Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Here's the little man!!
He can say poo. And if he actually pooped.. he'll hold his nose and say pooo.. It's the cutiest thing ever. Well, it's really smelly sometimes, but still cute.
Can't wait to teach him to say 'Thug Life'
Finally… The Pup has come back to blogsville…

Can you smell what the Pup is cooking?
I’m back in the working world once again. I had 86 work emails waiting for me when I got back. I so shouldn’t be this popular. If I’m getting 86 emails, at least 10 of them should involve porn, but noooo. So I could/should be answering the emails, but I think I’ll blog instead.

It’s driving me nuts to see that I haven’t posted anything in almost a week.

So this is what I have learned this past week.

1. If there is a wedding involving a white family and a Puerto Rican family, the dance floor will be exclusively Puerto Rican (with plenty of representin' from Pup).

2. My alcohol tolerance is way scary high. I’m going to have to cut back.

3. You may be crazy if… You took your children (4 adults) and grandchildren (1 set infant twins, 6 children under 3) to Costa Rica with a 7 hour layover in Atlanta. By the time they got on the plane (and made me move 2x to get away from them), the kids were less than pleasant. Good times on planning that trip.

4. I hate flying home with no one to greet me at the gate. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I swear I’m just going to pick someone random and hug and kiss them next time.

5. I think I’m one of the more energetic people I know. I baby sat my nephew for a day and I almost passed out by 8pm.

6. There’s something awesome about going to pick up a kid (nephew again) from school and when they see you looking through the window, their face lights up and drop everything in their hands and come running into your arms all happy.

7. It’s very sad and hard to explain to a crying 1.5 yr. old (when he realizes you’re leaving) that Uncle Pup will be back in 3 weeks.

8. Spending $150 on food and alcohol with one of my oldest friend just talking for hours and drunk calling people is an expense I will be more than happy to make any day of the week.

That’s about it for now. Now on to the emails…

Hope everyone had a good Turkey day.. Gobble.. Gobble..

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I can’t leave Ice!! I can’t leave my wingman!

While Ko is busy with the invitations, I will step in for a second here. I had an awesome time in Philly at Ko’s Bachelor party this last weekend. I’m not going into details here. The only thing I will say is.. Ko’s my hero. Don’t underestimate the Kojo (Ko’s Mojo).

I want to point out something that I experienced this weekend. This is something that I knew is true, I know it happens, but I have always thought it was done more covertly. On Saturday night, it wasn’t covert at all. It was out there in the open. The monster wasn’t sneaking around in the dark or hiding in the background, it was out in the middle of the street saying ‘bring it bitch!’

That which I experienced my friends, is the Classic Cock Block.

I’m sure all of you are familiar with this term, but just in case you’re not, here’s a quick reminder. Cock blocking (especially prevalent in pairs of girls) is when one of the girls acts as a wall/barrier when a guy approaches and is interested in getting to know one of them better. For whatever hateful reason they have, or under the big lie of ‘I’m protecting her’, the one that is receiving less attention or perceives to be receiving less attention often acts as the cock blocker.

So I knew this in theory. I knew it happens, but to see it in action was quite amazing. During the weekend, I approached 2 girls standing by the bar whom didn’t seem to be talking to each other and seem a bit bored. I went up and started talking to them. After a bit, it may have seemed that I was talking more to one of the girls (so there’s the cute one and the hateful cock block one). The hateful cock block one was not unattractive, but seemed to have a chip on her shoulder standing next to her friend. I made a very conscious effort to talk to both of them equally. Later, I talked to the cute one more not cause she was cuter, but she was actually talking and seemed interested. The other was just being generally hateful.

I would suggest some ideas that involved coming by and sitting with our group, getting another round, dancing with the Ko, etc. to the girls. Each time, the cute one was all for it. Each time, the hateful one stopped the cute one’s excitement with one classic hateful cock block statement after another. Here’s one great example. Ko is dancing and I asked if the girls would like to join him. Cute one is all excited and ready to go. Hateful one? “I don’t dance.” Result? Cute one saying “Maybe I’ll wait for the next song” WTF? Classic Cock Block.

So this little chess match went on for a bit, but there was too much blocking for my game. My game wasn’t all that strong to begin with, and with this wall, I had nothing. The cock block succeeds again.

I don’t tend to speak to random groups of girls very often. I’m just not that aggressive and generally shy, but I truly see the importance of having a good wingman. The wingman would’ve taken the hateful one out.

