Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Las Vegas: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
The Good: Oh Beats, where are thou?
A quick history about the Pup. The Pup used to be a club/rave kid. At least in my mind I tried to be. I think I started a bit too late to actually be a full blown one, but I think I got the gist of the lifestyle. During the height of this phase, I had full blown radioactive red hair (btw, that’s VERY looked down on in grad school). Because of a stupid thing call responsibility I had to cut back on this type of activity for a while. When I was finally finished with getting my learn on, and finally ready to get my freak on again, a certain attorney general and some legislatures decided to ban Raves. They place these events in the same venue as crack houses (really they did). Now they are no more, or at least rare and much harder to find. Along with it, good beats became much harder to find. I’ll get you attorney general man….

Anyway, that’s another long ranty post, which is neither here nor there. Here is about the good in Vegas, and the good was beats. Lots of them. With cowbells.

We were at The Palms hotel looking forward to a good night at Rain. Even though we were on the VIP list, the line was long (yea, there was a long VIP line, but it’s better than the 3 hour wait in the regular line. If you REALLY wanted to get in, there’s a guy you can pay $50 a head to get you in right away. Gotta love Vegas.).

Since the place was already mad crowded, we decided to head for this other place in the hotel called “The Lounge”. The lounge was smaller and much darker with a small stage in the middle. The DJ booth was off to stage left, and there were plenty of couches and tables still available. There was a very scantily dressed dancer by the door to entice people to come in and hang out. We were enticed, so we went in.

When I walked in, I was instantly mesmerized. Not by the mostly naked girl dancing, not by the cute little Asian girl behind the turntables, it was the beats. Pure and simple. The repeating rhythms, the builds, the loud peaks… the DJ instantly owned my soul with her music.

The DJ’s name was DJ Miss Joy. She was rocking that little club with exactly my style of dance music (Hard Trance/Hard House - in case you didn’t know, there are many types, and I’m pretty picky when it comes to that). We sat in a corner booth just going nuts over the music. I would’ve danced, but I would’ve been the only one besides the girls that were working (another story about that later).

After being trapped in Kansas for these last 10 months (eek, almost a year), without beats, or anything even remotely close to resembling beats, this was heaven. I’m not just saying that lightly. A lot of people have their own perceptions of heaven, but when I was in this lounge, that was it for me. A nice cool room with awesome people everywhere and a DJ dropping some sick beats for hours. That's where I wanted to go after I'm dead.

There was almost nothing that could’ve made things better in there. Almost.

Moving on. Besides Miss Joy, there were 2 very cool guys working a variety of hand drums. This was really great in rounding out the sound with the beats that Miss Joy was laying down. During one part of the night, the 2 guys started a little cowbell showdown. If you’ve ever seen the skit with Christopher Walken and Will Farell on SNL, you’ll know why is the funniest fun macktacularly delicious thing I’ve seen in a long time.

We stayed with Miss Joy till she finished her set at around 4am. I went up to talk to her and tell her how great a set she did. She was really cool about it. For someone laying down those big thumping beats, she was a bit shy and giggly (She had just found out she was mentioned in a magazine). I met a few of her friends that were there hanging out with her and she said that she’s playing at another after hour club afterwards. I was excited and left to join up with the other guys.

Sadly, the guys I was with didn’t want to go. I was ok with that though. I think it would’ve been really hard for it to get any better than the last few hours I’ve spent in the lounge. I was in a good place. A place with lots of beats.

Other good things during the trip:
Famous people I saw: James Carville
Steve Harvey

Dinner at Nobu. Good god that was great food. If someone took me there on a date I would’ve SO put out.

Best Dish: New Style Sashimi – Very lightly seared Salmon (or whitefish, we went with salmon) with sesame seed. The dish adds a light sesame and seared taste without losing the fish flavor. Mmmmm…. Drool…

Next time: Las Vegas: The Bad

Monday, August 30, 2004


Pup - So whose number fell?
I want my damn cracker-jack prize!!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2004

So what's up with terrorist attacking two Russian commercial flyers?
More to the point, why aint W fighting the good fight against terror anymore?
I thought terror was terror, homeland or elsewhere...?
The fashion police and the urge to fashion-park...

"Parking on yellow curbs on campus is prohibited and can result in a
ticket. Campus Police is not obligated to write warning tickets.
Everyone is urged to park in a proper fashion to avoid difficulties."

Such are the messages we receive from campus po-po. This one just tickled me to death. Let me explain. The Chief of Police on campus is a 4'5'' squeaker. His utility belt literally falls off his ass, and he's not even trying to bust a droop. His physique is irregularly proportioned; he shares the same waist size as most middle school boys, his torso has tone and depth but his chrome-dome...caricature sized! When he talks, I'm sure only squirrels comprehend him. You can't help but feel sorry for him.

So what would a guy like this need to make up for his imperfections? A crew of muscle men to enforce the LAW! I swear, every campus officer has either served in the military, did time in the slammer or both. We call one guy ROBOCOP. ROBOCOP will write you a ticket if you slam your car door. "YOU!!! You have disturbed the peace! You will be summoned by the judicial board!" He has hyper senses, too. He could be on a distant patrol route, but he knows when you've ran a stop sign no matter where you are. He's never at ease, not until justice is served. When ROBOCOP walks he clicks his heels together. He speaks in monotone and his words are regimented and stale. He is very proud. And his utility belt...man, he puts Batman to shame. He has 5 different mace canisters, tear gas, smoke bombs, cross-bow, billy-club, night vision goggles, cuffs, steel cable, poison darts, morphine (for those life and death emergencies we have on campus all the time), standard issue .9mm with spare clips......DO NOT CROSS THIS MAN'S PATH, EVER!!! This fool is about to snap!

Well this is the campus police, and yeah, I'll probably go to jail for this posting. Before I'm locked away I'll make sure I'm not "yellow-parked!"

Thursday, August 26, 2004

T (on phone): Dude, I don't have the energy to move. I only want to sleep.
Airek: Lemme guess...You're listening to the cure...?
T: Nope. Joni Mitchell. Otherwise I'm just sad.

A week ago Airek and I go to 'our' bar. He says going out will do me some good. I hope he's right. We go to Liz Reed's quite a bit. Its almost like we're regulars. And the real regulars there know us as regular-lites. And we meet new people and buy them drinks and get into arguments and get kissed and get dissed and get invited to parties and grub with the owner and drink. We're regulars.

