise you'll be dead before you hit the ground.

How could you possibly take joy with such an unfair advantage over your opponent/pray and be proud of what you’ve done? Are you that pathetic that you have to pick on the weak? Do you play handicapped children in sports and brag about winning? This is about as noble as that.

As far as sports go, the only two sports that I can think of involving guns are sharp shooting, and skeet shooting. Both require a great deal of skills, and neither needs a damn assault rifle. So don’t even come here and argue the sports part.

Now for my favorite. Guns will let you protect your loved ones. Where exactly do you live that you need a damn tech-9 to ‘protect’ your family? If you do live in such a place, might I suggest that you think about MOVING instead of buying an assault rifle. Ever thought of that smart guy?

Has anyone EVER heard of an instance where a tech-9 saved someone’s family? 'yea, they were coming in, but I pulled our my 9 and they left'.. Ever heard of that one? I didn't think so. And if you have, compare that to all the drive-bys and crime related uses of an assault rifle. See how those numbers work out.

Perhaps there hasn’t been any statistics that guns does or does not reduce crimes, but there are statistics that if there is a gun present in the incident, the possibility of a crime turning deadly (someone dying) greatly increases. Is it worth it to get shot over some crap you might be carrying around? Or the things that are truly unreplaceable (i.e. people), are they worth the TV or stereo or some other crap that they're going to take?

You don’t know me, so take this however you like, but I’ve seen and know who buys these guns. They’re not the good guys. They’re not used for hunting, sports, or to protect anything. They have no intent of using it for anything other than bad things. Assault weapons = bad. Why can’t people get that?

The only thing these weapons do is put the regular person, and our law enforcement personnel at a greater risk. Standard police issue handgun vs. a Tech-9 is not fair for the people protecting us. These guns are also more likely to hold armor piercing rounds (not that our local police dept. can afford to get those for our cops). BTW, it’s not a coincidence that drive-bys with semi-automatic weapons has gone down in recent years.

The only reason the gun people push for this under the disguise of some ‘right to bear arms’ bullshit is that these guns have higher margins of profit. It’s about money. Simple as that.

Guns were created for one reason. To Kill. There are no other purposes for its existence. However you use a gun, it’s for killing. To think that you can use a thing made to kill to prevent things from being killed is simply moronic. Think people, Think!

Give the next lyric/line to this popular 80's song (perhaps we can complete the entire song this way)...

...and the silicon chip inside her head, got switched to overload...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Pup Bistro
End of Summer Menu

Too warm for a big meal, the Pup Bistro presents a menu with a samples of the summer mixed with a preview of the fall meals
Proscuitto-wrapped Gorgonzola with Arugula
Tomatoes stuffed w/fresh Mozzarella and Basil
Steamed Chinese Pork Buns
Butter Lettuce wrap (with Pork, baby corn, spinach filling)
Miso-Citrus chicken

Tuna Roll
Special Pup Roll (egg and pickled relish)


Flaming brown sugar raspberry butter sauce on top of Chocolate raspberry truffle ice-cream.

Selected Wines
Pepperwood Grove - Syrah
Foppiano - Zinfandel
Fazi Battaglia - Sangiovese
Naia - Verdejo
Giovello - Pinot Grigio

Saturday, September 11, 2004

I Will Remember You

I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories
Remember the good times that we had?
I let them slip away from us when things got bad
How clearly I first saw you smilin' in the sun
Wanna feel your warmth upon me, I wanna be the one
I'm so tired but I can't sleep
Standin' on the edge of something much too deep
It's funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word
We are screaming inside, but we can't be heard
But I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories
I'm so afraid to love you, but more afraid to lose
Clinging to a past that doesn't let me choose
Once there was a darkness, deep and endless night
You gave me everything you had, oh you gave me light
And I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