I needed a wingman that night. Where’s Goose?!


Monday, November 22, 2004


Looking back, the night of my bachelor party was rather surreal and magical. Saturday had an ominous beginning. It was a cloudy and overcast day. I was still tired as hell and a little groggy from all the drinking that we were doing the night before. The action didn’t really start until we checked into the hotel in the heart of Philadelphia at around 5:30 in the afternoon. It was there that Ko’s Wild Ride officially began. I was handed a list with 10 acts that needed to be performed by 1 AM. Some of you might be wondering what’s on this magical typed list of things to do. Well, here it is

Kiss a girl, whose name is Jenny, on the cheeks. (My fiancee's name is Jenny)
Have a girl buy you a drink
Get a girl’s underwear (bra or panties)
Have a girl do a body shot off of you (or do a body shot off a girl)
Dance by yourself on the dance floor (I am a terrible dancer; it's a scary sight. People went blind from watching me dance)
Have people you don’t know write on the back of this list why you should NOT get married.
Serenade a girl at a bar that you don’t know (much like the dancing; something that I am so horrible at that people around the bar went deaf)
Find a Bachelorette party or a party of girls and get in a picture with them
Get the phone number of any girl that’s present
Get spanked by 3 or more girls

For every item not completed, I was supposed to take a shot of Jaegermister; yes, Pup can be a cruel stuffed bear sometimes. Let me let you in on a little secret about me; I am a cheap date….a super duper cheap date. Two drinks is all that it takes for me to have a great time. Anyways, the gang (Pup, Spammy, Multi-cultural Boy, The Cuz, and The Canadian) then all proceeded to take bets on how many of these items I would actually complete. Losers would pay for and take as many shots as needed with me.

Spammy – 5
Pup – 6
The Canadian – 7
The Cuz – 8
MCB – 9

After carefully reviewing the list, I thought to myself. Nine out of ten things on this list are really not that hard to do. I can get this shit done in 2 or 3 hours in the right setting; the tricky one will probably be the one involving undergarments…

To be continued…

Random Shorts:

I'm ai'ight.

I found $5.30 in spare change while cleaning the crib yesterday. Can I buy you a drink?

There was some report in the news last week about an unfortunate pedestrian that was run down by a negligent motorist. That got me thinking about my car. If I were to hit someone with my car, it wouldn't kill them. Hell, it may not even hurt them. They would just be really, really, really pissed. And my car would go even slower. Accelerate is a curse word to my car.

Possum for dinner again tonight. Can't wait for turkey day for turkey-fried squirrel!!!

How would you feel if a person was hitting on you at the bar, invites you out the next day, you go out and find out the person is married? Work with me people!!! If you're married, yet you think I'm the shit, get an annulment, and then let's get busy!

What would you do if your friend's girlfriend was buzzing pretty hard and chatty but not trashy and he, your friend, leaves the party to hang with the boys in a science lab? After an hour of chatting with her I said goodnight.

Funny that fags, fugal, fuchsia and fuses pop up in my spell checker as it doesn't recognize fugazi. Okay maybe not funny, rather sad.

My toes are cold.

What's up Ko!?


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Fear of a White Boobie

Enough of this sappy crap. Time to get the hate on. It’s time again for another edition of…

What the FUCK is wrong with you people?

I’m a little behind on this as I was posting sappy crap, but I assure you, I’ve been pissed about this since I heard of it. As some of you may or may not have seen, there are some people that are outraged at the intro commercial to the Monday Night Football game.

In the short intro for the Eagles-Cowboys game this past Monday night, a bare backed Nicollette Sheridan (of “Housewives”) threw off her towel and jumps into the arms of Terrell Owens.

Where in the Hell are you people seeing as a problem with this?!! The bare back got you a little too worked up? Maybe you should get the fuck out more. Is it the whole white woman jumping into the arms of a young black stud? Is that what you have a problem with you racist prick?!?

I guess that imagery plus the non-stop running of those damn erectile dysfunction drugs doesn’t make you look too good huh?

The only comments I’ve read about the complaints are that the intro was ‘inappropriate’. This is the intro to a football game. The number one mainstream outlet we have to organized violence. We have cheerleaders that are scantily clothed, that are out there for absolutely NO reason other than to look hot (Don’t kid yourselves with the cheering thing either. No one can hear except for the first 2 rows, and they got those tickets to stare, not listen). How is all that ok but a bare back lady gets you all up in arms?

