Friday, April 29, 2005

Scatter things for a Scattered Friday mind

- Sadly, no scattered, covered, chunked, and topped hashbrowns. If you know what toppings those are and from what restaurant. You rock.

- We went to see a couple of cool bands play on Wednesday. It’s been a while since I’ve been out listening to some cool Indie music. The main band (VHS vs. Beta) had an Asian guy that really sounded like Robert Smith (the Cure). They played a short set and had some long instrumental bits that were boring, but when their singing songs were awesome. I got 4 hours of sleep that night.

- I was not tired on Thursday because I was in an incredibly bad mood. I’m still feeling some of that. I’m hoping it’ll get better in about 5 hours.

- My apt. is being occupied by many people big and small this weekend. Don’t worry, I’ve put up all the porn, hided all the ‘toys’, and made sure I knew the hours Chucky Cheese will be opened.

- I feel bad for kids visiting my place. I have SO much toys. Boxes and Boxes of toys! It’s freaken Toy’s 'R' Pup around my apt. All the toys are all still in boxes and they can’t play with any of it though. So sad.

- I copied about 80 80’s song onto a CD. No, none of the 80 songs were by Rick Springfield. I heart my new mp3 playing car deck.

- I just finished a 2 hours course on Inclusion here at work. Good for Sprint for adding sexual orientation in this training. Now all of you go get Sprint phones. Comply!

- A friend just invited me to see ‘House of Wax’ cause he got some free tickets. Free movie, even if it’ll probably suck is still sweet.

That’s all folks. Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Back to what I like to do. Basically, telling you about the people around us who are cancers in our society, and like a cancer, they must be delt with by extreme prejudice. Time for another edition of.... What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Legislation is currently going through the Alabama legislature banning all plays or books by gay authors, or has anything to do with gay characters.

Apparently, Republican Alabama lawmaker Gerald Allen says that homosexuality is an unacceptable lifestyle, and therefore, all this literature should be banned. Also, supposively all this literature by gay authors and about gay characters are all part of the "homosexual agenda".

OH WHAT the FUCK are you talking about? What the Hell is wrong with you? What kind of paranoid ignorant backward-ass thinking goes through your feeble little brain for you to come up with the ‘Homosexual Agenda’?

Let me clear up some things for you since you’ve received some very bad information and are clouded by hate.

There’s NO gay convention like the Baptist convention where they come up with their “who are we going to hate this year” agenda. If there is a gay convention, it's on a beach and it's a party. There’s NO secret gay council sitting in the Hall of Gay with SuperQueer and Wonder Queen with his lasso of Queer trying to make everyone a homosexual. They mind their own lives. They don’t infringe on yours so leave them the hell alone and stay out of other people's happiness.

Back to the topic at hand. Taking books out because you disagree with the topic? Is that really where we are going in this society? Do you really think reading a book by a gay author will make someone gay? Will reading about gay characters make a person more sympathetic and tolerant of them? Perhaps, but is tolerance really all that bad of a thing that we're not into supporting anymore?

This book banning is more than troubling. No longer are we in a society where we value, share, and discuss different ideas. No, if it doesn’t agree with what some of us think, let’s just get rid of it. Period.

Great idea ass.

Do you know who else in recent history that was big into this thought cleansing and book burning? A couple of groups called the Nazi’s and the Telaban.

"I don't look at it as censorship," says State Representative Gerald Allen. "I look at it as protecting the hearts and souls and minds of our children."

You have GOT to be kidding me!! Protecting the hearts and souls and minds of our children??!?! HOW? WHAT? HUH? By making them uneducated and mis-informed? Is that how you intend to 'protect' them? How dare you risk the education of children for your own petty political gains and self-righteous immoralities!!

Once again, you will not see too much of this in the media because knowing every little detail of Michael Jackson’s case is much more important than some book burning a republican is proposing.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

As the Pup Turns

HAPPY 1 Year Blog-a-versary!!!

Yea, that’s it. Not THAT big of a deal, but still. 1 whole year of blogging!!

This page started as a cheap attempt to follow in the footsteps of hilarity that are the Furdells. I gave that up probably after the 2nd post. Why bother if someone else is already doing it well I say, and as any of you who’ve read any of the posts in this blog knows, we’re really not all that funny. Funny looking yes, funny writers no.

I say this next part from my point of view as I usually have no clue as to what T is writing about most of the time and Ko just doesn’t post cause he sucks.

I write my rants here, mostly political and social issues that I don’t think people pay enough attention to. I write some stories that I would like to remember or ones I’ve made up. I write here because I’m terribly bored with my current living situation and wish a tornado would take me away.

One main reason for writing for me is from my fear of losing my memories. This is a great place for me to scribe the things that are on my mind. I think I would enjoy reading these things when I can’t remember who I am anymore. After a person live their lives, the only thing they truly have are their memories, and to forget is like they never did any of those things.

This may sound a bit morbid, but it’d be fun to get a blog printed like a book and pass them out when you’re dead. Just a nice read for those that want to remember you. Not that I’m dying or anything, just an idea.

Anyway. Yay for one year.

I'm very happy to have met some of you who reads this blog, and very very happy to meet one that didn't use to read this page. It's been a good time so far.

I’m not sure how one celebrates this, but coincidently, I’m going to a baseball game tonight then on to a bar for a show of the rock n’ roll variety. Not planned that way, but just good timing I guess.

