Friday, December 31, 2004

2004, come and gone…

Well here it is. The last of day of 2004. Like the end of every year, I am surprised at how quickly time has gone by. Where did it all go? Did I do something this year that will be memorable when I’m old, sitting on my rocking chair on my porch and yelling at children passing by?

Looking back at this year, there were things that were significant that I accomplished. I moved to a new state to take a new job. Moving away from the beautiful Colorado Springs to the flatlands of Kansas. I could’ve move to NYC and worked in Manhattan, but I chose what was best for my professional life. Grrr.

I also finished and received my degree this year. After about 6 years, I finished a big ass paper that is my dissertation. It’s long and I even sneaked in a page of ranting on the problems with clinical psychology. Ha. Dissertations are funny. For all the time and work put into it, your crowning achievement on paper will probably only be read by about 10 people at the most.

This may not be a big deal to everyone else, but it was to me. The county that I live in is incredibly snooty and because of that, they do not have Laundromats in the county (don’t want the bad elements here or some crap like that). So I had to buy a washer/dryer. I mean really. Me? With my own washer/dryer? Ok, now I feel old.

Oh yea, new TV! Yay!

Those were just some of the bigger changes I can think of right now. Even with those changes, I like to say that there are some things that are staying strong with me. Things like Pup. Another year down buddy. Bone to cotton/plush, dust to dust. BTW, Pup is now 25. Finally, his car insurance will go down.

Big red is still with me. My car has some problems every now and then, but overall, she’s a good car. I’m glad to have her. I don’t care that she was rated one of the worst cars ever made, she’s my car damn it and we’ll take care of each other till I need to start duct taping things together. All you wealthy people that lives around me with your gaudy SUVs, mid-life crisis sport cars, and spoiled little brats with their nice cars can all kiss my ass. Hub caps? Big Red don’t need no stinking hub caps.

Now notice there isn’t any mention of any achievements in my personal life. It’s not that I’m shy or don’t want to mention that here on my blog, but frankly, it was quite sparse in 04’. I took a job for my professional reasons, knowing fully that it would be almost disastrous for my personal life. I spent a good amount of time also obsessing over the dissertation. That will stop in 05’.

2005 will be the year that I focus on the personal life. I will not make a decision simply because it will be good for me professionally. If I move this year, it’ll be to somewhere I want to be. Somewhere with friends and family. There are lands beyond the boundaries of the oceans that I would like to explore (Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean’s). I would like to explore these foreign lands with someone. This year, more than anytime before, I’ll be looking.

I sure hope that statement about when you’re looking you’ll never find it crap isn’t true.

I guess the last major event of the year that has influenced me is the whole blogging thing. I started the page after reading the Furdell’s consistently funny page all these years. It was a good outlet for what’s on Pup’s mind. Even if it didn’t really make sense a lot of the times. I’ve “met” some very wonderful and interesting people in this experience. Amazing how you can get to know someone thousands of miles away without actually ever seeing, hearing, or being around them. I’m looking forward to next year to meet some of you in person…. Clean off an extra space on the sofa for me, cause the Pup’s coming. The Pup will be spread around the world!! Bwahahaahaha..

Oops.. sorry, got off track there. That was supposed to be a quite goal. And no, the Pup is not some STD or anything. :p It's more like a way of life :)

Well, that’s about all for this year and this last post of the year.

Have a very Happy New Years Eve everyone. I’m glad to know you, if only electronically. Can’t wait to see what next year will bring for everyone.

Get totally hammered tonight, but remember to be safe. The cops will be out in force tonight.

Happy New Years!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I’ve got soul, but I’m not a solider…..
That’s a line from a song by The Killers. Easily my current favorite band right now. At this very moment, this very second, favorite. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out. I guarantee you’ll like them.

It’s not a money back guarantee or anything. I may make fun of you if you don’t like them. That’s a guarantee, but no guarantee of money.

That’d be funny if stores did that. “You didn’t like this shirt? Aww.. that’s too bad. It IS very ugly. Why would you buy this in the first place? Too bad.”

