Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's So Big and Round

I like Big Trunks and I Can Not Lie…

The Votes are in!

The question and answer sessions were brutal. The debates, campaigning, and political manuvering have taken its course. After much deliberation and a threat of fillibuster, the votes are finally in and counted.

Please welcome.. The One, The Only,

Jucey Lucy!

Stay tuned. Coming up Next, Week in Review: San Francisco

Here are some fabulous questions we will be exploring.

Pup explores clubbing at all the hot Gay night clubs in San Francisco
What does it feel like to be drunk from 11am to 3 am?
What could you possible text 125 times in 3 days?

And many more!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Name that Car!

Here are all the suggestions I have received. Vote for your favorite in the comments!
No voting for your own.

Mo Red
Juicy Lucy (cause the car has a big ass)
Electro Red
Electro Boogaloo
Little Red
Red Hot
The Big Red Shocker
Sea Biscuit

I’m here in lovely San Francisco all week. However, I’ve been stuck inside with meetings the last 2 days. Hopefully, I’ll be able to escape.

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Well here she is!

First of all, let me tell you. I hate the process of car shopping more than anything. I hate car dealerships. I hate sales and finance people. Here's a shorten list of things I would much rather do than deal with car dealerships:

Get trapped in a city of Zombies (which btw, I'm fully prepared for now. Thanks!)
Get hit in the balls with a ball
Drunken puking
Bible study

Anyway. After skipping out on a meeting (people need to get a fucking life and not schedule meetings at 5:30pm on a Friday), I finished cleaning out Big Red and got her ready to be fully washed and cleaned. When I was cleaning, there were a lot of memories lodged between and under those seats.

There were directions to lots of places I've been. A Bra. My old glasses. A number of wedding invitations. Some remains of a few times when I had to pass out in the back seat. Probably a dozen lighters and matches. And of course, a few good knives.

Big Red and I had some good times together. After almost 10 years and 133,000 miles, we've built a good lot of memories that only we share. The countless hours of my bad singing, dancing, and general bad driving. We traveled from the east coast to the Rockies and back. We've made dozens of trips to the Big Easy. She had her fits, but she was always there for me.

One of my fondest memories of Big Red was when she held steady during my scariest drive home from Denver to Colorado Springs when a fresh coat of snow and ice was on the ground and I was literally spinning around in the streets in Dever. Luckily it was 3:30am, so no cars were around. The drive home usually takes an hour. With the snow so fresh, the sweepers hadn't been out yet. It continued to snow hard during the entire drive. It took me about 3 hours to get home. She held steady beneath the snow storm and we made it ok.

When I was at the dealership, they told me I would not get much for Big Red. They mentioned a couple of things bad about her and I almost kick the guy in the balls for talking bad about my girl. You can't put a price on the experience and memories we've had, but apprently you can on a car with the check engine light on and no hub caps.

There are a lot of reasons why Big Red is so special to me. The most important ones I've never told anyone, and those that would know the connection have not made them. It was hard letting her go. I thought about donationing her or driving her off a cliff. I know that's how she would've wanted to go. I took the easy way out, I know.

Well it's the end of a chapter between me and Big Red. When you go out tonight, pour a little bit of your 40oz out for Big Red. She would like that.

So now I've got the new car. It's pretty amazing with all the features. My favorite so far is the rear camera. When I put the car in reverse, the screen will show what's behind me so I don't run over anything.

I've thought about it, and to respect Big Red and her memories, I'm going to give the new car a new name.

This is where you come in. I'm open for suggestions. Have at it in the comments!

Happy Saturday!

Front Side

Friday, January 20, 2006

OMG!! OMG!!!

She's Here!!!

Now to go pick her up.....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Our Fear-Ful Leader?

Jon Stewart:
Four years ago, el Presidente Bush first spoke of the Axis of Evil: Iran, Iraq and North Korea---a trio of dangerous nations. Obviously, since that time, Iraq has gotten a little more attention than the other two. [It] played Marcia Brady, if you will, to their Jan. Well, last week, Iran (or "Jan") of the Axis of Evil announced the resumption of its controversial uranium enrichment program, and threatened to block international inspectors from its nuclear sites.

