Monday, October 12, 2009

How dare you call yourself an American?

In the last few months, these are the atrocious things that members or supporters of the GOP have been doing:

- Publicly heckled the President during a speech to both houses of congress.
- Insisted that children stay home from school instead of listening to a short speech from the President on staying in school and doing well.

- Calling the President every name imaginable, including a Nazi for his plans to ensure every American has health insurance (my understanding of Nazis must be WAY the fuck off if universal health care was what the Nazis were trying to do).

- Continuing to protect large insurance companies' interests/bottom lines instead of standing up for the average American.

- Refusing to do anything to regulate the financial industry even after this disasterous economic meltdown. FYI - Risky loans are at an all time high again.

- Cheered when the US lost the bid to host the Olympics. Way to support the country you jackasses.

- Booed and jeered when the President received the Nobel Peach Prize.
- Having one of the most vocal right wing clowns (Rush) come out to say that he agrees with the Taliban and Iran that Obama did not deserve the award. Can you imagine if anyone on the left said they agreed with the Taliban on anything.

Who's side are you on exactly? It certainly doesn't seem like you're on a side that pro-America. It's one thing to have opposing views, but what you are doing is NOT just having opposing views. You are opposing the United States and everything the country stands for and is trying to do.

You sir, do not have the best interest of the country at heart. I suggest you leave.