Thursday, October 28, 2004

New York Minute

No.... staring Pup, not these two. (That gave me an idea for a costume.. Hmmm.. are you in LiAps? I think we can pull it off.)

Just wanted to say quick hello as I get ready to catch a plane to New York City. Party in NYC for Halloween!! YAY, YAY!!

Ladies, I will take plenty of pics of LiAPs for your enjoyment.
Any requested pose(s)?

Have a Spook-tacular Halloween weekend!!!
Get scary hammered this weekend!
Be safe!
No random candies! Randoms are ok though

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Work.. huh.. What is it good for?

Global thermal nuclear war.... would you like to play checkers instead? (no) Global thermal nuclear war.... oops... Ahead of its time I tell ya.

Way busy over there, so no time to rant, and I've got some doozies. The old box is collecting a bit of dust. Hmmm.. can’t have that now can we? Time to get up on it.

I really should rant a bit more about this election being that there's less than a week left before all hell breaks loose. Not that I think any one who reads this needs to be convinced of anything. I’m pretty sure you are all solid in who you will be voting for. Please remember to vote.

I may do one more closing statement before the election.

Instead, I will leave you with this. (even though I haven’t really had time to get really psyched up for this year :( )

Top 10 Reasons Halloween Can be Better Than Sex

10. You're guaranteed to get at least a little something in the sack.

9. If you get tired, wait 10 minutes and go at it again.

8. The uglier you look, the easier it is to get some.

7. You don't have to compliment the person who gave you candy.

6. The person giving you candy doesn't fantasize you're someone else.

5. If you get a stomach ache, it won't last 9 months.

4. If you wear your Batman mask, no one thinks you're kinky.

3. It doesn't matter if the kids hear you moaning and groaning.

2. You'll feel less guilt the next morning.

1. If you don't get what you want, you can always go next door!!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Ok, Smart people, Guess what this is.
This piece of early American history was found in the Henry Ford Museum when I was getting my culture on this weekend in Michigan. I looked for the little marker to explain what this piece of history was all about, but there was nothing.

Feel free to make up a story.

Here's the weiner in all it's glory

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Damn... this is smooth..
Who can guess what this is?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Pup Origins - A Rainy Night in New Orleans
Part IV

If you ask me what the happiest time of my life is, I wouldn’t need time to think about it, and I wouldn’t hesitate. Like the Red Sox, I try year after year to build a set of experiences that would stand against the happy memories of my past, and like the Sox has done so many times before, I would fail with painful disappointment. I’m very glad to see that the Red Sox won last night.

The happiest time of my life was in the 5th grade. The 5th grade was a most wonderful time. I was living in Southern California, in a suburb near Orange County. Life was simple and nice as it should be. In this town, no one locked their doors, children’s laughter could be heard throughout the streets, and large block parties were common as everyone knew each other.

In the 5th grade, I did not know of politics, the evils of money grubbing bastards, the continual deterioration of our planet, or the horrors that happens on this planet everyday. I was an innocent kid, and rightly so. No one should learn those things till later. Childhood is about being a child. This is an innocent time where there shouldn’t be a care in their world, friends and fun should be the only agenda a child should have.

I was fortunate enough to have that. I was one of the lucky ones.

What made the year special was during the 5th grade, there were a small group of us that were together. Andy, Brian, me, along with the gals, Brook, Liz, and Kirsten (‘friends’ is SO 5th grade). It’s strange looking at kids today, or even those back then that were so afraid of each other. Maybe it’s California, maybe it was the group of kids, but being with each other was fun and that’s what mattered. We didn’t care about boys or girls, it was just friends.

Unlike the hypersexual children of today, things were innocent back then. Hands were held every now and then at the skate rink, but that was it, and even then, there was much taunting from all. It was fun, and that was all.

Towards the end of summer after the 5th grade, a week before the triumphant 6th grade was going to start, another day was spent riding the bicycle around town, playing in the fields, and another exciting game of Nintendo baseball (the original), I rode home in the late afternoon. I rode in the garage and into the house as I’ve done times and times before. Something was different this time.

Everything was in boxes, the house was a mess, and it looked like we’re moving. What’s going on I asked my mum. Why aren’t you packed? You’ve been too busy out there running around, so we started packing without you she said. All your stuff’s packed. What?!? Packing? Where’re we going? My terrify voice was on the verge of breaking.

According to the family, we’ve discussed this, and I had knew about this for months now. Where I was I have no idea. Why didn’t I remember this? How did I not know? Was I repressing it (not that I knew what that meant)? I asked my mum when we were leaving, she said the first thing in the morning. My dad is taking the kids first, and she’ll come with the rest of the stuff in a few weeks.

My mind and body went into shock. Panic, fear, and anger all crept into me for the first time. No one knew. None of my friends. I didn’t tell anyone cause I didn’t know. I was leaving first thing in the morning to a strange place forever. Oh my God no.

I ran out of the house and grabbed my bike. My vision a bit blurry from the tears forming in my eyes. I rode as fast as I could to all my friend’s house. I knew they weren’t home. Some were on vacation, and some were leaving for dinner in the city when I left them earlier. I tried though, and I pounded my little fist at each of their doors. No one would answer.

I rode to Brook’s house. It was the furthest out from mine. Up on a hill in a nice subdivision, the house sat in front of the park that I had spent so much of my happy times. After coming from the park, we would all stop at her house, to get refreshments from her mom who couldn’t be nicer and more hip (she drove a Porsche).

It was no secret, my first crush was Brook. During a slow song at the skate rink, it was her whose hand I most wanted to hold. She was smart, energetic, and cute. She had short dark blond hair, freckles around her cheeks, and always one or two cuts on her face. She was adventurous and wasn’t scared to be a bit rough (hence the cuts). I was too young to understand anything else, but I knew I was happy when I was with her. I knew she was something else. Nothing like those others.

I reached her house, and I knew she would not be home. I knew before I left my house. She was on a month long vacation and would not be back until the 2nd day of class. I stood in front of her house on my bike, not knowing what to do. She didn’t know I wouldn’t be here when she came back. I would disappear without explanation, without warning. I didn’t want that for my friends, and I didn’t want to do that to them.