It was a regular night when I was enchanted by a gypsy. She was very cool and very drunk. Airek and I ventured to the bar across the street since Liz Reed's was dead at the time. At the entrance to the bar my senorita humps my leg, dances the naughty with me and gives me a huge hug where she lifts me 2 feet off the floor. Yeah! Airek laughs. And for once I laugh too; I'm having a kick ass time and I'm only at the door stop! We go to the bar and order our drinks then she whispers me away. See, its open mic nite and she wants me to sing a duet with her, but I don't know the words. We use several napkins to get the words down and I'm half ready to perform. "Just let me finish my beer," I say trying to build confidence. We don't make it to the stage; instead we sing to each other at the bar. We take to the dance floor where she shows me up. I'm two left feet going backwards and she's making fun of me. "Move to the rhythm." But its reggie and the beat is awkward. I dance staring at my feet. I never felt so useless on the dance-floor. We have a great time nonetheless and she makes sure I know she's having fun. I learn later that she was stood-up.

We leave together ending up at Liz Reed's. Its still quiet there so I grab us a booth. I want to know who she is, so we talk talk. And play play. At some point I'm comfortable enough to bear my soul. "I hate myself." "Noooo!" she says. "I haven't learned to appreciate myself for who I am. I'm worthless. I hate myself." Then she lectures me of the lessons of human kindness. She tells me that everyone needs companionship; everyone needs to know that they are loved. I listen. "You hate yourself because you're afraid to face your truths. You run from your strengths and hide in your fear. But I love you, though." She makes me feel like I'm 6 years old. And I listen and she carries me away. She re-lives old memories of being homeless and uncared for. And I listen to the pictures of wickedness. She shows me the rotting of mankind. And I listen as she tells me not to waste away. And we cry. "Look at you. You made me cry," she says. Cleverly I hide my tears; "You're a gem. This night you shine bright for me. Thank you." With that and nothing more I leave for home.

Pup (in e-mail): Track 5--Life for Rent--Dido. Don't let this become you, T.

"See you when you're 40" is the song I think. He burned a copy of it for me without the track listing. A few days after bar hopping I pop this disk into the car stereo and take a two hour drive. Then at home I obsess over Mitchell's Blue album. Any relation? Can't really say for sure except that, Pup, several of Joni's songs cover the same sentiment but with better prose. Thanks for the disk!

How not to rot away.... The resolution? Learn to love. Simple idea but difficult to master. I wouldn't know love if it hit me in the face, and this is my flaw.
--It seems to me that true love is too pure; it's unattainable.-- Fear speaks for my soul as it always has. So I give up the quest before I begin. --There is no such thing as true love because I haven't seen it therefore it can't exist......-- fear. fear. FEAR!

Last thing, I swear. Love is not something you can wield to your own wishes. Many may marry or share a night or whatever while never knowing true love. True love is unadulterated, unconditional and eternal. Blah. I'm sounding like Pup now, so I'll stop.

Short post.
I know its cheap to write lyrics but...

It long time coming
It long way down
It long division
Crack and divide.

I'm not your villain
Not your adversary
I'm not your reason
To crack and divide.

Long Division--fugazi
(I don't know the middle verse so well, which is sad. See you this afternoon!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Viva Las Vegas!
I'm out. Have a good weekend!
Will hope to not get arrested
or taken out to the desert for "ride".
Roulette: Blogger Style

{insert pic. here} (Stupid work firewall not working with Hello)

Since I’ll inevitably play some Vegas this weekend, I thought I’d get all my fellow bloggers to play along since you won’t be there (and so I won’t miss you too much).

Pick a number between 0 and 36. Just one. I’ll play all the numbers I get and I’ll let you know which ones come up when I get back.

This will be a good judge of your excellence in super fun macktastical luckiness. By good judge I mean completely random of course. If your number keeps repeatedly hitting (landed on), I will send a plane for you (you lucky charm you).

I’ll get a nice Vegas present for the person with the best choice of number!!

The invitation to join us in sin city is always open!

Here's a teaser of the scheduled events:
- Drinking... oh my poor liver
- Gambling
- Dinner at Nobu
- Hiking

24 hours till I land in Vegas!!! 8 more hours of work… ARGHHH.. How do I concentrate?!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I found my Sarah cd...it was mixed in with tool....what the hell?
So fuck Santa Ko and your punk ass self.

I also found my $2.50 digital watch. score.
Now I can tell time. See I don't have a cell fone, cuz in the get-toe your needs are limited to malt liquor and crack. You call your dealer from your mom's fone and then pawn that fone to get your shit. I know a few people in the hood who run the market on cell fones. But I aint selling out, yo. I know that once I get a cell, bad things man, bad things.

In the gheto, dinner is always church's chicken, every night. I LOVE THE GHETTO BIRD!!! That chicken is sooooo good, let me tell you. I live two blocks up from the chicken coup yet I still drive there. Mainly because I know Shelia will jump me and eat my 12 pieces + 2 biscuits and peppers. Bitch. That was to last me until payday.

I get four channels on the TV. Network channels, folks. Amazingly they all come in very clear. At the beginning of each month I get all of the cable channels for about 10 days, then back to network stations. This is because when someone in my building is evicted (this happens once every month to like 3 families) it takes the cable guy 10 days to switch off the cable. Once I got lucky and had cable for 3 months. THREE MONTHS!!!! That's the shit!!! Those people spend all their money on cable when they know they got to pay the Fried Chicken bill, the Crack bill, the Fone bill and the Colt 45 bill. Electricity? Fuck that. Sit in the dark and eat your chicken. Damn, yore high maintence. Anyway I gotta go help Ray Ray roll his dad's tv to the pawn shop. Oh, its on tonight ;)
Last of the Sox-hecians

While doing my laundry yesterday, something very alarming came to my attention. I counted (not the alarming part) 12 single non-matching black socks. What the hell? Where are those other 12 black socks? I’m sure there are missing white ones too, but I buy those in bulk so it doesn’t matter. One or two, not too alarming, but 12! Geeze!

Oh where are you poor lost socks? I hope wherever you are out there, you’re not too lonely and that the others are with you. Don’t be afraid.

Listen. Submit. You hear me? You're strong. You stay alive. I will find you ... no matter how far, how long it takes ... I will find you! (shaking fist in air).

They may take you to Canada or some remote part of the country, make you take some random unmatching sock against your will. Know that your true partner is here safe with me. Be strong. Do as they say. Know that’s it is only temporary. I will track you down. I will bring you home, my dear lost socks.

To you, my enemies, those who have taken my beloved socks away from their homes, and broken the pact between my people (feet), and the Sox-hecian tribe. I will not rest till my tomahawks glows red with revenge. This I promise on the graves of my people.

To you, my last 2 remaining pairs, I will protect you. No matter the cost. No matter what occurs. A GPS monitor will be tracking your every move. You, I swear, will not be lost like the others!

Oh goodness.. what the hell am I writing? I’m losing my mind.
Morning Post
If Ko's an ass, if Ko's an ass, if Ko's an ass
Then Pup is Jay, then Pup is Jay, then Pup is Jay
And if Pup is Jay, then T's Silent Bob! Then T's Silent Bob! I say T's Silent Bob!

Goku has gone to Purgatory!
Goku has gone to Purgatory!
Goku has gone to Purgatory!

