Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Meetings are fun!

Sitting here in this meeting. Oh.. why is it soooo long? I probably should be taking notes or paying attention. I hope they don’t call on me to answer anything cause I’m gonna have to give’em the ol’ “I’m sorry, what was that again?”

Goodness, why does that lady talk so much? I swear she loves hearing herself talk. Blady bla bla.... No, it doesn’t make you seem any more important or smarter, you’re just annoying the crap out of everyone by repeating what others have said. Shut the hell up already!

Yea, I’m looking at ya and smiling and nodding. I do not understand the words that are coming outa your mouth though. Go ahead, keep talking. Nothin’ coming in. I’ll just sit here and type. Man, I look so studious.

Oh.. here comes Mr. Pessimist again. Yea, nothing’s going to work, people will all be up in arms and hate it, it all sucks, bla bla bla... Must be hard living with you, and of course he’s married. Everyone here seems to be.

Whoa, look at the ring on her. Her hubby must be stacked. What the hell is she doing working? She can pawn that thing and live on an island for a couple of years. Run woman run! Tropical paradise and fruity drinks with umbrella awaits!

You know all those people that seem to have incredible amounts of time to waste and be protesting things? Not just here, but all over the world. They seriously need a job. If they were working, I swear there wouldn’t be nearly as much protesting.

As much as I’m passionate about some issues, after a 10 hour day, I ain’t protesting. I’m just not. Maybe a ranty post on the blog, but nothing that would make me go out and stand outside somewhere screaming.

It could just be me not being committed enough, but I want to veg. out in front of the TV for a while, eat some food, and grab a beer. If I’m lucky, talk to the chica, and wish people didn’t live so far away. That’s it though. No protesting here. I’m sure most working people can side with me on this one.

Oh... when is this ever going to end. Why do people call 3 hour meetings? Argh.... I can’t believe you’re still reading this.

Just answered a question from the pessimistic guy. Damn you and your end of the world scenarios. No, I don’t know what we’ll do if there’s a Godzilla attack on our cell phone towers. I guess people will have to deal with not having phone coverage while we try to get rid of this giant monster stomping through the city. EXCUUUUUUSSSE Me.

Oh.. another question. I think I sounded either brilliantly, or like a dumbass. No middle ground with that answer.

Getting sleepy…

Wha? Huh? Oh.

Nice meeting all of you. See you later!

Monday, March 28, 2005


I hope.
So I decided to take the challenge and have dinner with a friend. As I said before, I really like her and I know we'll have plenty to talk about that is, if I'm open. Think I'll bring my gameboy as a back up plan. You know, just in case I get bored. Not that I plan to be boring, but you never know. Final Fantasy 2, great ice-breaker!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a night out with a girl.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

It’s Tru, It’s Tru!!

Friday afternoon after work I went over to Best Buy with my boss to go drool over the new Play Station Portable (PSP). I was SO excited when the guy at the store handed it to me. The first thing I was thinking after I stop drooling was, “ Ok, I’ll kick him in the nads and make a run for it.” Then I remembered my boss was there, so probably not a good idea.

My boss was encouraging me to buy the thing. Albeit the most awesome thing I’ve ever held in my hands not on a woman, with the system and one game, it would be running a bit over $300! In case you didn’t know, I have a serious problem with buying any big items. Serious problems. It took me 1.5 years to buy a new TV.

So after a while of hogging the system and telling kids to bug off, my boss came up and said to me “Just get it. I pay you enough.” I looked at him with my puzzled looked (coincidently, it’s the same as my pooping look). “I’m sorry, you must have me confused with someone else. My boss doesn’t pay me crap.” It’s good to have a boss that thinks that’s funny.

So I got out of Best Buy empty handed again. :(

I was bored so I was driving around town on Saturday. Two things were occupying my mind. One I couldn’t really do anything about cause we haven’t developed any teleportation devices or flying cars like was promised on the Jetsons. Damn you and your lies Jetsons!!! The other thing was the PSP. How do I get it through my head that I should buy it?

Being that it was Easter, I asked myself. What would Jesus do? Just as I was thinking of all the things that he would do to get himself a PSP, I drove by a billboard that caught my attention. It was an advertisement for a casino. Yup, that’s it!! Jesus would go to a casino and make himself some money to pay for the PSP. I wouldn’t even be greedy. I’d make $200 and I’d put in that last $100. See, I’m not THAT cheap.

Then it dawned on me on my way to the casino that they’re not there for you to make money silly. They TAKE your money. D’oh!

It also dawned on me that I’ve got another strike on me going to hell thinking Jesus would gamble to win money for a PSP. Oh well, at least when I go, I’ll be in first class.