So, a Muslim country [is] developing weapons of mass destruction, led by a man who hates America, in repeated defiance of the United Nations. President Bush...

Bush at press conference: We spent some time talking about the Iranian issue and the desire to solve this issue diplomatically by working together.

Stewart: Um...who are you? Where's our president?? Of course, it's a lot easier to be diplomatic when we've only got two armies left to deploy: Salvation and KISS. ... Okay, I know it's strange to hear the president use the "diplomacy" word, but he explains further...

Bush: Our job is to form a common consensus. And so...this is what we call diplomacy.

Stewart: Now, before you think President Bush is being condescending, he was responding to a question from Johnny Stupid of Dumbfuck Monthly.
---The Daily Show

Awww.. poor Bush. Is Iran someone you can’t bully as easily and so you’re not all so high and mighty now? Have you finally realized that you shot your load a little too quick with Iraq and now can’t perform when you actually need to?

You dumb fucking fuck. How did you not know that Iran has ALWAYS been the scariest country in the Middle East. They are the real deal. This is not some self-centered dictator jackoff who’s basically a 5 year old with too much power.

No, Iran’s the real deal. This is not just one person or a small group. The Majority of Iranians are strong fundamentalist who despises western values, lifestyles, and people. Unlike Iraq, they are unified both in people and government.

Bush says that our job is to form a common consensus?!? Why doesn’t the pubic think this is just ridiculous? He and his administration use the ‘We don’t need permission from the UN or anyone to protect our country.’ reason to go to war with Iraq.

Not that I’m saying we should go attack Iran. That would be a mess. This is an example of just how utterly impulsive and incompetent this administration is. Impulsive is ok when shopping for shoes or new CDs. It’s not OK when you’re running a country and your impulsiveness gets thousands of people killed.

Friday, January 13, 2006

What the Fuck is wrong with you People?

Like the herpes outbreak that you can control but can’t stop, once again, here’s another installment of what the fuck is wrong with you people.

This one goes out to almost everyone out there. How fucking blind and short sighted are you? Are we all so self absorbed in our immediate surroundings that we don’t see the bigger problem at hand? You keep blaming all these symptoms as problems in the society, but you seem to never see the root of the problem.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, or have watched any TV, you’d know that the stock market has broken 11,000. People are excited, but most people aren’t exactly sure why as they don’t understand. Also, for the most part it doesn’t mean much to them except maybe if the economy is doing better, something good may happen to them.

Here’s the Pup summary of the Dow going over 11,000. Rich people are getting fucking rich. Really fucking rich. You on the other hand, with your personal 401K or small investments on the side maybe doing well, but rich people are doing fucking fabulous.

Meanwhile, on the other end.

According to Lundquist Consulting, Inc., industry leader in bankruptcy statistics and analytics, releases findings that 2005 consumer bankruptcy filings numbered over 2 million, up 31.6 percent from 2004, representing the highest number of filings on record.

Wait for it… let it seep in for a second. What’s wrong with this picture?

Supposively the economy and big companies are strong and doing well as indicated by the Dow. So why does this not translate down to the common folks? Why are there still more people declaring bankruptcy than ever before?

Surly all 2 million people did not go on a crazy cocaine and hooker spending spurge that put them in this much debt (Hint: Always carry cash. When it’s gone the party’s over. Not that I know anything about cocaine/hooker spurges).

I’m not saying that a lot of these individuals probably did not make a lot of financial mistakes that led them to have to declare bankruptcy. I’m sure they’ve all fucked up a lot along the way. But just like a dog or a child behaving badly, you can’t blame it all on them. There are bigger forces to blame, and some of those things are a lack of education, society, and the government.

This all consuming capitalistic society we live in is good to the ones on top. Very very good. However, that is not where the majority of people reside. Through marketing, social pressures, easiness of getting credit, and just plain stupidity, many of those people who do not have the means to live like those at the top still mirrors that lifestyle.

This is a difficult problem as people are not educated enough to know the difference between a need and a want. Also, people are bombarded everyday with marketing, media, and social pressures to consume. With an infinite amount of resources at the disposal of big corporations to making you spend and spend, the seemingly 0 resources in our education system, and the unending supply of gullible people in the world, this problem is not going to be fixed anytime soon.