Here's a link for the short but very important first post EVER.
Here's a link for a slightly less coherent first post by T.

Thanks to everyone for reading!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

SOmething's creeping up tomorrow...

Stay tuned...

Monday, April 25, 2005

The Puptender

Just wondering, does anyone else out there watch The Contender? I picked it up about a month ago and now I’m watching back-to-back episodes on Sunday nights. It's a big odd as I’m not a big fan of the reality shows and I don’t enjoy boxing all that much.

The show and premise seems a lot different to me. The main one is that what they’re doing on their show is their talent and livelihood. It’s not getting on a show and pretending to be something or trying to do something you may know very little about.

These guys are boxers, not guys off the street wanting to be boxers and they’re on a national stage to box. It would be like if I was on a reality show for psychologists. Wouldn’t that be so exciting? Me sitting around coming up with tests, running correlations and linear regressions on all these variables, and maybe writing some reports? That and watching me in meetings most of the days. Exciting prime time stuff huh! There are many monkeys in my cube that keeps things exciting with their poop throwing.

These guys on the show don’t get to go home and go back to doing what they used to do like on other show. This is what they do, and when they lose, they all have to think that maybe they’re not a top fighter like they think they are. It’s not good to realize that after training for so long.

Hearing what these guys are fighting for also gives you a great attachment to these guys. All of these guys come from extremely poor countries and/or backgrounds. Most fight to give their family something to cheer for and for a chance for a better life. Hearing their stories and backgrounds makes you think how lucky many of us has it.

I know many of us work for these same reasons everyday, but it seems very different to have to put yourself in physical harm in order to do this. Not the possibility of being hurt on the job, but actually being hurt as part of the job.

For these guys and many others that didn’t have the luxury of getting a good education, this maybe the only ticket for a family to break out of the poverty cycle. It's sad to imagine, but it makes me feel proud and so lucky to have parents that worked so hard so I could get an education and for all the things that I've wanted.

It remind me of how good I have it to be able to get paid for using my brains instead of my fists.

Ok, just wanted to mention it.

On other notes of this weekend: Grill corn is DELICIOUS. I covered it in a garlic butter sauce and get it grill for a while. Damn that was good corn. I am now looking for a grill for the summer. I prefer Charcoal, but gas seems SO much easier. Suggestions anyone?

Very upset that COPS was not shown this weekend. Instead it was hours and hours of NASCAR. You could argue it maybe a similar population in both of these shows, but NASCAR keeps focusing on the little cars going around in circles instead of the fans. I want to see the fans damn it!!

I saw an amazing Mullet this weekend. It was nice and long and permed. It was something special to see.

Sin City Rocks. Hehe.. I saw boobies. There were also lots and lots of violence. I highly recommend it.

I also rented Bridget Jones’ Diary: The edge of reason that made me feel quite gay. Not that they're anything wrong with that. Also, not that this helps, but I also took the little quiz in the bonus section to determine which guy is better suited for me.

That is all. I say GOOD DAY!

Friday, April 22, 2005

This is why I don’t buy things
After months of looking, I finally decided to go get a new car deck for Big Red (my car). I got a 10% coupon, a rewards card that will give me back $5 for every $100 I spend, and I will put it on my discover card which will give me back 1% of what I spend. There’s free installation on the system too. Yea, I'm a bit ridiculous like that.
All is aligned. No more excuses.

I head over to the big yellow and blue store (I don’t like them, but they’re the only thing out here in this stoopid non-real city I live in). I’ve been looking for months and months so I knew exactly what I wanted. I was thinking of getting a deck in the mid to high $100 at first. Then, because of my obsession with decks that has changing colors and little animations, I had to up my price range to the low $200. All those decks were stupid, so my price range upped again to the mid $200.

I got there this morning and looked around at the same ones I’ve been looking at for months now. As there is NO customer service at this store, I wander around and what do I see? Sitting at the returned table was one of the super fancy car decks that is regularly priced for $399. Then I saw that because it's a return item, it’s only at $289!

So of course, this blows everything out of the water for me. I had to rethink everything. With the 10% coupon, this originally $399 deck would be the same price as the one I was about to get (over $150 in savings). I checked and checked and really didn’t see that much difference between the one I was getting and this one. As a matter of fact, the more expensive one doesn’t seem to have as many choice of animation as the other.

Sadly, I’m a big sucker for a really good deal. Even though it seems to have all the same features, this returned one is a lot more expensive so it must be better right? I hope so.

This is what I ended up getting.

So I went from my initial mid $100 budget to my final price of around $350 (plus taxes and stuff) for my car deck. I almost did a similar thing where I almost talked myself into a TV that was twice as expensive as the one I was getting. Luckily the different was thousands of dollars instead of hundreds (as in this case) so I didn’t do it.
See why I can't buy big things? At the last moment, I always give in to buying something much nicer than I was going for in the first place.
The deck is very awesome though. It plays every imaginable music format. I'm very excited with the MP3 feature. I can fit 800MB of songs (hundreds) instead of about 20 songs on a regular CD. So more tons of CDs everywhere in my car!

Anyway, if you hear some BOOM in your neighbor this weekend, especially late at night, you’ll know who it is.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Stuff about Monkeys.

As I’ve stated many times in personal conversations and here on the blog, I’m a big fan of monkeys. My dream is to purchase an island where I can develop an army of super militant monkeys and get on the list for the Axis of evil.