Okay love it or hate it, I cannot be asked to think straight this early in the morning! Damn the man!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2004

Risking Life and Limb To Blog...
Tell me if this is strange.

I'm writing under serious distress. There's a huge thunderstorm outside my apt. There is a tornado a few miles away from where I live. Yes, I'm on the oncoming path. The Tornado sirens are going off (kinda scary, I'm expecting an air raid by the communist). Incidentally, I also heard the funniest warning ever a few minutes ago(not funny haha.. funny kinda dark) :

"We strongly advise everyone to move to the lowest floor of your home. If you have a basement, get in it. If not, go to the lowest floor and stay away from the windows. If you live in a trailer home, please consider going somewhere else."

Seriously. the trailer home comment is true.

It's pouring rain sideways.. I'm risking it though, even with all hell coming downright outside. All in the name of blogging. I'm dedicated to bringing you the latest.

Pups gets scared of big thunderstorms in a wierd loving sort of way. Even though we have electricity (hence writing you), we're going to pretend it's gone and play around with my super powerful spotlight flashlight (like the ones the police has).... It seriously can light up the whole apt. Scares the shit out of the neighbors too.

So that wasn't the strange part. Here's the strange part. When there's a big storm outside, and I'm pretending there's no electricity, I play Christmas music (don't ask about logistics of no electricity and playing music).

So there's big end-of-the-world storm/tornado outside. Soft Christmas music playing... eek.. Creepy isn't it?.... good fun.

Wish me luck making it out ok.

~children singing~ Oh the weather outside is frightful....

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Holy Matrimony!

When I saw this Askmen.com article, I knew I had to post it for my fellow Blog contributors. I thought it was somewhat amusing and appropriate for T and Pup since it's one of those 10 things to do to pick up chicks at a wedding. Well, maybe the article is more for Pup than for T since he has more upcoming weddings to go.

Reading this article, however, reminded me a lot of reading these cookie-cutter management/self-improvement books since they all seem to provide a "method" for people to become more successful/happier. Personally, I always believed that these cookie-cutter methods on how to improve your life or situation is a crock of bullshit. I believe that when you are looking to improve your whatever; you have to take into account your own strengths and weaknesses.

Personal Example
I have always been terrible at picking up strangers. Seriously, it's just not my forte. I am talking about moments of really awkward silences after I TRY to use pick-up lines. Bottomline is that I didn't feel comfortable approaching and chatting it up with women who I didn't know. That's why I didn't meet the future Mrs. in a bar/club or at a wedding. I met her, because we were both trying to start the same club while we were in business school. We started hanging out after classes with other friends, and the rest is history....well things didn't actually go smoothly at least after I took a few more rejections by the fiancee.

So maybe, it's a good idea for T to join a book club at the Barnes & Noble. No, DO NOT join the Sci-fi or Fantasy book club. Okay you can join one, but you have to join another book club that has more women. Try the mystery or general fiction book club. You gotta try and do something. Don't be hurt and give up after the first rejection. Learn from my example. If you truly believe someone is worth going after, you can't give up so easily. You gotta have some conviction!

So how's the best man's toast going, Pup? Have you been practicing your Thai? If you read the article, nothing screams husband material or enhances your scoring opportunity like a great toast/speech. Better start practicing in front of the bathroom mirror!

Friday, August 20, 2004

What a day!

Usually when I wake up, some NPR announcer tells me no rain, just heat. Then I hit snooze. But today the dude was spotlighting Sarah McLachlan. Man, it was great waking up to her voice!! She sung a few melodies with accompaning piano from Afterglow in the studio. This was soooo cool because I lost my cd copy. I need to find this ASAP!!! I know Sarah's music can be sad but its cool to hear her in plain-folk on the radio discussing songwriting. So the day overall was on the UPSIDE! Now, if only they can interview Robert Smith, I'll have a reason to oversleep.
A Safer Place? I don’t think so you Pre-Emptive Idiot.

It’s been 5 posts, so it’s long overdue for another angry post. Like I read in the comments section of another post, I’m not trying to change people’s minds here. I think most people who read the randoms on this post are of very similar opinions. I’m merely typing out my frustrations at the possibility of 4 more years of someone running this country and the world in general into the ground.

Pre-Emptive Strike.

In this case, I’m not only angry at the president or whatever cult puppet masters came up with this brilliant idea to doom us all, but you too people, share some of the blame. Yes, this includes me. How did we think it was ok to agree with a plan of “Pre-Emptive Strike”. Do we not know that we, the US is the most powerful military in the world? That using this reasoning of Pre-Emptive Attack, any nation has the right to attack the US, and our allies using our own logic. Who else has more chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons than us? Who else is more likely to attack in today’s world not based on facts or aggression?

Based on the logic of the current administration, it’s seems there’s no room for diversity in the world. It’s you do it our way, our political system, our Gods, and our way of life, or we’ll bomb the shit out of you. What would you think if you were on the other end? Sounds like a threat does it? You know what we do with threats now. Threats, however hollow, lacking facts, or empty, can be met with brutal ideas of war and aggression. Thank you Pre-Emptive Strike.

What happened to our own country’s belief that one is innocent until proven guilty? Even in such a terrible situation as WWII, with the German taking over most of Western Europe, did we just go charging in? No, we waited until were provoked, and we whooped ass. This decision to wait was not a sign of being timid or weak by our president. Our leaders (then) understood the cost of going into war. The cost of thousands of human life that we are putting in harm’s way. War is something we would only commit to as a last resort. This is not a weakness. This is valuing life.

Nothing positive will ever come from the idea of the Pre-Emptive strike. Know that. Even if they had found any weapons in Iraq, this would still have been a bad idea. The theories behind this idea of hitting them first is not one of peace or keeping anyone safe. It’s one of aggression, one of a cowardly bully, and one that will only alienate us further from the rest of the world.

Our president has now spread an idea into the minds of the crazies that if they look at us funny, we have the right to go after them. No longer is time an ally. Time, which usually helps in creating reason. This is a disease, and now it's spreading. Sadly, the average family will be the one that pays the price. Because rich people don't go to war. They merely tell the peons to go. They're far too important to go themselves, or their children.

I know this post is jumping around a bit. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to hold it together when talking about this, and seeing the poll numbers. ~Sigh~

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

B-day: Birthday or just another bad day?

I was talking with a co-worker/cube neighbor the other day. She had mentioned that she was going to take the day off for her birthday. This seems like a great idea, so I asked her what she’s doing. Big party? Drunken goodness?

No she answered. She had to drive her children around to buy them school supplies, run some errands for her husband, and take care of the dog. Wha? What the? Are you serious? You did say it was YOUR birthday right?

She seemed surprised that I would suggest that she would do anything special for herself on her birthday. I ratted off a list of things that she could do tomorrow. I even quoted some 50 cent (this is very funny because she’s an older very conservative lady) about what she should be doing tomorrow. She laughed and said she’d try.

