Friday, February 24, 2006

You’re in my closet!!

I met up with a good friend of mine from college earlier this week. For 3 years she was either my neighbor or lived only a couple of rooms down in our building. We were pretty close and hung out a lot in the same circles. Unfortunately, we parted after graduation and lost touch.

It’s funny how fast time flies. It’s already been 7 years since I’ve seen her. We agreed to meet at my favorite bar which is also right around the corner from where she lives. It was a rainy an cold night. When me and my roommate walked up to the bar, I instantly spotted her standing outside with her green umbrella (she has a thing with green umbrellas).

Almost instantly, it was as if the last 7 years never happened and we were still in college. We talked it up all night. There is a lot to catch up on in 7 years. Things were different in our lives, but somehow the friendship still felt very much the same.

We reminiscent about the old days (cause we’re old so we have old stories). One of my favorite stories is me almost peeing in her closet during college because I was so drunk. I was in her closet (I remember thinking to myself the bathroom sure has gotten smaller) and ready to pee. She came in her room and saw me and said “WHAT are you doing?!!” I said “I’m peeing, get out of the bathroom! I’m in here! “You’re in my fucking closet!” she said. "That does explain the shoes" I said.

Ah yes, good times.

Having moved back to ATL, hopefully we’ll be able to hang out more again and create some new fun stories about the new old days. That and hopefully she'll have locks on her closets now.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pardon The Interruption

Excuse me while I go hunt down the bastard who has sent me the following text messages on my phone.

Have u eva woke up n wonder how good God is? If u believe dat God is good, forward this txt 2 ten ppl and see how good god is.

This is a test – if u luv God and u are not ashamed of him send this to ten people. And watch what happens??

Someone's gonna get a beatdown.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You’re doing a good job Brownie!

“According to portions of the draft obtained by ABC News, the report charges Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff with executing his responsibilities "late, ineffectively or not at all."

This report comes from a Republican Majority House committee. In this day and age of blind devotion to party lines and mass secrecy, not even the house republicans can ignore this massive failure on every possible side from the administration during the Katrina.

In case you need a reminder, here are some highlights of what the administration was doing during Katrina.

From the Daily kos:

President George W. Bush said, "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice went shoe shopping on Fifth Avenue, but not before she played tennis and yukked it up at Spamalot.
The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Michael D. Brown, leapt into action, mustering all the emergency disaster management skills he learned as a lawyer for the International Arabian Horse Association Legal Department (from which he was fired). His money quote: "Paula, the federal government did not even know about the Convention Center people until today."
The Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, said, eh, maybe we should just forget all about rebuilding New Orleans. Because it might cost money and stuff.
The Pentagon, headed by Donald Rumsfeld, reassured America that, yes, the Country music hoedown with Clint Black on September 11th is still on, pard'ner! And maybe we'll even break the record for the longest line dance.
The head of the Republican National Committee, Ken Mehlman, sent out an email stressing that now---for God's sake, people---NOW is the time when we must repeal that which is really causing pain and suffering throughout the land: the estate tax.
And Vice President Dick Cheney? He was still on vacation

Fantastic isn’t it.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Currently Listening to Autechre's Confield

It’s Valentine’s Day. No doubt.
But I say fuck that and all it stands for. True love in a capitalistic society is greed, not love. Blah blah blah. I say this every year.

This year, I say happy day!
Man, has it been a great day for me, and I’m not even in love. Don't even need it.

First off I had one class today, which is better than the two that I usually have.
So what did I do with my time off you ask.

Well I performed a physics demonstration of free fall for students at a private high school.
I screwed up because I hadn’t the time to practice with the equipment but the lecture went over well. Afterwards I joked around with the students and we mostly talked about Final Fantasy.

(Side note: When I screw up with a demo, you better not laugh else I bite you. I will bite your fucking ear off. Know this.)

Okay. phew.

So then I had lunch with high school teachers. They’re an odd bunch (civil, obeidient, self-righteous). Then I was rewarded with a physics text book (or two). Joy! Joy! Joy!!!

I’ve been helpful around the office today as well. Biology are having some sort of party and although I wasn’t invited, I helped set up the sodas, and the snacks and the doings and all the what nots. Then there was some discussion about the difference between gold fish and beta fish. That's when I ran away like a little school girl. Apparently a gold fish has color similar to gold, but a beta fish is nothing like the greek letter.

HA!!! I crack me up! *snort, snort*

So it just so happened that I had a good day on fucking St. Valentine’s Day. It won’t happen again. I promise. Now I’m ready to go home and slit my wrist. j/k.