Another big source of this problem comes from the government. Think of the government as parental figures in people’s lives. People don’t realize how much influence the government has on the citizens within the country, but it does. Like children with their parents, citizens too will mimic the behaviors of their government.

Currently, the national debt is over $8,000,000,000,000. I think that’s 8 trillion dollars, but I’m not sure since I’ve never see that many 0s. Just on interest, the nation debt will continue to increase an average of $2.28 billion per day.

That’s right. Per fucking day.

Most people think that the government will be ok. The government will do something so that it is able to correct itself. It’s always have. Many people adopt this same mentality in their own financial decisions. They think they can just keep borrowing and borrowing, and everything will just magically work out.

Sadly for you, you can’t just print out more money you jack ass.

Yes, I know that's not what the government does either.

All you people who talked about morality or good character or other shit like that during the last two elections. You seriously need to rethink your values. Yes, you’ve scale back a woman’s ability to make decisions about her own body, kept gays from marrying, and inserted some idiotic idea of how humans came about. That’s fantastic, and at the same time you sold the American people to big corporations, corruption, envy, and greed. Who are you truly worshipping and whos’ voice are you hearing when you’re praying? I promise you it’s not who you think it is.

If our specie was actually smart enough to learn from the past, we would know that the 3 major ingredients for the down fall of a society. Elitist corrupt government run by religious and private interests, lack of education in the general population, and a wide wealth gap. It’s happened enough times in the past that we should know.

Well, we nailed the first two a while ago. Now, the final piece is here. The puzzle is complete.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's Gonna Be...…Wait for it... Legendary! Part 4

We had a wonderful dinner. The food was good, the company was great, and the bathrooms were simply fabulous. If you know me, you'd know how often I was in there.

After the dinner was over, there was still no word from LiAps. It sucked being up there and not hanging out with him, but we were very lucky to have ran into RA. We found a small bar with TVs so we could drink and watch the USC-Texas game. By the time we started the watching the game, I've had a few beers in me, so I was being a bit loud.

It's not that I was louder than usual, it's just that I'm loud when it comes to watching sports. I believe several of you can attest to excitment/obnixiousness of watching a sporting event with me. Yea, I'm that guy that thinks he can yell loud enough for the people on the field can hear. This is especially bad when I've been drinking or when I'm watching a team I despise. Both were the case in this situation.

By now, we've been hanging out with RA for about 6 hours straight. Never once did I feel the conversation strained or awkard. We were talking like old friends. It was quite a strange feeling since we just met them. Every now and then I would be like, OMG, we just met these people. Throughout the conversation, they continued to amaze me with their experiences and answers to my questions.

I thought for a moment why I was so interested in this couple and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. This couple was living one of my dreams. They moved to NYC without a whole lot with them. They didn't have jobs lined up and wasn't sure that they had a place to stay. Just the two of them trying to make it in the city. It could've easily turned out badly, but fortuantly things are going well, and they've got each other to support on.

The two of them vs. the city.

Nothing, I mean nothing, is more movie-esk than a plot line like that. Except maybe moving up there single and finding someone in the same situation living in your building. Maybe run into someone at the store buying a simiar thing, strike up conversation, and end up having desert together.

Or doing laundry late at night at an empty Laundromat and striking up conversation with the only other person there or... nevermind. I digress.

After a few hours at the bar, I get a text message from LiAps. We were going to meet him at his apt. so he could let us in before rushing out again. We had to do this soon so he could get back.

It was hard leaving them as it seem like there was a lot more we could've talked about. It was getting late and we had to meet LiAps while they had to get back and be ready for work bright and early. Funny thing with the convenience of the city. Most things are easy to get to, but it sure does take a while to walk to the train station, ride the train, then walk some more.

When we got out of the bar, it had become a little foggy and there was a light mist/rain. It was pretty cool to walk in the empty city in the fog with the lights of the city slightly distorted. We walked a couple of blocks and on Broadway we stopped. RA and us exchanged information and we said our good byes. They went one way while we walked the other.