Friday, September 10, 2004

Yo, I really got nothing today. Its like 2:30p and work keeps piling up. But that's ai'ight. It just won't get done. No shame in slackness. I'm thinking of Swingers. Is it because of the previous Vegas posts? Or is it the reference in this post to the film? Roll Up!!! Yeah, I got that from Swingers...the fight scene is the best. Reminds me of Tony. His fights always started like that and ended like that. Well sometimes he had to knock a fool on his ass. But that's Tony.
So what am I doing? Sitting on my ass right now, reading the paper during a 3 hour lunch break, cleaning my finger nails, all of the above. They say Ivan will become a tropical storm by Wednesday and will sweep this sleepy town away. To lazy to correctly spell h-u-r-r-i-c-a-n-e. damn. I hate knowing how to spell. I was trying not to spell that right. Sucks too because from time to time I go to type my blog name and I don't stop after T. Thank god spell checker doesn't recognize that strange word.
Plans for the weekend? I think the nerds have reeled me back in. Tonight is looking like a Star Trek night. These are the best, yo! Like we start by cracking open a 6 pack and begin watching some Next Gen (which rocks my world) and then someone will be reminded of an Original Series episode. Capt'n Kirk was the fucking man. His shit was tight!!! You couldn't go pee unless you had orders to do so. Anyway, I can do without DS9 and Voyager is good from time to time. 7 of 9? Damn! Still only so-so. When the spirit moves us we'll watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of God! (Magic plug) Tomorrow is a Magic: The Gathering Tourney right here in town. Some of my friends are sponsoring a Type I event. Two words: Merfolk deck. Its on!!! Okay many of you don't know or care what I'm yapping about, but this weekend is going to be bombastic!!! Know that! I'm sure you know what good times are like. Well tournements are like that....times 10!!!
sidenote #1: you've all seen Wrath of Khan, right? Well you must see the episode that first featured Khan. He is the most badass villian of the original series.
sidenote #2: "Anything goes when it comes to ho's cuz pimpin' aint easy!" Pimpin' Aint Easy--Big Daddy Kane. In middle school I was Big Daddy Kane, and sometimes I thought of Pup as Lil' Daddy Shane, but that's another story.
Okay. Some cool news. If you remeber the pastor chick I was interested in...she called me the other night. Just out of the blue. It was weird. Two and a half months and I don't hear a peep and then, "You asked me out to dinner once before. Still wanna go out?" Then she makes fun of me for not having a cell fone. Okay, yall need to shut up! I don't wanna here it. Cell fones will rot your mind. You wait and see. Actually mine's on lay-away. Anyway, she's into me I guess. I guess any pastor would think of T when they're feeling lonely and blue. Okay, maybe not any pastor, but the PASTOR was thinking of me. Bless her soul.
TECH SUPPORT!!! What the hell is that? Now I worked at one place where tech support was on the ball. Then I worked at another place where they were stalking women at malls. Here it doesn't exist. Hell, I'm as much tech support as is the secretary. Well that's not true. The chair can navigate around more than her and we all know more than him. What is with all that talk? Deep Freeze? Alteris? Power block? Slice 'n Spice? Dude, you know that I have no idea what you just said. Right now all I want you to do is to make it work. And show me what you did so I don't have to call you again. There's one dude who looks like Barney Rubble, talks like Barney Rubble, and doesn't know shit like Barney Rubble. Great personality. He's got a calculator on his wrist watch too. Now I aint hating on the watch, that's cool. I had one....IN SIXED GRADE!!! I wish I still had it...really. Calculators come in handy sometimes.
Well its like 3pm now. Three more hours till STAR TREK!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

So we stood there in front of her door. We make some small talk and we begin saying our goodbyes. We both were nervous and excited. The whole time, the thoughts of kissing her screams through my head. Do it!! Do it!!! I don't know... Should I kiss her? Should I kiss her? DO IT!!!!!

My heart beats so hard it feels as if it's about to jump through my chest. My palms gushed with sweat. The conversation was coming to end. Now, my heart beats painfully fast. With my last good bye, I closed my eyes and leaned towards her. Our lips touch. If only for a moment.

That moment could last me an eternity.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Las Vegas: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Ugly

Las Vegas, Sin city. A place where a person can enjoy all the wonderfulness of the seven deadly sins. All you have to do is have the right amount of money. In a city that started as a railroad town, then rebuilt by mobsters, the oldest occupation in the world still reigns(maybe not #1, but a close 2nd to these games of chance). Just slight below the lights and glitz of the large Vegas hotels and shows, there’re there, they’re everywhere. Although not yet up on billboards, well, actually they are now on these moving billboards stuck to trucks, the sex industry in Las Vegas is as prominent as ever.