Before you even begin to complain about this intro to the game, why don’t you spend your energy stopping those damn erectile dysfunction commercials that fucking runs every 3 minutes? If you can’t get it up anymore, maybe that’s just nature telling you you’re done and no one wants to fuck your nasty old ass. How is erectile dysfunction 'appropriate' for anyone?

Who the hell is a bare back ‘inappropriate’ to anyways? Kids? Are you seriously going to throw the ‘we’re ruining our kids’ argument on this one? You’re a parent. Act like one. How about not letting the kiddies watch TV huh? Oh, didn’t think of that one? Too damn busy complaining about other shit that’s ruining your kids? Hey, here’s a good idea, why don’t you try raising them yourselves instead of letting the TV do it?

What the fuck is wrong with you huh?

I’m not even here to just rant about you crazy ass right-wingers. What the hell is the NFL, ABC, the Eagles, and now Terrell Owens apologizing for? You have nothing to apologize for cause you didn’t do anything wrong!!! Stop caving to these damn insane tight ass fucks.

If you bible thumpers so believe in your bible, you should try reading it. There’s nothing in there about sex or sexuality being bad. Adam and Eve ran around buck ass naked in the garden and fucked to populate the planet (which btw, how you can believe 2 people can fuck enough to make a population of 6 billion that we have now is beyond me).

Guess what? Adam and Eve didn’t get kicked out of the Garden for being naked or fucking! How you like them apples huh? Get the shit straight!

As James has pointed out, what the hell is wrong with out society that we fear sexuality SOOOO damn much, but violence is so perfectly fine? Bare back not ok, but 3 hours of huge guys hitting each other is fine?

Read James' more civil and much more funnier post on this.

Argh.. I don’t understand you people.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Once again, it’s story time. (con't)

Did you make sure you went to the bathroom first? Refreshed that 40? This is gonna be a long one. Sit back down and I'll finish my tale.

We were in the city to watch an opera at the MET that night. I do enjoy operas and I think she does too. That or she fakes it very well. After walking a bit, we decided to take a cab the rest of the way to get in on some pre-show fun. I picked up the tickets and we went in for a few drinks in the lobby.

Now as you could imagine, people who attends operas are generally older and more conservative folks. There I stood, nice flaming spiky orange hair. It was great to freak out some of the older folks. Generally, the crowd just rolled their eyes, but an older couple showed some love by telling me that my hair was a wonderful color and that it’s about time more diverse people came in here.

During the opera, it was so nice to have her by my arms. It’s not like we were holding hands or each other or anything, but just having my arms rest next to hers. The opera was great, I had this kick ass suit, and I had a great gal next to me. Nothing was going to make me feel bad that night. I felt so good. Everything was all right.

During the show, we were saying little things to each other about the show and doing little 3rd grade things during the boring parts. Yes, very immature, but oh so much fun. Besides, operas needs a little bit of cutting up. At one point, she whispered something in my ear, nothing special, but nothing could’ve been sweeter.

After the opera, we decided to walk to Times Square. We just talked and talked. We also walked and walked since we didn’t know how far it was. Neither us minded. The air was chilly, but that was a just a good reason to be closer to each other. The conversation never felt forced, nor did it ever stop. The walk from the MET to Times Square was quite long, and it dragged on and on, but I would have walked till I fell off Long lsland. Not a care in the world, just walking and talking.

About halfway or so, snow began falling down all around us. I won’t burden you here. I’ll just let you imagine how nice it is to walk with someone you really enjoy being with while snow falls.

We finally made it to Time Square, and we were a bit tired from the urban hike. When we got in the middle of Times Square, there was light and people everywhere. With the snow falling, it was a wonderful sight. We walked around to a couple of the stores that were still opened. We goofed around taking odd looking pictures, and scared some of tourists. It was good.

By now, we were hungry and cold. We found a place in the middle of Times Square. Luckily, a window seat came open when we were seated. We had a great view of the people down below, the lights, and the snow that continued to fall.

We were suppose to go clubbing after the show, but she had been feeling a bit sick from work, so I thought that we should take it easy this time. Maybe this way there will be something to do next time. We stayed at the restaurant for a long while and just talked and had drinks. Technically, we don’t know each other that well, and this is the first time we’ve ever been out by ourselves, but we talked like we were old friends. We talked about everything that was going on, our lives, the world, and a nice discussion on pre-communism Russian politics. Can’t beat a girl that can speak on military strategies in WWII as well as how her hair was blue just weeks before.