We will have a giant floating skull to call as our headquarters. Unless my island has a volcano. In which case, I would have to hollow out parts to build my headquarters with a big red ‘Do NOT Push’ button that will make the volcano erupt. This will also serve as the major flaw so someone can foil my plans. Yes, one big part of having a big evil scheme is to have a big obvious flaw that can be easily exploited.

Yea, yea, we know your plans already. So where is this all coming from you ask?

In a very interesting article yesterday, a SWAT team from Arizona is applying for a $100,000 grant to train a monkey for recon and other type of duties for the SWAT team.

Other people may laugh at you now, but they won’t be when the monkey becomes a highly trained tactical killing machine that will replace human SWAT teams.

I have an application for a $1 million dollar grant to train Ninja monkeys to fight terrorism. I’m sending the grant in as part of the renewal for the Patriot act. They’ll let anything get in there, so I’m pretty excited about my chances. Oh yea, it’ll also be a “faith-based” ninja training course too. So I’m definitely going to get the funding as it seems they don’t care what you do as long as you have the “faith-based” part in front.

See example:

How Bush's faith-based say-no-to-sex sex education is failing our kids

See got to talk about 2 monkeys in one post.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm going back to Cali.. Cali...

After an educational fun filled 3.5 days in Los Angles for an annual conference, I’m back and I’m damn tired.

Even though I only lived in LA for a short time when I was just a young pup, every time I visit, I get this calming feel that I’m home. I don’t think I would live there anymore, but I really like LA, even with the smog, traffic, and the pretentiousness of some areas. I still feel home there.

Compare to where I live now, it’s so wonderful to see all the diversity that the Midwest is missing. One major delicious difference is food. Sure we’ve got BBQ here, but you can’t eat that all the time.

Well you can, but it’s just not a good idea. I went through a ‘All-BBQ-All-The-Time’ diet which after a month, I’m pretty sure I’ve shorten my life by about 5 years not to mention acquiring some major poundage.

Anyway, back to the food. There were all kinds of food everywhere, and it was all good. In the hyper competitive restaurant scene there (I’m thinking specifically at the Chinese restaurants), if it’s not good, it won’t be around very long. So if you see some place with lots of people eating there, you can’t go wrong.

I went to a taiwanese dumplings place where the food was so delicious, they only make a specific amount of it each day. If they run out of something, better luck next time. They’re also opened only a few hours a day (less than banking hours). It’s pretty interesting how successful they are and that they stick to their guns about not killing themselves just to make loads and loads of money. They do more than ok with their 3 restaurants (LA, Taipei, Tokyo), they’re not greedy people.

On Friday morning, we were laying around on the bed and watching the traveling channel. There was a show on great hotels in LA. One hotel that was mentioned was ‘The Standard’. It was a very retro hip hotel with a very trendy bar. Walking between my hotel and the conference hotel what do I notice? The Standard was only a block away!

So on Friday night we decided to go. The aura and environment of the place just screamed hip. Shag carpets from floor to ceiling, sleek soft lined furniture, and waitresses in 70s flight attendants outfits. It was a very nice night so we sat outside by this fire place-type thing and people watched. As mentioned earlier, people watching rocks.

There were so much to do and so little time. On Saturday, I did manage to go to the conference (even more than I had planned to), had incredible dumplings, drove down sunset blvd and Hollywood, go waddle in the Pacific Ocean, walked around giant outdoor mall, go to jazz/eclectic bar, and all while finding time to hang out with the bro and a high school friend from the OC and being drunk a lot.

One big thing for the trip. After years of living there and dozens of visits, I finally saw the giant Hollywood sign on the side of the mountain. Yay!

One thing that I’m disappointed with during this trip was that during 2 separate occasions, I saw a dance-off in the streets. Any of you who know me even a little know that I’m all about taking it to the street. So I was pretty psyched about it.

The first dance-off was while we were driving through Hollywood, the other time while we were in Santa Monica. There wasn’t anything I could do in the Hollywood situation because we were in the car and we were rushing off for something else. But when we were in Santa Monica, it was right there in front of me.

I saw what was going on. Them boys had some skillz, I’ll give’em some props, but they needed to see what the Pup is all about. I didn’t know the format, but I stretched a little and I was about ready to jump in. However, I was drinking early that night and as I have no bladder, I had to run off to find a bathroom before I can lay out my sick moves in front of the crowd.

It was a horrible when I got back. Everyone had disbanded by then. I wasn’t gone very long to find a bathroom, but the big crowd and all the dancers were gone. Argh!! I missed it again!

I will have my dance-off! Mark my words!

The best part of the trip is definitely who I had with me. I’ve gone on a lot of trips and see a lot of things. One thing that I’ve learned is that what makes a good trip a great trip is who you’re with and who you’re able to share the experience with. For example, sure I’ve seen the Pacific ocean, but to be there who’s never see the Pacific and is stepping into the cold waters for the first time makes the experience just as exciting for me as well or taking that first flight after a couple of decades.

SO much more to blog about, there’re great stories of drunkenness, nudity, the attacking ocean, and a run-in with the LAPD. I gotta catch up from the 3 days of work I missed last week, so more later!

Have a good Monday!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

It's that time of year again...

It's prom season, boys and girls!!!
A high school teacher told me to check out the big sha-bang this Friday if I'm not busy playing "cards."

Think I'll skip it.