There was nothing I could do as I slowly rode home. When I got home, the house was still busy with the family packing. I tried unpacking things in a feeble attempt to stay, but that didn’t work out so well. Looking around I saw a phone book. I had a bright idea. I would take this with me and call them in a week so they know. I was happy with my plan. Hope, for a moment, was with me.

The next morning, we began our move to Georgia. All I could think about was that phone book. I had to call them. I had to let them know. After a 3 day journey, we reached our destination in Georgia. Within the week, I was able to find the phone book, and I would start calling. I looked up the names of my friends and started calling. Each time getting a wrong number, or a no one home. It was only years and years later that I realized the phone book wouldn’t have their names, but their parents (I was like 10, give me a break).

So I lost them. I lost my friends. So sudden and unexpected. Even worst, I lost Brook. I didn’t get a chance to say anything to her before I left. I didn’t get to say that I liked her. That I thought she was the best girl I’ve ever met (I was in the 6th grade, so it was actually true), and never change.

I was surprised when she turned around. She looked good. Really good. I froze as I waited to hear what would come out of her mouth. The nanoseconds of waiting felt like hours and it was killing me!

Oh, my name is Brook.

I just stood there and I waved as she turned around and started walking. Bye Brook was I could mutter out loud. I turned and started walking towards the hotel. My mind was a mess, so many thoughts were firing off, so much had happened that night and it was all jumbling my brain. I walked a while, several blocks later, and then it kicked in. It took it’s time, but it kicked in.

OH MY GOD!! It’s Brook! It’s Brook!!!!! Her name was Brook!! She said her name was Brook!! Oh Shit!

Logically, my brain would know that there is more than one girl named Brook. Logically I would know this is not the same girl I left in California. I didn’t care, nothing about tonight was logical. I turned and ran. I ran as fast as I could. I ran till my breath and legs gave out. She had pointed to a direction, but she never said which hotel. I was standing in the middle of the city, tired, confused, and just numb.

I walked back to the hotel. Slowly through the night I paced. One foot after another. I didn’t know what to think. I think my mind had shut down in order to prevent an overload. I was barely functioning now. If someone saw me, they would say there’s a zombie. I moved slowly and breathed even slower.

Sure, I could explain it away as coincidence. Sure I could explain it as my imagination running wild. All that would be logical. But logical doesn’t live here. Logic has no power here. My mind is not logical. There’s only one thought that repeats itself here.

Oh, my name is Brook

I got to spend an incredible night with her. It was all that I wanted. To see and be with her again. Even if it wasn't her. That didn't matter. My mind can make it her. I can pretend. Part of me is happy with that. Very Happy.

Still. The other part can only think. I lost her again.

The End
Its Getting Colder

...And what does T like about the cold? Being ghetto-er!!! The winter season is the time when I can wear my wardrobe all at once and not look out of place. Well not too much out of place if I stick to the streets.

Yesterday I broke out the skull cap. It weren't even that cold, but I gotta wear it to break it in. Anyway I wore it to the office and left it on while I was working. The secretary came by and asked if I was cold. I hadn't thought about it until she asked, but I said, "Hell yeah, I'm cold!" Then I went into a rant about how the A/C works fine during the cold months but always needs repair work all summer long. Realizing her snide remark toward my thug-life appearance, I removed the skully after she left. Oh, a skully automatically makes you a thug, especially if you're black and wear your pants around your knees.

I'm fashionable ghetto. I don't know if that makes any sense, but here's how I explain it. I shop at Express for a nice pair of cargo pants, then I hop over to the gap for an extra large flannel shirt and a gap tee-shirt. Then I go to Old Navy and find a nice zip up hoody and pull-over sweat shirt. Then I'm set. The colors are usually gray, brown, faded blue, faded green, sad. In my mind it all matches and I must wear it all. And I do. Not only do I wear all of this, but I still have the other outfits from last season and the season before last. After I shed two layers I still look homeless. There are no FUBU or Starter or whatever labels on my clothes. Instead my outfits look as if they're two generations old. I strut a true bountified ghetto Hotlanta!!!

I dress this way all year round now that I think of it. But its a special treat to my character during the winter. Damn, don't you know how easy it is to pocket shit when every item of clothing you're wearing has deep pockets? Four cans of chicken soup and a box of saltine crackers fit mighty easily in a pair of jeans 20 sizes too big and a beat up US Navy trench coat. And while you're at, grab you a forty for the after party!
Pup Origins - A Rainy Night in New Orleans
Part III

Looking up at the moon and stars is an interesting thing if you let it. Let go of those mental schemas that governs your mind. Those rules and boundaries that we have set up in our day to day life to make things run easier, let go. Stare up at those infinite stars and let yourself wonder and imagine. Expand your mind with what ifs, what could be-s, and things that are greater than ourselves. You'll thank me, I promise.

A loud wet slap could be heard in the night air as she wacked the back of my shoulders with her hand. The combination of her open palm on my wet shirt created a crackling slap sound. What the hell? I turned to check if she had been bitten by the crazy bug. Again, I couldn’t tell you details. All I can remember of when I turned around is a blurry image of a moonlit girl with wet hair all around her face, and a smile.

You’re it! She hollered as she turned and started running. Oh no you didn't.

We chased each other through the park and running around in circles like little children. I’m pretty silly and childish for the most part, but this was different. This wasn’t just acting or pretending to be childish. I can’t explain it to you without sounding ridiculous, but for that brief period, it seemed that time had stopped, and I was sent back to a time when I truly happy. Happy by my innocence with not a worry on my mind. The decision of BBQ or Nacho flavored corn nuts and the afternoon game of dodge ball were the biggest stressors of the day. This was a time when I was very happy.

The shower from above still lingered as we ran around the park. There wasn’t a puddle safe from our stomps and jumps. Fun was had and the laughter was real, and nothing else seemed to matter. The space in this park was all that mattered, to me, this was the world, and right now this is the only place I want to be.