Two days later. She comes back to work. When I finally felt normal enough to talk to people at work(11am), I went over to her cube and asked her what she did.

She told me exactly what she said she was going to do. Drive the children around, doing errands for the hubby, and cleaned up poop after the dog. This was her birthday day off!. I asked her if she did anything special for herself, she answered no. I asked her about the number of things that I had suggested the other day. She said “no, I don’t deserve anything like that. I’ve got kids now, and a husband, so they’re more important”. Well, did your kids or husband do anything for you? “No.” Good presents? “No.” A cake? “No.” Argh!!

What the Hell? You take care of them all year and they can’t do one damn thing for you? Not even on your birthday? WTF?(I said this more tactfully, but the same message). I just kinda stood there in amazement. Not even because her family did so little/nothing for her birthday, but that she was ok with it. I’ve been wondering why she’s one of the most pessimistic/depressing person I’ve ever met. Listening to her talk to her family after all these months is just sad too, cause I know there’s going to be another generation just like her.

It’s odd to look at the face of someone who doesn’t understand that they should be made to feel special, or to hear someone say that they don't deserve some pampering every once in a while. It’s sometimes difficult for us to understand that not everyone was made to feel the way we were growing up, or have the type of family and friends that makes us feel so special.

People, take care of yourself! Like on airplanes, put the oxygen mask on yourself first before assisting others. Well, it’s kinda like that... You can’t take care of others if you’re all screwed up yourself. Know that.

I’ve decided to bake a cake for her tomorrow. With chocolate frosting and everything. I cook well, but baking is not a forte with the pup. I’m going to try to make it in the shape of a pup, but she won’t know what it means.

I'll pick up something from the store too. Everyone should have something for their birthday.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I even combed my hair today!

That means nothing. This post is about nothing...rather, nothingness.

First, life. I view life as a status--dead or alive. Living and dying is neither good, bad nor anything in between. Life and death are what they are and serve as a means of classification. Both, meaningless, pointless. The challenge is to accept the insignificance of life. I don't give any credit to a higher power for creating the cycle of life because this power would be just as insignificant. Who wants to be a machine designed to create and destroy at will? Who wants to praise this machine? Boring.

Man. Man has a soul and the soul governs his will. Man's soul is tragic by nature of being. The soul realizes the meaninglessness of man's life. The soul also thrives on substance to exist. The soul is sustained by good and evil. Man accepts the substance of his soul and defines his will according to his desires. Man is either stimulated by good or evil and chooses freely his will. The soul only guides him in which ever direction he chooses. If the soul is empty, then man is empty as well.

And that's a good starting point. The problem is that man can never accept himself as meaningless. Man gives his soul too much credit. Man still needs his senses and perceptions to distinguish real from dream; real from nothing. He prefers real. That's a flaw.

Random acts. Spontaneity. Alarm clocks! Usually these are undesired by man because they are forces against his will. Who expects the unexpected? Not much should be made of randomness. Randomness demands an immediate reaction, e.g. disgust toward the 9/11 tragedy. Of course randomness has its appeal, look at pi!!! And even fractal geometry is wonderful!!! One of these days I'll post something about braids. Yes, even a random new tennis ball is a good thing. So randomness is flamboyant, appealing, somewhat bothersome. But I'll take a dose of the unexpected from time to time!

Paradigm shifts. Change is scary. But necessary.

I think the goal in life is to purge the soul from good and evil. Only then can you understand the divinity of life and the marriage of good and evil. Only then can we define meaning and purpose. We are divine beings, but no Sunday School teacher will tell you that. We are our own gods and devils. The ancient Greeks knew this. Oh, and we also can do with some better senses. Pain sucks.

Random acts

I thought I’d share this that happened last night. It was nice, and it should be shared. People should be nice. It’s good. You could give a Pup a smile.

The last couple of days, I’ve been feeling really crappy. Not that there was anything bad going on in my life, but just that there wasn’t anything good going on either. The lack of bad things happening does NOT mean things are good. Know that (T)! It just means that things aren’t bad. That’s not a good goal in life to not have bad things in your life, it’s mediocre. Life’s too short to live at a mediocre level. Strive to have a happy life. Plenty of good things. Oh.. I’m off topic. I like it for there to be good things, I miss having good things in my life, and the lack any good things makes me Blah..

Blah, bla, bla, bla, blah…. Bla, bla, bla…

Anyway, I go to the park to play some Frisbee last night. I usually go home first, but I went straight after work to save on gas. Of course, I was there way early and no one was there yet. After changing from work clothes to my sloppy exercise clothes (in public of course, just dropped those pants on the field. It’s fun, everyone should do it), I went back to my car and decided to use the time wisely to clean out the trunk.

Big Red’s trunk is a mess. After several bags of trash filled with half opened bottles of oil, strange sticky stuff, 65 cents in change, old clothes, random women’s underwear (don’t ask, not cause I don’t want to tell, I really have no freaken idea. They were new with tags still on.). I found my old tennis racket and a really old tennis ball in this heap of mess (I also had racketball racket, racketball, baseball, hiking stick, softball just to name a few sport items).

I figured I’ve got time, I’ve been meaning to play again, so perfect opportunity. The tennis area is right next to the Frisbee fields anyway. Oh, when I say old tennis ball, I mean Oooolddd. It was a brownish colored (started bright yellow) and so flat I could crush the ball in my hand. This is not ideal, but I’m just practicing my form anyway, so no biggy.

After the first few hits against the wall, the ball was just not coming back (too flat). So I started hitting the ball harder and harder. Being that I haven’t played in a few years, I kept losing control of the ball and hitting it over the wall into the tennis courts behind the wall where these couple of guys was playing a game. These guys were nice as they picked up the ball and kept throwing it back to me.

I let out a growl as I hit it over the wall once again. As I stood there waiting for my ball to come back, I was not a happy pup. Stupid flat dirty ball. Eerrrgggg…..

Moments later, I looked up as a shinny yellow ball flies over the wall. I hear one of the guys yelling “Here, play with this one!” I caught the ball and looked at the nearly brand new tennis ball (it’s still got that new ball smell! There really is a new tennis ball smell).

“Thanks!” I yelled over the wall. I took a few swings at the ball towards the wall, and it bounced eagerly back to me. I was a happy Pup.

Little nice things. However small, insignificant, or even a little silly. Even if you never hear about it, it could really make someone’s day. It’s nice.

(This post partially inspired by Lovisa post from a bit ago. Rock on with your buying coffee for others self!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Music of the 80's!

Give me your list of fav songs
(see comments on previous post for rules)

Head over heals.
Why you treat me so bad?
Here comes the rain again
Because I can.