Then a deja vu hits me.

Background: I've had a reoccurring dream for some years now. It's just me and my love, sitting at a table, drinking something, and just talking. In my dreams, I’ve never seen her face. I couldn’t even tell you what she looked like. I just knew. I felt comfortable when I’m around her. I knew how it feels to be with her.

Well, the deja vu happened when I was looking at her while she was talking. It was the same thing as in my dreams. I felt she was the person I’ve been speaking to in my dreams. I knew that feeling and it freaked me out. Naturally, I couldn't tell her. That would just be too odd. I sat there and talked with her as if it everything’s ok. Inside, I wanted to scream ‘Hey! You’re her aren’t you?! You’re her!’

It was getting close to 4am and she had to get back to the train station. We had to rush to the station to make her train. Somehow, we got to Grand Central with 6 min. to spare before the train took off. For the first time in the night, neither of us said anything on the way to the station. We were trying to get to the station as quickly as possible and maybe it was 4am and we were tired, but I don’t think that’s the reason. When we got to the platform, she stayed for all 6 minutes.

There was lots of hugging to be had until the train guy yelled at her to get on (I may imagining the train guy, but I thought there was a train guy). I just stood there frozen after she got on. I felt like I just lost the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I wanted to scream something, or do something, anything. But I just stood there frozen and waved as she left. With a slow turn of the wheels, the train began to move. I looked at the windows of the train and there she was. Her mouth curved into the nicest and sweetest of smiles. She saw me and waved.

I just stood there and waved back. It was all I could do.


Ah yes. Isn’t being young and na├»ve fun? It was so easy to fall in love then, it was so easy to be optimistic, so easy to think everything will have a story book / cheesy movie ending. After a few years and more and more of these experiences add up, it gets a bit harder each time to open up. A little more hesitation each time to be optimistic, to think that person sitting across from you is that one in your dreams so many years ago.

As hard as it is to remember sometimes, I still know what it felt like. That feeling when I’m with her. Sitting there by my love talking about nothing at all, sipping a drink. Many have tried to fill her space, but they’re not her. Some have been close though. I guess I’ll keep looking.

Here's to you. Cheers.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Once again, it’s story time.

Grab some snacks, a 40, and sit down while I tell my tale.

It was Christmas time once again. It’s been part of my tradition for the last few years to spend a weekend in New York City during this time of year. The air is cold and crisp, the streets and stores are beautifully decorated, the giant tree is lit with children skating at the Rockefeller center, and my annual showing on the Today show draws me back year after year.

Also, as part of the tradition, I usually bring or meet a friend in the city. It’s much more fun to explore with a friend ya know.

After an afternoon of wandering in the city by myself, my friend was riding the train down to join me. We were to meet at Grand Central. She was coming in on a train from New Haven. She had taken off work early to make sure she would get there with plenty of time for the night. At the time this occurred, it was one of my first times in New York City and in Grand Central.

I got there early to do a bit of exploring. I walked around and was simply amazed at everything that was going on. The wonderful structures, the catacombs of tunnels, the masses of people rushing to catch trains, it was all like an old movie. Sitting on a bench in the middle of the station, I just watched as the people rushed by and wondered where everyone was going. I made up some stories that I would have love to have shared with them to see how close I was. That may be a bit creepy though, so I thought better.

Looking at the clock and the schedule, I saw that the time was getting close for her train to arrive. I began finding my way towards the train terminals. While getting closer, memories of these terminals flashed through my head. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on a train and at a train terminal. I also had all these thoughts of happy reunions and all the sad goodbyes that this terminal must have seen. When I finally reached the terminal, it felt like being thrown back a few decades when trains still ruled. It’s difficult to describe, but it just felt like everything should be in black and white at that moment.

Well, enough of that.

The train came in a bit late as usual. There was steam coming from the breaks as the heat from the friction met with the cold air. As the massive black engine slowed to a stop, people began to exit the train. A sea
of people came flowing towards me. Most of the riders moved quickly with their heads busily looking at the floor. A few looked up briefly to avoid running into me. Other than that, the sea of black and gray coats flowed all around me.