Eventually we grew tired and went back to sit on the bench under the tree. She was witty and fast with her comments during our conversations. Pulling references from random topics and things. I couldn’t help but lingered on her every word. Trying to come back with a witty comments (didn't do too well there). I couldn’t put my fingers on it, but something about her seems so familiar.

The rain began to slow and we started our walk back to the Quarters. I never thought there could be so much to talk about with a stranger, but there I was, talking away. This conversation had a slightly different feel. I knew the end was coming, time was running out. It was pretty late in the night by now, and with the rain, not many people were in the streets so the stores had began to close up. We decided it was time for us to go too.

We walked to the edge of the French Quarters by the main roads. Our hotels were at opposite directions from here. I don’t think either of us knew what to do or say. For the first time tonight, we were speechless. We just looked at each other, my heart beating ever so hard it was hurting my chest. I could swear it was about to jump out of my chest and bounce around on the street.

I had a really nice time tonight….. Thanks so much for buying me this flower. She smiled as she looked up at me. Even through all the rain and running, the flower stayed steady in her hair. I struggled as I mumble out the words.. Me too. I can’t describe what happened tonight, or how this all happened, but it was wonderful, and you're wonderful. I’ll remember this. I stared at her smile as I said this. A smile that never faded, not even for a second, as we said our good byes.

Something hit me all of a sudden as we were standing there for the last time. I don’t think I know her name. I tried and tried to think if I had forgotten. I forget names a lot as I’m terrible with names, but I don’t think I would've forget her name. Maybe she told me her name earlier and I had forgotten. Damn it, real smooth Pupperu. No, I don’t think so. I don’t think we ever exchanged names.

By the way, my name is Pup. She extends and shakes my hands jokingly. Nice to meet you again Pup she said. Again? Hmm.. that’s weird. It was late and I was tired, I wrote it off as just hearing things or maybe meeting me formally this time. She caught me slightly off guard with a hug, her head on my chest. I quickly returned her embrace. I put my face on the top of her head and smelled this wonderful girl. This strange but familar girl. I’m sure it was only seconds, but I wanted it to last forever. I didn’t want to let go…

Eventually, our hold on each other relaxed, and we were just holding each other in each other’s arms. Still wet and damp, our clothes stuck together and meshed as one. Once again, my heart was beating out of control. Surly she must have felt it being so close to me. I looked at her for a second more and we lean in as our lips touch.

Her soft wet lips are indescribable. I won’t even try. It’s a kiss that you could die right after, and you would be perfectly content. In reality, it probably wasn’t that much more than a long peck. We looked at each other again and she said that she’s gotta get going, it’s really getting late now. I never want to let her go, I wanted to keep her here in my arms for as long as I can, but I knew it had to stop sometime.

I kiss her on the forehead as I release my hold on her. She turned and started walking the other way. I just stood there. I didn’t know what to do. I was just standing there a bit numb. Still trying to comprehend what had happened, and whatI should be doing now.

I watched as she walked down the street. After a few feet down the street, she suddenly turned around…..

To be continued….

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Pup Origins - A Rainy Night in New Orleans
Part II

To tell you the truth, I couldn’t tell you what her name was now. I couldn’t even tell you what she looked like anymore. If she walked past me today, I’m not sure I would even notice. Well, that’s not entirely true. When I walk past people, sometimes when they smile, I can see her in their smile. A smile that makes my heart skips a beat, and a smile that I can’t help but return. For a brief moment, everything comes back to me. A smile that would always be with me.

We wandered through the streets of the city. Not a clue where we were going. For me, I didn’t care where we were going, just as long as we kept going. Every now and then we would step in a store to check out all the fabulous crap on the walls. The croc jaws, the funny t-shirts with the bikini body in the front (very classy), and of course beads and assorted hot sauces. It was carefree and easy. I was just enjoying the moment. Some of these same stores that I had been in earlier that night, it was fun to point out things that I had noticed, and to have things pointed out to me that I missed.

After a while, the two of us began to feel a bit more comfortable with each other. The funny hat/glasses shop surly helped. Her mood had changed a great deal. Gone was the slightly down, hoody covered gal. Now, she was more actively cheery and talkative, the hood off her head with her hair free. The flower now decorates her head.

We talked about a world of things, about what we’ve seen in the city, where we’re from, and other random things. The conversation was light, but not superficial. More importantly, it was fun, and it flowed like two people who knew this would be the last conversation they would ever have with each other. Even with the silliest subjects, the conversation would last for blocks and blocks.

During our wanderings around the city, we ended up at the park (the part that’s in front of the big church for those of you that have been there). When we got here, the skies had darken to a solid black. The moonlight consumed by the darkness, and drops of rain began to fell.

I’ve never been afraid of walking in the rain. I’ve never owned an umbrella, not even today. I didn’t have any opinion on it one way or anything about walking in the rain back then, I just didn’t mind. It's just rain after all.

The rain began coming down harder and harder. I was about to mention this to her, and before I said a word, she suggested that we go over to the granite bench under this big tree (Sit under a tree during a storm. Good idea, I know) inside this park. I don’t remember how we got in the park, whether the gates were unlocked or we climbed the small fence, but we managed to get it.

We took our time walking towards the tree. I looked at her with the dim street light over looking the park. She had a wonderful glow about her and seemed happy. Happy with being in the rain, and walking around in the rain (somewhere in there, I was hoping I had something to do with that happy too).

She told me she’s always enjoyed the rain, that rain is like a cleansing for the land, and that the rain is meal time for all the living things to grow and live. At times, some of this seemed almost hookey, but still. Our conversation never wandered, nor did it slow during the rain.

After a bit under a tree, the rain slowed to a steady fall. A slight fog was rising, but the moonlight was beginning to sneak back into the skies. The park seemed almost errie as voices from the Quarter died down during the rain. I was looking up at the moon, a beautiful half moon, as it peeked out from behind the darkenss. All of a sudden, ~smack~

To be continued....