Top 15 80s new wave/pop/cheese songs I can think of RIGHT NOW (in no particular order)

* OMD – If you leave (Bonus for knowing what OMD stood for)
* Thomson Twins – Hold me now
* The Police – Every little thing she does is magic
* Bon Jovi – Living on a prayer
* U2 – Where the streets have no name
* Cindy Lauper – All through the night
* Belinda Carlisle – I get weak
* Pet Shop Boys – Always on my mind
* Heart – These Dreams
* New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
* Depeche Mode – Somebody
* Duran Duran – Save a Prayer
* Stevie Nicks – Talk to me
* The Cure – Pictures of You
* A Ha – Take on me

Honable mention - N.W.A. - Straight outa Compton (~pouring a little bit of 8 ball out for easy~)

Talk amongst yourselves. What got left out? What should be on here?

You could argue, but you'd probably be wrong :)

Monday, August 16, 2004

Angry Afternoon Post

How could ANYONE possibly in their right mind vote for this invalid excuse for a leader?

Recent stuff that's pissing me off about W.
The logging and timber industry gave more than $1.5 million to Bush and got the right to log without the usual environmental reviews.

The coal industry gave $300,000 to Bush and got less protection against black lung disease for workers.

The chemical industry gave more than $1 million to Bush and got reduced regulations on chemicals exposed to workers.

The auto industry gave more than $300,000 to Bush and got eased rules on reporting potential defects and a rule allowing truckers to drive 11 hours a day.

The restaurant industry gave more than $1.2 million and got killed a regulation intended to prevent their workers from exposure to smoke.

The Administration's continued efforts to distort Science with Policy.
Women and voting
It still baffles me that any woman would vote for the current administration. What the hell are you thinking? You think these war mongers are keeping you safer? While hiding in the disguise of keeping you safe, they're taking away your rights as a person! Your freedoms to choose. You know, that whole liberty thing? If the intent for terrorism is to disturb or change the way of life for its targets. Then I would say under this administration they are succeeding.
Monday Morning... Don't come near me.. yet..

So much to write about on subjects you don’t need information on. Warning: This is time you will NEVER get back!

I’ll just do summaries.

* Our team made it to the semifinals in the Ultimate Frisbee tournament on Sat. We were doing so well. Then our collective ass was handed to us on a plate. I cursed a LOT during our last game.

* The 11th seeded team (out of 12, Wolves eating babies, team name, don’t ask me why) made it to the finals. They had only won 2 games the entire summer. On Sat., they won 5 games in a row. They won the tournament by beating the #1 / undefeated team (team we lost to, who had been perfect throughout the season and in the tournament). Miracles happen (not really miracle, they were really good on Saturday). That’s why they play the game. EVERYONE there cheered for the underdogs.

* I bought a shirt yesterday that is WAY too cool for me. I tried it on at the store and though, “hey, maybe I can pull this off”. I looked at it again when I got home and I’m SO not cool enough to be wearing that shirt. I may have to return it.

* I’m going to practice wearing the shirt at home. Maybe that’ll help. I got new shoes too. Not for the shirt, but I got them in the mail on the same day.

* Shopping with the “going back to school” crowd is weird. We would SO get a beatdown if we wore anything like that to school. I once got sent home for wearing a shirt that said “Smile, and the world smiles with you. Fart, and you stand alone.”

* Then I became Student Council President. HA!

* Why does women’s clothing keep getting thinner, shorter, and smaller while the price gets higher? (not that I’m complaining about clothing getting thinner, shorter and smaller. The cheap bastard in me just wonders)

* I got to do my Sunday routine yesterday. I like my Sunday routine. It’s not exciting, but it’s nice. Here’s how it goes:
- Wake up and walking around the apt. Aimlessly. Really I do. I just walk around in circles.
- Wash up
- Turn on the computer to play some music.
- Walk to the grocery store to pick up the Sunday paper.
- Make some breakfast. I like pork chops and eggs in the morning. I’ll do sausage too if there's no pork chops. If there’s ever bacon in the house, I’m all over that. I can’t seem to keep bacon around for very long though. I don't usually eat breakfast, so this is special.
- Begin morning (well, more like late morning, early afternoon) music fest.
- Sing along loudly (and really badly) to 80s music or musicals (I can do most of the score for Les Miserable and Phantom. Go ahead, challenge me.. I dare you).
- Read the Sunday paper, sing loudly to music, and eating good grub.
- I feel bad for my neighbors and people who walk past my apt. sometimes.
- I feel bad for this one dog that usually starts to bark when I start my singing. My theory is that he/she doesn't appreciate the French Revolution.
- Good times.

* I still only have 2.5 channels. I can’t even get the Olympics. Booo…
* I was very happy watching the women’s sand volleyball event at a friend’s house. An Olympic event played in Bikini’s. Sweetness! :0)
* Women in gymnastics kinda freaks me out.
* I would so kill/paralyze myself on the balance beam.
* I feel very jittery right now.
* I’m working the Rock the Vote booth at the concert tonight to sign people up to vote. Yay!
* My strategies for tonight: Sign up or I’ll cut you!! Do it. Do it... Comply! (Sloth, I’m going to use this a lot tonight, hope it's ok. ). I'll stop stalking you if you register. or Register! I already know where you live.
* I hope there isn’t a quota of people to sign up or anything.

Friday, August 13, 2004

You Might be Ko if:

You got your ass kicked by T Christmas 2002.

You say shit that makes no sence unless you live in Ko Land.

You're tired right now and you're yearning for a nap.

You own plush toys.

You act like kewl Milhouse. (This is one of my favorite episodes. Too bad I couldn't find a picture of Milhouse with spiked hair....)

You went to Taiwan this summer.

You are in love...

And engaged to be married. (Congrats!)
Danger Pup Robinson… Danger!

When I first moved into my apt. I plugged my television into my wall socket and instantly I had the big 3 networks, UPN, WB, Fox, home shopping channel, NASA channel, and 2 Evangelical channel all coming in very clear. It wasn’t all fancy like most of my friends with their cable and a hundred suck channels that you have to pay for anyway, but then this is free and the picture was clear. I was happy.

Last night, after coming in from a brilliant game of ultimate Frisbee (I’ll try to post later today since I only have one meeting. Yay!) I turned on the TV and what do I get? Nada… there was black screens and screens with heavy snow. I tried messing around with the connection but with no success.

I finally went to search for my rabbit ears (antenna) in the garage somewhere. I found them and some leather strings (not for shoes). I plug them in and now, I get 2 channels coming in ok. I thought, hey, let’s put some foil on those ears to get better reception! Brilliant!

Did I mention I was drunk during all of this? Shortly later, I felt tired and went to sleep.

That was what I remembered doing. This morning I was awaken by my loud screeching alarm clock and the tune of Ah-Ha take on me on the radio (I have 2 cause I ignore the radio sometimes). I turned off the screeching alarm. Stayed in bed for a bit to sing along with Ah-Ha (seriously, what guy can hit those high notes?). I finally get up, shower and get ready for work. After getting dressed, I walked into the living room where my TV was.