I almost didn't go to my high school prom. But I went after all.
*frickin' frackin' muttin' mitten'*

What happened is some guy stood up this girl that I liked and she had already paid her dues and all that. So the day before the dance she didn't have a date.

I'm getting ready to hang out at L5P for the weekend when she calls and begs me to be her date. I'm like fuck no. But she said she'd pay for everything, so I caved in.
I remember wearing sneakers and a beanie hat with the propeller. Also my hair was braided, something like Coolio's do!!!

We rolled up in someone's ghetto ride. The stereo didn't even work. One headlight was functioning and the wheel always veered to the right. Hey, at least my mom didn't take us.

I don't remember much and I try hard to repress the memory. But I do know that I was there and it sucked ass. Spring 1994.
Mutha fuck.

Yeah, ya'll have to promise not to tell nobody cuz the T aint weak, yo.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Yea, Yea, I know I said I would only post on Monday.
Since there a few sad things going on in the blog and real world, I figure this would be a good time to throw this in to make you feel even worst. You know, when it rains it.... it pours cats and dogs or something.

This is serious though.

I used to talk about this with some of my friends, but it never did seem to register because the concept of it is so horrendous and evil that most of us can’t even fathom that this happens. When we think about this stuff, we try to rid it from our memory as quickly as possible before it scars us and makes us bitter. But just because we don’t think it could happen, or that we don’t want it to happen, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

Slavery and human trafficking are still happening today. Thousands of women are being exploited everyday, sold and bought like property, and being worked in ways no one should ever have to go through life.

With the wealth gap widening in every country, and especially between countries, a great percentage of the population are living in extreme poverty and looking to fight tooth and nail to get out of their situation.

This is a perfect time for a predator to strike. When a person in a poverty stricken situation is offered a chance for a different and better life, few question these wolves in sheeps’ clothing as they are blinded with the thoughts of something better for them and their families. I don’t think anyone can blame them, it’s what we would all do.

I came across a very well written post on human trafficking, and specifically the sex trade in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Natasha from Russia

Please take a read. Although you may need a drink afterwards, it’s a great post and it describes something most of us are unaware of or don’t want to admit exists in the world.

It still amazes me every time I read about real problems like this going on in the world. How can the governments around the world not do more to publicize and curb this slave trade? Why haven’t we EVER heard about any of this from this administration that keeps preaching their righteousness and helping those in need? Where the hell are you? I’m not even asking for an emergency midnight session for these hundreds of thousands of women that actually need your help? Just know and care, just a little and maybe do something. Anything.

Instead of a war that didn’t need to be fought, what about turning your attention to the ones that are long over-due? If you are so intent of ridding the world of evil, why don’t you fight real evil instead of just one petty pathetic narcissistic man?

It’s not just the governments of the world, but when did we as a society decide to sweep horrid problems like this under the rug and hope it goes away? Are we that blind or uncaring of others that we are only concerned with our own lives anymore?

I guess it’s easier that way, we’ll have more time to care about the Michael Jackson case.

Have a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I feel a little threaten. Better go put a cap in someone's ass.

I meant to post something about this the other day but didn’t have time. Not that I have time now, but I thought I’d procrastinate.

“Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday he intends to sign a bill that would allow people who feel threatened -- even on the street or at a baseball game -- to "meet force with force" and defend themselves without fear of prosecution.”

Oh, this is just bloody fantastic. So at anytime you feel ‘threaten’ you have the right to use deadly force against someone? Why in the hell does anyone think that will help ANYTHING?

Presently (besides in your home or car), you are expected to try to not escalate things, but after Jeb signs this law, Floridians will be able to blow away anyone when they "reasonably believe it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm." Or that you'd be stopping "a forcible felony."

Reasonably believe? What the hell does that mean? I reasonably believe you’re all out to get me. Shouldn’t I be going over to FL now and blowing you away?

Why are we making it ok, and at a certain level, encouraging, people to escalate problems? What kind of society do you think we live in Jeb? We've evolved, sadly you haven't and can't get with the times.

What kind of example do you think you’re teaching the kids with this law? If you feel threaten, forget talking, blow them the fuck away? Or better yet, violence does solve everything right?

Good lesson from uncle Jeb.

Being that this was the top priority for the National Rifle Association, shouldn’t that have raised a few red flags as to the reason why this is being pushed into law?

Jeb and other FL legislatures are also calling this an anti-crime measure? Do you have ANY understanding of why people commit crime? In case you're too ignorant to understand, consequences are really not in the criminal’s minds when they committing a crime. Arming the population does NOTHING to combat crime. Escalating problems will only result in more fatal crimes, more accidents, and more innocent bystanders getting hurt.

You’re not stopping anything, you’re only going to make more people get shot.

Is this some type of new population control you have for the low Socio-Economic Status population since your brother is so intent on taking away their healthcare anyway? These two plans will probably work brilliantly together.

Ever think about anything but yourselves or consequences for your crazy thinking than how it will help you and your friends’ pocketbooks Jeb? No? Didn’t think so.

Why is it also that you damn right-wingers only use religion when it’s useful and convenient to you? Where’s your belief in Jesus and his non-violence stance? I don’t think Jesus would say "meet force with force".

Where the hell is your argument to error on the side of life shit you kept spewing just weeks ago?

You bunch of inconsistent self-righteous ignorant fucks. Damn it. Why the hell is the population this way?