I would not be a good fit in customer service.

I got my new TV yesterday! Yay! It’s 2x as big as the one I currently have. Maybe size does matter. Hmmm…

Well, the TV totally kicks ass. 32 inches of HD goodness. After 1.5 years of looking at TVs I finally bought it. I’m not good with buying huge things. Takes me forever to pull the trigger, but I did it. It was my graduation/Christmas gift to myself.

I think everyone should buy nice stuff for themselves. If you’re only buying other people stuff, it’s no good. And forget about relying on other people to buy you stuff you really want or waiting for a major holiday. Who needs that hassle. It could also be that I'm not good about telling people what I want too. Hmmm... I'll fix that next year.

Why wait? Let's try it now. Anyone looking to get me a New Year's present or belated Christamas present, please come over and hang up some pictures for me. I hate doing that? Don't ask, I just have the worst experiences with hanging pictures and other stuff on walls. That would be a most appreciated present.

Just so you know, I’ve been writing this very unspectacular post for a couple of days now. Hence it makes very little sense and doesn't seem to have any distinguishable plot line. Do blogs need plot lines?

Anyone know why my eyes have been so itchy lately?

Friday, December 24, 2004

It was the night before Christmas...
All was quite.... except for the rocks in Pup's drink...

from all of us

Merry Christmas Blogland!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Spazzy Tuesday

Not too much going on at work with the mass exodus of the holiday season.

Here’re the things on my mind:

Well YOU of course, cause you’re always on my mind.

New Harry Potter book to be published July 16 !!!!
Can someone please get me THIS for Christmas. No, I don’t want the subscription to the magazine.
Told you...
“….pollutants from sewage plants, feedlots and factories…. Nine male smallmouth bass taken from the Potomac near Sharpsburg, about 60 miles upstream from Washington, were found to have developed eggs inside their sex organs”

Yea, just another silly environmentalist trick. Just trying to get us to worry about pollution when that money can be saved to buy some rich fuck another plane or some shit they don’t need.

Screw the environment you say? I hope you guys all develop eggs and have periods or at least grow a painful tumor in your ass. Dumbasses.
Anyone? Anyone?...
Who wants to go see “The Phantom of the Opera” with me tomorrow? Come on now.. you know you want to.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

"Excuse me… do you have any Rick Springfield? "

So my first gig in years was finally here. It was going to start this Saturday night. During the morning, I had gone by the house to set up all the equipment for the night. With a green table cloth and some garlands, the set up was sweet and festive. The sounds from the new speakers were blasting just fine.

All through the day I was pretty nervous. Not so much about the music or my skills at playing them (I was still very rusty, but I did a practice session after I set up the equipment and it seemed to be coming back slowly), but more worried about the crowd. This isn’t like the old days of playing on the radio or a club or something similar where you know who’s going to be at these places. This was going to be a crowd that for the most part, has never actually seen a DJ that used turntables, much less one that was playing vinyl.

I was at the party early to make sure everything was still fine and to get in a bit of practice before people actually began to show up. All was good, and after a couple of drinks, the nerves seemed to have died down.

People began tricking in, and while the Christmas CD was enjoyable, everyone wanted something a bit more upbeat. A little bit earlier than I was planning to start, but around 10pm I began my set.

Overall I think it was a decent set. A lot of vinyl I played was a bit dated since I have no access to record stores here in the middle of oz, but I don’t think anyone has heard any of those songs before so it was all good. It was a tough crowd. Even playing some of my best stuff only got a few to move their legs a bit.

So after a two hour set, I put a CD on with a good mix and took a break to mingle in the party. I hadn’t noticed being behind the DJ stuff, but everyone at the party was pretty drunk by now. As I walked around I received some compliments, and many requests for poppy wedding/sorority party songs. If you knew me, you would know that I cringe at these kinds of requests.