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Pup Origins - A Rainy Night in New Orleans

A long while ago, when the Pup was still quite the young Pup, the family took a vacation to New Orleans. This was the first time anyone in the family has gone to this place. A place which would become a second home to Pup during the college years. This would be the first time, and for every trip after this, a thought in my head when I visit O’leans.

The vacation was going great, especially in the case of the food. There were plenty of Étoufées, crawfish, red beans and rice, gumbos, and of course Beignets for all. On the last night, after another very delicious dinner, most of the family was ready to go back to the hotel to rest up for the long drive home tomorrow. Spending the whole time with the family for these couple of days, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for me to go explore other parts of the city that the others didn’t want to go to. It’s Pup time.

So I took an extra key and was off roaming the city. I first went down Bourbon street, getting my fills of random flashing boobies and other drunken debaucheries (I was under drinking age, so no hurricanes (it’s a drink) for Pup). I would make up for that and much much more in later trips though.

I went back to a voodoo store that my parents said we couldn’t go in cause it was ‘evil’. Hehe.. evil tourist junk. All made in Taiwan. Yea, that’s where evil is made I’m sure. I bought a bunch of little voodoo dolls and some weird stuff. This was during the Big Bad Voodoo Pup phase (not the band).

I wandered all over the city. The French Quarter was lively, but not insanely packed. It was fun, but it felt a bit empty cause this is an experience that should be shared. Having no one to reminiscent this experience with is a waste. It was a first time, and you can never get a first time back.

I walked aimlessly down the different streets, not quite sure where I going. Just enjoying my being there and the randomness all around me. On one street, much less popular than the major ones, a middle age woman approached me. She looked very pleasant, but something was odd about her (not in a bad way or anything). I can’t recall what it was, but I remember something was unique about her. She asked if I would like to buy a flower. The flower seem a bit old and dried in a little bucket where she was keeping them. The flower wasn’t bad or anything, but I’ve never seen a flower like that before. I’m no flower expert or anything, but I looked strange. Anyway, I smiled at the lady and told her if I had someone to buy the flower for, I certainly would.

She smiled at my comment. She asked if she found someone that would accept this flower, would I buy them for her? I said sure. Got nothing to lose there. Hang out here for a bit and keep me company she said, she promised she’ll find someone for me to buy the flower for. I’m still not sure why I took her up on the offer. After all, it was some strange lady trying to get me to spend money on another strange lady. Well, at least I thought it’d be a good story. That and I was running out of places to walk and I wasn’t ready for the hotel yet.

So I stood by her as she tried selling flowers to other couples and randoms walking down the street. Although for each group, she would pick different flowers, never the same one as the one she offered me. Between potential customers, she would tell me about herself. Stories about her life growing up in the quarters, a family that had turned their backs on her, and some funny and interesting tidbits about the city. After about 30 minutes, I was getting antsy and ready to go. I told her I would buy the flower anyway, and that she could keep them as a gift from me.

She wasn’t about to have any of that she said. She had a promise to keep. She told me to wait for the next person and then I was free to go. Right when she finished, a girl walked pass us like it was scripted. The gal had on a little hoody covering her dirty blond hair. She had a very fair and cute complexion, but one that seemed a bit down. The flower lady grabbed the flower she offered me, and walked over to her.

The flower lady approached her as she has done so many other times before. She asked the gal if she would like to have someone buy her some very pretty flowers. Come my pretty, try these flowers. Total snow white moment there. You could tell she smirked at this surprising and random proposal. The gal asked who would be buying flowers for her. That fine gentleman over there she pointed. To make it a bit less strange, The flower lady had told her what I said when I first met her. The gal seemed to have bought the story, and so she accepted the flowers.

We talked to the lady a bit more, but I was ready to move on. I asked the gal where she was going, she said no where in particular. She was killing time before going back to the hotel. I said that’s why I’m down here, mind if I joined you? Of course not she said. Besides, you just bought me a flower, I owe you that.

She smiled when she said that. It was one of those smiles that covered her face. A smile that was contagious and you couldn’t help but smile when you looked at her. A smile that I don’t mind spending as much as I can with and would be forever burned in my mind. We had walked a few steps when I realized I didn’t tell the lady goodbye. As I turned around, there was no one to be found. She disappeared quickly into the darkness. No traces of her could be seen.

The two of us walked around the streets of the French Quarters. Our conversation sounded like 2 old friends catching up on the latest happenings…

To be continued…

Friday, October 15, 2004

At 10,000 visitors I'll...

1. show up to work nude.
2. take a plane to Vegas nude.
3. eat a hot tamallie nude.
4. ride a bike nude.
5. go to the zoo nude.
6. cash a check nude.
7. be a contestant on the all nude Fear Factor.
8. go on a blind date nude
9. play with a monkey nude.

last and kinda lame...
10. vote nude.

Thank you very much.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

It's too damn hot for a penguin to be just walkin' around.
I gotta send you back to the South Pole.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Here I go again on my own....

Why any women or men in their right mind would vote for W is way beyond me.

This election is not just about terrorists from the outside. This election is very important because the very same liberties that these terrorists are attacking us for are being taken away. Is this the president's plan to keep us safe? By making our country into what the terrorist had envisioned? A faith-based country that's not tolerant of other's beliefs? Cause that's what it's looking like.

We won't be any better than those we're fighting? Christianity or Islamic, it doesn't matter. It's still running the WHOLE country based on the believes of some, and it's not the view that promotes the liberties that this country was founded in the first place. It's scary to think that religion will be running our lives soon. Sure, for those of you who are in this faith it's not a problem, but what about all those that aren't? Are we suppose to just 'live with it'? To follow religious, not political, laws? Imagin your self living under another religion's rule. See how well you 'live with it'.

The latest attempt to transform this nation in a faith-based repressive backwards ass country.

The President vs. the Pill
by Sharon Lerner

For those of you who are 'not political', here's what this president sneaked under your noses:

Joseph B. Stanford, a Utah physician Bush appointed to the FDA committee, refuses to prescribe the birth control pill, saying it's "incompatible with Christian values."
Bush went on to cut funds for family planning throughout his time in office while pouring money into "abstinence-only" education, which forbids frank discussion of birth control.... insist that nearly one-third of domestic funding for HIV/AIDS be spent on abstinence - This will have great success I'm sure.