We’re truly in a sad time where every aspect of our society is moving backwards. We’re not moving to any good ol’ days folks. It’s the ignorant ass, wild wild west, everyone for themselves, oppressive days we’re going to.

Once again I must ask, why the hell do things like this not get any airtime while seemingly the public and media are so obsessed with shit like Michael Jackson’s case? NO ONE CARES!! And if you do care that much, you seriously need to get a life.

Ok, back to work.

Monday, April 11, 2005

My prediction? Drunkenness.

After a terrible beginning to the trip, so much fun ensued. Here’re some highlights from this weekend.

- You heard me talk about it, and it makes me salivate every time I think of putting it to my lips (no, not that.. although that is mighty tasty… ummm.. nevermind). Met up with the Furdells and LiAps before the Braves game for a drink of the most delicious beer EVER!

Strangely though, I didn’t think it was nearly as delicious as the last time I had it. I was a little disappointed but I think I may have raised the expectations of the taste to outgrow even the deliciousness of the beer. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still awesome and good, but I’m not dreaming about it now. I did find another equally tasty Belgium to drool over now.

- Braves games are great. Just sitting around on a perfect night watching a good game. Can’t beat that. The $6.50/beer is a little silly. That’s why I get for forgetting my flask. Yea, I’m that guy.

- Watched Rocky III and Nightmare on Elm Street III: Dream Warriors on Sat. Rocky III has some of the most fun quotable lines coming from Mr. T. However, I was too distracted by the overtly homoerotic tone of the whole movie. I need to go back and watch Nightmare II. Supposively that's just one big gay horror movie. Even the directors said so.

Nightmare on Elm Street III is great as well. I think the “Dream Warriors” video by Dokken at the end really put everything nicely together.

- I played the chess game where every piece on the board was a mini shot glass. I had wanted to play chess a lot lately, and I enjoy drinking. So naturally this seemed like a great idea. Sadly, I’m not very good at chess and managed to lose EVERY piece on the board. This was after 5 beers too. Needless to say, the good times were about to start as we got ready to go out afterwards.

I was just informed that I had called someone and left a message after the game too. That’s not good since I didn’t remember calling anyone. Can’t wait to hear what I said.

- Baddest ass thing EVER / Stooopidest thing EVER. I made a U-turn on the hwy, drove on the shoulder going the opposite direction of the traffic then cut across 4 lanes of traffic to take a left lane exit. There was a good reason for all of this. Kids, don’t try this stunt at home or ever.

- Met up with my friend and a couple of his beautiful baby friends. One he had gone out with the night before. It seems that they hit it off quite nicely from the look of things. I’m trying to think of what happened or what was said or even what the other girl looks like and sadly I can’t. I remember seeing a couple of tattoos, one of which was in a very nice location, but that’s about all I remember from the interaction. Hell, I don’t remember if I even told anyone goodbye or if we just left. Anyone with any information about Saturday night please feel share the large gaps of memory that I seem to be missing.

- Went to the big Dogwood arts festival in ATL this Saturday. There were many awesome art things on display. One particular booth that really caught my attention was this artist wrapping plastic baby dolls in bandages (looked mummified) and then doing various weird things with thing. One baby doll had spikes in the head, another had blood flowing from the eyes, and one had a strange mask on. It was very interesting.

There were plenty of non weird cool art stuff, many made me think of you bloggers. How weird is that now? Not just thinking of my friends and family when I look at all these things, but of bloggers now. Sheese.. I should cut back.

- Went hiking and saw a cool waterfall today. Man, I miss hiking. Another good reason for me to get the hell out of the flatlands that is Kansas. “Hiking” in a corn field is just not the same. That’s just creepy.

- Of course, you knew this trip wouldn’t be complete without more travel drama. I thought it would be a good idea to leave a little earlier from dinner to head to the airport since the traffic is unpredictable in ATL. So I’m making good time going down the hwy, and what do I hear? Flop Flop Flop Thump Thump.. SHIT.

I knew that sound and feel all too well. My car went through a period where my tires kept exploding for some strange reason. Just when I thought I was going to be early for once, the tire blows out in the middle of the hwy. I had to cross 4 lanes of traffic again and park my ass on the shoulder.

So now we go from being early to possibly missing my flight. Luckily, me and my dad were awesome and managed to change the tires in about 20 minutes. All those other times of blowing out my tires really helped when I had to do it fast. Made me appreciate the NASCAR guys that change 4 wheels in 8 seconds. On our way again. After going a short distance, we see the dreaded see of red break lights. SHIT once again.

Some road construction turning a 5 lane into a 2 lane is no good when one is struggling for time. However, things moved relatively fast and I finally got to the airport on time and ready to board.

I did get some crap from security cause my hands were all covered in grease. Yea, cause that’s how a terrorist would be. Grease all over my hands. Great detective work there. Guess they were doing their job. I’d probably complain if they didn’t say anything.

Wow, look at all those stars outside the plane right now. There’s so many of them and they’re all so bright. I don’t think I’ve seen that many stars in a long time. I think I need to go camping again. Just sleeping under the stars next to a nice fire.

I think I’m going to go and stare at them for a while.

Probably won’t have time to post till next week, It’ll be busy here and then I’ll be in LA for the 2nd half of the week. I can’t wait!! Good company, Exciting city. Yowza!

Oh… it’s lightening outside now. Cool.

