Monday, October 31, 2005

Live from ATL, it’s Pup’s Blog!!!!!!

The biggest question I have after the move is, when the hell did I accumulate all this crap? For the normal person, a 1 bedroom apartment should take up about 10 feet worth of truck space. I took up 14 feet, and I did not take my dinner table/w 4 chairs, futon, or computer desk. I also took one very full car load worth of clothing and one very full load worth of random stuff to Goodwill.

Luckily for me, at the last moment I found a church group that was willing to take those things off my hand and deliver it to a family that escaped from Katrina. I guess there are hurricanes that pick you up and sends you to OZ.

After all that, it was still 14 feet worth of stuff. Sheese.

So T and I made the trip East from KC to ATL, it took about 14 hours with frequent stops and time off to play checkers at the Cracker Barrel. Yea, besides Dig Dug, I’m the champ of checkers (I have a trophy from the 4th grade to prove it too :p).

Now I’m in ATL for good. Except for this afternoon when I have to fly back to KC for work. Isn’t that funny?

I don’t have any of my stuff and that really sucks. I don’t know how I’m going to go from a huge apt. to trying to put most of my stuff in 2 rooms (one office, and one bedroom). I guess this is good in that I won’t be able to buy as much crap, but it’s also bad that I won’t be able to buy as much crap.

4 more days untill my birthday people, you can still get things here with Priority Mail ;)

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Warty Gords

Hard to see, the dark side is

Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination for the Justice position today. It would seem that being overly under qualified and the fact there are no paper trails as to any of her opinions other than 'He (Bush) is the best governor ever', would be good reasons to revoke her nomination.

However, we all know that wasn’t the reason. Although I am happy to see that Miers withdrew, there’s a great concern over who will next be nominated.

The primary downfall of Miers’ nomination was not anything the left did, but it was the doing of the far right. The ultra conservative/religious fundamentalists (UC/RF) did not believe she would enough of a hardliner to sway the courts towards total conservative religious ideology. Even knowing that this move will make an already battered and weaken presidency even worst, these zealots did not stop in attacking Miers.

What these UC/RF are demanding is a person of proven conservative and hard liner views. A person that they know will spread their far-right disease into the courts. There is no moderation with this group.

I’ve mentioned this before, but does this scenario sound and look familiar to you? Can you say IRAN? These religious far-right power brokers openly states that they are the ones that put Bush in the White House, and as such, they openly state that this administration will do what is necessary to please them. Or else be damned.

They put Bush in the White House, if necessary, they will take him out and replace him with someone who will follow their every command. Is this kind of thinking for a group with such political powers disturbing to anyone else but me?

As much as I enjoy seeing the Republicans spilt into 2 sects, with one being unyielding fundamentalism. It’s scary to see that fundamentalist group holds all the power right now. It will be even scarier to see who the president will nominate next to please his far-right overlords.

With all this going on, it’s hard not to think about Iraq with its constantly changing purpose. Most recently, the administration says that we’re in Iraq to spread democracy and to fight theocratic rule. Funny for this administration to be saying that. Maybe we should bring back the troops to spread democracy here in our own back yard.

For most of this administration, the Far-right has been in the back ground of things. Controlling everything through others while not openly revealing themselves. It seems that the time has come for them to step forward.

I’m just waiting for one of them to say “At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge.”

Have a good Thursday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pumpkin Festival, CA

Pup’s got to hold on ready or not. Pup live for the fight when it’s all that Pup’s got!

Pup's half way to somewhere.

Last night was my parting night at my bar. Just like usual, I walk in and is immediately greeted by the staff and a few of my friends.

Strangly, I think Axel Rose of G'n' R was there last night. I'm so serious. There was this guy that looked like of like him, with the long hair and big bandana playing some pool. I thought about playing 'Welcome to the Jungle' and see how he reacted.

I know I’ve gone through all the reasons why having a bar to call your own is great, but I thought I make a list anyway.