OH my dog!. What the hell did I do? I see little pieces of foil everywhere, these huge foiled wrapped ears that could be used to get TV channels from the deep space, part of the TV wrapped, and these wires behind the TV getting wrapped too. Apparently, I had used up my entire roll of foil to wrap up the ears, but I had foiled all the wires too (to the wall socket). WTF? Oh.. now I remember.. I though, if foiling the ears helps reception, maybe foiling the plastic covered wires would help get my wall socket channels back (Oh what am I going to do without those evangelical channels and UPN?!). Funny drunk logic. I’m surprised I didn’t go streaking to the gymnasium through the quad.

I clicked on the TV to see if this did indeed help. Nope. I still only have 2.5 channels. The plan had failed miserably. Not Macktacular at all.

I may break down and raise my white flag to the cable company…. I fought for a long time (3 yeas or so), and maybe it’s time to give up. Or maybe not :)

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Ghetto List continued...

You know you're GHETTO if:

1 You go to the liquor store to cash your paycheck.

2 You pay your rent in cash and ask for change.

3 Your landlord takes your rent money to get his rims out of lay-a-way.

4 You've been riding around on 4 spare-tires for 6 months.

5 Your windows are barred.

6 Your mom not only found your stash, she's smoking it.

7 "Set out the good china for the guest" means set out the clean paper plates, Styrofoam cups and sporks.

8 2000 pennies for groceries, and you're set until your book of food stamps arrive.

9 You're having difficulties with the insurance company because of the number of bullet holes in your car.

10 A party aint a party without a fridge full of Ol' E, the Crooked Eye and the Bull!

Damn I'm ghetto :D

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Just What The Doctor Ordered

This is just what we need medication to turn us from procrastinators into workaholics. I love the miracle that is modern science.
Are you Ghetto?

Now I understand the majority of the readership here on this page is of the suburban persuasion, either growing up or currently living. Some of you may have asked yourself at night, “Geeze, I wonder if I’m at all Ghetto? Or Am I really keeping it real?”

Well now, cause Pup is by the people and for the people, we bring you…

You might be Ghetto if...
You can read your haircut
You sneak in to the dollar theaters
You carry your alcoholic beverages with a paper bag
You throw a pool party at the fire hydrant
You buy pagers to match your outfits
You go to church just to pick up women
Your fingernails are longer than your fingers
You have 3 or 4 finger gold rings
You have a car phone and no car
You think red lobster has the best seafood
You take a bubble bath with dishwashing liquid
You get into a fistfight while you're pregnant
You have to put stuff on layaway at the 99-cent store
You missed the birth of your child because you were playing Sega
You named your daughters after cars you can't afford
You go trick-or-treating without a costume
You've EVER gone out the door with rollers still in your hair
You think drinking grape Kool-aid will get you your 2 servings of fruit every day
Your rims costs more than your car

Be truthful now... how Ghetto are you?

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Bonnie, The Beauty of being Numb and Joni Mitchell

There are at least 5 ingredients in corn flakes that are also found in dog food. Correlate that with the fluids used in automobiles. Disturbing? Yes! During coffee and cereal this morning this thought entered my mind. I then ran to vomit. The day didn't start well. Its not much better now.

At lunch I listen to Donna Summer in the car. She assures me, "Our love, will last forever!" Her glittering voice is enough to make a believer out of me. The disco stomp of the chorus finds me dancing at 65 mph. I return to my office. Whatever words I say, however long I stay, whatever dreams may break "I will ALWAYS love you" croons Robert Smith. Is it selfish to ask for the same devotion in return? Why else would he beg like a animal? I listen to these and other enchanting melodies day in and day out. I turn off the radio hours later and I'm confounded by all the music I heard. Seems everyone believes in this love thing. Heck, even I believe in it. I love the music! The artist sings of experiences I may never share with anyone. But the music is as eternal as the love it speaks to.

"Our love..." Whose love? "I will always love..." who? So I go to the web and read articles and interviews of my favorite artists, singers, songwriters, etc. I find things like, "This song takes me back to high school. I was dating Nancy. It seemed endless..." or some other such quote. This is enough for me. I make the connection between the lyrics and the experience conveyed by the artist. After I learn the inspiration or meaning behind a song I become nerdy. "You know, this song is about...." I'm grateful the song is loosely connected to some real event.

I have over 200 CD's in my collection. Most of these have vocal tracks. About a third don't. Now a days, I prefer no vocals. I drive myself insane trying to learn the meaning of an Aphex Twin track. I literally go ape shit with the CD player (repeat disk, programmed tracks, etc.) deciphering songs with titles like, Lentic Catachresis, OtoƱo, and Dot. I am swept away by the emptiness and void conveyed by this music. I become unfeeling, cold and paranoid. Then I listen to Depeche Mode, for the vocals...a change of pace. Its still grey, raining steadily. A nice change of pace.

But WHO will always love me? Still no answer. "Well, love just happens. Its a force of nature. Wait for it." I've been waiting. Eventually you wait long enough that you accept defeat. It won't happen, because it hasn't happened. "Dumbass, love doesn't just happen along," Pup says. But I've given up the will to make it happen. I've become numb. Ice cold and hard. Stoned. Sometimes I experience a numbness on my left side. Just a sprinkle of pixie dust to numb the pain. I don't know why this happens. I assume everyone experiences the same sensation from time to time. The magic dissolves after I pinch myself. I hold out as long as I can. then, pinch. Its inhuman to not have feelings...unless you're dying. Perhaps...... Cue white noise from right channel...analogue pops all other channels. Turn it up!!!

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Yup, time to get on the rant train again (whoo whoo..). Once again, I’m here to ask you, the wonderful people of who listens to stuffed bears rant, what the fuck is wrong with people. This is something I saw a few weeks ago. Actually, a few months ago now, but I’m just now getting to it. Delayed ranting. This, beyond other rants I’ve had so far, deserves the caption “What the fuck is wrong with you people”. The TV news segment was about the trend of young girls getting boob jobs and other types of plastic surgery. These girls were as young as thirteen.

That in itself is concerning, but wouldn’t necessary deserve a rant post on it. The next part of the program is where the big problem rears its head in my mind. The show then interviewed their parents, actually, just moms, and their approval and support of such procedures at such a young age. Instead of teaching their children that they should be comfortable and love who they are and what they look like, one actually muttered, “… she is a bit flat, and I think my daughter getting a new set of breasts would really help her in life, with getting friends, jobs, and everything in life”. WTF? Way to set back women’s movement back 20 years lady.

Now, you’re probably thinking, these girls are probably a bit on the non-attractive side, perhaps a bit undesirable. Nope. These were quite attractive. They were popular in school, receives good grades, school clubs galore, and no major trauma it seems. Somehow though, that’s not enough. Somehow they think that they that being phyiscally attractive is the only way to get ahead. Who could’ve taught them that I wonder?