This part is more interesting than I’ve described and I wish there was a picture for this moment. During this scene, I was wearing a nice black/dark blue suite with a black trench coat. The big noticeable difference from everyone else around me was that I had flaming bright orange hair. Think Hi-C or Sunny D orange. Now make it 3 times brighter. That’s my hair color. In this sea of black and gray, I stood there bright and proud.

The sea of people turned into a few last stragglers. I looked and looked in the sea, but she wasn't in the group. So now I was getting a bit concerned. This was before the days of cell phones, so calling wasn’t really an option. How people met up for things back then is beyond me.

After most of the people have gone from the train, I see a girl exiting the train. I haven’t seen her in months, and before that, years. The girl that exited the train I didn't see the face under the hood, but I knew it was her. Sometimes you just know.

She looked up and saw me standing there waving like an excited Pup. She smile widely and began walking towards me. It was only a short distance but it seemed to have taken forever. I wanted to run towards her and lift her in the air, but that would’ve just been strange. Anyway, when we finally got to each other, we gave each other a nice big hug before we said a word. You know that hug. The kind that that warms you down to your bones.

She was very surprised at my hair. She thought the look was simply fabulous. A nice suit and orange hair. Not a look you see everyday. She was not shabby herself. Nope, not shabby at all. At first glance, she was covered by a bulky blue jacket with a hood. She opened her jacket to show an elegant but cute black cocktail dress. Playful, yet very tastefully done.

We talked a bit and started walking out the building to begin our plans for the night.

To be continued...

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I’m never bored…. Cause I’m never boring.

That’s a statement that’s stuck with me for a while now… I’ve tried to make that true as an important part of who I am. If there is one thing that almost dying will show you, it’s that there’s really no time to waste. Don’t ever be bored. There’s just no excuse for it.

So for the first time in 4 weeks, I’m at home for the weekend. I sure do miss my nice apt.
It was also getting a bit messy from clothes, dishes, and crap being everywhere. So I cleaned everything and made the apt. smell really good. Mmmm.. good smelly apt.

The Apartment is happy now.

With all the fun things that I got for my birthday, I didn’t know where to begin. I could rip some people’s head and body parts off, sing some songs, dance dance, or play some awesome old 80s arcade games.

So the first thing I decided to do what to listen to a new CD that I got from my Bro. This new CD from Paul Van Dyk came with a DVD as an added bonus. The DVD was basically one huge long video for the CD. Mostly scenes from clubs and raves from around the world.

Damn, I was excited. I don’t usually have the attention span for videos and things like that, but this was mesmerizing. To see this world of clubbers and ravers from around the world, a scene that I’m still obsessed with and can’t seem to let go.

At points in the movie, I was just dancing in my apt. with the music blaring. I had my big dancey pants on anyway (cause it’s comfy), and so with the scenes from the DVD, I felt I was there dancing along side everywhere. Isn’t having a dissociative personality a great thing? I’m glad no one lives under me.

I worked on some dance moves. I ready for a dance off from any of you. Bring it. Just be ready to be served.

I watched the whole thing through. By the time I finished the DVD though, a nagging voice kept reminding me something. This kinda sucked as I think how old I am now.

I’m almost to the point of being that guy. You know that guy. The guy’s just a bit too old to be in certain places. A guy that’s perfectly harmless, but just a bit creepy. Yea, him. I’m going to be that guy soon.

Oh.. say it isn’t so.

Well, the day was going too well for that to ruin things. My other psyches ganged up on Mr. negativity there, beat the crap out of him, tied him up, and threw him in a closet. Now we’re back in business.

Well, shout out to my apartment! You're fun and good smelly and I can run around naked and you don't care. Hanging out with you kicks so much ass. Yay Apt.!

I'm not here on weekends a lot. I'm just giving some props. I hope everyone else's place is this much fun too.

There were loads of other fun stuff that I did on Saturday, but it’s boring to read, so I’ll save you the trouble. To cap off the saturday, I had a nice dinner involving meats on a stick and a crap load of drinking with some friends. By the way, you can NEVER go wrong with a meat on a stick (ok, it’s set up, someone knock it down).

Next weekend is KO’s bachelor party, or as it’s been named, KO’s last wild ride. Not that he’s had wild rides before, or will again after he gets married. It’s just that I really like Mr. Toad’s wild ride. Anyway, we’ll try to giv’em something to remember :)

A friend of mine had thrown a Halloween party that had over 100 people attending a couple of weeks ago. He had wanted me to DJ the event, but I had already gotten tickets for NYC, so no go on that one. I was pretty bummed about that (but not about hanging with the LiAps and the potential Anne)

BUT. My friend proposed the idea of throwing a big New Years Eve party that I’ll DJ at if it happens. I’m very very excited!!