Tom Coburn, a former Republican congressman who has opposed condom use, appointed as co-chair of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS. - Fantastic. Fair and Balanced.

Endulge my Geekyness. I found this Anime somewhere yesteday. I've never seen it, but it sounds like the best anime EVER!!!! The title alone is Macktastical. Saving the world by finding lost raves and beat back the shadow guard. What better premise for story than that?

The main character is the heir to the power of the Rave (mild manner prince by day but by the power of raveskull.. oh wait, wrong series..). Also, his battle cry is 'Rave-olution'. How corny and Pupish can you get? Cornier than T's left foot.

Check out this description.

50 years ago a war was fought between the forces of the Rave and the powers of the Shadow Stones. In the final battle, Shiba, the first Rave Master, and his companion Plue believed that they had vanquished the Shadow Stones forever. But they had underestimated the resilience of the Shadow Stones, unleashing the explosive power of the Overdrive and destroying one-tenth of the world. And the Raves were scattered to hidden locales across the globe ...

... until one fateful day, in the idyllic environs of Garage Island, Haru Glory fishes the strange dog-like animal Plue from the sea. And the old warrior Shiba must pass his massive Decaforce Sword on to a new Rave Master. So begins Haru's journey to find the lost Raves and save the world from the evil Shadow Guard.

But Haru will not be alone on his fantastic adventures. He'll be joined by Elie, a spunky girl on a quest of her own -- to discover the mystery of her forgotten past. And Plue, the little hero who knows more than he can say about the whereabouts of the missing Raves, will guide them - a little haphazardly - on their fateful quests. Together, they will journey through awesome new worlds, encountering a vast array of both friends and enemies as they seek to fulfill the duties of the Rave Master.

Three heroes. Two quests. One destiny.

Monday, October 11, 2004

I just booked 4 flight for the rest of this month and Nov. Anyone else I need to visit that I'm forgetting?
In case you need that monday morning picker upper
Try to be best
‘Cause you’re only a man
And a man’s gotta learn to take it
Try to believe
Though the going gets rough
That you gotta hang tough to make it
History repeats itself
Try and you’ll succeed
Never doubt that you’re the one
And you can have your dreams!
You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own
INSPIRING GUITAR SOLO (Air Guitar Everyone!)
Fight ‘til you drop
never stop
can’t give up
Til you reach the top (FIGHT!)
you’re the best in town (FIGHT!)
Listen to that sound
A little bit of all you got
Can never bring you down
You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
repeat to fade, occasional background shouts of “Oh Ye-eah!”

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Hey Jackasses, Listen up!

Here’s a few friendly advices from Pup that you should REALLY consider or next time, I will stick my foot up your ass.

Mr. Meathead. When you feel the urge to take off your shirt in a dance club? Don’t. You nasty red neck fuck. NO one wants to see you shirtless ass monkey dancing self. Take that shit back to Jerry Springer. No one wants to see that shit here.

Hey you nasty skanks. The bump and grind does NOT qualify as dancing. And you girls need to actually dance and not just dance like a damn stripper at a road side truck stop. It doesn’t make you ‘hot’, it makes you look like a cheap whore.

When you lean in to say something to a random girl at a loud venue, try not saying anything too nasty in her ear, or attempt to lick it. If you do, make sure her boyfriend isn’t that big fuck standing behind her. You ass will be whooped, and I will hold you down.

If you can’t tell the difference between an internationally know DJ laying down an awesome set and the jackass playing dancy versions of Josh Gorbin, get the fuck away from me and DO NOT ask me any questions. I will fucking strangle you next time.

If you’re standing in the middle of the dance floor, don’t just fucking stand there with your arms cross. Get the fuck out of my space if you’re gonna do that shit. Pup needs space to move beotch.

Damn it, what the hell happened to that culture that I loved so much?

I blame you Ashcroft. Oh yes. You.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Shoplifting for Jesus!

Pastor/Politician: You're not going to like this.
Congregation: Praise the Lord.
P: But you aint getting any richer, any healthier, nor any wiser.
C: Preach on!
P: And its gonna be that way for a long time.
C: Alright, alright!
P: In 2000, 60% of you, my black people, would have had to move to gain the same wealth as your white counterparts!
C: That's true! Right on! I aint moving neither!
P: No! My brother! That's segregation!!! That's wrong in the eyes of the lord.
P: How far you got to go just to go to the bank? Why aint your streets paved? How easy is it for you get a loan for a new home?
P: Didn't you know you're underrepresented by your state and the national government?
C: The Lord said it on high!
P: And what about them uppity Negroes?
C: Uhh-ohh
P: You know who I'm talking 'bout. Yeah, you big time! It aint even about how you got there. I'm proud for you. While you keep getting bigger and bigger, making a name for yourself, your people keep dwindling away. What you think they gonna do to you when you the only black left? Just keep that in mind. I gone from preaching to meddling. Ha ha! Hehe! HaHA!!!!
P: All my beautiful black people, we need your vote.
C: Yes, Lord!
P: The white man two cubes down...oh, he gonna vote just before he leaves for vacation to Nassau for the winter. The girl in receiving votes cause its exciting. "It's like getting a new dress." These self indulgent fools have no conviction. And if you let them, my people, my beautiful Afro-Americans, they will rob you of your voting power.
C: What!?
P: That's right. Cause they know that when you vote, 90% of you vote democrat. So they try to divide us. Keep us distressed and confused. They say, "Kerry's a lying son of--. He don't give a damn about black people. But Bush has Powell and Rice representing blacks." "Kerry plans to raise taxes on your ass. You won't be able to get your new ride after all. He even gonna do away with the tax break for single parents."
C: {silence}
P: But that's the voice of the devil, ya'll.
C: phew!
P: So you needs to get out and vote. And more than that you needs to talk to your state representative. Tell 'em you want to join or start a political action group. Tell 'em to go to hell if you don't like 'em or pump the fist in the air if they bout it, bout it! Let your voice be heard. Else you gonna be just as extinct as the do-do bird.
C: Amen, Brother!
P: Let's close with a prayer.

