Sunday, July 31, 2005

'Must Love Pups'

SGP (Single Gray-ish Pup) ISO SF (stuffed ok). Enjoys lying on the bed (sometimes couch) most of the day, sleeping on people’s heads, drinking, and making plans for world domination. Looking for Single Female that doesn’t steal my stuff (stealing other people’s stuff ok). Must tolerate fuzzy-ness, slight megalomanism, fire paranoia, and late night drunk calls.

So I went to see ‘Must love dogs’ this weekend. Very good if you’re into cheesy movies. There are some overly cheesy parts, but most of it was good with excellent banter and lines for Diane Lane’s character.

"Would you like to come in?"
"No, I'd rather die, but thanks!"

Ok, you have to see it in the situation. It really was funny. John Cusack’s role wasn’t that large, he was still great.

I strongly recommend this movie unless you’re the 90% of the male population that would never see a cheesy movie unless there’s a good chance you’re gonna score for going. In which case, go only if there's a good chance you'll score.

My social calendar is finally filling up after not really traveling for the first half of the year. So far, I've got trips for: Atlantic City/Philly (this weekend), Friend visiting me (this is rare as only 3 friends have visited me in the 1.5 years I've been in KC), Las Vegas, Los Angles, New York City!! Yay!

Another crazy ass busy week at work. So....

~ John Cusack is the original Vince Vaughn. Discuss. ~

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ding Ding Ding… Order’s up.

You’re about to get served.

Last night I was vegging out in front of the TV and was just flipping through the channels. What do I see when I landed on Fox? A show called ‘So you think you can Dance?”

Did anyone else see this? It’s fantastic.

I’m sure some of you know I am all about the dancing. Mostly club and street dancing stuff. Not that bull-shit booty bumping crap you see at the clubs or in some bar and grills when it’s getting out of hand. People, that’s not dancing damn it.

Abeit lately, I’ve just been observing dancing from the sidelines since there are no real clubs or raves or anything here. That and I’m getting old and it’s starting to look ridiculous. And sometime even dangerous. I might pull something you know… damn old body.

So anyway, this show is in the same format as America Idol. People go and dance for judges. There were some very amazing dancers. All kinds of different styles. Then of course came the best part. The bad dancers. This is 10x funnier than the bad singers on American Idol.

One different thing is that most of these dancers know they were bad and just wanted to try a dance audition. Can’t say I can hate on that. Although the disillusionment of one being really good when they’re not is quite comical.

Well, after watching the show, I was all inspired to start dancing. That coupled with the fact I might be doing some clubbing next week made me get my ass of the couch and start practicing some moves. I even pulled out the old DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) Pad out for giggles.

I’m not going to go into details, but it's quite funny. If there's a dance-off come next week, not that I think there would be one, but if there is. You bet yo ass Pup's going to be ready to serve.

No real point to this post. There’s no refund on the 5 minutes of your life you’re never getting back :p


Final news of the Day.

T, I think you may get a girlfriend yet.

T's girl

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sometimes I feel like Shinji Ikari

"Don't touch me!" -- Shinji
"Hey, don't talk about me that way!" -- Shinji
"I never thought doing nothing could be this exhausting" -- Shinji

Asuka and Shinji watch their classmates fly off, and later that day Shinji sits by his laptop doing his Physics homework by the swimming pool where Rei is swimming. Asuka's voice is heard asking him what he's doing and he says Physics. He looks at her, shocked by her provocative outfit -- Asuka is wearing a red and white bikini! She bends over him reaching the computer screen. This makes Shinji very uncomfortable. Without effort Asuka solves most of the questions. Shinji asks how come she's doing so bad in school, if she finds this so easy. She tells him that she graduated from college, but she cannot understand the Kanji in the questions. Then she asks him what the next question says for which he replies it's one on thermal expansion. Asuka then places her hands on her breasts and says, "If I were to warm up my breasts like this, do you think they'll get bigger or smaller?" An embarrassed Shinji quickly turns away extremely flushed and mumbles, "I don't know! I don't think about stuff like that!" To which Asuka says, "What a boring little boy," and walks off. Shinji looks over at Rei who has just gotten out of the pool. Asuka says, "Look at me!" as she back-rolls into the pool. Shinji sighs.