It’s difficult to walk 20 yards on the Vegas strip without hearing a loud thumping paper sound all around you. To newbies, they are naturally curious and are drawn to the sound like sailors to the sirens (ok, I’m sure there’re better analogies, but I can’t think of any right now). Turning their head to see the source of the sound will immediately draw the attention of about a half dozen men/women dressed in bright T-shirts (it reads: Stripper straight to your room) ready to hand you flyers for “services”.

These things don’t bother me. I’ve seen them hundreds of times while in Vegas. It’s a job, guess someone has to do it. For most people too, I don’t think it bothers them too much. Most of the time, you see it and ask yourself, who would call these numbers? Who is looking for a stripper to come to their room?

While I was at the previously mentioned club at The Palms hotel, besides the ladies paid by the hotel to dance, there were always a couple of attractive young girls dancing on the stage area. Though no where near as good as the professionals, they moved their bodies well enough to be seductive. Is that odd for a couple of attractive girls to dance to awesome beats in a nice dark and cloudy room? No, not really. They were usually the only one (sometimes 2) dancing on a medium sized stage. I didn’t think it was strange, people like to dance, and did I mention there were sick beats being laid down?

Oh poor naïve me. As I would find out later, they weren’t there to dance for the beats.

So this is what I observed. The girls would dance out there and when they took a break, that’s when the guy(s) would approach them. They would move to the guy’s table for some small talk and conversation. After a few minutes, then begins the whispers to the ears. That is to be followed by the dancing girl writing a number on a piece of paper. I’m not quite sure what’s on that paper, but I assume it’s a phone number, as the guys would make a call right after this (I saw this several times). It would be a good 15-20min., but then, a small group of girls (or just 1, depends on what was ordered) would come in the club to join them. The original girl that was dancing would excuse herself back to the table she has started from (home base). After a short while, the guys and the new group of girl(s) would leave. The girl would start dancing once again.

This was all good and exciting. I was so proud that I figured out their system. With my mad enjoyment of the beats and not being able to comprehend much else, I was just happy and didn’t think much more of this.

We got back to our hotel around 4am. Though we were exhausted, we were starving. We walked around the hotel till we found the only place that served food (Yes, I was amazed too that there were not more options opened at 4 am). We sat at our seats, making conversations about other things that had gone on earlier that night. Soon after we sat down, I couldn’t help but stare at this couple that had walked in.

It was an old gentleman (not older, but old), with a very pretty blond that couldn’t have been that old (in a legal sense). They seem to be having a nice conversation. Much more touchy and excited than anyone should be at 4 am. After a bit, the man had gotten up to go to the restroom or something, and as soon as he did, the expression on the girl told a story. When the man left, she too went on a break. For the next few minutes, she could take off her bright, sunny, flirty disposition mask and relax. What was behind this mask was a sad and tired pair of eyes. Her face was too tired to smile; she aged years in front of my eyes, and had a general dread of that man coming back.

I imagined she would wish that man would never come back, that she can be paid tonight and be able to just go home. To just go home and sleep. This could just be me though, I’m just telling ya what I though I could see in her. After a while of the staring, she looked up at me, probably wondering why I’m staring at her. Probably too tired to care. I tried to smile at her, not in a hitting on fashion or anything, but more of a “hope things get better” sort of way. I know, she doesn’t need my pity, bla bla.. All this could just be in my head, and she could making loads of money and enjoying it, bla bla bla. This is my story, so just stay with me here.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I see the old man coming up the ramp. I looked back over at the girl and nodded my head towards the entrance. She looked up and started putting the mask back on, and started getting herself ready for the show. She greeted the man with a cheery smile. Soon, they were ready to leave. As they walked past our table, she bumped into my chair and touched my shoulder. This was probably purely accidental, but I like to think it was a little gesture of thanks. Yes, I know, I have crazy thoughts like that. Even if it’s just in my head it felt good.

When we left the café to go back up to our room, we ran into a guy with 2 very young ladies. The guy was so gross and greasy and obviously drunk. The 2 gals were so young that I was a bit embarrassed to look at them. When the elevator came, we let them take it by themselves. The last words I heard as the door closes was “so how much money do you have on you?”