I waited over a year for the tickets to the Daily Show and then another 6 months before actually seeing the show. There were a lot of headaches as a few people cancelled on me for 2 of those tickets and with moving things around so I can have time off from my job. The strangeness of very little traffic into the city so we were able to drink at 3 in the afternoon. The random meeting of people that lead to a meeting of a couple that is living my dream. .

I think this trip worked out just fine.

Hopefully we'll see them again soon.

You never know who you'll meet in New York City, New York.

The End.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

It’s Gonna Be… Wait for it…. Legendary! Part 3

I had spoken with the couple that was behind us in line a little before M showed up. Being the very sociable type, M was talking with them and others in no time. It was a good thing too cause we were standing in line for about another 2 hours once M showed up.

The conversation with the couple was great (We’ll call them RA. R for the guy, and A for the gal). There were a lot of similar interests between us. Most of them nerdy or geeky so I’m not going to go into details. I’ll just say I only know of one other chick that would answers some of the sci-fi questions like A. Brilliant I say.

After a couple of hours of waiting in the cold they started letting people in the studio. As you would imagine, there’s a bit of a stampee. Somehow people go separated so I ended up sitting with Ko and A, while M and R were sitting together in another section. It was quite enjoyable sitting by A during the show. We were cracking jokes throughout.

There was a guy that came out to warm up the crowd for Jon Stewart. This guy was pretty funny. From making jokes and making fun of the crowd, to trying to hook up a couple of the audience members, this guy did a good job.

Finally, Jon Stewart came out. He talked to the audience and took some questions. I totally froze from the pressure of asking him something funny and witty. I mean, it’s not like this is Jerry Springer. You have to ask good witty questions here. I’d have no problem at the Jerry Springer show.

Pup: ‘Incest Whore! Incest Whore!! Incest Whore’

Oh, I got Jerry questions and chants down. Stewart? Not so much.

The show was great and it’s awesome to be so close to the set. The set is actually quite small. With all the loud laughing and whoo-ing I was doing, I was pretty hoarse by the end of the show.
After the show, Ko and I were suppose to meet up with LiAps to watch the UT-USC game at a bar, but I got a text before the show was over saying there was an emergency and he wasn’t going to be able to meet up with us till later. Don't worry, it wasn't serious.

So after the show I asked what RA was doing and we decided to go out to dinner together. We went to this place M had suggested earlier. It was trendy, but not overly so. The food was not bad and it was a nice lively place (without being overcrowded).

The best part of the restaurant had to be that there were 4 separate bathrooms that were highly decorated. Each named and decorated with a glass mural of Cher, Elvis, Dolly, and Nelly and their music playing in each bathroom.

Now, I can understand Cher, Elvis, and Dolly, but Nelly? The other 3 are pretty big music icons, and then there's Nelly. Not that I'm busting on Nelly, it's just that he didn't seem to fit. There was an action figure of Nelly enclosed in a glass case in his bathroom so maybe he's bigger than I thought.

Sure I was getting hot in there, but I didn’t want to take off all my clothes.

To be continued….

Saturday, January 07, 2006

It’s going to be…. Wait for it…. Legendary. Part 2

It’s 3pm at the bar. There aren’t many people there. The employees busily work to prep for the on-coming dinner rush. It was a small but kinda trendy place. I sat at the bar with Ko killing some time before we headed off for the Daily Show.

The bartender talked to us while cutting fruits and getting all the mixers ready for the night. She had short dark hair and reminded me a lot of my old grad school roommate. That helped a lot in making me comfortable talking to her. That and the hours of 'training' I’ve had sitting at a bar.

So after a bit of talking and finding out that she was excited and jealous that we were going to see the Daily Show, I said that we had an extra ticket, and I didn’t want it to go to waste, so she should come with.

She deliberated a bit, then served me a nice glass of Magic Hat #9 (nice fruity beer), and after a bit, sadly she had to say no because she was working a double that night and no one was able to cover.


However, she said that there is someone at the restaurant that would love to go. She asked if we’d mind him going with us. Just before me asking the bartender to go, we had talked about how I could give this ticket to someone and totally make their day.

Well, I’m all about making someone’s day and according to her, this guy is a huge fan. It was also his last day at work too, so it should cheer him up. Everything had been flowing so smoothly during this trip. The travel up to NYC, the parking, the getting to the studio, and we never even got lost once. No awkwardness or anything, the guy M, was cool. We told him when and where to be, and that’s that.