Daytona was a blast, though Datonya stood me up.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Busy De-stress Post

I'm quite busy right now. Probably the busiest I've ever been at work. If you saw what was on my plate here right now, it would scare ya. Ok, maybe not, but it scares me.

So I’m taking mini-breaks and writing what’s on my mind while I’m working furiously.


Why don't I have an Office Manager?

I really could use an office manager. Damn, I have no idea how to reserve meeting rooms and I need someone to take notes for me.

A summer Intern would be nice. Especially if I get to choose. Ha.



No Gwar for me tonight.

Not because I'm not going. I just have the dates wrong. It's next Tuesday. I must wait one more week to have weird substances splashed on me.


Why is it that not more women wear green eye shadow? That’s totally hot.


How come women can wear flip flops to work and I can’t?


I’m drinking really flat coke left over from a meeting a week ago. Ewww.

It’s weird to taste coke without having Jack or Rum in it.



You know what would be a kick ass toy? A giant replica of the evil monkey pointing at you from the family guy. I’d get one for the office and point it at people. I’d also have one at home to scare myself with when I forget.

That’d be Brilliant.


More updates later. Time for lots of meetings.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Another Weekend at the Pupstead

So what do I with no one to hang with? I decided to tackle the madness that is the Weekend Mall!! Dum Dum Dummmmmmm..

I don’t tend to go to the mall very often, and when I do it’s usually during the weekdays when the crowds are smaller. I’m not sure what got into me besides thinking it would be a cool place. Not cool like radical or narly, but temperature wise. It’s been over 100-degrees the last few days, and my cheap ass isn’t keeping the air on very high. So off to the mall.

I have a problem with buying stuff. Many of you know this. Even things I want I’ll talk myself out of. I’m very bad about buying stuff. However, if I am able to make myself buy one thing, however small, then the wallet’s open. It’s open season time.

So I saw a pair of pants at the Banana (Republic) that I couldn’t resist (nice AND like 70% off). Huge discounts are the antidote to my non-buying-ness. I needed them for work. It was on now. Let the shopping begin!! I ended up with a big o’ bag of stuff. I’m expecting a call from my credit card company any minute now to make sure someone hasn’t stolen it.

While wandering around the mall, I was observing the people around me. As making up stories about other people is a favorite pastime of mine.

One example I can think of right now: See that couple over there? The lady thinks the guy is totally cheating on her and she wants to get one more big spending spree out of him before she leaves. But really, the reason he’s not been interested in her in the bed room and having these mysterious meetings is that he is doing chemo and he doesn’t want to tell her and worry her as his chances of recovery is very small. Look at her snide smile thinking she’s getting away with free stuff. Bitch!

Ok, so I made that up, and it’s terribly morbid, but there were other ones that were more interesting and elaborative and happy.

Shut up, I know I’ve got issues.

So I got out of the mall with moderate damage, and decided to go to Whole Foods. In case you don’t have one by you, it’s a great grocery store that has mostly natural and organic food. Everything is delicious there but crazy ass expensive.

The question here is. Why can’t I leave that place without buying over $50 worth of stuff? Sheese. Do you know how much grocery I can get at a regular grocery store with $50?! But it’s sooooo good. Well worth it as I feed my Guacamole addiction.

On to Sunday.

Even with the temperature being over 100 degrees, I thought it wouldn’t be that bad to go out and run around playing ultimate. Goodness was that a bad idea.

Strangely, there were also 3 other people who thought that it was a good idea to tempt heat stroke. We played a smaller version of ultimate. I lasted all of 20 minutes or so. After one long run, I actually threw up a little. Yea, that was gross and I had to stop.

I’m watching the Dido Live DVD I bought myself earlier today. She’s freaken brilliant. Not only is she wonderful to hear and look at, but she talks a lot about drinking in her spare time. Cheers to you.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite lyrics from her.