Have a good week everyone!!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Unedited blogging from the flight last night:

"Oh damn does this ever suck. I’m stuck on the plane (middle seat no less) waiting to leave for ATL from KC. I had taken off from work early, then paid an extra $25 to change my flight, only to sit here on the plane. Supposively there’s some bad weather going on in ATL and they’re not letting planes take off. So we’re grounded for at least another 45 minutes, and then we get the next update which could easily be sit on your ass some more.

It doesn’t help any that this flight is fully booked and that there’s a huge guy sitting next to me so I can’t even really type this out very comfortably. ARGH… I’m going to elbow you giant negativity man with scotchy breath. If I could actually get to my luggage, I’d get out my flask of Jack.

Since I thought it was going to be a quick flight, I thought I can do without my Gameboy and MP3 player. Boy will this ever teach me. I bet if I had gotten a PSP, I’d have it with me now and be the envy of everyone here. Damn I’d be smooth.

I have chosen poorly.

Craaaaaappppppppp..... I bet we won’t take off till my original flight (3 hours later than this flight). Wouldn’t that suck? That flight didn’t have hardly anyone on there and it wouldn’t have cost me $25 to sit here squished on a crowed plan. Once again, my brilliant plan goes all to hell.

Hmmm… no one to call… no one calling me. Boo. I think I’m going to buy a game for my phone.

Man, I hope this weekend will be fun. It sure isn’t starting out very well. And what I could be doing instead of going to ATL this weekend? Yowzaaaa! That would’ve been nice.

I’m glad to go though, I haven’t seen these guys in forever, and I’ll get a nice Scotty fix. He’s all big and stuff from what I’ve heard. I firmly believe 2yrs old is when Uncle Pup needs to seriously influence the boy. I’ll show him to the right side of the force, and how to say “thug life”.

So at least I brought my laptop huh. Coincidence? Hell no. Even though I’m taking the day off, I’ve got lots of work to do. What’s that about? I’m serious though, that’s gotta stop. I can’t wait till I take a big trip this summer. I’ll go away for a long while and not have anything remotely resembling work. The only work I want to have to do is order another round for the table and maybe shaving. Maaaybe.

Of course this would help if me and my friend wasn’t so busy that we don’t have time to plan this thing. The clock is ticking. What will we do? I don’t care though, even if this trip falls though, I know I want to go somewhere. Somewhere with water. Oh somewhere will be traveled to. Sooooommewhere!!!

Oh another update. Looks like we’ll be here a bit longer. Near forever to be exact. So it looks like I spent the extra $25 for nothing. Fantastic.

ARGHHHHHH… why am I sitting next to this guy? Why do you take up ¼ of my seat too? WTF? Oh.. you're so annoying me mr. unpleasant man. I should charge you $50 for taking up that space. I’m going to start a slow annoying poking with my elbow. That’ll show ya.

Poke. Pooooke. Poooooke!

OHHHHHH…. WHAAAA? We’re leaving!!!!! Oh happy days! Only 1.5 hours of having to sit on the plane!

Where’s that drink cart with the Liquor?"

I feel bad for the flight crew though. It's not like it's their fault. Stoopid weather. People need to calm the hell down. Especially the guy behind me. Sheese buddy, what the hell? Telling the flight attendents off will not help anything. Asshole.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What’s Annoying Pup now?

The following are the 3 top things that are annoying Pup now (in no particular order):

With an overwhelming landslide decision, 70% of Kansans came out to the polls to confirm that yes, Kansans are ignorant intolerant sheep who really have nothing better to do than to be in other people’s private lives.

So are all of you now feeling a bit safer now? Sleeping a bit better last night knowing that you didn’t do ANYTHING except take away the rights of a group of people that has NEVER bothered you in anyway? What, do you think you’ve rid the ‘Gay’ from the state or something? Or maybe you’ve just made it legal so it’s ok to look down on them and treat them as a second class citizen. Well congratulations, you’ve done that.

Oh, but it gets better. Besides limiting marriage to one man and one woman, the Kansas amendment states: “No relationship, other than a marriage, shall be recognized by the state as entitling the parties to the rights or incidents of marriage.”

So unless you are a man and a woman who are married, Kansas now refuses to recognize you in any other type of relationships. This is not only aimed at the Homosexual population, but we live in a diverse country with all types of diverse relationships. Even though they may not all be married, they are ever bit if not more loving as many of the married couples out there.

Over 50% divorce rate. Yea, marriage is definitely the way to go for everyone. Since when was it the government’s role to push marriage?

This is going to be a problem for many couples as well. Yes, Hetero ones. For example, the elderly, when it comes to things like benefits, medical issues, inheritances, etc. Even if the two of you’ve been together for decades, you’re pretty much screwed in having any say over your partner.

And NO you Jackass. That little piece of paper saying you’re married doesn’t have shit to do with how happy, or loving a couple is.

Here’s another fantastic issue that has come up that these Bigots don’t tell you has happened in other states that has approved similar measures to define relationships. If you and your girlfriend/boyfriend live together, and one of you starts beating the other, no longer is that domestic abuse. Nope, cause we don’t recognize any relationships unless you’re married. So now it goes from the harsher punishment of domestic abuse to simple assault and battery.

Isn’t that fantastic?

Of course, getting married to your abusive spouse will certainly take care of that problem. Duh.

One last note on this. I keep hearing, “Proponents contend the ban will have no impact on heterosexuals”. Yea, that’s fucken fantastic you jackasses. Passing laws that only negatively affect a minority group. Yea, no problem here. Didn’t we used to live in a country where we thought discriminating against one particular group was a BAD thing?