I’m not sure why all this has affected me the way it has this time. It’s not as if I was naïve to seeing this type of thing or prostitution (esp. in Vegas) or how bad it is for some of them. I guess I finally saw the full cycle from the seemingly harmless little flyers that are handed out to the end result (well, not end, almost end result). Makes you think who these guys are who would do this, and who these girls are who thinks this is the only way to make money.

The Ugly.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Personally, I think the terrorist problem is something that can be traced to economics and education level rather than differences in philosophy or religion. Saying that it is a philosophical or religious issue is a gross simplification of the overall problem. It’s an issue of Haves versus Have-Nots.

Part of the problem with a lot of countries where terrorists are recruited from, is that they have a lot of young people but not enough jobs. For instance, Saudi Arabia pretty much only has the oil industry; it has made the royal family very wealthy, but unemployment rate is 25% in 2003. That’s a pretty bleak looking future when even McDonald’s might not have a job for you. It’s a bad combination of a bunch of desperate people with nothing to lose and people of influence/authority pointing out a scapegoat to these people that we get to the situation where we are at today.

To solve this problem, we gotta have a second coming of the Marshall Plan. If we accelerate the economic growth of these developing and underdeveloped nations, we would cut the number of new recruits willing to die for an extremist ideology by a million. It's all about getting people to move up & fulfill more of their personal needs on Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs. To me, it’s not a Muslim versus Christian or East versus West issue. Generally, people are not going to commit themselves to a cause that requires sacrificing their lives if they have hope and a better prospect for the future.

Whoo! I just used a pop psych reference. How do you like them apples, Dr. Pup?
Pup, you’re on a need-to-know ONLY

Interesting update.

Remember this story from my AZ trip a while back? I was talking with my friend that I was visiting during that trip last week and he shared some very interesting information. I think I may have left this out of the last post (not intentional, I just forgot), but the girl in the story, we’ll call her MJ, had told me that she didn’t really have a boyfriend because he had moved to Colorado and wasn’t sure if they would want a long distance relationship. So yes, looking back, that may have sounded a bit fishy. Now. Not then. These are things you just don’t hear when you’re drunk with a hot girl (Did I mention she looked like Dunst? Mmmm...).

Brain, you funny.

So the interesting update from my friend is that she was ENGAGED at the time that story took place. Engaged! and not just engaged, but MJ was going to get married in 3 weeks. EEK... Hey, I looked, and there wasn’t a ring. The full story was that she was having some hesitations (pre-wedding jitters I guess) and just wanted one more go with someone to make sure she really wanted to settle down. How making out and sleeping with someone could solidify her relationship with her fiancée I don’t know.

Oh well. Just thought that was interesting.

Happy Monday (but actually Tuesday)!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Pup wishes his deepest sympathies and condolences to
everyone affected by this tragedy in Beslan.
We're so very sorry for your lost.
There's a place for us
somewhere a place for us
Peace and quiet and open air
wait for us somewhere
There's a time for us
some day a time for us
Time together with time to spare
time to learn, time to care
some day, somewhere
We'll find a new way of living
We'll find a way of forgiving
There's a place for us
a time and place for us
Hold my hand and we're halfway there
Hold my hand and I'll take you there
somehow, some day
Sorry, this is more like a comment.

Good point Pup and Ko on both fronts. Something else to consider...fuel cell technology.... Research aside, why hasn't this taken off yet? The SUV is such a marketable commodity for companies, insurance companies, oil companies, finance institutions, etc. Yet there is no more research to be done on the damn thing. So why not stunt our growth in science and technology so we can all be placated by our gas guzzling Explorers?

Sure, several automobile companies have developed concept cars relying on alternative energy sources but at what economic risk? Auto researchers aren't given a blank check. Instead they're told to volunteer. Oh, there's funding, but W will be sure nothing’s happening to oil companies no time soon... The $720 million proposal is to develop an alternative fuel that still relies on oil...WTF? Spare me the charity.

As is always the case progressive thinkers are reduced to beggars...

Friday, September 03, 2004

Bravo I say, Bravo.

~nod of approval~

Dear George,

I’ve seen many things. A lot of good and a lot of bad have passed through my sights. All these experiences have given me quite a good eye for when something is done well. I must say, this is impressive. Not in decades have I seen such great strategy and execution to influence the minds of the masses and the uninformed. This seed of fear, insecurity, and paranoia you have cultivated in the minds of these people, simply brilliant. Through these seeds you have been able to grow your tentacles of influence through their minds and hearts. No longer are they free, they are yours now.