“… And if you find one day, find some freedom and relief
With this freedom maybe, maybe you will find some peace and
With this peace baby, I hope it brings you back to me…”

Bring me home. Take me home.

Anyway, on to another fun exciting week! Maybe I’ll get to see Gwar tomorrow night!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Things on my mind

It’s been mucho busy here at work, so not much for blogging time. Feeling kinda crappy doesn’t put you in a mood to blog either. Feeling much better today though, so here we are.

I’m the picture of self control. I still have about 150 pages left of Potter. I can’t believe I was able to stretch it out for almost a whole week! I think I like this method much better than speeding through it.

I need to stop saying “Totally”. I’ve noticed I say that a lot, even at work. It makes me sound like a 14 yr old girl. That totally doesn’t make me look professional. Crap. Did it again.

I’ve been making random comments lately. That’s not new, but after I make one, I would say, “that’s neither here nor there”. I don’t know how or why I started doing this, but that should stop too.

I’m going to have to find ways to amuse myself this weekend. EVERYONE, I mean everyone (all 5 people I know) here in KC are leaving town for the weekend. My original plans fell through, so… anyone want to come visit?

We lost again at Ultimate last night. That puts us at 3-3 for the season. We lost our best player due to traveling (till the playoffs), and our 2nd best player to injury. I think it was a good game for the team though as we got much closer as a team and played much more aggressively. So go team! Besides, it’s all about the playoffs.

I washed Big Red at one of these do-it-yourself car wash places yesterday. I love using that water sprayer they’ve got. Man, that water pressure can take off skin! Fun Fun Fun! Big red’s all clean and pretty once again.

I feel like I’m cheating, but I was looking at other cars the other day. Shhhh… Don’t tell Big Red. I think I’ve decided on a Black Toyota Matrix. I’m going to tint the window and install some green LED lights on the inside so it glows eerie green lights at night. I’m so Ghetto.

FU Fridays!

Here’s a fun little thing after a long week that I like to call FU Fridays. Feel free to join in.

A Big FU goes out to:

All you little self-serving puppets out there trying to protect the guy that pulls your strings (Karl Rove). Listen. He did it. He knowingly did it. Have some damn balls and say he’s wrong for it. FU.

Big fucken SUVs that I can’t see over. And when I try to pass you, you swerve in the middle taking up both lanes. When I finally do pass you, I see that you’re driving like a drunk cause you’re on the phone. FU.

A big FU goes out to you blockbuster lady. I was following behind this lady and her daughter the other day as they were trying to choose a movie. The daughter, who’s probably around 21, was picking some movies, and each time, the mom would say no, citing some minor sexual content as the reason.

Then she selects ‘Hostage’ as a movie for them to watch in which she says ‘How about this one? There’s only violence in this one’.

WTF?! What the hell are you people’s priorities? When did violence become more acceptable than some minor sexual situations? It’s not like the daughter was renting porn or anything. This whole fear of sexuality thing has GOT to stop. Yea, big FU to you lady.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Is Today Tuesday or Wednesday?

I wear this watch that displays time, day and date. The problem is that it gives three letters for the day. This wouldn’t be so bad if those three letters were either T-U-E or W-E-D. Right now my watch reads, 5:16 PM MAR 19. I’m like, “Damn, it’s March already!?! Where did the year go?”

Anyway the three-letter abbreviation for the day is French, German, Swahili, or something I can’t speak or read. It’s not ebonics. That I know for sure. Friday in ebonics is Chik'n and Beer day or just FryDay.

I blame Pup for my ignorance of foreign languages. I once asked him to teach me Cantonese and he was like, “NO! FUCK YOU!” Then he cursed me in Cantonese and threw rice at me.

In high school Pup was like, “Dude, take Latin. Girls go nuts over any guy who speaks Latin.” So I took Latin for a year. And in college I took 3 semesters of Latin. Sadly, the only Latin phrase I can say translates to The Girl Is A Farmer.

No girl has ever gone nuts over me.