1. People know your name, drink, and usual order when you come in. The order is a big deal because it’s very Sally, from When Harry met Sally, like. Everything on the side. It’s embarrassing to order it like that and I’m not usually that way, but it’s really good this way with the chicken wings and chili cheese fries.

2. Any miss pours, extra orders, or drink experiments comes directly to you.

3. Drinking with the staff.

4. Being able to play cards with the staff. Last night we played UNO. Old school fun!

5. Being able to go to bar by yourself and feel like you’re not there by yourself.

6. You bill always comes up mysteriously low for the large volumes of alcohol and food you’ve consumed.

7. One of my favorite reasons. At least once a night, Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer’ comes on the jukebox. The bar livens up a notch and everyone sings along. It’s the official song for this bar I think. FANTASTIC. It’ll be hard to find another one like it.

Last night I was there till they close around 3:30am. It was sad to go. Here’s to finding a new place in Atlanta or maybe I'll realize I shouldn't spend that much time in bars :p

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Coastal Flowers

Everything that used to be right is now wrong

I’ve got 3.5 more days here in Kansas City. There’s much work to do on the job front and on the packing front. It’s a 2 sided war that I’m not doing well at (along those same lines, you can’t win a land war in Asia).

So what am I doing about it you ask? Well, I’m just going to blog and waste some time of course.

Since when did staring at 13 yr olds become so wrong?

Check out this Article about the bizarro Olsen-twins. Instead of the cute sweet girls on Full House with Bob Sagat, these girls are apparently dubbed as “the Olsen Twins of the White Nationalist Movement".

This is freaky and a bit disturbing. Supposively, they draw a crowd at all the rallies with hit songs like "Sacrifice" — a tribute to Nazi Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy Fuhrer — clearly show the effect of the girls' upbringing. The lyrics praise Hess as a "man of peace who wouldn't give up."

Wonder why that chart topper hasn’t hit the top 40s yet. I guess people are still more interested in hearing about a girls’s lumps and wondering what she will do will all that booty in her pants. How shallow are we huh?

I mean, why wouldn’t we want to hear about "Let the cities burn, let the streets run red, if you ain't white you'll be dead."

As the hate label (music) that supports these girls shrug off criticism that music should not be handed out to schoolyard children, arguing that "it's just music, it's not like you're handing out AK-47s." Now that’s an argument that’s hard to refute.

Well, unless you have a 6th grade education.

Now these girls can’t be all bad now can they? After Hurricane Kathrina, the girls did send some supplies and aid. However, they were only given to white victims through a white nationalist organization, and with pamphlets about their message. Wow, that’s like going to third world countries to feed the people, but making them read the bible.

I’m sure this is God’s plan. Yea, we’ll give you food, but your souls are ours bitches.

So once again, we see how wrong the society can be. Before you start your own organization, think first, how you will get more members. If your primary tools to enlist new members are breeding them and whoring out 13 yr olds, then maybe you should rethink your ideas.

Have a good Tuesday!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Route 1, Stretch between San Francisco and Santa Cruz

Guess Who?

I’m back. I’m sure you were all just checking this blog thousands of times a day to see if the Pup is back. And judging by the stat counter you haven’t. Oh well, it was a nice thought anyway. :)

The picture above is of a small part of the coast line between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. It was indescribably gorgeous. Going down route 1 with miles and miles of continuous coast line was simply dreamy. Although in my dreams I was driving a convertible while the sun is going down, and instead of my friends in the car, there was a particular person sitting next to me.

Anyway, the drive was great never the less.

I went to San Francisco a couple of days early to hang out with friends and to enjoy the sights before my week long training. We went to what was supposively the biggest pumpkin festival in the world. It was ok. There were some pumpkins, but it turned out to be like any other arts and craft fair. The highlight was a pumpkin sausage and super garlic fries. Mmmm…

So after the festival, we drove down the coast line to Santa Cruz. I think I could definitely get used to the idea of being a beach bum or surfer. Many of whom I met while walking around Santa Cruz. It’s just as I remembered them. Surfer people are something else.