You’ve captured and used so well the idea that the masses doesn’t necessarily listen to those that are saying what is true, but just those that were speaking the loudest. The way you’ve tricked the opposition to fight this war with hope and positivity was a brilliant move. No one cares for positive messages, and hope is so much more difficult for the feeble minded to comprehend than fear. We all know fear is best mannerism of control. Fear of an unknown evil, or an unknown power. I think a good friend of mine used that a few thousand of years ago, and it’s worked quite well.

Your political machine is one of the finest engineered wonders I’ve seen in a while. Though that German version in the 40s was still a bit better, you have surpass most in time and history to engineer a most wonderful wonder that you should be most proud of. Your machines shows you with no faults, and those that are outside the influence of the machines, it still make them seem crazy to your army of zombies.

Your machine does wonders to change perception versus your actual intent. Never have I seen greed so wonderfully disguised as protection for the weak. Vengeance so well said in the name of the righteous. Instead of Envy, they see only someone doing the work of the lord. But I know, people like us don’t want to do the work for him, we want to be him.

You have done so well for me, and all under the guise of his name. To that I say Bravo.

So let’s kill them all. All those that doesn’t believe.
In the name of your lord of course.

Best to you, and four more years of you in charge.

Las Vegas: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
The Bad

I’ve been to Las Vegas several times. By several I mean regularly. If I wasn’t just there to give them money every trip, I probably would be able to establish residency. I started going because I like the action. I was just an up and comer (no jokes, too easy) lured to this city of sin. Putting down $5 at a time at the blackjack table. Excited at every hand, every turn of the cards, and enjoyed every moment during the roller coaster of up and downs the table brings.

As I played hours and hours of each game and learned all the intricacies of every move, I would become bored and moved on to the next game. Game after game I would master. By mastering, I mean I finally realized I can’t win at them.

So I eventually stop wanting to go for the gambling. About the same time, my friends began developing a taste for Vegas. When you get an email in your box from a friend, and the subject heading reads: Vegas - Your heart starts beating a bit faster as you open that email. Even though you know exactly what the email is going to say, you want to read it, sometimes twice just to make sure. Yup, it’s that time again. Yay!

Vegas with good friends is a wonderful thing. There’s nothing like it. Just a few guys talking the shit. Reliving some good old times, making some new memories, and getting freaken hammered. What could be better?

These trips have gone on for years now. A few of the guys have gotten married to wonderful ladies (should’ve bet on that, odds were incredibly high). A couple of us still hang in bachelorhood. The people are the same, but they’re not. Or maybe it’s me that’s not.

During this time, my boredom of these games of chance has only grown. I would raise the stakes greatly just to keep the interest ($5?, Ha, I wish). Although I would stay and go every time for the camaraderie of my pals, the games were not a lure at all anymore.

During this last trip to Vegas, I was doing the same things with the guys that we usually do. Drinking, gambling, talking, eating, you know, hitting like 4 of the 7 sins, trying to nail the other 3. A strange thing happened this time that was different, and this is indeed very strange.

For some reason, I wasn’t able to get drunk. It didn’t matter how much I drank, and I had been drinking liters: beer, liquor, mixing’em. Nothing. I could not get pass being a bit buzzy. What in the world is going on? What kind of cruel joke is this?

As I sat there watching the blackjack dealer hit 20 after 20, I was thinking what I was missing. Why wasn’t I able to get drunk? What was different about this trip? What was different about me this time? This is what I came up with. Feel free to comment.

I think in life, there are things that you must do by yourself, there are things that could be done with or without a mate, and there are things that can only be done with someone else. I think in my experiences, I’ve done everything I could possible do as a single guy. I’ve done the crazy stuff that needed to be done (without getting arrested), the nasty stuff that shouldn’t be mentioned, and learned things from people who doesn’t even know that they’re wise. Not that I couldn't do this anymore, but the parts that were for the single guy to do, or to learn, I'm done with.

I really think I’ve done all that I want to do. All that I care to do by myself. Everything else that I have left to do, and that I want to do, I don’t want to do it by myself. I just don’t. I could. I just want to. It just wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable if I’m not able to share it with someone. Sure I can do that thing again when I find my mate, but why waste the time?