(Yay Yay happy dance)

Oh please please please let it happen!!

I really hope it works out. Oh.. to be back behind the tables again. I got so excited I did a hour set today.

Hope everyone had a Mackatastic weekend!!

Monday. Bleh..

Friday, November 12, 2004

Friday Sad.

So I just thought to write a few words. My thought is, wouldn't it be nice to have someone to hold close to you in the cold? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to hold? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone? Wouldn't it be nice? Enjoy.

The song bird sings no more
As he dives to his death
While twilight fades to dusk…
Without you I’m lost in dreams.

Time was a newborn babe
Ever precious, ever young….
Innocence dies in shame--
The memory never fades.

Autumn ends cold and alone
And hollow eyes lost in the sun
See none but regrets long gone…
But time is time and time again.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

This is what I use to watch you ladies at night

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Another Year Bites the Dust..

Biting the dust. What does that even mean? Are you one of those micro-organic dust particles that can do that? When you say someone bit the dust are you calling them extremely small? I don’t understand.


So another year of my life has gone by. Like those annual reviews you get at work, I always take some time out on my birthday to evaluate how the year went and where we need to be in a few years and make the plans and goals for next year.

This sounds extremely boring and neurotic, but it’s not (well it is, but not). It’s very fun to listen to being that there are all these voices in my head. Like a mini-congress. All with their own agendas.

I like to think it works similarly to the British Parliament. If you are unfamiliar, I recommend you watch some CSPAN-2. It is most excellent.

So here’s a taste:
Academic Nerdy Pup: Madam chairperson, it has come to our attention that after finishing the dissertation last year, we have done nothing in terms of research or even reading. Hell, we haven’t read a book without pictures in a while. We demand a return to more academic pursuits!!

Activities Pup: Might Madam chairperson please remind the memory challenge academic pup that we have spent the last several years doing nothing but this academic crap. It’s fun time people. I propose trips! Ibiza, Costa Rica, OZ, or Japan! We need to increase our worldliness.

Budget Pup: Madam. We’re so broke we’re not turning on heat this winter. All bodily functions have been notified. I propose we go back to stealing stuff. That really cuts down on our expenses.

Lazy Pup: That takes WAY too much effort. Let’s just stop eating. That’ll save money.

Artistic Pup: Madam Chairperson. I would like to point out that we have failed to fund the arts in quite a while. I think the last thing we did creatively was 2 years ago in the form of mashed potatoes.

Professional Pup: Art doesn’t pay the bills Madam Chairperson. We need to work harder and move on to higher bigger more money positions! BTW, there’s some nice money making schemes that R&D is doing that we should explore.

Ghetto Pup: Yo, why don’t we buy 40 ozs more often? They’re cheaper and they're cool.

Budget Pup: It’s not cheaper!

Professional Pup: Madam chairperson. Why is he even here?

Ghetto Pup: Bitch, I’ll cut you.

Anarchist Pup: Screw this. Let’s go blow stuff up.

Academic Pup: Really. Madam chairperson, we need to pursue more research and academic topics to avoid people like this from taking over.

DJ Pup: Hey, I’m with you on what pays the bill. Let’s get back to DJing. It’s artistic and it pays the bill.

Academic Pup: Madam Chairperson. We have a seriously high degree, I don’t think spinning our little records are the best use of our abilities.

Ghetto Pup: So what? I ain’t got no degree. I can still kick yo ass.
How you like them apples?

Academic Pup: Technically you do since you’re us.

Ghetto Pup: Ain't never gotten no ass with yo degree.

Id Pup: True. Got no where last year Madam Chairperson. Our group is very disappointed in our accomplishments in this area.

Alcoholic Pup: Who needs a drink? I could use a drink.

This is funnier in real time and in my head.

This goes on for hours and hours. There is a set of goals and plans that gets worked out in the end so that’s good.

Here's to hoping we make the goals this year!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Photo Caption Contest!
Attention All You Witty and Funny Bloggers!!
Submit a Caption for the Above Pic.
Prizes Daily!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Once again, you people never seem to amaze me.
I swear I'll have non-political stuff tomorrow.

