Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is what/who you're fighting for.

You need to watch this. You need to know what you're doing when you argue against health care reform. This is the company and the person you're helping. Don't think for a damn sec that you're speaking up against some fictional govt takeover of anything noble.

All you're doing is keeping Millions of Americans without healthcare and making these bastards millions of dollars. They will keep raising the price of insurance on you and your company. That is a fucking fact because they need to keep increasing their profitablity. That is capitalism. That is what you're fucking fighting for. Uncontrollable health care costs.

Seriously. I beg you. Think. Stop being so damn paranoid and scared. Stop only thinking of yourself. Stop only listing to these bastards that are all paid by the insurance companies.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Sunday Night

Sunday nights are tough sometimes. It's a time I dread each week. It's the last night before another week of work, another busy week of running around. Sunday night is your last chance to relax. It's your last night to mentally prepare yourself for another week of stress and onslaught from life.

I sit here on Sunday night. Drinking a nice cup of tea (Moroccan Mint this week). Thinking about last week, and thinking of the week to come. It's always the same. The routine that is.

I know life isn't scripted, nor should it be, but one thing I do think about on Sunday nights is how I'd imagine them to be, or perhaps how they should be. I imagine us making dinner. Afterwards, we would chat on the couch with a blanket if it's cold, or perhaps on the bench in the yard on a warm summer night.

We wouldn't talk about the coming week, for that will come when we go back to the real world tomorrow. No, tonight we would give our minds a rest from the real world. An escape from schedules, meetings and to-do lists. Our minds would be given the freedom to imagine. Tonight, on Sunday nights, we would talk about worlds beyond ours and dreams of what's to come. We would let our imagination take us away. We would talk about all the things that may and could be. Reality would not be barrier for us as we talk into the night.

Tomorrow when we open our eyes, it will be another week in reality. But tonight, when we close our eyes while I hold you in my arms, only our imagination will know where we'll be.

Yea, that would be a good Sunday night.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Too cute not to post it.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Know Who the Real Enemies are in this Fight

As the health care debate goes on, there're going to be a lot of people saying a lot of different things against any type of reform. Mostly, these are the politicans and commentators from both sides of the political parties. For the most part, that's all the general public is going to know. Either you're against health care reform, and you'll be against the democrates, or you're for health care reform and you'll think the republicans are the enemies. They want to keep your focus on the political parties. That's where they want to keep your attention.

By they, I mean the real enemies in this fight. The only people who stands to lose if there is real reform in the health care system. The only people who cares more about profits than they do about people's health and well being. The real enemy here is the health care corporations. By health care corporations I do not mean the doctors and nurses who actually are helping people. No, these corporations have little care for the doctors and nurses, nor do they care for the sick. The only care they have is money and profits.

These insanely rich health care corporations (profiting off your sickness) have bought so many of your senators and congressmen/women (pretty much all Republicans and some democrates) and are using these puppets in congress to make up lies and spread fears about any type of reform. Your representatives no longer represent you. They represent the health care corporations.

By fighting or even agreeing to not have any type of reform and to keep the status quo, you're not helping yourself, you friends, your family, your neighbors, or your fellow Americans to have better health care. The only people you're speaking for are the health care companies who only cares that you're alive so they can make money off you.

One very obvious way to find out someone's true intents is to simply follow the money. Who's giving it out, and who's receiving it.

As you can see in the special comment from Olbermann, the links are simple as to who's getting money and who's speaking out against health care reform.

Know your enemy and perhaps you will be able to make a better decision on who to listen to.