I was doing a good job politely refusing to play everything that I asked. After grabbing a drink I started talking to a gal that had come up to talk to me while I was working earlier. Drunken small talk…. yada yada…. I agreed to play one song for her. Then on the way back to my area, the hostess also asked me to play a Snoop song that she handed me. So now, I have 2 songs to play. It’s just 2, no biggy right? WRONG.

After I played those 2 songs, it was open season for requests. People lined up by the table asking for songs. I wasn’t really prepared since I was mostly only going to play my vinyls. I didn’t carry with me all the regular ‘party’ songs. The 2 requests that I played received very good reactions from the crowd with people dancing everywhere. I guess I just gave up and played all the usual cheesy party stuff I had with me.

~side note~ Playing NIN’s “Closer” will instantly identify the freaky gals or just drunk enough to be freaky.

The majority of the people left, and when there was only a few left in the house, I started playing the good tracks from earlier that night once again. The beats were flowy and it seems I was getting in a bit of a groove. The ones left were a lot more receptive the second time around I think. That or they were just dancing cause they were all quite drunk. As longs they’re out there dancing, it’s cool with me.

Good ol’ alcohol.

During the height of the drunken request portion of the night, a girl from the party approach me to ask if I had any Rick Springfield. I told her no. After the next song was played, she would come back asking the same question. ‘Do you have any Rick Springfield?’ She looked pretty hammered and she did this 6 times. Each time looking very sad when I said no like it was the first time.

I was going to smack her if she had asked one more time.

Happy Monday all!

5 more shopping days left!!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

On the 12th day of Christmas.... there’s 12 days of Christmas? WTF?

I never understood that song. 12 days of Christmas? When did that happen? Are the Christians just trying to outdo the 8 days of Hanukkah? You got 8? Oh yea? Well... we’ve got 12 so there.

Really, if someone could explain the origins of the 12 days of Christmas to me that’d be great.

Here’s my theory... Think of it like marketing ploys. A long time ago when Judaism and Christianity were fighting for converts. Judaism came out with the 8 days of Hanukkah plan. 8 days of fun and celebration of lights, and gifts and all good stuff. Not to be outdone, the Christians came up with the 12 days of Christmas. Same thing, just 12 days of it!

There were downsizing during the dark ages, so it went down to one day.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

“Marketing.... helping religions grow since 1 A.D.”

8 more days of shopping left… then the after Christmas sales!! That's when I rack up.

2 more days till my DJ debute in the Midwest. I've decided not to go with a full Trance/House set. I'll throw in a little bit of other things in there that are fun and dancey.

I just got a new phone!! Yay! Sure it’s got lots and lots of features, but my favorite? There’s a little bear that walks around and does funny things when you turn it on. Yay funny cute bear!!

Shut UP!!! There’s nothing wrong with being like a 5 years old.... Sometimes.

He looks a bit like Pup too! Well, except he doesn't have a bottle of Jack in his paw...

Monday, December 13, 2004

Oh dive bars, How I love thee ....

Dive bars are a wonderful thing. Yes, every now and then you’ll see appearances of the Pup at some nice trendy ‘we’re too pretentious and snobby to ever serve PBR’ , or the ‘we’re all ordering Martini’s cause they’re trendy’ bullshit, or the ever popular 'dress to impress aka slutty' clubs. There are advantages for those places, but I assure you I’m not enjoying myself as much.

No, given the chance, I would much prefer a more comfy place to drink with friends. A place when you first walk in you immediately smell the booze. A smell that's stained the room, and only a big fire would rid smell from the room. Another easily recognized element of a good dive bar is the long bar with a couple of power drinkers sitting firmly at the ends. That’s a must.

No one here dresses up. If someone is trying to pick up or impress someone, it is probably unintentional and just the alcohol talking. Dive bars are not the place to pick up anyone unless you’re just looking for a quickie in the parking lot. No, people come to dive bars to drink. Pitchers after pitchers, or shots after shots, the alcohol pours. No one there will judge you, they don't care cause they're probably too drunk to care.