Monday, February 13, 2006

V-Day Free Association

I’ve sat here for a while now contemplating what kind of post I would write for today. I could write a sappy tale, perhaps one from the past, or a new tale I’m looking forward to making come true. Maybe something sappy and abstract about the idea of love, maybe something painful and true about the reality of love.

For some, it seems that love comes so easy. They happen to be in the right situation, right place, right time, and poof, it all happens. Then there are those that have gone through every possible scenario in life and yet seem to be unable to find the one that they could call their own.

Is it fate? Is it coincidence? Is it just plain dumb luck? Or maybe it’s some kid in diapers shooting an arrow and fucking with you. Who knows?

For the most part, I dislike this holiday because corporate greed and consumerism has reduced the purity of love into a dollar amount worth of flowers, expensive chocolates, and gifts. I also hate that most of the population do not truly value or understand the concept of love other than then the value of their presents.

Yes, I know it’s shocking. The amount that you spend does not equate to how much you love someone.

There is one saving grace however. Looking pass the 95% fluff and commercialism of this holiday, and you’ll see. It’s small, but it’s there. The true spirit of this holiday. The spirit of love.

Even grossly marketed, the concept and spirit of love can be seen all around us. However artificial, people are planning to get together, to think of romantic gestures for each other, and most importantly, to just be with each other.

It would be nice to say that people do not need to be reminded of the love they have for each other. It would be nice to say that people don’t burn and kill because of a cartoon either, but humans are not like that and we don’t live in that kind of world.

Love is a concept many take for granted and many more who thinks is easily attainable. My favorite example is watching Jerry Springer. Let’s for a moment pretend everything is real on that show. The people on the show, at one time or another, has cared deeply for the person that they just found out has cheated on them with their best friend/relative (oh, no you didn’t bitch.. ding ding).

They throw around the word love like all the other 4 letter words that they know. The question is, can we say what they experience wasn’t truly love? Can we say love as experienced by one person isn’t as pure as another? Can we say one’s love is better than another?

Speaking for myself, I’ve researched, analyzed, and dreamed about the concept of love for so long now. I know what these people on Springer experience is not love in my book, but perhaps it is for them with their understanding of the concept.

Perhaps I’ve overcomplicated things with my obsession to this concept. Perhaps the people on Springer is right, it’s not that big of a deal, and you can feel love as easily and often as you want. Perhaps, but that’s not the road I take.

The road I take has had it's ups and downs. The road is difficult and l have no idea where it is leading. I know where I hope it leads, but there're no promises. I'll know when I get there. I know when I see the world as I’ve never seen it before. I know when I meet her the world will suddenly be a much better place.

I’m not saying I’m better. On the contrary, it seems that the Springer guests have it much easier and better than I. Whereas I am looking for so many elements that make up this concept of love (it's not just the person, but other things as well), they look for so little. Yet, it seems we are going to the same place. At times, I am quite envious, but I can also see the results of trying to take a short cut when it comes to finding love.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Administration's Priorities, The 2007 Budget, and My Flying Monkey Army

Is there no stopping this guy?

President Bush's budget calls for elimination of a $255 lump-sum death payment that has been part of Social Security for more than 50 years and urges Congress to cut off monthly survivor benefits to 16- and 17-year-old high school dropouts.

If approved, the two proposals would save a combined $3.4 billion over the next decade, according to administration estimates.

You’re cutting a $255 benefit for people who are window or now have just lost a parent. All for what? Your tax cuts for the rich? More bombs for your "peace"?

Yes, you’re such a big man. Way to find every possible way to screw the less fortunate.

Speaking of Flip-Flopping, which this administration used so strategically to help them defeat their opponent during the election, this administration has once again given the American people the bait and screw (Yes, I know it's switch, but this is a royal screw).

In public, this Administration touts conservation and moving towards less reliance towards oil. In reality, Bush’s budget cuts back on the government's "Energy Star" program that promotes energy-efficient products -- from appliances to entire houses -- and to slash funding for a program that helps poor people weatherize their homes.

The two programs have been cited repeatedly by the White House and the Energy Department as among the most cost effective ways to save energy. Yet the administration wants to cut funding for the Energy Star program, most of which is administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, by 9 percent from this year's $55.9 million, and roll back the weatherization program by nearly a third from $243 million to $164.2 million.

Other cuts in energy efficiency efforts range from programs to help states develop conservation-minded building codes and help small manufacturers save energy. Many of these programs are relatively small in terms of cost, but have huge potential payoffs in energy savings.