The news reporter asked all the young girls why they felt they needed surgery? Was it for the attention, for getting boys? All of them quickly answered no. They answered the reason they wanted to get these surgeries was so that they can feel better about themselves. How sad is that?

I’m not arguing against people wanting to get any cosmetic surgery done on themselves, and especially after accidents and other medical cases. But in cases like this, where they are plenty attractive in the first place, you’ve gotta ask these parents, what the hell are you teaching your daughters or where do they get these ideas? A, they could be getting the ideas from you, which would make you an unfit parent, or B, they could be getting ideas from other people/media, which means you’re not very involved in your children’s lives, hence unfit parents again.

People talk about how great having children are, but how great are you to your child? Are you teaching them the right things? Setting them up for a healthy successful life? If you yourself isn't right in the head, more than likely, neither will your children. So is it more important to make yourself happy by having a child, or delaying it a bit and make sure you're ready so you can make sure your child will be happy during his/her life. Parenting is difficult and it's more than just making the baby.

Ok, that last part was a bit of a tangent. I guess I'm done.

There should be a class you have to take before you can procreate. Yes, I think I should write the questions for that test.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Interesting and Infuriating Numbers

Money talks they say. So What's this Chimp's Crusade costing us?

Check out the breakdowns for each of those groups.


Sunday, August 08, 2004

What Chu Looking at?
This is Cleo. One of the ladies that I used to live with. We had 2 dogs. Oggie and Cleo. Imagin Pinky and Brain as dogs. That's Oggie and Cleo in a nutshell. Cleo's the older and leader of the duo. She was quite the neurotic. Looking at her you'd think she's lost in thought comtemplating the problems of the world. You'd be wrong. She's thinking how to take over the world.
One late night, I was wandering around the house and I found Cleo drawing up some plans. This is the look she gave me. "What Chu looking at?" "Nothing.. I didn't see nothing.." I went downstairs and went to bed.

Friday, August 06, 2004

New Dutch Law


You and your toes can now safely travel about Holland without fear of molestation thanks to a new Dutch law protecting your toes from unsolicited licking.

Thursday, August 05, 2004


Within a month the streets of Atlanta will be cluttered with geeks, freaks, nerds and Trekkies. Oxy-pad boys and training bra girls; programming wizards and computer hackers; the middle-aged timid husband and the out-right lonely bachelor...come together in one accord for three magical days of Dragon CON!!!!! Both Megatron and Optimus Prime will be seen strutting down Int'l Blvd while He-Man and She-Ra casually and correctly cross the intersection. Kids on skateboards with backpacks full of Ghost Rider comic books weave between their future selves.

Reservations at all neighboring hotels have been booked for months. Picture this: three manic comic book collectors, 4 Magic: The Gathering players, 2 sci-fi adventurers, half a dozen Trekkies and Wonder Woman split the cost for 3 rooms for the weekend. Geeks know how to party!!! "I've got the perfect combo in this my new Magic: The Gathering deck. Two more cards (and I'm hoping to find a top notch seller/trader here) and I'm unstoppable!" "I heard about a guy who won a 'Mox' box through a challenge!" (a 'Mox' is a rare type of card in Magic) "I hear Rick, the comic book shop owner, is liquidating his store. Whatever he can't get rid of here will be trashed!!!" "Did you see the babe dressed up as Lt. Cmrd. Deanna Troi? Do-able to the max!!! By the way, great Data outfit!" "Two for flinchin'!" "Dude, this is the only vacation I take the entire year!! I'm ready to party like its 1999 (the year of my first convention)!!!!!!!!!" Somewhere down the hall the alternative kids are meditating to the music used in the original Star Trek series. Paradise.

I won't make it to Dragon CON this year. I was approached by a few friends who saved space for me in their hotel room, but I reluctantly turned them down. Maybe next year! Dragon CON is for the everyones who are the no ones in America. Geeks take pride in their identity which is truly unique. I say everyone should go to Dragon CON at least once. Its good for your soul. Also, be gentle to you neighboring geek. S/he is counting the hours before jetting off to the "book" store for games, cards, comic books, an AD&D gaming session...whatever! They just act geeky because they know it annoys you!! Its part of their little game; begging for attention. Have you hugged a geek today?
Bad Tigger!

Looks like one of Pup's favorite Disney character has been up to no good.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Oh.. Big News for Potter heads (sorry Vgirl, not pot heads)...

Fiennes to Play Voldemort in Next 'Potter'

Mmmm... Ralph..
I know this should probably be a comment to pup's fantasy marching band post...
but if you've checked the scores from the most recent event, of the major DCI corps, overall the Blue Devils are in the lead!!! Like I said, check the scores, yo. But this year I will cheer for the Cavilers. They're not too far behind. They can pull it off. They always have the best drumline ;)

Here is the real comment:

Pup - Why would you think charting is boring? The drill design is prolly the most fun for the band director. I'm all into making designs of pretty girls, or asymetric patterns while listening to music all day. I'm all over dat, yo!

Ko - Step off, boy! You the biggest poser of the bunch. What is the worth of a major in biology if you don't go into medicine? You aint no real scientist!!!

Everyone else who commented on that post, love, peace and hair grease! I can't remember what you all wrote, but I love you all!
What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Here once again are my comments on, What the fuck is wrong with you people? A commentary on how society as a whole or groups in society is pissing me off. There're a lot of them, so this will be a long running column.

Missouri Voters Approve Gay Marriage Ban

Yesterday, by a majority vote (~71%), Missouri became the first state in adding a constitutional amendment to banning gay marriages. Though there are already laws defining marriage as only between a man and a woman, there are those that would ensure that the courts would be powerless to judge the fairness or the rampant discrimination on this issue.

In most arguments, I can usually see the reasoning behind the opposing view. Though I do not agree, I understand. In this case, I find it very difficult to understand what in the hell those 71% of the people are thinking. This is an example of the 71%’s thinking:

“Meantime, families like the Zolteks are voting for amendment two. "Anything other than a man and a woman being deemed a marriage will take away from the sanctity of the definition of marriage."

What do you mean by the sanctity of marriage? Are you talking about the 50% divorce rate that we have in the country? Are you talking about those in certain states that are taking multiple young wives? Those the ones you’re talking about? Those the ones you’re trying to protect with you damn sanctity of marriage excuse?

My question is also that do you think somehow this amendment have anything to do with that? How in your illogical little minds do you think this amendment will help that? Are the gay and lesbian community somehow to blame for all these divorces?