So tomorrow will be VIE 20. I think. I don’t know if that means Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, but I do know that in a few more days, LOOK OUT DATONYA, HERE I COME! Woo Hoo!!!!
Bang Bang

Among my many annoyances and peeves, one of the major ones I have is with Guns. Nothing good has ever come from a gun. Something that is created for the sole purpose of killing things is not something that is not good for anyone.

As such, I especially cannot stand the NRA. The National Rifle Association’s main stance is that everyone is able to own arms under the constitution. They argue that it is a protected right from the founders of this country under the second amendment.

Let’s take a look at the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

A well regulated Militia. The first part of the amendment, and the part that is omitted by the NRA (as engraved on their headquarters) says it all when arguing about the right to bear arms. I hardly think that most people who owns a gun are in a well regulated Militia.

So what else is there to say? The second part of the amendment you ask? The part that the NRA focuses on? You know what? You can’t just pick and choose which parts you like.

Either you take the whole thing or you don’t.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not for getting rid of all guns or anything. I’m mainly talking about the semi-automatic rifles and handguns out there. I can compromise on some guns that people use for hunting and other gun sports, but what in the hell is the use for an Uzi or tech-9?

What? Besides that it has a huge profit margin? Hmm.. interesting isn’t it?

Please also do not argue that you need a high caliber semi-automatic to shoot a deer. If you do, you probably shouldn’t be hunting.

However, all that aside, those are not the biggest reason that I have with guns. All Y’all will probably think I’m crazy, but then again, I am a stuffed bear with a drinking problem, so whatever.

Hmmm… I wrote a lot on this, but I’ve decided not to post it. It’s just too long and boring even for me. Basically, my biggest beef with guns and other missile-type weapons is that they are simply cowardly weapons used by cowards.

You want to fight? Be a fucking man and knuckle up. Guns are used by the weak cause they know they can’t do shit without having an advantage. No honor.


About 200 pages down on the Potter book. I’ve still got 2/3 of the Potter book to enjoy.
Who's jealous now?


Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Potter Restriction

When the last Potter book came out, I was more than excited. I was a bit obsessed with the whole thing. This was because I haven’t really been interested in the books until right before the 5th book was about to come out. I had just finished all 4 book in a row when the order of the phoenix (5th book) came out.

So I was there at midnight with the other crazies when the book was released. Not surprisingly, the crazies consisted mostly of under 13yr olds and their seemingly tired and annoyed parents. Of course, there was some old dude that was giving everyone the creeps (no, it wasn’t me). But that’s neither here nor there.

When I got my book home, I immediately started reading. I was a man obsessed. What is this order of the phoenix and what major character was going to get killed??!! I must know damn it!! I must know!

I read and read through the whole weekend. By early Monday morning, I had finished over 600 pages.

In the mist of the rush to get to end, I think I really missed out on something. Like spending 30 minutes with a 3 dollar prostitute with a crack problem, I was left a bit unsatisfied.

I wasn’t disappointed by the book or anything. I couldn’t put the book down and the story was quite captivating. It was great, but I thought I went through the process too quickly to really enjoy it.

So when the new Potter book came out, I made some rules for myself. I am only allowed 5 chapters a day. I want to stretch this out and enjoy it slowly. I must admit, it’s agonizing, but I’m committed. After each day’s reading (of course, it’s done as the first thing after I wake up), I think about the book the rest of the day and make up my own storylines as to what will happen to our ‘chosen one’.

I am having quite a good time with it reading it slowly. Although the suspense is killing me.

So here I am blogging to kill some time in between reads. I also went to see ‘wedding crashers’ this weekend which I highly recommend. Other than the hilarity that is Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, it actually has a decent cheesy movie behind it too.

That and lots and lots of boobs.

Have a good Monday!

Friday, July 15, 2005

New Potter.

Tonight Midnight.

I’m SO there.

(shut up. It's cool.)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Now... Isn't that Special?