The bottom line is that this administration flat out lies and only say things to raise their drowning public approval. The administration has NEVER had any intention on acting on things like conservation or helping anyone but themselves (rich and ultra-rich).

What’s bad in this case is that Bush mentioned those things on the State of the Union address just a couple of weeks ago. I guess he was just assuming people wouldn’t tie what he says to his actions.

And yet, you like to distact the public with stupid ass stuff like worrying about Human-Animal Hybrids. Well guess what? I've moved all my human-animal hybrid research facilities. You'll know the Pup's wrath when you get hit with poop from my flying monkey army!!!

Santa Cruz

Could you concentrate if this was the view from your college dorm room? Must be tough going to UC Santa Cruz.

Monday, February 06, 2006

R&B Nostalgia

I can't sleep at night, I toss and turn
Listenin' for the telephone
But when I get your call I'm all choked up
Can't believe you called my home
And as a matter of fact, it blows my mind
You would even talk to me
Cuz a girl like you is a dream come true
A real life fantasy

No matter what your friends try to tell ya
We were made to fall in love
And we will be together, any kind of weather
It's like that, it's like that

Every little step I take
You will be there
Every little step I make
We'll be together

February is national heart month.
The Dark Age of America

From ABC News:

Domestic priorities like federal aid to schools and health research are squeezed under President Bush's proposed budget for next year, but funding for the Pentagon, the war in Iraq and anti-terrorism efforts get impressive increases.

Monday's budget tome will have a price tag of more than $2.7 trillion. The departments of Education, Commerce, Interior and Energy will see their budgets, on average, frozen or cut slightly below today's already austere levels.

… The Pentagon would receive a nearly 5 percent increase in its budget, to $439.3 billion, defense officials said, with an additional $120 billion earmarked for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those war funds would be spread over both the current budget year and fiscal 2007, which begins Oct. 1.”

While continuing to feed the war machine, Bush is still dedicated to reduce the massive government overspending.

“Bush also warned Congress last week he wants to eliminate or cut more than 140 programs to save $14 billion in 2007 alone. Last year, he succeeded in saving $6.5 billion with a similar request, winning from Congress about two-fifths of the spending cuts he sought.

Some of the new proposed cuts, such as eliminating the
$107 million Commodity Supplemental Food Program, are likely to get a chilly reaction on Capitol Hill. The program provides food to low-income mothers and children under 6 years old, as well as to the elderly poor.”

More good decision making by Bush. He’s looking to increase military spending by $439.3 billion, but then come back and cut 140 social programs worth $6.5 billion? Instead of spending even more money doing a poor ass job of securing the nation and protecting America from getting attacked by an outside terrorist, he would much rather hurt American people himself.

I believe Stalin did the same thing.

Do you not understand that by making this nation into a war machine, you’re turning back the world to the dark ages? A time when dictators, corrupted government, and theology ruled A time when all nations worry about was war. Everything was created to feed the insatiable war machine. It consumed and consumed. The lives of people were sacrificed to please this war machine deity that they came to worship.

There is a reason they called it the dark ages.

You are destroying the foundation of America by cutting back education and social programs. Education and social programs gave birth to the enlightenment age which was the reasons why we moved away from those dark war monger times.

How are you (this administration) so blind as to what made America great in the first place? What made this country great was never our army. America fights when it HAS to. We DO NOT go around creating wars and calling other nation names. We fight when there is a fight worth fighting.

America is a place of great civil liberties. That’s why other nations and people look up to us. In America, you have rights and you have freedoms that even the government cannot take. You say you attacked Iraq to protect this?

No. You are destroying everything America stand for by feeding a war machine with the country’s resources and its citizen's inalienable rights. With the massive spending on the military and doing things like phone tapping of the America public (which by the way, yield little to no leads), you are eroding everything that made this country great.

War, and the fear of war that you have used to feed the war machine has no end. It will only continue to grow until everything is consumed and destroyed. War and everything that supports war, creates and leads to nothing.

This is not a game. Stop with the immature ignorant self-serving cowboy antics. Most importantly, stop playing with the lives, creditability and future of this nation.

You sir, are an embarassment and cancer to this country.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The 10 DO NOTs as Commanded by Pup

Do NOT leave that stupid ass wireless headset on. People with cell headsets permanently attached – What the fuck is wrong with you? If you’re not using it, take the damn thing off. You DO NOT look cool or important with that thing glued to your ear. You look like a tool.