On other happy news, Tru Calling, a decent show staring Eliza Dushku, is coming back this Thursday!!! They had originally canceled the show after the first season, but I guess since FOX doesn’t really have anything else, Dushku is back!!!


Happy Easter Everyone!!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Big evil comes in pretty flowery dresses

So I’m sitting there relaxing on a bed. The room was wonderful and spacious. It sat on top a hill, giant windows all around, overlooking what seems to be the ocean or some other large body of water. I don’t think any of the windows were open, but I could feel a nice warm breeze flowing through the room.

All was nice and relaxing as I stared out into the endless body of water. When I turned, I saw that there was a plate of bacon on the nightstand. Life was good.

Just before I started on my second strip, I hear a thump. “Thump.... Thump.... Thump....”

The thumping was consistently loud and continuous. As I finished off the bacon, I got out of the bed to investigate where the noise was coming from.

The room was huge and white. With large ceiling to floor crystal clear windows everywhere, the room seemed endless. The only barriers were the white see-through curtains in certain areas of the room.

I followed the sound of the thumping to where I thought it was coming in the loudest. I walked around the room and finally stopped in front of a door that was mostly glass except for an old hard-wood frame and drapes that covered the glass area.

Staring at the door, I can see the movement of the glass every time a thump is heard. It looked as if someone was pounding on the glass with something. It was like a knocking on the door, but more like someone using a miniature battering ram with a silencer. You know the difference.

Thump.... Thump.... Thump....

I stood there in front of the door for a good couple of minutes. Frozen by fear of what’s on the other side of the door. I tried looking through the drapes, but unlike the ones on the windows, they were not see-through. I couldn’t even make out a shape of what was on the other side of that glass.

Slowly I reached out and pull back the drapes. I was a bit shaky as I was expecting some large nasty monster-type / Ashcroft on a bad day figure to be there. I pull the drapes back and what do I see as the source of the thumping?

It was just a cute little girl standing there in a nice flowery dress. She looked up and smiled.

I was SO relieved to not find anything horrible standing outside my door. I looked at the little girl and asked through the door if I could help her. She didn’t say anything. She just stood there and smiled.

After about a few minutes of me trying to communicate to her without any success, I though about opening the door and going outside to meet the little girl, but all of a sudden, she slams her forehead into the door.


It was shocking as I saw this happen before me. I froze and recognized that this is the same sound I’ve been hearing. Before I could react to the first one, the little girl slammed her head into the door again. This time, the thump was louder and harder than the last. Her body stayed perfectly still, just her head crashing into the solid wood frame.


She began slamming into the door with her head faster and faster. After each hit, she would move back into the position I first saw her in. Looking nice and smiling. However, a deep bruise was beginning to develop on her forehead.

Something was warning me not to open the door as the little girl slams her head on the door once again, this last time harder than before. She started to hit the door faster and each time harder than the last. I could see a blood stain where her forehead was hitting the door.

Thump.... Thump.... THUMP!

Every time, she would stand back up, and just smile at me. Smiling with blood running down her face...

That’s about all I could remember from my dream last night. Surprisingly, after that whole thing, I feel a lot better this morning than I have the last couple of days. I’m also no where near as hungry anymore.

Have fun figuring this one out!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Blahdy Bla Bla...

I’m in a bit of a funk. Not the George Clinton or James Brown good type of funk. More on the sweaty shirt that hasn’t been washed in a few weeks funk. Basically, I could live with it, but it’s not enjoyable.

You know how people always say they never have time to get away, or time to themselves? Well, I think I have the opposite. I travel quite a bit each month to visit friends and family all across the country. I get out, have fun. The problem is the opposite. I never have anyone to come home to.

Boo fucking hoo right? Always greener on the other side yea?

At least that’s what I think is going on. Not quite sure really. I usually know what is causing the funkiness within me. It’s usually Rick James, but not this time. It’s a bit harder to put my hands on it this time.

All I know is I can’t stop eating. This whole week’s been a non-stop eating binge. I told my boss I think I maybe pregnant and that I need a couple of days off to check and be sure, but that was a no-go. Insensitive bastard. I thought maybe it's me not going to the gym in a few weeks. Nope, did that last night. Nothing. Still consuming like I was in an eating contest

And even worst, I polished off my last beer in the house last night. D'oh! Back to the hard stuff now I guess. Good ol’ Jack. I’m coming back to ya!

There’s really no reason for this either. Besides no one in ATL wanting to hire me, other things in my life is going pretty well. Work is really busy, but good. Got a couple of kick ass trips to ATL and LA coming up. There’s someone that lives way too far away, but it’s fun to think about all the ways to see them while I sit in my meetings everyday. Sarah McLachlan concert is coming up soon too!!