"For a year, Julee Lacey stopped in a CVS pharmacy near her home in a Fort Worth suburb to get refills of her birth-control pills. Then one day last March, the pharmacist refused to fill Lacey's prescription because she did not believe in birth control."

Druggists refuse to give out pill
Wow! Amazing!

Amazing that you can be that big of a bigot and not able to see it. I know this story is just from Texas, but I know it's happening all over the country. How much further can they go? They just seem to keep amazing me with how bad they want things to be.

How can you stand to let your children learn this type of prejudice and hate in school? Will we teach the Bell Curve in schools next (it's a flawed research about how certain races are just more intelligent than others)? How about those suggested readings from Focus on the Family? How about if we teach kids that only African-Americans can be good at sports because they're more physically suited? I like to hear you tell your kids that. No? Well, don't tell them this crap either.

A quote from the article:

Terri Leo, a Republican board member from Spring, also asked publishers to include language in the books' teacher editions saying that gays and lesbians "are more prone to self-destructive behaviors like depression, illegal drug use and suicide."
"Neutrality — the word 'partners' — when you use neutrality, the very purpose of using that language is to be inclusive of homosexuality," Leo said.

The entire article found here:

Sure there were parents who were outraged over this, but their voice won't have that much weight compare to those who makes the decision. Those who makes the decision also controls the money. And sadly, the world revolves around money. Money is the ultimate control (whether it be for good or bad).

It is unfortunate, but the book publishers will more than likely bow to these insane demands for the fear of losing a multi-million dollar book deal. Because if they don't, someone else will (yay capitalism!). And you know, even if we don't agree, we've gotta make those numbers so we can get a nice big bonus.

Screw those terrorists. They can't hold a candle to Texas Republicans when it comes to hate.

I know I said I was gonna stop for a bit, but I can't. I have a problem.
Don’t call it a come back....

I know it’s about damn time I had a new post up. Of course, thanks to the other useless people who have posting rights on this page (yea you), I have to do all these postings. Not that I mind, it’s just been busy that’s all.

Like a lot of the other bloggers, I’m going to stop political stuff for a while as well. It’s just too damn sad and upsetting.

So now, this leaves more time for discussions about what’s in my head. Hmmm.. let’s see. Monkeys!! Screaming loud poop throwing monkeys are always in my head. Evil monkeys.
Not worth posting. Hmmm... something else...

I was in ATL this weekend for a friend’s wedding. It was so very nice. The pre-wedding drinking was nice. The 15 min. ceremony was very nice. The reception drinking was very fun and nice. The after party drinking was also awesome. Props to Ko for hooking up liquor after hours!

Got to meet some interesting people this weekend. Many of them are acquaintances from this same group of friends that all went to high school together that I met during college.

Of interest:
One girl at the wedding that looked EXACTLY like Liz Phair. I told her, but she didn’t know who Liz Phair was?!? Argh! I couldn’t really talk to her anymore after that. So I just stared at her from a distance (In case you didn’t know, I really like Liz).

Met an ex of the groom. For a whole decade, that’s right, decade, the 2 of us has managed to miss each other at every event that we should have seen each other in. Whether it was her or me that had to cancel at the last moment or something would come up, we never got to meet each other. Not that it was important that we meet or anything, it’s just that after a few years, it got kinda ridiculous. So the question of her even existing began a few years back. I started not believing that she actually existed. So naturally, everyone played along to my paranoia that this was all a hoax. So I finally met her at the wedding. I would love to tell you that there was a good story when we finally met, but it was very very anti-climatic.

I’m a big fan of a friend of theirs that live in the west coast. Think I may need to visit when I go out there next time.

Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes last week!! You guys are great! For some reason, the last three birthdays have been really been slow and tame. Boo. Oh well, there’s always next year.

More posts to follow.. promise.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

God Damn Fucking Fucks.
What the Hell have you people done?!?

Are you all really that gullible and simple minded? Are you all so blind you can’t look past what’s three seconds ahead of you?!? Damn it!!!!!!!!!

Fuckady Fucking Fucks. Fuck.

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck..... Argh.... Fuck!!!!

25 million fucking Evangelical Christians. How many fucking times must you mess with my life?!? Or for that matter, everyone else’s? Fuck you!!!! I mean it. You blind simple little pathetic pieces of shit. Fuck you!!!