- I watched a bit of Bill O’Rilly last night. Bill and his guest commented that Catholics are the last discriminated class of people in the world. Catholics? The world’s richest organization? They have their OWN country? WTF? Are you kidding me? How those words can possible come out of your mouth amazes me. That’s just fantastic journalism and opinion there Bill.

- I heard about the parts of the Patriot Act that’s coming up to congress to get re-approved. They are fantastic. The following are a couple of examples.

Within the Patriot Act, the government has the power to break into your house and make it look like a burglary in order to obtain information.

If somehow you find out it was the government and not an actual burglar, it is against the law to tell ANYONE. Anyone includes cops, lawyers, judges, family, etc. ANYONE. If you do, you’ll be put in jail. I think they should at least leave you a note. “Ha Ha… We took your shit. You’re screwed. Love, Rummy. “

Getting a judge to grant a search warrant is no longer necessary. I guess that’s just too much red tape. Never mind having someone to try and protect your personal right. Field agents can now just write their own with this form they have. Once again, Fan-fucking-tastic.

There’re more, but I was a bit too angry to be paying any attention.

What I don’t get is where are all these gun touting, less government in my life people are? These same people who just happens to more likely to be conservative Republicans. Where are you now when they’re invading your life? What, you think you’re safe because someone can’t accidentally mistake you for a damn terrorist cause you’re white? Think again. They don’t just target terrorists with these powers.

I will predict this now. As soon as the government (if ever) goes back to the Democrats, these same people who aren’t saying anything now will be out there in the streets.

Oh yay Wednesday!!! I’m outta here tomorrow!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Coming down a high

Well, the Tournament is now over. This has to be one of the most exciting series of games I’ve seen in a while. The 4 games in the elite 8 game round were all spectacular which lead up to the final game of a #1 vs. #2 game (not happened since 1975).

As you may have heard....

NORTH CAROLINAAAAAAAAA..... Take yo shirt off..... Spin it ‘round like a helicopter!!!
As a result of UNC winning, I ended up winning one pool and coming in 3rd in another for some nice cash goodness. Also won a shot last night too.

We’re goin’ to Sizzler..... We gonna sizzler.....

Due to my class last night, I missed the first half of the game. I was trying to leave early, but I was so close that I wanted to finish everything up. I ended up finishing 2 of my projects! They look very nice I think. Not as good as a one-eyed monkey with shakes from heroin detox, but still nice. I’ll post pics up later.

I did get in trouble during class yesterday. It wasn’t a big deal, and it’s not like you can really get in trouble in an art class that didn’t involve harming yourself or others.

I was in an, ahem, ‘interesting’ text conversation and I was still texting when the class started. I think it may have annoyed the instructor as she told me to put that away. No big deal, but I still felt like I was back in grammar school getting caught for passing a note.

At least I didn’t have to miss recess or anything. It’s kickball day!!
I wish there was kickball here at work.

That’s all folks. 2.5 more days till sweet tea goodness. 7.5 more days till just plain sweet goodness!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Everything’s happening as I have foreseen....

The stage is set. Illinois vs. North Carolina for the NCAA tournament Championship. You couldn’t ask for anything more. Sure it’s nice to see Cinderella teams take out big time schools in the first few rounds, but seriously, who wants to watch a Bucknell – Pacific championship game?
Tonight, the #1 will face off against the #2 team in the nation. I know many of you don’t care, but it really is exciting. It rarely happens this way. It’s even more exciting that I can win my bracket if UNC comes out on top. T will actually come in second too. Not bad for a first–timer. Sadly, Ko is mathematically eliminated. Yea, where you at now Ko?
One slight problem is that Monday nights I have my stained glass class. What? Shut up, it’s fun and yes, it’s perfectly manly to take that class. The class goes from 7-9pm and the game starts at 8pm. I think I’ll do what I did last week and just go right after work and leave by 8pm. Since I took my project home and worked on it this weekend, I should be way ahead of everyone anyway.

Even though I paid for it on Sunday, Saturday night was a good night. It started with watching the games on Saturday night at a local pub. It was great since it was close to my place instead of the usual 45 min. drive down to where other people lived.

5 hours of basketball goodness! Plenty of time for me to get nice and hammered (Jager why do you hate me so?!) and scream loudly at the TV. I don’t understand how people can just sit there and watch. I’m not saying you should get as excited as me, but still… don’t just sit there. Get into it. Maybe if you yell loud enough they can hear you. No? You don’t think so? Keep drinking… it could happen.

Anyway, there were good company, loads to drink, hot ass wings, a waitress with a totally disproportionate booty, and lots of fun with the text messaging. That’s probably the big news of the night. Yup, I have broadened my horizons and expanded to other ways of annoying people.

No longer am I limited to Drunk Dialing, now my repertoire includes Drunk Text Messaging!! Kids call it DTM. Be Afraid… Be very very afraid!

In a crowed loud bar, it’s often difficult to talk on the phone. Now with short text messages, it’s easy to convey drunken messages to your friends far away while they’re trying to sleep or something to tell them the latest brilliant observation you had. I got mucho creative too on Saturday night. Well, creative in a drunk Pup thinking he can be creative sort of way. I read over what I wrote on Sunday and was like sheese… can’t believe I typed that! And oh… she may not talk to me anymore. Needless to say, things were fun and graphic.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Oh No.. So what do you do when you get drunk? (Honey… let’s get drunnnkkkkk and screeewww….. points if you know this song). That’s right, you go to smoky, divey bar with a strange obsession for Karaoke.