Drinking and Driving is Bad… but… Drinking and Shopping.. That’s the silent killer.
So after having some drinks after work, I decided to go to Sam’s. The big Evil Warehouse shopping where everything is in bulk. Where 10 gallon drums of Mayo, or 30Lb slabs of cow can be easily found. This is a scary place on so many levels. For me, being the cheap bastard that I am, it’s like taking a crack-head to a crack house and telling him to not touch anything.

So I’m wondering through this big warehouse of excess. Wonderful if I was a family of 12, but being that I live alone, buying a 96 load tub of Tide detergent was unnecessary (I got it anyway though cause it’s WAY cheap). Anyone need to wash their clothes?

Also, in my impaired judgment, I also thought it’d be a good idea to by a 16-pack of gum (smallest they’ve got), and a big ass 5 lb bad of gummy bears. Now the gummy bears I can handle. I’m trying to work it into Gummy bear meals for me all next month. Guess how much it cost me? $5!!! $5 for 5 lbs of Gummy bears! The enjoyment of biting their heads off is easily worth that.

So now I’ve got about 10 items in my cart. None of which is the olive oil. The olive oil which is actually the only thing I needed to get from this place. I just picked up a Gross of giant candy rope though. Mmmm.. candy rope. 3 packs of Beef Jerky? Yes please.

Did you know they sell drugs at Sam’s? Big ol’ family pack of Advil. I need that of course. That and economy pack of Condoms- Family sized (that woulda been funny).

I finally got out there with a considerable amount of damage to the ol’ credit card. All for about 15 items or so. 14 of which I didn’t need.

Be careful when you drink boys and gals. Don’t drive and don’t go to Sam’s.

On a happy note, I just found out a totally awesome DJ (Sandra Collins) is coming to this cultural hellhole. Ok, maybe that’s a bit harsh. I’ve been wanting to see her badly for years now. I love her music and nothing, I mean NOTHING is hotter than a female DJ laying down some hard ass beats.

Time for Pup to get his UFO pants on and get down.

Watch the debates tonight!!
Happy Friday all!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Saving people from suffering? Curing diseases? Screw that. We have our own agendas to push!!!

I’m on a bit of a roll, so here’s another rant. I didn’t look for this, it came to me.

So a co-worker thought I should be educated in Stem-cell research after a very short discussion about it during a break we had. She sent me a document that contained statements such as the ones below. They were all gathered from one of my most highly despised and hated groups in the world. I am responding to this particlar article.

A big argument she has is that perhaps stem cell research is just a mask to further cloning research. WTF?

For a better explanation/view of Stem-Cell research please read this.

By the way. I think this all started with presidential discussions. President Bush is strongly AGAINST stem-cell research. Don’t let what he or Laura say confuse you. We support 'some' stem-cell research my ass. He is strongly against it and will pass legislation banning stem cell research. Senator Kerry is very pro-Stem cell research.

I could’ve been more harsh with the below comments, but this was a co-worker and I kinda like my job if not the area where I live. In red are my responses.

..Adult stem cells have a proven track record of helping patients in the healing process. – This is true. But there are things that cannot be grown with adult stem cell, hence we look else where. Adult stem cell cannot grow into brain or nerve cells (these are the big ones for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s).
..Scientists admit they have far to go before mastering the complicated and rapid process of embryonic stem cell growth and development. – This is true. But by banning research, we’ll never be able to master anything. Also, try explaining to someone dying and to their family that we don’t want to do research on something that may help them because it’s too complicated.

..embryonic stem cells have yet to demonstrate any therapeutic benefit to patients. – That’s because the research is not being funded and is being banned. How would we know if there was?

..The latter, called "embryo adoption," has successfully blessed several infertile couples with children.. – If you were blessed, and you were suppose to have children, then you would have done so naturally. Why would you say science is such a great thing when it helps you and attack it when it doesn’t? Having 5 or 7 or whatever it is children at one time is NOT natural. for embryonic stem cells two further steps, shattering age-old limits in medical ethics.. – There are no age-old limits in medical ethics on this since it’s a new process. Also, those embryos would just die or be rendered useless in a woman’s body when not used (yes, all women have plenty to go around). Why just let them be wasted when it could help people?

..To argue that "surplus" embryos may be thrown away in any case arrogantly glosses over the fact that embryos are living human beings.. – But they are. They are thrown away everyday in clinics and such. Why is it ok to throw them away and let it go to waste but not to take some parts from them before doing so? And the living human beings? It’s not like we’re throwing away a kid or something. This is something that has the potential to become a human, but being that it is on a dish in a lab, no, it’s not. propose creating human embryos solely for scientific benefit and then destruction is unspeakably evil.. – To watch someone suffer and die for a disease knowing that, even if it didn’t work, you didn’t do everything possible to help them. And not only did you not help, you were barring others from trying to help. Just sitting there and saying “too bad”. Now that’s evil.

..what will prevent the same scientists tomorrow from the equally egregious act of dissecting 6-month-old unborn children in the womb for their body parts? – Are you kidding me? How can people actually argue this with a straight face?

The article keeps mentioning pro-life this and that. It seems that it’s not so much about cloning. This isn’t even about stem cell research. However you would like to disguise it, the article is a mask about abortion. The issue of stem cell is only mildly related to this issue, and yet, they enjoy bringing up the subject. Unfortunately this time, it is at the cost of millions who suffer from those diseases that this type of research could help. I’m not saying tomorrow or even next year, but we’ll get there. Give these people hope and a chance.

Also, stem cell research and abortion are NOT the same issues here, don’t confuse them, and don’t drag others into this that doesn’t need more suffering at your hands. These are two separate issues here.