For those of you that aren’t up on this topic, former diplomat Wilson wrote a report and went public citing that Bush had exaggerated claims that Saddam was trying to purchase supplies for nuclear weapons in Nigeria. And as we know now, was correct in his report and findings.

Instead of having an appropriate response for these questions and allegations when they were raised, the Bush administration began a smear campaign to discredit Wilson.

Now, his puppet master, Karl Rove, is under fire for leaking the source of information which lead Wilson to travel to Nigeria for his report. What would you think W and the rest of the GOP is going to do? Would W keep his word from earlier in the year when asked, he said ‘if any White House officials were involved, they would be fired’?

Oh, don’t be silly. Apparently, they are above the law. It also seems that half of the government will be out there doing whatever they need to in order to protect their puppet master.


GOP strategy
The emerging GOP strategy -- devised by Mehlman and other Rove loyalists outside of the White House -- is to try to undermine those Democrats calling for Rove's ouster, play down Rove's role and wait for President Bush's forthcoming Supreme Court selection to drown out the controversy, according to several high-level Republicans.

The White House said Bush retains full confidence in Rove, but for a second day officials would not answer a barrage of questions about Rove's role in the leak scandal on the grounds that the investigation is not complete. But the RNC -- effectively Bush's political arm -- weighed into the controversy in a major fashion.

Mehlman, who said he talked with Rove several times in recent days, instructed GOP legislators, lobbyists and state officials to accuse Democrats of dirty politics and argue Rove was guilty of nothing more than discouraging a reporter from writing an inaccurate story, according to RNC talking points circulated yesterday.

"Republicans should stop holding back and go on the offense: fire enough bullets the other way until the Supreme Court overtakes" events, said Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.).

Go on the offense. That seems to be the only strategy the Republicans EVER has. Is this really the only thing you can come up with? When have you all become so simple minded as to think that attacking things is the only way to solve a problem.

Just like Terrorism, you don’t look at what the actual root cause of the problem is. Instead, you go after symptoms with gun blazing. Fantastic.

Instead of admitting and fixing the seemingly power-drunk megalomaniac that is the Karl Rove problem, you go and attack those that speak up against it? What kind of coward are you all? What kinds of role model are you and this administration setting by hiding behind a lawyer’s carefully scripted line of ‘well, he didn’t actually give out her name’.

How many wives did Wilson have in the CIA? It’s not that hard to put the pieces together.

As far as diversion tactics until the supreme court nominee are announced, What kind of devious, deceitful scheme is that? To divert attention? That’s your plan for solving a potentially life-threatening leak with a high-ranking official in the government?

Yes, nothing happened this time, but having a covert secret agent’s name leaked is a big deal. They could easily have been found and shot. Your Dad (Bush Sr.), made that law. He was head of the CIA, he understood what it meant. Apparently that patriotism missed the son. You are going to protect a person that is willing to sacrifice a covert CIA agent just to get your/his way on starting a war?

You make me fucking sick.

What kind of government are you running up there W? You don’t hold yourself or anyone else in your administration accountable and you simply hide their mistakes when they are caught? Is that being a great leader and example to the rest of the nation?

I guess the Enron guys weren’t that bad. I mean, the president does pretty much the same thing with diverting attention from smoking guns, lying to people in their face, not having any type of accountability, and going after anyone that has the balls to have another point of view.

Steroids. Yea, that’s what ruining our country. Oh yea, and that damn gay marriage. We put an amendment against that and we're all set.


So is this what we do with people that disagree W? We discredit them so no one will listen to them? Will no one in the GOP and the Bush administration actually care about facts and doing what’s right? You know, you're only one step from just outright killing people who have different opinions. You know, what Saddam does.

There is no better example that this administration cares only for themselves and those around them. Just as they only help the rich and the religious zealots that get them votes, they are willing to bend the law and deceive public perception in order to protect one of their own.

I don’t care if Rove goes to jail or not, but I would like the administration for ONCE, just once, do something right. Admit someone in your administration has done something wrong. Admit for once that you don’t think you’re above the law.

For once, actually do something to fix your creditability.