And what in the hell do you think will happen if we allowed gay marriages? You think your children will all be gay? You think you’ll finally succumb to your urges to take it in the ass? Your spouse will instantly leave you for someone of their own gender? Do you somehow think that the reason there aren’t more homosexuals in the world is because there are amendments banning it? Or worst yet, do you think this will just open the door for some people to start marrying their pets? (http://www.villagevoice.com/issues/0412/goldstein.php)

Many of you don’t even understand the sanctity of marriage (I’m not saying I do, but I know you don’t). Too many of you don’t understand love and commitment enough to have a clue what marriage is about, or mature enough to know how to make it work. All you idiots are allowed to marry. There’s no law or constitutional amendment on banning your dumb ass from getting hitched. But those couples who have been together for decades, and who love and are committed to each other, just because their partners are of the same gender, are not allowed… Great job people. Way to discriminate.

Another thing. What the hell does it have to do with you?! Somehow does other people getting married have ANYTHING to do your nosy ass self? NO. No one is being hurt, everyone’s happy here, stay the fuck away!! How about if I start crashing your weddings. How’d you like that?

I was extremely angry last night when I found out this news. Now I’m just a bit sad. Sad to think that the majority of people (at least those who voted) think that only certain people have the right to be married.

Protecting the sanctity of marriage you say? I think you’ve just broken it. Congratulations.

Not sure how I feel about maggots being classified and used as a medical device. Strangely disturbing, but I guess it beats amputation...

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Now for something completely different.
A co-worker showed me this the other day. Maybe Fantasy sports have been taken a bit too far?

Fantasy Marching League
That’s right world. Get ready for the marching season with Fantasy Marching League!!

Now I'm all for Fantasy sports. Love'em. They're fun. Great place to talk trash.
Many of you know that I LOVE marching bands! Can’t get enough. Going to Denver this weekend to watch a Marching Band Championship.

But to put them together? I don’t know about that..

From the premise of the page, it seems that you get to organize the practices, do some drill chart work, etc. Urg.. boring.. it's all about the performance!

The last time I checked, there was fantasy golf and fantasy NASCAR.
Those too may be going overboard.

I think I have exceeded my geekyness for the week. I'll stop now.

Monday, August 02, 2004

This was a comment I was writing for Sloth's latest post, but I thought it was too long, so I didn't want to Bogard her comments section.

Vader dear, you know I think the world of you, but I have to disagree with you.

"spending time alone, and soul searching isnt so bad. its okay to be by yourself, and work on yourself, and your issues."

You know, I hear this from lots of people and I completely agree that this is very important for some people. There are a lot of people that need to find and understand themselves. Lots of people are out there doing their thing, making mistakes, and never understanding why they repeat certain pattern of behavior that they know are unhealthy and that which deep inside they know will not get them to their goals. Even more sadly, there are many people out there who have no idea what it means to live and doesn't have a clear understanding of good goals cause they were never taught, and have never known better. You can't reach for the stars if you've never been seen or been taught about them.

The question is, what do you do when you're done? When you know who you are, your issues, what makes you tick, are comfortable with yourself, and all that other great stuff? What do you do then when can't find someone to appreciate the you that's "realized".

Sure you're sitting there at home, perfectly content with yourself, but you know that you could be that much happier. That much happier if you just had someone to share your life with. You can be content, but that's like being average. It's only the midpoint. Who wouldn't rather be better than average? Being content is important, you're half way there, but it's not the goal. The goal is to be happy.

What the hell do you do then? What the hell do you do when you've done everything for yourself, and have tried everything to find her? Each night, still ending up going into the same empty house, sleeping alone in your bed? Where do you go from here?

How do you tell yourself it's ok when you know you're wasting precious time that you could be spending with that one? There's so many things you want to do with her/him. So many places to see, so many experiences to live. Life's short, and you know you're wasting time.

I guess I'm not really disagreeing with you Vader. Nevermind that first part.

No one's calling for me at the door.
Silently, it doesn't bother me anymore.

I hate to be all geeky but that's what I'm good at...I'm on the kickass airship finally but I can't figure out what to do with Yuna. She has 18 ability points but nothing to get. The end is near, I can feel it. Yeah, I got the chocobo thing down, yo! Oh, about Yunalesca, what a waste. She was too easy!!! Then again all my characters have strength of 40 or more!
Global Warming, Tesla's Coil, and the Conundrum

Confusing, isn't it? This life thing I mean.... So I may have been drunk and I may or may not have talked to 6 girls at a bar for ten minutes each (dude, I didn't wear a watch, time was fluid). But I got nothing. I know that had I found an interest in someone at the bar, I would not have presented myself. I would just freeze up. The six that I bumped into were in the way, literally. They are just part of the game: 7 by New Year's. If I don't want to be interested in 7, 70, 700..., girls then I see no point in the exercise. They're just plots on a graph of those I talked to and those I never will. Hell, I'm a plot point myself. I don't care.

It seems like if I wanted to win the bet, then I can do it. I'm putting forth the effort; it wouldn't take much for me to win. I honestly don't care if I win or lose. I'm on the winning side now. What I don't get is the importance of this. When will it hit me? Number 7? Sloth, do you have the answer?

A good friend of mine paid me an office visit about 2 hours ago. We talked about the petty shits of relationships. He's on the rebound and his new flame is rebounding as well. Me? I can talk...to girls even!!! So we caught up with each other. "Try it with a French accent," he tells me! I'll give it a go next time.

I realized after he left that I may care enough about someone to share my feelings with a third party. That's crap. I don't want feelings. Honestly, I don't need the bother of trying to learn someone else's feelings for me, and why should I put someone else through the same thing? Trying to figure me out and shit. I know exactly what Yuna thinks of me: Nothing. And that's fine. I'm spared a migraine. Not to mention the anxiety attack. This post is going nowhere.

Oh, Ko I've given up collecting cards, though I still play from time to time. I'm wanting to give up the pointless "Game" too..
Some Democrats seeking Cheney tickets had to sign oath

Another example that our current administration suffers from extreme paranoia and MUST be removed!

Pledge? Loyalty oath to Bush? What the Hell is that? I thought we were allowed and were encouraged to hear both sides of a political debate. I guess Dick doesn’t think that.

Hmm… I remember another man that required loyalty oath/salutes before you could see or hear him… I think he was kinda short and had a little mustache..
Ferrell is Back

Former Saturday Night Live star Will Ferrell re-emerges as George W. Bush in a commercial for America Coming Together.

If the link doesn't work use this:

This is Brillant!

Sunday, August 01, 2004

I'm back...

and I am engaged. According to Pup, I finally tricked some unwitting soul into marrying me...LOL. Sorry Pup and T, I didn't bring you back any pr0n from Thailand. Use the Internet; that's why it was invented for.

It's been a while, but it's time to make fun of T. On 2 separate occasions, I have tried to set T up. Upon one meeting or date, my female friends have questioned my sanity in setting them up with T. Twice, I have been forced to defend my judgment by saying "At least, T ain't a serial killer!"

It seems to me that T is like the struggling US retailer, Kmart. That's right, you are Kmart! No matter how many customer you get to shop there for the first time. People just don't want to go back. So I think T needs to find a way to boost "customer satisfaction". So please help T by giving him some tips on improving "customer satisfaction".