Do NOT use the phone while you’re in a public toilet. It’s ok to say I’ll call you back. Seriously, it is. If I ever hear someone say something sweet or cutesy to whoever you’re on the phone with while they’ve got their pants around their ankle in an airport bathroom, I will piss on your shoes.

Do NOT make everything friendly to the family with 2 kids. It seems that everything I’ve seen or read lately has been geared exclusively to the family with kids structure. Everything from buying a house (good school districts, making sure you have plenty of bedrooms, etc.), to cars, to restaurants (stop it with all this bar and grill bullshit), to entertainment. I cannot tell you how fucking annoying that is.

Do NOT take your kid to a bar. I don’t care if you’re there during the day or if they’re just sitting there with their PSP that they shouldn’t even have. It’s still a bar. Chucky cheese is just right down the street. Move on.

Do NOT take your child to a scary movie if you KNOW it will scare them just so you can see it. Don’t give me this ‘they won’t understand’ or it’s only PG-13 bullshit. Get a fucking baby sitter. If you can’t afford one, make a fucking friend and leave it with them for a while. Better yet, just sit home and enjoy your “wonderful blessing” that you seem to think everyone should have and stop complaining.

Do NOT argue with me about how many miles per gallon Lucy actually gets. Yes, instead of the 60 mpg on the sticker, I’m only getting 45 miles to the gallon (with almost no emissions). That does NOT help your argument that driving that ugly monstrous piece of shit 9 mpg SUV is ok or in any way cool.

Do NOT keep using the word love with indiscretion. That fucking annoys me to no end. Save that for something actually special. Using it as much as people do makes the word cheaper than a 3 dollar whore.

Do NOT be so lazy and self-centered that you think everything is ok with the world just because things are good with you. Things are FUCKED up. Worry about something more than what’s going to happen next on Desperate Housewives.

Do NOT think the arm rest between us on a flight is yours. The arm rest is neutral territory. If you encroach, I will be forced to defend my territory and rip your fucking arms off.

Do NOT think you’re more flexible and liberal than you actually are. Sure it’s nice and PC to say shit like, I listen to all kinds of music or I like all kinds of food or I get along with most people. The fact is most people aren’t like that, people have preferences. Be confident enough to say what you actually like instead of what you think the other person wants to hear. No one will think what you say is the ONLY thing you like. Even worst, don’t say this in front of someone who knows you.


Do NOT think that the record profits from the oil companies are just a coincidence.

Do NOT be a fucking dumb ass parent who thinks you're protecting your children when in fact you're just sheltering them from knowledge and culture and making them just as ignorant as you. Good example.

Do NOT assume that people in the current government are acting in your best interest even if they make it sound that way.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Picture-Mini Thursday #4

Foggy Bridge

Throughout the trip, the weather varied from cold and rainy to sunny and warm. These weather changes happened about every 30 min. When we got to the Golden Gate Bridge, the weather was perfect. At least for me.

There was a heavy fog setting into the bay. It was cold and there were not many visitors during this time. People would jump out of their car and take a few pictures then run back to the car. Since I enjoy this weather, I walked around and took some foggy pictures.

After we were done here, we drove on the bridge on our way to see some Red Woods.

When we were driving half way on the bridge, I saw this couple. They appeared just for a second when the fog lifted. They were dressed in long black coats and hats. I didn't get a good look at them, but I saw that they were holding each other closely and kissing passionately. In a matter of seconds, we drove out of sight as they disappeared into the fog.

Fogs are cool.
Picture-Mini Thursday! #3


Don't ask me what the significance of this boat or even where I was when I took this. I remember it was somewhere on Pier 39. This lack of memory is because one of the first stops of the day was at the Buena Vista.

I strongly recommend this place as it serves the most amazing irish coffee ever. They have won the championship irish coffee making for years and even have their own brand of whisky that is made just for them in a little brewery in Ireland.

We had 3 by about 11am and the rest of the day was all good.
Picture-Mini Thursday! #2

Perhaps the best picture I've ever taken.

Lighthouse off Hwy 1 on the way to Santa Cruz. There's a hostel next to the lighthouse right on the beach. Yea, being poor is not a good excuse to not stay beach front on a vacation. Why more people don't travel with me is a mystery.
Picture-Mini Thursday!

Believe it or not, this is the view from the deck dining area at Taco Bell.

This is by far the best view from a Taco Bell EVER. If you scan a bit to the right (not shown), you'll see a bunch of surfers. The deck sits right on the beach so you can walk on down for a stroll on the sand after paying for your $5 chicken soft taco.