So all 11 states approved a ban on Gay marriage??? Fuck you 11 states. Fuck you, you fucking fucktard fucks. What the fuck is wrong with your nosy ass self-righteous piece of shit self? Stay the fuck away from other people trying to be happy. IT DOES NOT FUCKING CONCERN YOU!!!!! Fuck off you fucks.

Thanks for all those who voted AssHat.

Thanks for showing the world that we approve of violence as the only solution to our problems.

Thanks for letting me know that you don’t give a fuck about anything but yourselves or care about anything that you can’t either make money from, eat, or fuck.

Thanks for turning back any type of social, scientific, or philosophical progress that we may have made in the last 50 years.

Thanks for making us just like those fucking terrorist. You know, those people that wants a country based on religious faith. Great job. Now they can move here and be happy. Or better yet, we could now take Iraq's place in the axis of evil.

Thanks for letting the fucking terrorists win. They did their job. They’ve instilled enough terror in all of you to blind yourselves so that you will perpetuate this war and play into their hands of spreading terror. Yay evil! Once again coming through in the disguise of being the “righteous”.

Thanks for letting the deaths of all the people in the last few years mean absolutely NOTHING.
And NO, that fucking stupid little yellow ribbon doesn't mean anything except that you spent $4 on some plastic piece of shit to stick on your car.

Thanks for letting the wealth gap continue to spread bigger and bigger. I hope you’re all white males. If not, I sur hope it fucks you in the ass with a spiky rusty pole.

Thanks for letting rich people get richer. Who couldn’t use another billion or so?

Fighting evil?! What the fuck is wrong with you? This isn’t a game. You don’t just find a boss at the end of the board and you kill it and then it’s all ok. There is no last guy. There is no winning a fight against evil. How fucking stupid are you? There is no good vs. evil. Get over this fucking dumb ass religious belief of good and evil. One can’t exist without the other. Get a fucking clue.

Fuck this fucking shit. What the fucking damn piece of shit thing do you have going in your fucking heads? All you little scared dumb pieces of shit. Not even half ass rational enough to know what the hell is really going on.

Damn it!!! Damn it all to hell.

Fuck you. Fuck you you fucking fuckass fucks.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Go and watch this video by Eminem if you have time. Even if you don't like E's other things, watch this video. It's very good. Very Errie too.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone reading this, but

Damn it man, Vote!

Don’t give me this you’re too busy. There is NOTHING more important going on today. Don’t give me that it doesn’t matter cause you live in a predominately blue or red state. Quit letting other people put words in your mouth or just following others.


On a funny note, there was a position for district attorney or something that had a guy (R) running unopposed. Pup has been written in to oppose this man. I hope that shows up in the poll counts later tonight.
Pup 08’

Now, for something completely different.

300 children bitten by 'blood sucking' monkeys at famous Indian temple
How could you NOT click and read that article?

Ok, so who’s up for election drinking tonight? Either way, I’m gonna need a lot of drinks.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Yoda has blessed my calculator!

And here is my song of praise.

Ode to thee, TI-89

I am a big man, Yes I am
And I got a big calculator
Got me a big ol' graph pad
And I'm gonna have some fun!

Held in my left palm
I'm crunching numbers
Maybe I'll plot a little Bessel Function, ya know
Just for the fuck of it.

I can differentiate you if I want
And raise the powers
I'm writing assembly code
To play Super Mario
I've got an 8 bit processor
To rule the WORLD!!!!!

Nothing can stop me now!

movem.1 %d3-%d7/%a2-%a6,-(%sp)
I'm gonna plot all over you!
movem.1 (%sp)+,%d3-%d7/%a2-%a6
I'm gonna plot all over you!


I'm never gonna score :(
Monday Quicky

Hello, I’m back. A total of only 6 hours of time was wasted with sleep between waking up on Friday till passing out tired on the plane ride on the way home Sunday night.

Much fun was had by all (I hope). If you were one of the lucky winners that got a crazy call at 4 or 5am on Sunday morning… Yay for you!

You lucky winner you. Well, not so much lucky I guess.

Yes, I call people at random times. So, what's your number?

I’ll post stories from the trip later. Mucho busy.

On a unrelated note:

Something perhaps a bit heavy for a Monday, but wanted to share a nice article I found this morning concerning the hypocrisy and total flawed thinking of the majority of Christians today. This from a Christian's point of view.

No Longer a Christian