I went to a bar this weekend that fit this description. I walked in the bar, and Bon Jovi’s ‘You give love a bad name’ was blaring on the speakers. The smell was there, and the power drinkers were at the bar. I felt at home. There were some people (who had move the tables), to dance in the middle of the bar. Nothing like mid-40s people dancing in the middle of a bar to hair band music.

No one was drinking anything blue or red and there were no waters in sight. There was beer, lots of beer, and there were drinks on the rocks. I don't think I heard the mixer shake even once. No, people are here to drink for real.

Half way through the music, one of the guys decided to take off his shirt. When did this start? Who thinks it’s cool to take your shirt off in the middle of a bar. Even if you’re drunk and there’s Bon Jovi music playing, this is still icky. Why do women get all up on him and encourages him? Cut it out!

BTW, here’s some advice next time you go to a bar/club. Do NOT take your shirt off. Who does that? Why do you think we want to see you nasty ass self (and yes they usually are nasty cause no one attractive ever takes their clothes off in a bar. It could be I’m just going to the wrong bars). If you took off your shirt and now it looks like you’re wearing a sweater, you may want to reconsider taking off your shirt. Or. If your belly looks like you’re in the third tri-mester.. you should also reconsider.

Women should still feel free to take off their clothes whenever they'd like of course.

Still, like I said before, this was a dive bar, and no one cared. Everyone sang along to the continuous screams from the hair bands.

Mr. Roboto played, and the place looked like a robot reject outlet. Freaken Hilarious.

Anyone got a particular dive bar they go to or used to go to?

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Someone invites you to her wedding. You don't really know the person well and you won't know anyone at the wedding. She invites you because "your cool!" Also she thinks you're a "good ol' Methodist" (I know, this has got to stop)!!!

You've got no time to round up a date since the wedding is this Saturday. Do you go, leave your mark, and jet before the cops pin you down? Or are you "too cool" for random weddings?
"People say, Yo Humpty, you're really funny looking..."

My sister wants a hunter's knife. I want Final Fantasy: The Dawn of Souls. There's a disconnect between us. I know that if I don't fill her stocking with a 6 inch blade, she'll kick my ass. If I don't get Final Fantasy, she'll kick my ass for being ungrateful. I found out the other day that she has a brown belt in martial arts.

"Why don't you get a black belt?"
"I don't have rank yet. I'm working on it!"

My belt is from the gap. Pa-Pow!

She's a Marine and she ships out for Iraq next month. Someone in her unit must have told her to be prepared. I'll be sure she has a machete for each hand.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

For the love of all that is Beats....

Not going to have much time blogging for the next couple of days due to the man making me actually do work. Well, I don’t usually do that much work, but this time I’ll be out of my building.

Got my new Mixer today!! Yay!! I think I’ve figured out what all the buttons does… I could read the manual, but that’s crazy talk. I’ll just push the buttons on and off till I figure it out.

Now I just have to pray to the beats Gods. Oh great beats Gods… hear my call… Ok, this is too weird for an open forum.

Well, the reason for all this is that I was asked to work (DJ) a holiday party next weekend. No, I’m not playing Christmas music or anything like that. They wanted grooves and beats. That I can do. I haven’t worked in a while so I’m a bit rusty. I’m a bit nervous about that. BUT… The big scary part is that I’ll be playing to a bunch of sheltered Midwesterners. I’m not sure how they’re going to take to it.

On the flyer for the party, I wrote a little blurb about 'wear something comfortable and don't forget to bring an extra glow stick for Santa'. After test marketing the flyer, the host had to change that line cause people were scared that it was going to be a big drug party. WTF?

It’s not just my performance on the line here either. Since this will be a first for a good many of them, I don’t want to ruin the whole genre for these people if I don’t play a good set. I know it’s silly and crazy talk, but that’s what I’m thinking and will be thinking next weekend.

I'd hate to be my neighbor for the next 2 weeks. All that bass is sure to be annoying. Gotta practice practice practice!!

Say, I’m having problems thinking of a good original DJ name. Since there’re some witty ass people reading this, can someone help out please?