Sadly, that’s not the life I live. I live in crazy working world. From Monday till Friday afternoon, I was stuck in intense training sessions. I don’t remember ever studying this hard or having so much information crammed into me. Some of it may be because of the time change, but I think I was averaging a good 4 or 5 hours of sleep at night at the most. It wasn’t really the hours of sleep that bothered me. I can't stand sleeping as it is. The room I had was quite nice, but it was unfamiliar and with an unfamiliar bed bed. It was after all, a hotel.

By the time I caught my flight home on Friday night, I was totally spent. As I was driving home, I was thinking. I can’t wait to see Pup. Haven’t seen him in a while. I bet he’s finished all the liquor in the house and set some stuff on fire.

Then the mind went to a bad place. After being gone for a week, who do I have to look forward to seeing me? Sure Pup is nice, but not really real. As people were leaving training on Friday, they all talked about the people that will be waiting for them when they get home. Part of me was quite jealous.

When I got back home, it was just as I’ve left it. Every bit the same. Every bit as alone.

As I finally lied down in my own bed and closed my eyes. The bed suddenly felt strange and uninviting as I lie in it alone. Suddenly, even my own bed felt just like being in another hotel.

I think this maybe why I'm a much better traveler than a lot of people I know. Being on the road just doesn't seem that different to me.

So as I lie there that night, I thought to myself, 'maybe one day, we'll finally find a home to go to'.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Joys of Moving

As you know, I am in the process of moving and in case you haven’t done much moving, it’s a big pain in the ass. It’s even worst when you have to move long distances and pay for it yourself. I can’t believe how incredibly expensive it is to do anything relating to a cross state move.

Having someone to move you is just out of the question because of price. I’ve been pretty spoiled by my last two moves where people came and packed everything and then it all magically showed up at my new place with no hassles from me. Now I’m gonna have to get my lazy ass in gear and pack and load and crap.

There’s the renting your own truck option, but with gas prices the way they are, it adds almost 33% to the cost of the truck to drive it there. Besides that, I did not enjoy my drive in a giant 16” truck (Yea, I have a lot of stuff. Shut up) with Big Red towing behind it. The best though, is being able to go to a truck stop and feel kind of like a trucker.

So what I’ve decided on is a moving service where they leave a tractor trailer in front of your house, you pack and load it, they drive it to your destination, then you unload. I think this will work out the best and if you know me, I’m sure you would have guessed this is the cheapest way to go.

The problem however, is that my apartment complex has very narrow streets and a giant 28” trailer will block at least 2 of my neighbors. I asked the apt. manager and she said I’ll have to get permission from everyone around my building or it’s a no go. How annoying.

Well, I think I’ll tell my neighbors the day before so they don’t get their cars trapped, but asking for permission is probably not going to happen. I just don’t do that.

Random notes:

I’ll be gone all next week for work, so no blogging. I think this will be the longest I will have gone without blogging since I started this whole thing over a year ago. We’ll see how I hold up. Hope I don’t get the shakes.

Laying my arms on my hard desk and working on my laptop has started making my wrist and elbow hurt a lot. I’ve talked to my office manager about it, but Pup just keeps making fun of me and calling me names.

Since a couple of people were upset that I didn’t mention my birthday last year, here’s your warning.

21 days until my birthday!

I’m going to be SO old.

See you all in a week or so!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

More on the Miers Nomination

From the “700 Club” Broadcast:

The Rev. Pat Robertson responded to criticism from the Right regarding the Miers nomination and also offered a stern warning to those conservative senators who might be thinking of voting against her.