If these people that are so against stem cell research do value all life, then they should consider those that are suffering. The ones suffering now, and tomorrow, and forever because no cure is being researched. I hope they can explain these same reasons if anyone close to them ever develops any of these diseases and nothing has been done. To know you spoke against a hope or even the cure itself, how do you sleep at night. Instead, you can only watch them suffer. Suffer as their body slowly shuts down piece by piece. And you know what? Those embryos that you ‘saved’, they were still thrown away.

I don’t understand why anyone would oppose helping people at the cost of SO little.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I hate people.

These are some questions asked in a feedback forum about our benefits next year. In green are my answers, not those of Company S who very nicely answered all the questions in a nice political way. I will not.

I am offended by company S's decision to offer same-sex domestic partner benefits. I believe this is morally wrong and it violates my religious beliefs. Why should I support a lifestyle that is repugnant to me? Why would company S make such a decision?
I'm offended by the fact that you won't grow up and learn to play well with others. I believe that when your religious beliefs attacks another person's way of life (which neither hurts anyone else, nor should you really care (mind you own damn business), that you are mis-intrepreting that religion. If you are correct in that your religious beliefs does make you so repugnant of another person's lifestyle that you feel you need to interfer, then you and your religious beliefs are repugnant to me. Since I have to support your objectionable, discriminatory, small-minded, ignorant ass lifestyle that is repugnant to me, suck it up and support benefits for these long time partners which are long overdue.
"...all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". So here's a line from the Declaration of Independence. I checked. There is not a * or a footnote after this sentence that read "unless they're gay, then screw'em".
I completely disagree with company S's socialist decision to share health care cost increases based on income levels. Why should I pay more just because I have a higher salary to receive the same benefits as someone who makes less than I do?
If you understood governments, then you would know that a socialist decision would take a percentage of your pay, not a a few more dollars. You paying $32 more per person (which is probably 10 min. of your hourly pay), isn't the same as the other employee making $8/hour paying $32 more per person (that's 4 hours of work). See the difference?
If you have a wife and/or kids, guess what? I'm paying for them too. Why in the hell should I do that? You know why? Cause I'm a nice person. I think everyone share the cost, it'll be lower. So I shell out a bit more to help others. I'm fine with that. Too bad you can't and don't think like that you selfish dick.
By the way, feel free to leave the company and find another that doesn't "share health cost increases". It's how it works dumbass. Why don't you try spending some of that energy yelling at these big ass HMOs that keep raising the cost?
Hmmm... Costs keeps going up. Service keeps getting shittier. Profit margins for these healthcare companies keeps growing. Something doesn't sound right.
Gee.. must be them damn gay people's fault.

A Forgein Monkey with Free Will...
and a speech impediment!!!

I have no idea where this might end up. Here we go! Our monkey, lets call him Joe. He isn't gay and he's not a time least not yet! He's in training though! Like 12 Monkeys. Wow!!! What a great movie! My count does not yet include all 12, but I know they're there...I'll have to watch the movie again.

Back to Joe. He's the ruler of MonkeyLand. Its not an amusement park. Its a totalitarian society. He's god and there are priest of Joe. And Joe provides for the people what they might need. And Joe is Joe blah blah.... But Joe can care less. He's just a monkey doing a job.

One day Joe gets zapped to ElephantLand. Not an amusement park either. Elephant land is something of a fascist society. You might find persons named George there; i.e. big arrogant fundamentalistic assholes. Anyway, Joe gets zapped to hell...for a weekend. What happens next? Stay tuned! (Lunch break is over!)

Where are you? Hello?

I stared at the computer screen for hours last night desperately trying to come up with something to write about. I had nothing. What is happening to me? Have I become so boring that I have nothing to write about anymore? Has my life become so routine? Is my creativity on vacation? Did it get away again to watch Mt. St. Helen spew? I wish I was in Seattle, then at least it would be rainy and I would walk around and kick at puddles of water.

Don't worry, the ranty voice is still around, but he’s just annoying right now.

Where are all those other voices that used to talk so much in my head? No, they don’t tell me to do things (not always anyway). Mostly, they would just be having their own conversations. I’d listen in sometimes. They’re mucho fascinating. It feels like I can listen in to the collective unconscience (Jung) and experience the voices of others. Just listening in to what people are thinking. Past and present. I think there is such a thing. Hence I think it's very difficult to have an original thought. Something completely new that no one has EVER thought of. Ketchup with ice-cream? Yea, someone thought of that already. Using only 2 syllable words for a whole day? Yea, that too. Been thought of.

I do think it is possible to have an original thought. Just not me not right now.

I’ve really been trying to thinking of something great and imaginative to write about. I have this awesome idea (It’s about the life of an odd couple, a homage to “Perfect Strangers”). Ok, maybe not awesome, but at least amusing. Every time I sit down to scribe some scenes, I just blank out.

I never used to have this problem before. I don’t think anyway. Of course, I used to only write academic papers, and for the most part I’ve always thought those were easy because they were so structured. Coming up with the idea was always the most difficult part. Once I get one though, look out!

So where’s my Mojo? MOJO… MOJO JO JO… I’m not feeling bad or anything, maybe a bit Blaady Von blaadeberg, but nothing too serious. There’s just nothing in the old noggin. Seems like I’m running on empty. Nothing gonna on upstairs. Hmm.. welcome to Cliche city. And it seems also that they’ve changed the locks on the doorway to the collective (oh.. so borg like, nerdy cool!), and I’m left on the outside. Left to defend for myself.

If you’ve seen Mojo, please let me know. It likes to wear a big bar handle mustache and speak with a British accent sometimes, that or dress like a pregnant nun. If you have it, please put it in a jar and mail it back to me. I will pay for the postage.


Friday, October 01, 2004

So many Questions, so little time.

Ok, here we go.

Why do men always lie when they think they'll getreprimanded for it????....-What he REALLY said: "Oh yea, that's it, now suck meoff bitch, suck me off"-What he CLAIMS he said: "Now, suck me off, finish meoff"
I think in that situation, you should move quicklybehind him, then jam 2 fingers up his ass. Then ask politely about what he just said.