I guess I was a bit down at the prospect of that. I'm sort of staggering in my life. I need to move on, and I probably will, with or without her. It just wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable. There's no reason to be medicore.

I also could be sad that I’ve helped put up yet another wing at the Mirage with the money that I’ve “donated”. I hope they put up a statue of me this time though.

Nah, that’s not it. More money can be made. That ATM thing seems to keep spitting it out.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

{insert Dastard Birthday Card}

Sorry.. it's not working for some reason.
Happy Birthday Anyway!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Know Your Enemy!

Last night I watched day two of the Republican National Convention. And honestly I've been looking forward to this event since the end of the DNC. What is W and party selling to American voters? Are they buying it? I'm not. Whenever I see his face on the tv, I shoot the tube a bird. When he appears with Laura, I grab my crotch and flip a bird. Anyway, once you know your enemy's strengths you can work to tear him down.

Here's what I saw last night. First, the Govenator speaks. He thanks the GOP's spin-meisters for winning him the governor's seat. Well sorta. "I'm so thankful for being an American! And now governor of California.... (Thank my lucky stars!!!)" Then he recalls his experience of being oppressed during the Soviet's occupation of Austria. He follows this up with a lengthy spat of one liner qualifiers characteristic of Republican ideology. "If you support military growth, then you are a Republican.... If you believe this country, not the UN is the best hope of democracy in the world...."

Hey, Mister Arnold, what's with that chip on your shoulder? Oppression in Austria wasn't enough for you, now you have the backing of the US Army to flex your proverbial muscles about the globe? Yeah, and what about that evil UN organization? Boy, aren't they annoying with their disarmament crap. Not to mention, hey all people everywhere have rights, too! Not just US giants. Gotta get rid of that. What am I talking about, I'm just a girlie man!

Continuing. The Bush twins followed Jar-Jar. "Our dad knows the difference between mono and Bono. giggle, giggle." The Fox casting directors should have selected these idiots for the Simple Life.

Laura was last. Honey, we know the drill. The rich get richer.... But..."I could talk about the record increase in home ownership. Home ownership in America, especially minority home ownership, is at an all-time high." So Colin and Condy have new houses. That wonderful! Why don't you come around my ghetto. The cockroaches own about 80% of my house. But..."I want to talk about the issue that I believe is most important for my own daughters, for all our families, and for our future: George's work to protect our country and defeat terror so that all children can grow up in a more peaceful world." Go get 'em, cowboy!

Finally I close with a warning, a message, a view of the Republican Party 2004.

The lie is my expense
The scope of my desire
The Party blessed me with its future
And I protect it with fire
I am the Nina The Pinta The Santa Maria
The noose and the rapist
And the fields overseer
The agents of orange
The priests of Hiroshima
The cost of my desire

Rage Against the Machine.

Flex-Time My Ass.

Sometimes, it’s just not fair. I know, it’s not and that’s the way it is, but I can still bitch cause my name’s at the top of this page. What’s my name? Pup. That’s right. Recognize.

All this stupid work is really cutting into my blogging time. Don’t they know I’ve got responsibilities too? People to keep entertained (not always, I try). So it’s not a little hellion running around at school peeing on himself, or 4 after school soccer leagues that I have to taxi high maintenance brats around in, or the stupid $15 can of popcorn that I have to guilt my coworkers into buying. People have kids, and that loads them up with responsibilities. Is that my fault?
It’s not that I have problems with kids or people having kids (well, that’s not entirely true), but what about those of us that doesn’t? I heard several times in this last week that someone couldn’t get back to me with something I need because they had to pick up their kid, or rush a new set of pants to the school. Not that I mind this, really I don’t. Flex-time allows them to do this and it’s fine.

What about those of us that doesn’t have kids but also has things that comes up during the work hours? Can we use some flex time for this? Ha. No. Can you imagine if I said I couldn’t get back to you cause I needed to get some blogging done? It’s the same thing people. Except in my case, I’d be fired.

I’m going to start telling people that I do have a child. So whenever I want to leave I can use him as an excuse. Any ideas for what Pup’s kid’s name would be?

Sorry, work rant. Real posts later.

BTW, I’ve got cable yesterday!! Yay me! 15 clear channels.

(cue “You’re the best” from The Karate Kid).