Rev. Robertson suggested that people should look at who is supporting Miers before they doubt her conservative credentials. He named James Dobson, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention, Jay Sekulow of the Robertson-founded American Center for Law and Justice, and himself as proof of support for Miers’ nomination from the Right. Robertson concluded by noting: “These so-called movement conservatives don’t have much of a following, the ones that I’m aware of. And you just marvel, these are the senators, some of them who voted to confirm the general counsel of the ACLU to the Supreme Court, and she was voted in almost unanimously.

And you say, ‘now they’re going to turn against a Christian who is a conservative picked by a conservative President and they’re going to vote against her for confirmation?’

"Not on your sweet life, if they want to stay in office.”

Where else have we seen Religious leaders threaten Political Leaders? Where else have we seen religion so entrenched in politics?

How do we respond to those who accuse the US of being in the Middle East simply because of oil? It is obviously NOT to spread democracy because this administration and other religious leaders are fighting so hard to steer our government to a ‘govern by religion’ model just like the terrorists we're fighting.

How does this not scare people that we have a religious leader so openly threaten political leaders with their positions if they do not do as they say? How many times will our political leaders bow down to their religious masters?

How can the American public support a judge so obviously entrenched with religious fundamentalists that if appointed, will no doubt set the court and the country towards theocratic rule?

The answers to all these questions are scary and this is exactly what they want. This is the way to which they gain power. This administration and fundamentalist religious leaders operates solely on fear. They tell you what to be afraid of and paint this picture of mysterious men out to get you to make you afraid of your own shadows. Then they say only by following exactly as they say (without question of course) will you be safe.

Now think about this. Which side, Good or Evil, do you think would operate this way? Who would try to gain power using fear as its core strategy?

Once again I say, we’re not fighting AGAINST the Terrorist, we’re fighting to BECOME like the terrorists.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mr. President, you need to get out more.

I don't always agree with Bill, but this is funny.

This is from Real Time with Bill Maher:

- You can only kill the number-two man in Al Qaeda once. According to the White House, we've killed the number-two man in Al Qaeda about nine times now. He's not a terrorist. It turns out he's a zombie. We're fighting them over in Transylvania so we don't have to fight them here.

- George Bush must meet some new people. You know, when Americans see their president giving every job to the same old cronies, they use words like "loyal to a fault" and "stubborn" and "close-minded," "lives in a bubble," "sock-puppet," "asshole." "Worst president ever." But they're missing the point. The problem isn't his political philosophy - "kill people and animals and take their gas" - the problem is he has to expand his circle of friends beyond his mom, Karen Hughes and the House of Saud. Which is why before George Bush makes another political appointment, he has to join Friendster.

This week, President Bush had to nominate a Supreme Court judge, and he picked the most qualified person within 30 feet of his office. Her qualifications: well, she is a lawyer and former commissioner of the Texas State Lottery. And she's seen every episode of "Judging Amy." Abortion, affirmative action, separation of church and state. Yeah, let's ask the lady who peddled scratch tickets to liquor stores.

Does he just go with the first person he sees? I wouldn't be surprised if Laura was his sister. Now, of course - I keep checking with him - of course, George Bush isn't the first politician to hand out graft gigs to his pals, but he doesn't seem to understand that that's what the bullshit jobs are for: ambassador to the Bahamas. The Recycling Czar. Head of the CIA. But George Bush puts stooges where they can do real damage: Director of FEMA? That guy from the horsie show is available. U.N. Ambassador? Dick Cheney knows a guy with a mustache and anger issues.

Supreme Court justice? Lady down the hall. Labor Secretary? The guy who helped me move that hooker's body at Yale could probably do it. You know - you know, Mr. President, when you got elected, we all figured you were no genius, but smart enough to hire qualified people. But it turns out you're just a dimwit who enjoys feeling superior. And the only way to accomplish that is to surround yourself with the likes of Mike Brown and Harriet Miers: Goober and Aunt Bea. Unspectacular souls who make you feel comfortable and unthreatened. Kind of like when Madonna used to hang out with Rosie O'Donnell.