It’s been raining for a few days now too. That usually puts me in a good mood too, but that’s not working. The same with the Sweet 16 coming up tonight and this weekend!

This should be a good time for ol’ pup. Yet, not so much.

Hmmm… now that I’m writing this out though, something just hit me. Maybe it’s not that I’m in a funk, maybe I’ve just raised my expectation a bit too high. The last couple of weeks have been great with a big O' awesome last weekend to end it up. Coming back to my normal life must just not seem as good or that something is missing that should be around.

I think I’ll go over this theory with Jack tonight, and if he isn’t helpful, I’ll get The captain and Jose to join in the conversation. We’ll figure something out, even if I don’t, I won't remember it the next day anyhow. :)

I swear this is the last of these for a while. They're kinda pissing me off.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What The Fuck is wrong with you people?

Once again, it's time for another edition after an almost 2 month of hiatus. I can't believe it's been so long. Guess it's that time of the month for me again. Time to get my hate on. So here we go!

How about working on real problems that YOU should actually be involved with?

Watching TV the last couple of days, you can’t help but see the Schiavo case all over the television. Of course that just reminds me how big a waste our government and the media is spending on what should be a family matter.

One thing I can’t get over every time I see this however, is that there are so much bigger problems that the government should actually be handling. Not just domestic issues, but worldwide issues as well.

So hey you nosey fucks with too much free time getting into other people’s businesses. How about looking at an actual problem for once that you should be concern with? With all your supposive righteousness to champion those without a voice or those who are weak, why don’t you help someone who actually need your help?

Let’s just throw out this little thing that’s been going on for DECADES.

Congo's desperate ‘one-dollar U.N. girls’

There are nations of people who are being killed and raped on a daily basis that we never hear about (yet we know about what every half-ass famous person had for lunch). Thousand of people that continually get taken advantage of who would really really appreciate some help from anyone keeps getting ignored. What the hell?

The lives that these people are going through is worst than anything we see in the world. Doing anything just to survive another day. How pathetic are the world’s nations that we’ve ignored this problem for so long? And no, just throwing some cash (about $3 per person of aid last year) is not enough.

Where the hell are you when you talk about protecting life and helping those in need? Are these people in the Congo's not ‘politically fashionable’ enough for you to help? Are you just so damn concerned with yourself that all you worry about is doing things that will make you look good and get reelected?

Young girls are being raped by people who are supposedly there to help them and keep them safe (I know, not all, just a few, but still happens too much). They are living in a masochistic culture where they are deemed worthless, thrown away like trash after a criminal act by someone else. All for what? Losing some little piece of skin? What the hell is wrong with you people? How is that even a big deal you ignorant fucks? And this has been going on for DECADES! People being deemed WORTHLESS. Think about that.

What else must happen before you think we should help?

There are so many similar situations like this throughout the world. People are hurting right and left. Yet you refuse to spend any time to help them. Topics that you have absolutely NO business being involved in like the Schiavo case, biased marriage laws, Anti-women’s rights, etc., yet you continue to play your white knight crusader role.

Hey Jackasses, you want to get rid of terrorism? It's not through war. You may lower it for a while, but it'll NEVER go away like this. Try helping people. No really, try it. It's cheaper and I swear to you it will help so much more in the long run.

I’m not just blaming the governments of the world and ours, the people also shares in this blame. After all, we did elect (sort-of, sometimes) these people to the government.

Guess this little rant’s gone on long enough. I’ll just end with this. Too bad they don’t have any oil and we’re not interested in converting them or anything. Guess these girls and the people in that region of the world are on their own.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I'm trying...

When I'm depressed I go driving. I onced lived outside of Atlanta. Man, I miss driving the highways there. I miss getting lost uptown, downtown, midtown. Here in Macon I'll drive circles around town and weave through it's outskirts over and over until I wear myself out or the cd ends.

I'm always looking for back-ways and alley-ways and shit to see, shit to steal. And I usually make it out of whatever ghetto I find myself lost in unscathed. Though tonight I noticed that my engine is overheating a tad. Gotta get the radiator looked at.

I lived on the northside of town for 2 years and on weekends when I needed to drive I would 50 miles north using back roads. I drive the pitch black roads hoping to find my bearings as I approach the next small town, hoping to reveal the undiscovered countries in the backwoods of my imagination. By the time I returned home the paperboy has begun his early deliveries. I often received the Sunday paper for free. That guy was as sad as me.

Car repair costs are bittersweet. I love to drive, but my car is wearing thin. I will always drop the world to rejuvenate my car in whatever little way I can. I once spent $400.00 to have the passenger side seatbelt re-mounted! After that bill I didn't eat for a month. Last year it was four new tires. This year it'll be CV joints. So long as I don't outlive my car....