Nothing says good times like watching drunk people sing. We were being served beers in this ginormous mug. I’m serious. The thing was Huge. It musta been a good 3/4 gallon of beer in there. Like 2x the size of a Big Gulp (64oz). Everyone in the bar were having them… that or shots. That’s it. Giant beer or shots were your only choices. It was something special to see.

So a friend thought it’d be funny to get me and one of the other guys to get up there and sing. When they called our names out, we tried to ignore and pretend we didn’t hear it. Of course our table wouldn’t let that fly, so after some strong encouragement, bribes, and the whole bar yelling for us, we got up on the stage.

We didn’t know what we were singing. Personally, I was too drunk to care. I’ll sing anything. Secretly, I was hoping for some Sweet home Alabama, Bon Jovi, Linkin Park, or Quiet Riot. I heart singing those songs.

So the music started. After the first 5 notes you knew. You knew like a bad rash is coming back. Now, I like this song, but I don’t know if the two of us could pull it off. The song was Funky Cold Madina by Tone Loc. Maybe it was that the whole bar was drunk, or that it was simply a good song, but the bar was really into it. Although short of any women throwing their underwear on the stage, they were show some love for the Pup and friend rendition.

There was pool and darts to be played, and other stuff I can’t remember. Oh well… Guess I’ll have to go again.

This bar is definitely on the list of places to go when out of town-ers visit. Ok, who’s ready to come for a visit?

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 01, 2005

I’ve got nothin’

Yea, I’ve got nothin’. Things are pretty boring around here. Work is keeping me pretty busy, so at least that helps time fly a bit. I think I need this nothingness and hanging out more so the bar is set lower when I see new stuff sometimes, but I really don’t. I’m pretty easily excited over stuff. I rather be out there doing stuff, visiting people, traveling and stuff.

No worries though, things will be picking up starting next week. I’ll be traveling to Atlanta next weekend to see the guys (that I haven’t seen in over a year… I think. My memory not too good). Then off to LA for 3.5 days for a conference! That’ll be fantastic. Can’t wait to see the Pacific again and visit the ol’ OC.

I only get about 13 channels or so coming in clearly on my TV, so I tend to watch the same channels a lot when I’m channel surfing. I don’t know if y’all have this channel, but it’s basically an infomercial channel. All infomercials... all the time.

So the product they’ve been pushing a lot lately is this exercise ball. I’m sure most of you have seen it. It’s not really a new product or anything. Just a giant rubber ball to exercise with.

So MAYBE it’s that I only watch this late at night, or MAYBE that’s just what’s on my mind, but I can’t stop thinking of using that thing for sex.

I mean, sheese, think of all the great positions you can do with that ball. I’d post some sketches I’ve made, but… well… you’re better off not seeing them. It's be great... and it'll help work the abs and tone your arms and legs. It's a brillant idea really.

Go UNC this weekend!! North Carolina!! Take your shirt off....

Have a good weekend everyone! Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward on Sunday!
I just got off the phone with the cops.

They called me here at work.

"Afternoon, Mr. T?"
"This is officer Dick McHead. We have a warrant out for your arrest! Wal-Mart
Inc., has accused you of shoplifting.... On the date of November 16th 2004…. Using closed circuit surveillance monitoring equipment…. On the date of January 21st, 2005…theft by concealing item(s) under clothes…. On the date of...walked in...walked out...sensor did not sound...but...merchandise on your person...surveillance show bulging of pockets. March 11th...Found empty wrappers...last's restroom. You're seen entering and exiting restroom alone. You make several more trips to the restroom. Janitor reports a pile of wrappers accumulating on tiles. This is the report filed by Wal-Mart. You may wish to contest these claims. This document will be submitted as evidence supporting Wal-Mart's claim incriminating you in a state of Georgia court of law. It's best if you confess to these recurrent shoplifting events and turn yourself in."

That's when I shit a brick.

Then he starts reading all this stuff about me to me:

"Please confirm that the following information is correct. Last name T, first name Mr. Your alias is the T. You are male and you’re over twenty. You have hair. You're not that tall. You're black but medium white. You live downtown. Your tag number is.... Your SSN is.... DOB...."

I freak.

Now I have to deal with this shit, which may mean I'll spend time behind bars. Fuck. Now I have to tell my boss I'll be on vacation for like 80 to 100 days with good behavior. McDickhead is still going on...

"You live alone. You're a social drinker. Medium build. And you wear glasses."

In the background I hear someone say, "Find out how big his pecker is, Leroy!"

Fucking pigs.
How humiliating.
I'm dead.

I wonder if I can just return all this shit.
Hell no!!!
I don't really remember what I took.
Wait, there was that Pet Shop Boys cd.
I found a cure cd, for which I felt the cd mine for the taking.
(gotta complete my collection, yo!)
Some Dragon Ball Z dvd's.
Pencils. Pens. Markers.
Cheese. Salsa. Tuna fish. Peanut butter and pickles (what was I thinking?)
And all those Magic cards.
Fuck it. I'll just pay the fine and do the time.
I still come out ahead.
I can sell a few Magic cards to post bail.
They can't stop the T!!!