After finishing up another drink, we headed down to the studios to stand in line. Even being there over 2 hours early, there were still over a hundred people already there (I know this cause we were given tickets with numbers on it later). We stood in line outside in the cold. It was a small price to pay. What made it ok was the people that were also waiting in line. People were quite friendly and talkative. I think we all realize we're all kinda geeky for what we had to do to get tickets and standing here for this show.

M showed up soon after. We talked for a while. He’s a musician and is now starting a band. He quit this last job without knowing what he’s going to do next, but he's young, so I guess this is the time to do it. At least he’s off to a good start with a free ticket to the Daily Show. The chances aren’t good, but I hope he makes it huge. Then I can say, I gave that dude a ticket once.

Yea, probably not. Well, at least he’s gonna have a good time today.

There was a couple standing behind us at the line. Since they first walked up, I noticed them and had talked with them a little before M showed up. They were quite a cute couple, and seem like the type of people I'd like.

Little did I know how much I'd like them later.

To be continued…

Friday, January 06, 2006

Fate? Coincidence? Randomness? It's All Good…. Part 1

The day started early as I had several calls and other work related things to take care of. I was a focused Pup as I knew what was going to happen later that day. Only a few hours of concentration at work till I can get my reward that I’ve waited for over a year for.

Yup, in a matter of hours, I would be on my way to New York City to be part of the audience for The Daily Show!!!!

OMG!!! Yes, I know you’re jealous.

I thought the show the night before would be the first of the year, but it turned out to a rerun. So this was going to be the first show of the year!!

The drive up to NYC was easy. For some reason, there was no traffic going into NYC. We found a parking space easily and were well on our way to the studio. We were guessing it would take about 3.5 hours for the trip, but we got there in about 2.5, and wanting to be there early, we were already planning to be there early, so now we're way ahead of schedule.

So we got to the studio 3 hours earlier than the early time of having to be there. We didn’t want to stand in line that long so we walked around for a bit.

What do we happen upon while we were wandering through the streets of NYC? Why, it’s the studio for The Colbert Report. Awesomeness.

It wasn’t as awesome as it could be because the show was off till next Monday, but still very cool.

Since we still had so much time to kill, I naturally suggest my favorite past time. We found and went to the nearest bar. The place was pretty empty. Much to my surprise, people don’t drink at 3 in the afternoon.

If there’s one thing I’ve learn in the last few years of spending ridiculously long spans of time at a bar, that’s talking to the bar tender. It didn’t hurt that the bar tender was quite cute. Looked a lot like my grad school roommate really.

So I was chatting her up when I realize that she was a big fan of The Daily Show and I had an extra ticket. Well, I can't just let me ticket go to waste can I? I thought I’d take a wild shot and ask if she’d go to the show…

To be continued….

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year, New Choices

With the New Year, everything seems possible, everything seems so new. New brings excitmennt and fear. There're millions of choices that will be made this year. What kind of decisions will you have to make this year? How will those decisions turn out? How will they affect you?

Well, that's for you to find out in 2006. There are 362 more days. Make the most of it.

Here's a warm up for your decision making skills

What would you choose? Yes, you HAVE to make a choice.

A spouse that was horribly ugly when people are around and gorgeous when you two are alone,
A spouse that was gorgeous when you’re with other people, but horribly ugly when you’re alone?

Your spouse gets into a car accident, would you rather
Their face be scarred and had to be reconstructed that s/he looks completely different,
Their body injured to the point where you have to help them move around the house and with everyday things

Your spouse be extremely nice and sweet to you, but nasty to everyone else
You spouse be nice and sweet to everyone else, but generally disagreeable and nasty to you

You spouse be very attractive and openly flirts with everyone that she meets
You spouse be unattractive but never flirts with anyone

Be someone that was unable to sleep
Be someone that was unable to stay awake

Your spouse never drinks and nags at you for drinking
Your spouse that binge drinks on the weekends

Ansewer in comment section!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Years!!!

May you strive high and accomplish great things this year and
make 2006 your bitch.