My thoughts are clouded. Too much alcohol, I think. I'm hungover even when I've not been drinking. So I drink and get drunk and the hangover is justified. I don't want the world of tomorrow just yet. I'll cherish this fleeting moment until the next, until life support runs out, until my sister returns from Iraq, until my daddy's heart surgery is pronounced a success. I'll wait until then. Soon the wait will end.

Monday, March 21, 2005

But Seriously..

After a nice long drive home last night, I was just sitting around watching TV. It was a busy night for some folks there in congress. I saw some interesting things that were happening all around the country (outside of the major upsets in the tournament). And by interesting, of course I meaning sickening.

It was interesting to see our congress and president work so hard and diligently for the life of one person. Too bad though, that they’re helping to pass legislation that would be against her will.

In case you’re not familiar with the case, here’s a quick summary. Terri Schiavo had a heart condition that lead to serious brain damage and that has left her in a vegetative state. She can breath on her own, but other than that, she relies on machines to keep her alive.

Her husband Michael, who has won multiple court decisions in FL to carry out what he said his wife would have wanted for herself (not to live by machines), is continually being stopped by the government.

Jeb Bush was the first to misuse his power as the governor to stop the court order, then the FL legislature passed a similar order after the courts once again decided in favor for the husband.

Now, the federal government/congress are now getting into the act with this with the passing of this one bill that is specific only to Terri.

Our government was built on 3 braches that would have checks and balances over each other. Instead of being checks and balances, this church-bought republican government continuously attacks the Judicial branch. Whenever a decision is passed that the other two branches doesn’t like, they simply pass legislation or misuse executive power to deem the decisions useless.

I can hardly describe how angry I would feel if I was to be kept alive by a machine when I have told others that I would NEVER want to live my life that way.

This is a perfect example of how blinded people (esp. in our government) has become as they stand on their pedestals and following some supposive “moral high ground” and arguing that they’re saving a life. Keeping this poor lady alive is not saving her. You’re only prolonging the agony and pain for her, her husband and her family. They are the ones that have to live with this. Not you.

An even more angering and disturbing point to this is that the government now extends their influence not only on the way you should live while you’re alive, but now to how you will die. Who are we as individuals if we don’t even have the choice over that?

Even if you want to choose how you want to die, or what medical procedures you may or maynot want, this case clearly shows that you have very little say if the government decides that they can make better decisions for you.

The government making a better decision for you. Hmm.. what does that sound like?

How much freedom does that sound like we have? Where exactly is the freedom here that this government and president keep talking about spreading throughout the world? As with many things the president and government believe in, it’s blinded by their own righteousness and is only done to make them look good. There’s very little intention of it actually benefiting the people that they supposively serve.

Is it really freedom for the individuals that this government is behind or is it just a change in the kind of government that will tell you exactly how to live your life? Sure doesn’t sound like it.

I will state it here, not that our government would ever recognize it or care, but if I am ever in a situation where I need to be kept alive by machines, please don’t try to do me any favors or use me for your moral righteousness. End it as quickly as you can. Thank you.

On that happy note. Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Six Quips for a Misty Sunday Morning
(or S is for Sleep)

Disgusted with himself, he draws blood from an infected scab.

The best thing about instant messaging...you can witness a nervous breakdown as it's being typed.

"Buzz, buzz," says the bumblebee. "I EAT RED MEAT!!!"

Plagued by misery and self-denial throughout her life, she suffocated to death breathing the crisp clean air of the Rocky Mountains while on vacation.

A headache is a hammer cracking away at my skull. A migraine is a drill piercing through skull and brain, teasing my optical nerve.

All my friends are imaginary. They're corporeal only during twilight hours.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


A good friend of mine asked me out on a date...her treat.

I've half the mind to turn down her offer by making up an excuse.

Why would I do that?

She really likes me and values my friendship. But for some reason I don't want to be bothered.

I like her very much. She cares for me. I'm not sure why.

After a while you get used to being independent, confident, steadfast, and alone that when you break, when you're confronted with love you crumble.

Love fucks shit up for me.
I can't make make sense of it.
Stop loving me for goodness sake!

I haven't confirmed a day and time yet. Not sure I will. If I ignore her she'll go away.
Oh… it’s SO time to get my drink on...

Just so you know, I haven’t been posted not because I’m down or anything. Well, I still am a bit, but good ol’ Jack talked me out of being in a bad mood. Jack and Samuel Smith (one of the best beers out there BTW) sure did their jobs. Jim just made me want to hit people.