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Better Get Back!!! I CUT YOU!!!

This is more of a comment to your most recent post, Ho Ho Ho...Where My Money At?

Saturday night it was when I first felt "in the spirit." It was more like a tickle, since I'm hard as hell (I finally know what you mean when you say quit being hard). But I spent most of the day playing card games, video games and other games. Later that night I played more games with my crew. Then we started drinking while watching the hostess decorate her home in forest greens and velvet reds, preparing Christmas for her family.

So hanging out with the crew is all good. Sunday I woke up very ill and didn't make it to Sunday School, but I made it to church (20 min. late)! After church I went to the grocery store to fill my pockets (hint: they never suspect the guy who just came from church) and to get something for lunch. As I'm leaving the store the alarm system goes off so I quicken my pace until I hear, "CRASH!!!" I turn around to find a middle-aged man lying on the street. As I help him to his feet he tells me of the stroke he had less than a month ago. He was very thankful for my help and I was earnest enough and tended to his immediate needs. I was pissed that he shattered his eggs (not pissed at him rather sad about the eggs).

And that was it. I went home and continued the rest of the day in a hungover stupor. I didn't even mention it to anyone until now. But for a moment I was the answer to someone's prayer.

It seems ridiculous to me, though. I don't think this is the sort of thing one should "pray" about. Brotherly-love should be freely given. Not just during Advent. I acted on instinct. I’m sure some other thief would instinctively keep running. Its discouraging to think that had the old man fell in Rich's, he would be trampled to death. I found him in the parking lot.

Think I'll listen to my newly acquired Cyndi Lauper "Seems Like Christmas" cd when I go home tonight.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Ho... Ho... Ho... Where my money at?
Wandering around looking for a bar this past Friday, I was swarmed by little old ladies masked behind these large shopping bags scurrying around like little rodents. The place was covered with shoppers busily running from one store to another to escape the cold and run towards the warm that is the ‘storewide sale’ signs. In the middle of the street, I proceeded to scream “ Buy more!! Buy!!! Buy!! We don’t have enough crap yet!! Must buy more!!!”

I got some strange looks, but oh well. I speak the truth.

There was a very very young couple (looks to be around 16 or so) in the middle of the street holding this big ass wooden cross. I’m not sure what they were screaming about (they were taking a break when I was walking past), but I doubt they were speaking out against consumerism. Once again, they did not tried to save me. They actually looked away when I tried to make eye contact. All street preachers does this. Weird.

I thought I’d try to get in the mood (holiday that is), by putting up the tree and lights on my balcony. That didn’t do it. Actually, that made me feel bad having decorated my place by myself. Sad I know. It all looked quite good if I do say so myself.

I went to the video store and rented Elf staring Will Farrell. That man is a genius! Brilliant!! I strongly recommend that movie.

It was not only a good movie, but it did get me more in the spirit of things. These holidays (around this time), whatever the origins are, are not about presents, but are about getting people to think about others. For once a year in our mostly seclude and selfish lives, we reach out and are nice (unless at the mall or in parking lots) to others, our family, friends, and strangers. I don’t care what the reason is, but this season makes people nicer and that is good.

Why we need a reason or holiday to remember to be nice to each other is beyond me.

Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

When she loved me...

When somebody loved me, everything was beautiful,
Every hour we spend together, lives within my heart,
And when she was sad, I was there to dry her tears,
And when she was happy so was I,
When she loved me.

Through the summer and the fall,
We had each other and that was all,
Just she and I together, like it was meant to be.

And when she was lonely, I was there to comfort her,
And I knew that, she loved me.

So the years went by,
But she began to drift away, I was left alone,
Still I waited for the day,
When she’d say ‘I will always love you’,

Lonely and forgotten, never thought she’d look my way,
She smiled at me and held me, just like she’d used to do,
Like she loved me, when she loved me,

When somebody loved me, everything was beautiful,
Every hour we spend together, lives within my heart,
When she loved me....