Good luck Space Shuttle!! Be safe and come back with cool stuff!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Let me tell you what you have done.

For all of you that voted for W. because you thought his asinine cowboy antics would make us safer, this is what you have done.

When Bin Laden and Al-Qaida attacked NYC, it was a group of misguided people with a single mastermind intent on bring death and destruction at the helm. They were real and physical. We can and was doing a good job in hunting down this group and their leaders that were responsible for what happened. This group of people could be dealt with.

If we would have continued with our focus to fight and capture this group and their leaders, this would have sent a clear and defining message that we will catch you and bring you to justice if you screw with us. End of story.

That’s not what happened though. Just when we were getting close to rounding up all the leadership members of Al-Qaida, and most importantly Bin Laden, W begins his personal war against Iraq.

With the Iraq war, he has not helped anything concerning terrorism. What he done is open the Pandora’s box on terrorism. What was once contained is now spread and even worst, less centralized.

With his rhetoric and focus on ‘evil’ and ‘terrorism’ instead of just a few rogue people that we can capture and kill, he has elevated the status of Al-Qaida and Bin Laden into something more. Something more than just a group of thugs and murders.

W has given them what this group of narcissistic thugs has wanted all along. He has transcended this group into an idea and has spread their idea all over the world.

There has always been terrorism, and there will always be terrorism, that’s just a fact we all need to live with. BUT. The question is at what level and how effective these terrorist will be. If W had gone after Al-Qaida and captured Bin Laden, he would have done a great deed in containing terrorism because at that point, terrorism was associated with only them.

Instead, he went on a wild goose hunt after Saddam and perpetuated this ‘evil’ and ‘terrorism’, and in so, helped mutate terrorism from just Al-Qaida into something global. His talks put the fear in us and that’s exactly what the terrorist wanted. Terrorist wants to incite fear. They feed off the fear that W has instilled in us and it has given them life.

Thanks to you all, ending terrorism is farther away now than ever. It will not end now, and it’ll become harder and harder to combat as it has mutated from a physical form embodied by people, people that you can capture and kill, into a pure ideal that is spread like an airborne disease which is both very difficult to contain and near impossible to stop.

The arrogance of W and his cronies has given the final strike of lighting that this beast needed in order to live. Now terrorism, the jihad that they think they’re fighting, is self sustaining. These ‘holy warriors’ needs no leader (as they are now only lead by their ideal), and are too far from reason, and will be more than difficult to stop.

Instead of containment, and working for real ways to stop these crazies (which does not include invading a country), he has released and freed them from any chains they had to Al-Qaida and Bin Laden. They are now all free to do as they will, with no form of structure. This mutation will be much more dangerous than anything we’ve seen before.

Thanks a lot.

Monday, July 11, 2005

You'd think drinking a bottle of Jack would be difficult wouldn't ya?

Well. It's not.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

One Jack, Two Jack, Three Jack, Four.
Don’t stop pouring, give me more.

More damn it. More.


Friday, July 08, 2005

Not that I’m implying anything, but…

After a rainout last week, Ultimate action was back on this last Thursday. I got there early as usual to warm up and with not having played any in over a week, I was a bit rusty on the throws. By the end of warm up though, the throws were doing exceptionally well.

No one knew anyone from the team we were playing. From the look of them, they were just a bunch of young guys. So we thought we would expect the usual from young guy team which is fast running and never tiring, but not much skill in throwing or actual game play. Boy, were we in for a surprise.

During warm-ups, my stomach started growling a bit and feeling queasy. I thought it would pass as it usually does, but shortly after the teams lined up to begin the game, my stomach was no longer my friend.

I knew nature wasn’t going to stop or even delay for this game. Ultimate league is played on fields that are way out in the middle of no where, and as such, has no restroom facilities.

This is going to be a problem.

I saw that we had plenty of people on our team, and we had easily scored the first point. So, I grabbed my keys and headed off to find a restroom. It took around 10 minutes to find the closest gas station.

I came back about 30 minutes later. The look on the team was drastically different than when I left. I asked them what the score was and they said 9-6. Them.