It’s my friend’s birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, and the first day of March Madness today!!!!! Goodness, I’m gonna be one drunk Pup.

Sadly, instead of getting a good start on my drunkenness, my day is filled with work and meetings I can’t get out of.

ARGH… Don’t these people have any priorities? Don’t they know to write off today and tomorrow? What the hell? I hate you all!

Well, all I know is. This weekend will be filled with playing hard as much as possible, lots of scoring, lots of in and outs (esp. down the middle), and there’ll be basketball too! :)

You better hope your number is not in my phone book, cause if it is, you’ll probably be getting a call. Full drunken Pup DD goodness. Oh, I know you’re just dying with anticipation now aren’t you.

Why is it no one in my group is wearing green? WTF?

Happy Happy Joy Joy oh Glorious day if I can ever get the hell out of here!!!

Hope everyone have a wonderful day/weekend!! Don't get arrested!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Boo fucking hoo.

Yea, so much for the long run of good mood I was in. For a while there, things really seem to be picking up for ol’ Pup. Everything was coming up Pup (good for you if you know where that's from). Just as quickly as the doors to new opportunities and new things were opening up, they are just as quickly shut right in my face.

I’m probably just being a bit over-dramatic, but still. It really sucks when you have your heart set on something and it doesn’t work out.

In case you’re wondering what it is, it’s just a job thing. Nothing too overly serious I guess. Hence me thinking I’m being over-dramatic.

I didn’t get selected for a job I interviewed for. I know, this isn’t a big thing. I’ve been rejected for dozens and dozens of jobs before. For a few specific reasons, I’m especially down about this one.

The job was going to be great. It would be my current boss’s job but at another company. A company that’s in Atlanta. It’s exactly what I do now, but with management opportunities. I get my own group of peons!

It was also a great fit too. The new company is about 2 years behind as far as what I do. They want to set up the exact same group that I’m current in now, they’re in the same industry, and they even use all the same vendors as we do. What the hell? How did I not get it?

The Atlanta thing really was the biggest draw though. I’ve made up my mind about having to move back sometime this year. I’m tired of living in strange areas where I only know a few places and have only a few friends to hang out with. I know Atlanta, I have friends there and my family is there. Sweet tea is also the norm there.

I’m SO ready to settle down somewhere I want to be. I’m over this whole living in an apt. thing and the living in all areas of the country thing. It’s time I get a house with a yard.

Oh well, I guess I’ll try again if something else comes up.

Looking at the Brightside, at least I won’t have to get rid of tickets for “The Killers” I have for May. That and living here is closer to Southern Ill.

At least the Tournament starts on Thursday. I’ll just drink myself silly and forget all this crap.

Monday, March 14, 2005

She’s drooling and her nipples are hard.

That’s one of the best responses I’ve ever heard describing someone who’s about to talk to me.

So the Maddness has begun. The brackets are out! I’m SO excited. The wonderful beautiful thing that is the NCAA tournament is about to start. It doesn’t matter what seat you’re in, as long as you’re at the dance.

Just win your games. It’s put up or shut up time baby!

I spent most of last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday watching basketball and drinking. Mmmmm… drinking. There’s really no better way to spend a day than to drink beers and yell at a television.

The only minor drawback to this weekend is that I’m not usually watching the same games as everyone else around me. Naturally, people from here are big Kansas, Iowa or other Big 12 fans. Being from the South, I’m much more interested in the ACC and SEC games than I am with the silly Big 12 games (since they're SO not going to get very far in the tournment).

So as people are cheering for one game, I’m watching another. It’s pretty awkward when people are quite during a commercial or something during one game, and I’m yelling “get a damn rebound damn it!!! Re-fucking-bound!!! Would it kill you to box someone out?! Damn monkey fucks!”

Good thing I was drunk and didn’t really care.

If you thought I was unproductive last Thursday and Friday, just you wait till this Thursday and Friday.

I had another dream last night involving zombies. I was trapped in some house with a few other people, and there are zombies everywhere outside. They haven’t really discovered where we were yet, so we’re just hiding out. The zombies keeps looking through the blinds, but I guess they don't see us. The last thing I remembered when I was talking to this guy and he was leaning by the door. All of a sudden, an arm comes through the door and drags him out. After that, all the othe zombies comes storming into the room.

I remembered I had a 2x4 with a big nail in one end. I charged the zombies, but then I woke up just before I struck one of them.

Anyone care to do some dream interpretation on that? I’ve looked up some books and internet sites but there’s nothing about what zombies represents in a person’s dreams.

Have a good Monday!

Friday, March 11, 2005

How unproductive can I be?

Let me count the ways.

