Thursday, February 04, 2010

Random Thoughts.

In a capitalistic society, money equals power. Wall street controls the majority of the money in the US society. Why don't people understand who is actually controlling all the power here? And yet, you keep blindly defending wall street like they needed your help or cared about you in return.

Society in most major developed countries has become soft and weak. I believe this is especially true in the US. If anything doesn't go perfectly in one's way, you'll hear complaints or even law suits. Listen jackass, things happen. Sometimes things happen that doesn't go your way. Honest mistakes happen. Just suck it up and stop being a damn 5 year old.

I CANNOT stand it when I ask people about politics and they say oh I just don't pay attention to it. What in the hell is wrong with you. This affects everything that you do. It affect the very society that you live in. All the rules and laws. Everything that your society stands for.
This is why democracy doesn't work. If people are not interested in politics, then you cannot allow the public to vote because they are NOT informed. If you do not have informed voters, all you have is a mob.

There are a lot of over privileged people that really needs to learn what it means to really be discriminated against. Just because others don't agree with your insanity doesn't make you the target of some kind of discrimination. It just means you're a dumbass.