We play games to 13, so we’re awfully close to losing the game. When I got back, I started doing what I always do, and those of you who have watched sporting events with me can attest, I scream. A lot.

The screaming got the team a bit more fired up, but still not enough, the score then became 11-8. Still down by 3. They only have to get 2 more points.

A timeout was called, and we came out of it determined. The score was 11-9, then 11-10, then 12-10, then 12-11, then finally, 12-12. We were tied up.

Although we play to 13, you have to win by 2 with a hard cap at 15. Hard cap means that whoever gets to 15 wins if you can’t win by 2.

So it went on back and forth. They score, then we score. They score, then we score. This was such an evenly matched game. The defenses were great, but the offense was always just a little bit better.

The score was now 14-14. The next point would win and they had the disc.

By now, all the other games were finished so they all came on our field to watch. There was quite a crowd of people, all of course, with lots of alcohol in them already. So a very lively bunch. By now, the excitement of the game was catching on.

I mentioned earlier that they were a young team and they showed all the athleticism of youn’ens. The only difference was that they didn’t have any weakness of the typical young team. They took care of the disc and had no turnovers. No stupid throws and were well organized. Their guys were fast and caught everything. Never cracked under pressure.

Almost never.

We knew we had to stop them. The next point will end this. Our guys stepped up as the last point started with a great D (defensive play) from our side. That was to be quickly followed by a great D of their own. This went back and forth. It wasn’t a matter of bad plays, just the defense for both sides really tightened up.

The pressure did slightly rear its head as one of their best players dropped the disc in the end zone (there were defenders blocking the view so he didn’t really see it coming). When he dropped it, the crowd let out a collective ‘Ohhhhhhh’.

We capitalized on it and moved the disc down the field. As one of their defenders slipped slightly, our guy raced towards the end zone. Our guy with the disc saw what was happening and send it (the disc) down the field.

The game was over.

The crowed roared at the spectacular ending. A miracle comeback against a really good team.

I’m sure you’re all bored by this, but I wanted to write it down so I won’t forget. It was probably the most exciting game I’ve ever played in.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

From Pup and I,

All our deepest condolences to London and the rest of Great Britain. All the best in a speedy recovery.

As for you who have already claimed responsibility for this.

You fucking wanker fucks. Just like in NYC and in Madrid, you attacked London around 8:45am during the height when people are using the trains and buses to get to work. Work, that must be a great evil to you huh because it’s such a foreign concept.

You bunch of lazy ignorant uneducated fuck wads that couldn’t hold down a job at a crack house who is only interested in playing your little fucking games all day. Yea, you heard me. You’re not doing any ‘greater’ work for anyone. You’re playing games little children would pretend to. Stuck in your own twisted imagery world. Most children outgrow that, but no, not you. You still live in a little pretend world, but now you’re actually hurting people.

You don’t and will NEVER make the world a ‘better’ place because you have no idea what that even looks like. You were never educated on what that would even remotely look like. Your pathetic neanderthal minds have never evolved past your id, and as such, can’t possibly understand anything past your impulses.

Don’t think you can, even for a second, grasp such a grand concept as knowing how the world should be run. Leave those to those of us who can think. Meanwhile, stop playing your little childish games.

You’re pathetic. You couldn’t manage the fries at a McDonald’s.

This is not the military you’re attacking. What? Don’t have any balls? Afraid of people shooting back at you? Afraid of taking on someone of your equal or better? You know who does that? Cowards.

You claim to be vengence, but you are nothing. You don't even understand the concept that you proported work under because if you did, you would understand that nothing you have done has anything to do with vengence.

These are regular people who are going to work. That’s all they’re doing. Why don’t you try getting a fucking job you worthless piece of trash? What? Is that too grown-up for you? No more playing little war games all day?

Attacking and killing regular people is without honor. Of course you wouldn’t understand that. Children and the ignorant surly don’t.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Have a Happy 4th Everyone!!

Don’t blow up any body parts.


Prepare for Drunk Dials!!!