I left around 1pm yesterday to go to 3 games of the Big 12 tournament. Thanks to vendor gifts and random uncle tickets, we were at that stadium for a good long time yesterday.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t all free. The 6 dollar beers and 6 dollar brats (Which I had 2) were much more than the tickets were worth.

So being the cheap and ghetto bastard that I am, I brought my own flask. I order a giant coke and after a few sips, turned it into a giant Jack and coke. I didn’t have a stirrer or anything, so for the first few sips, that was a mighty ‘smooth’ coke.

I didn’t care much for the first game we watched between Iowa state and Baylor. Now the second game (the one where I was having my giant drink), it was Kansas State vs. Texas A&M.

That’s right folks, Texas A&M. In case you didn’t know, there’s no love here between me and those bastard Aggies. If I found out their campus burned to the ground, the only emotion I would have is happiness.

Yea, I don’t like them. Well, not like would be to put it very very nicely.

Being that we were in Kansas and they were playing Kansas State, there were all kinds of Kansas State folks all by us. This was a wonderful thing. When I yelled ‘I hope you die you damn aggies’ and other mildly psychotic threats at the players and school and few about their moms, I didn’t get any looks of disgust nor did any cops escort me out. Instead, I received a couple of laughs and a few high-fives.

Those of you who have had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing a college basketball game with me can attest to my screaming at the top of my lungs. This only gets worst when it’s live and there’s even a small remote chance that they’ll hear me. Well, that’s not that important. I just like the yelling. Y’all should really experience this.

It was a close game with the lead going back and forth between the 2 teams. This was great as it kept the intensity up and my yelling continuous. In the end, unlike the real world, evil was beaten back on this day and Kansas State came out with the victory.

I could give a rat’s ass Kansas State won, but the Aggies lost. Lost like the cowardly bitches they are. Now their season is over except for maybe the NIT, for that I am happy.

I love March!

Have a great weekend watching the tournament games and Selection Sunday!!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bombardment of Information

I don’t know if I’ve blog about this before, and I’m much too lazy to look at my old posts so I’ll just go with it.

In our society today, we are constantly being bombarded with information. Everywhere we go there’s information about something. Bla bla bla.. a big diarrhea of information. We are constantly being informed of something. However, that something is usually crap. White noise to keep our minds working and just occupied enough where we don’t need to think, but yet there’s really no real thinking going on. Basically a zombie-a-fication of people.

I think as a society, this is a real problem that of course no one will ever care about.

The problem is with information. There’s that old saying that you can’t have too much information or knowledge. Well, as with most things old, I don’t believe this applies to the world today and is just plain wrong.

No one needs to know most of the crap that are being fed to them. Most are simply useless information.

Let’s put on our conspiracy hats shall we? Here’s a couple that I’ve come up with for the reasons why there are so much information out there yet it seems people are becoming less informed of important things.

With the bombardment of useless crap information, the government is better able to hide actual important information that we need to know. Among the masses of irrelevant information, the real informative information is lost among all the static. They are able to keep information such as how corrupt and wrong they always seem to be easily hidden from the masses.

This flooding of information also serves the great purpose of zombie-a-ficating the masses. The load of information that we all receive occupies our minds just enough that we don’t actually do anything thinking for ourselves. With longer working hours and more complicated lives, we simply don’t have the time or the capacity to filter out all the crap and to analyze what is actually important. This lack of thinking makes us nothing more than zombies.

Even more sadly, I believe that as a species, we’re having less and less original thought. Not because everything has been thought of, but just that we simply don’t do it anymore. There’s just too much information out there, or at least a perception there of. There’s an assumption that everything’s on the internet. So there’s no need to think. No need to create anything new and unique anymore. Or at least that’s the perception

This is a dangerous proposition and trend. A society without any original thought. Sure there are new technologies and things that comes out constantly, but that’s not what I speak of. It’s the little things that each person contributes to the whole. There’s simply less people doing the thinking for the masses than ever before.

With this pattern of thought and complacency, there’s nowhere we as a people can go. Nowhere we can advance. In the place of a lack of advancement in our society, that’s where we see this resurgence of religion.

In a way, that’s what religion does to many people. Before you get all up in my case about this, it’s true, and I said many. Not all. Crazy religious people = zombies. Think about it, it’s not that big of a stretch.

Ok, that was a tangent. Back to the issue at hand.

What can we do about this bombardment of information? The answer? Nothing really. With information moving faster and more wide-reaching than ever before, we’ve developed a hunger for information. A hunger to know everything within our fingertips at any time. This is a disease that’s going to be harder to shake than crack in the early 90s.

Oh well… what’re you gonna do? Like many problems that exists today that we seem to have no problem ignoring, we won’t know that this is a problem until it’s too late.