....Is there any way to extend the hours in the day? I have soo much to do and 24hours doesn't give me enough time to work and play.
I could do that, but there are a group of evil monkeys preventing me from making such decisions. The sad thing is that they used to be good monkeys.

....Is there any place in the BigD area that has a nice clean neighborhood with a 1 bedroomhouse/apartment with verrry cheap rent? Must include neighbors who don't mind listening to me scream late at night
There’s this one area that I saw that fits yourdescription. I’ll try to catch the name of it next time. I saw it on Cops.

Why, Pup, why?
Nothin’ wrong with having a little junk in the trunk. Don’t hate LiAps.

Why not?
Hey, I’m all for it. You’re the one that thinks it's stretching too much.

Will there be a future for the Pup and his specialCali friend?
Oh goodness no. Let it go man. New Coke didn’t work. This won’t either.

How about will T score by the 1/1/2005?
I’ve checked with Vegas, they’re willing to give you 9-1 odds on that. Any takers?

1) could you please explain the infield fly rule?
Very good question. It's pretty long and a bit complicated to explain. Check MLB for this rule.
(can't get link to work)

2) how many licks does it take to get to the tootsieroll center of a tootsie pop?
42. That’s the average though. I knew a girl that could do it in 21 licks. Oh goodness her mouth is like a vaccum something… just a pure licking machine… oh sorry.. got distracted. It’s 42.

3) what is the air speed velocity of an unladenswallow?
What kind, African, or European? Damn it, I need more information!

4) how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if awoodchuck could chuck wood?
You know, I’m quite tired of this question. Who the hell has even SEEN a woodchuck? Much less one that was chucking? Or much much less one that was chucking wood? I think some dudes who were high came up with this. “dude.. check it out. Woodchuck.. chuckwood…” “yea.. that’s awesome” Pass the blunt....

5) when should i use "whom" rather than "who"?
Do I sound like a damn Grammer bear to you? Am I a care bear with the special ability to correct your grammer when I shoot my grammer ray from my stomach? If I shot you, it'd be with a newly legal AK. I ain’t got.. no, I ain’t need none of yo grammer bullshit. Yous all just trying to keep me down with that… Whom’s ass am I kicking next?

6) 2 trains leave boston for washington d.c. at thesame time. train one averages 62.14 mph, train 2averages 57.80 mph. what is the maiden name of themother of the conductor on train 2?Ha! Trick question. The mother didn’t have a maiden name because she was never married. Almost got me there.

7) would you like any more questions?
Yes. I’m a question Whore. Question Whore I am.

1) What does it feel to have a chicken between your legs?
Beaks are sharp, and nothing sharp should be any where near downthere. Unless it is for shaving or trimming purposes. Which then I'm all for.

2) Do you have single horny female friends who I cancontact to contact my boyfriend's horny nephews?
Would I be blogging so much if I did?

3) Why do dogs smell like dogs?
It’s a spray they put on. It allows them to hide themselves from the aliens that are observing us right now. One day, the aliens will attack, and the dogs will be ready for the suprise counter offensive. They will be there to save us. Yay dogs! Treat them well.

Why is Ko a chump?
Yo, you know I ain’t got that much room. Actually, if he sets up this Jan. and I can close the deal. He’ll be damn smooth.

Where's the beef?
Right here. Come and get you some.

Why does haloscan suck ass?
Like you could do better. Besides, depending on the ass, sucking ass may not be all that bad.

Why is it free?
Cause it ain’t got no crack habit.

Why do I complain?
Cause you don’t have a plan. And you're a little bitch trying to be all hard and shit. You ain't hard.

Why keep hope alive?
Cause she owes me 10 dollars.

Why is Ko gay?
I’ve see his Fiancé. That’s 1 more girl than I’ve ever seen you with.

Whose house??
MY House bitch. I know they're mega cheesy, but I LOVE those under armor commercials. We must protect this HOUSE...

Ever see them play the question game on Whose Line isit Anyway, where they answer every question with a question?
What do you think?

Why do the same guys keep staring at my boobs dayafter day? I understand the first time: yes, you're a guy, and yes, those are my boobs. But the next day...still staring! and the day after that...they haven't changed!!! Why is this?
I’m sorry I’ll stop doing that.

Why are you a choad?
Considering you were once my student, which made you a student of a choad, I would talk. Choad in training. That’s down there with the assistant crack whore.

1. How many chucks can a woodchuck chuck, if awoodchuck could chuck wood?
Oh again with the woodchuck. Where’s that assault rifle? I’ll show you woodchuck chuck.

2. If Pup could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would he choose?
Someone I didn’t know? Top of my head - All the top religious folks (JC, Mo, Buddha), Sarah McLachlan, a real dino, Hitler.. I'm sure there are better ones, but I can't think of any now.
Someone I knew? My Mum

3. What type of biscuit would you be? (I'm agingernut.)
I'd be a biscuit covered with sausage gravy. Mmmm.. Sausage and gravy.

4. Why DO dogs have wet noses?
That's how they sweat.

5. If you HAD to, as a matter of life or death, wouldyou sleep with George Bush, or Gary Coleman? You have to choose one.
If I just got to give, then George. If I had to receive, then Gary. If I had to do both.... Hmmm.. I'll go with Gary I think.

Do you really not know the difference between jellyand jam?
No. I’m not all that sure the difference between butter and Margarine either.

1. Why are they singing about mattresses on the radio?
That’s to appease the mattresses Gods. If they don’t they’ll send monsters through your mattress and get you when you’re sleeping. Ok, so don’t tell your kids that, but it’s the truth.

2. Where does news come from?
When people do stupid things, news is born. Also, when people do great things, news is born. So don’t just live your life in the middle of the road, make some news. Either way, it’ll help you grow as a person.

3. Why is that man riding his bike in traffic?
So you can have a little bit cleaner air and you’ll be less likely to develop asthma. Thank that man. That or he’s just looking to show off his biker shorts in public.

Thank you all for your questions. This was a lot harder than I first thought.

My name is Pup, and I approve these answers.