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Random Verse
(Ko, no offense. You're just an easy target.)

Pup, drop me a funky ass beat!

I'm about to get ill
When I stab for the kill
You'll be sorry you dared
Now your blood will spill
You say you're tired and shit,
Man lay off them pills
Don't matter none no how
Cuz you aint got no skillz!


I know these verbal skills are good enough for American Idol but I'm trying out for the 21st member of the Wu Tang Clan! Wish me luck!!!
Yea well… it sounds like a good idea….

But not so much. Article.

Since the first $80 million dollars was allocated in 2001, and an additional $168 million dollars being allocated for next year, our government has spent nearly $900 million dollars in 5 years on abstinence-only programs.

Why are you people so out of touch with youth and the world in general? Were you never a teenager or a human? Did you not understand what you were then, and them now are going through? Are you that ignorant that you cannot simply say no to natural desires? Why is it that you think you can fight nature? Are you so high on yourselves that you think you can even control the natural order of things? Don’t you think you’re now trying to control nature which was put in place by the Lord that you supposedly serve?

The problem with you is that you live in some idealistic bizzaro world where everyone believes and behaves the same as you. The world that you actually live in is not. There is a lot of diversity all around us, and that’s what makes us interesting as a species (it also keeps us alive).

You cannot and should not make people conform to only one way of acting. I don’t think anyone would argue with you that abstinence is the best way to prevent pregnancy or STD. I think by your logic, you would have to agree too that if we don’t have cars, then no one would be in car accidents.

People are going to drive, and people are going to have sex, that’s the bottom line. Do we try to get everyone to not drive? No, we put in airbags, seat belts, and driver education to help prevent something bad from happening. This is the same concept as sex. People are going to do it. There will be some accidents, that is unavoidable. But let’s try to make the people as safe and as educated as we can.

Is that too logical for you?

Just like so much other things you do, it looks good in the beginning, but there are never results. Columbia University researchers found that although teenagers who take "virginity pledges" may wait longer to initiate sexual activity, 88 percent eventually have premarital sex. It’s not that you need more emphasis on the program. Logically, the program and idea of complete abstinence for everyone is just WRONG and ignorant. It DOES NOT and WILL NOT work.

Beyond the total and complete disagreement I have ideologically about abstinence-only programs, the program as it is being run is total crap. In this article from MSNBC, a critic of the administration and of these programs pointed out some major false and misleading information that is being taught to the kids. Some includes:

- Abortion can lead to sterility and suicide,
- Half the gay male teenagers in the United States have tested positive for the AIDS virus,
- Touching a person's genitals "can result in pregnancy,"
- HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can be spread via sweat and tears,
- A 43-day-old fetus is a "thinking person."

43 days old? There are 43 years old that isn’t a thinking person. Obviously, if you think a 43 day old can think, you don’t understand what is necessary for thinking and thought to occur. This is interesting though in that it gives us a glimpse at the way you think. Logic is not an easy or simple thing, and it’s not something everyone has. Everyone can have it, but sadly, not everyone chooses to.

There are so many other points on how wrong and a complete waste of time and money this is, but let me end with this. Since when did it become ok for our government to fund churches for programs that are obviously biased and faith based? Separation of Church and state mean anything to you? The government should support science based facts and present all the information without bias to its people. It is not the role of the government to pay for these religious based programs while cutting real science programs!!

Besides, are the churches not doing well enough as it is? How about not adding another wing to the mega church that has three 5 story parking decks next to them, or buying a second private jet for your pastor? Churches should not have bigger budgets than some countries (oh.. there are churches like that). There is obviously something horribly wrong there. Once again, we are doomed to repeat the past (think Europe in the old days when it was ruled by the church).

Instead of making your church look bigger and goutier, or paying yourselves massive amounts of money (yea, I’ve seen the average salary), how about worrying about the people that your Lord would have worried about. Believe me, it’s not adding any of those materialistic things that you think so highly of.

For some more fun things about how the government is gonna get all up in your sex life thanks to the crusaders, read this.