Perhaps this isn’t a problem at all and it’s just me. This could certainly be the case.

I’m just gonna sit back and have me a pint.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Not boring... Just not exciting...

Things have been mucho busy here at work. My mind has been way pre-occupied with other things going on in my life so there’s nothing much on the blogger front.

Still waiting on some news. If it happens, I’ll let you know. It’ll be good I promise. Well, for me it will. It probably wouldn’t really have any effect on your lives so you probably don’t care all that much. Although if you ever visit me, the first round is on me.

I’ve seen some things going on in the blogger world lately that has been pretty shocking. What in the world in going on? Sheese. Get along!

I feel sooooo old lately. It wasn’t bad enough that I got sick, cause I NEVER get sick, but I’ve been going to sleep really early the last couple of nights and getting up early in the morning. This is SO not like me. Damn it, we used to go to raves at 1am and get back around 9am or so. What the hell happened to that guy? That guy was pretty cool.

I had an 8am meeting (yea yea, it’s not that early for some of you, but it’s just unheard of for me) this morning and I was all on time and even early enough to check some blogs in the morning. Probably cause I went to sleep so damn early, I was wide awake before the sun came up.

No one wins with an early rising pup. I strongly think there is a problem with being up before the sun. There should be a law.

Damn it, Damn it, Damn it... I think I may be getting old.... I think I may try to take off from work early today so I can catch the 4pm dinner specials with the old folks.

I heard some big big life changing news from a friend of mine this weekend. The kind that makes you go Hmmmm… Well, I’ll just say congratulations and the best of luck!

I was going to do this thing Barrie passed on to me, and I still may, but it’s embarrassing to think how little I read. When “Captain Underpants” was the last book you read, that’s probably not good.

Aren’t you all so glad I share these things. Didn’t this just brighten your day and made you a better informed person? No? oh. Nevermind then.

Have a good Tuesday!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Follow Me Around...
the French Quarter

New Orleans is steamy hot. The sky begins to darken this summer evening. It's very humid. A shirtless black man pesters the aimless tourist. He has voodoo in his eyes. He babbles on about the myth of Sisyphus only he doesn't know the myth. He gives a desperate performance but no one gives him aid. He's ill and begs only for water.

I laugh at him.


It's hard to ignore the filth while breathing the flagrant air.

The night is alive with no memory of its past. The city lives for sex, crime, drugs, culture, music, voyeurism, spirits, fornication, wickeness, black magic. ahhhhahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hazy sky is colored with jazz flavors and fried seafood. People are gathering on Bourbon Street. The district welcomes all. The classy and the riff raff. The selfish and those who know better. The cafes are cluttered with pretension. The dives are throwing down. A homeless woman sleeps comfortably in a deserted ditch. A child tap dances for a meal. A soap box preacher tells me to repent. I give him two dollars for his efforts.

The myriad neon lights are ubiquitous and intoxicating. Co-eds dance topless for charms. The brothels lure young sophisticated gentlemen for a night of unknown pleasures. A woman is rendered unconscious from violence...groping hands and feet and pelvic thrustings. A siren sounds.

The moon is pale, and ominous spirits swirl about the shadowy streets of the French Quarter. But a man is selling roses for love. I turn my head. And then my eyes meet hers.

damn, i'm out of beer.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Oh yell na beotch!

I KNOW your dollar store nappy weave ass SO ain’t be trying to be all getting all up in my face.

Oh.. Na bitch..

I don’t give a goddamn! It ain’t about you. You’d be getting all up in here thinking you some hot shit. You ain’t hot shit bitch. You cold diarrhea.

Girl, you raise that finger up one more time and you gonna lose it!

What the hell is wrong with chu anyway? Ignorant ass bitch. What? Yo mama stop paying for your friends so you ain’t got none now? You figured smelling like fried chicken all the time will at least get you a couple of hungry brothers.

Oh hell na, you didn’t just call me that. Boo-boo you hear what she just called me? Oh NO you Did-nen.

You don’t know me Bitch. Who the fuck is you?

I’ll cut you.. I ain’t playing. I’ll cuuuuut your little bitch ass. Rip that 3 dollar weave off too.


Yo mama.

For some reason, I had a feeling that I was arguing with someone in my dreams last night, but I was all out of practice. Not that this is how I usually argue with people, but there was my attempt at practicing.

Actually, it’s not just some reason. I watched an hour of COPS before I went to bed last night. Now that’s entertainment.

Yes, I do find it slightly odd that in my dream I was a woman arguing with another woman. I can be very diverse sometimes.

Any of y’all wanna get some of this, just bring it.

You probably couldn't tell by the beginning of this post, but I’m in a really good mood. There are possible big changes in the Pup world. Stayed tuned!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What the FUCK is wrong with you people?

Aside from an awful sounding cough, I think I’m finally feeling like my old Pup self again. As I was telling someone last night, I think all parts of me are working ok again. So naturally, we’re off on our rant once again.

Since the Ten Commandments are being fought out in the supreme court recently, I thought I once again speak on a topic that annoys me to no end. Actually, it’s probably the one thing that really gets at me. That my friends, would be the president and his Christian handlers.

Even with congressional inaction not a big enough hint to his dumbass that this is an awful and totally discriminatory plan, Bush sidestepped lawmakers with executive orders and regulations to give religious organizations equal footing with nonsectarian ones in competing for federal contracts.

WTF? Since when did religious organizations ever hurt for money? Have you BEEN to a church lately? I think these people are doing just fine. How about instead of adding another parking deck to house your thousands of members each week or having ridiculous salaries for your minister/preacher/whoever the fuck, that you use some of that money for good like you’re suppose to. Multiple Jets for churches? What the fuck is that about? Are you too good to fly like the rest of us? Did your God tell you to buy your own plane?

I know there are many church groups that do really good things for their community, and that’s great. I guarantee you though, there’s a catch to all that niceness. Don’t kid yourself and think there isn’t. Nothing is free when it comes to religious groups. They're like a disease that has this need to keep spreading to everyone. After all, that is what religion is all about isn't it? Influence and power.

Why in the hell do you see the need to take money away from nonsecular groups that offer services that your judgment-happy, prejudice, hateful ass won’t help.

You know what groups I’m talking about.

Who’s going to help them? Who's going to help these people that you don't deem 'worthy'? Or are we just going to say fuck'em. If they don’t believe in what we believe in, then no help for them. Well, cause that’s what’s gonna happen.

The president and his cronies will say that it’s open to any religion. Yea, how much can you possible believe in that. Guess what religion will be represented in the committee that hands out the money? I’ll give you a hint, the government is dominated by Christian conservative republicans and they really seem to like their little club.

And Mr. President, you’re not that slick. You think you are, but not through the eyes of the Pup. I see your dumbass trying to sneak shit by. I’ve read your religious-based initiative. It’s not only about getting the government to start sponsoring the Christian agenda, but you’ve also sneaked some stuff in there haven’t you?

Shit like you are allowed to not hire someone purely based on religious beliefs. The reasoning was that it wouldn’t ‘fit’ with your religious organization. Hiring and firing decisions based on religion, that’s just fuckentastic. If you don’t see how this is a very bad thing, then there’s really no hope for you. Way to beat back civil rights you ass!

The way you’re running this government and are shaping it is in NO WAY any different than those they have in Iran. Those you say are 'wrong'. I guess we've all just misunderstood you. You're saying Iran isn't wrong for having a faith-based governement, it's just the wrong faith... Now I gotcha.

What freedoms we have were fought for way before you were here W. The same ones you talk about instilling in other country are the ones you’re replacing with your mightier than thou Christian beliefs.

In your years as president you have done NOTHING to give the American people more freedom or liberty that you so love to speak about. You have given us fear, wars, prejudices, an ego-centric mentality, intolerance, made all our former friends look at us with disgust, and lead us ever closer to a religious conservative state.

I point my anger at the president, but I know it’s not him. I know who you all are that’s behind this. I’ll find you. I’ll find a way to get you, and if not me. Someone will.

not everywhere
not threatening
not annoying
not enough
not afraid
not now.

i don't have enough speakers. my mission in life is to acquire a 10.1 surround sound entertainment center. currently i have a 0.01 surround sound system. it roks!!! it will have to surfice for precious moments like this. (rough day at work.)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dum dum dummmmmmmmm.......

Just in time for me to start feeling better is our yearly review. That dreaded review of how you are doing at work. I don’t think I have much to worry about, I think my boss generally likes my work. However, being secretly very neurotic, the worryness is working overtime.

Why the review for the previous year doesn’t come until March, I do not know. I’ve never had one with my present employer or manager so I’m not sure what all to expect. I DO know that I’ll find out my raise for the year and perhaps a bonus.

Mmmmm... bonus.

That bonus is already being planned to take me straight to somewhere tropical where I can just sit and sip a drink with an umbrella.

Yea.. I said umbrella... Put it in there!!!!

Maybe I won't get near anywhere tropical. I hope I at least get a slab of ribs. That'd be a great bonus. Here you go Pup, slab of ribs and some beans.

I think I can be happy with that.

OR.... the best way EVER to determine your yearly bonus.

Come on… big money... big prizes.... no whammies…