Well, I hate to burst your bubble. But real friends are the ones who tell you the truth. They're also the ones who work hard so as not to embarrass you. These people who work for you aren't behaving like friends. They're behaving far worse. They're family.

Yes, it's almost enough to make you miss the old pre-"honor and integrity" days. Because at least when Clinton talked about tapping the woman down the hall, he was just having sex with her.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

This week in Pup

OH.. You KNOW you’re Jealous!!

Guess what I just got 4 tickets for?!!!

Maybe THIS can give you a hint. Well, not so much a hint as just the answer.

That’s right folks, Finally.... the Pup is baaaaaacccck in New York City.

Jon Stewart will meet the Pup… well, not exactly meet, more like me stalking from far away. Close enough.

I’m really excited to go. The date is kinda bad being on a Wednesday, but I don’t care. I’m so there. The day of the taping is close enough to New Years Eve that I think I may have to try New Years Eve in NYC or somewhere up in the northeast.

It’s still mucho busy here in Pup land, so no post, but I’ll leave you with this. It will make you laugh for hours.

Check out the awesomeness that is this video

Gem Sweater

Friday, October 07, 2005

Rise of the Apocalypse

Enough of that boring work stuff. Back to the ranting.

If this doesn’t scare the hell out of you, you have got some serious issues. Either that or you have been living in a cave and doesn’t understand things that are going on around you.

Concerning Bush’s pick for the Supreme Court justice Harriet Miers, there’s something seriously seriously wrong here.

She has no record that can point to her social and political views or beliefs. Those are pretty important things to know as she will be deciding on some very important cases. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to find out what her opinions on things are.

This of course, is the administration trying to pull off another John Roberts. However, unlike Roberts, who at least had a little bit of experience and paper trail from being a judge, Miers has NEVER been a judge. Hell, I’ve never been a judge either, put my ass on the Supreme Court.

Since when is being a personal friend a good enough qualification to be a Supreme Court judge?!! You can’t pull that shit in the real world. You don’t see close friends of the CEO get appointed to the CFO position or something. They get a job in HR or something where they can’t hurt anything. That’s how it works. This shit wouldn’t fly for a second in the real world. How fucked up and far from reality is this administration?!!

When are we going to stop tolerating this bullshit?!! If you’re the president and you want to put a friend as an ambassador to Bumblefuck, that’s fine. No real damage there.

However, as we’ve seen with the total incompetence of Brownie, a fired Arabian Horse lawyer, there are just some jobs that are just too important to be left up to idiotic favoritism appointments. I think being a permanent member of the Supreme Court of the United States may just be one of those

What I can’t tolerate, and what I can’t believe how the American public can tolerate is, that the administration continues this ‘I know best’ bullshit and picks these appointees that has no paper trail. They just assume we will no questions their decisions.

Who the fuck IS you to be telling me shit without me asking questions? Hey Asshat, we’re FIGHTING the religious zealots, not trying to become like them. Did you get confused somewhere among all your flip flopping?

How much longer will you republicans continue to be sheep, and how do you sleep at night, knowing that you will vote for someone who you know doesn’t have the damnest bit of qualifications for this job, and that which you know NOTHING about their opinions? This opinion that will shape the country for the next couple of decades?

All that aside. There’s something horrible inside this woman. Although there’s no clear paper trail or obvious signs it’s there. Believe me, look at her. There’s a shit load of evil screaming to come out. This is probably one of the biggest tells. .

In an interview with Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, he says that he approves of Miers, and when asked why, he states "Some of what I know I am not at liberty to talk about,"

What in the fucking hell?!! What do you know???!!
There is nothing that Dobson agrees with that will be good for this country.

This is a fucking neon sign of the Apocalypse.

My island idea doesn't sound so crazy now does it? Who wants to apply for citizenship to Pup-Land?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Working from Home: Day 3

So here we are on day 3 of working my new job from home. All I have to say is. Working in boxers ROCKS!!

So far, it’s been great. Of course, this is only day 3. Who knows when I’ll resort to

AllworkaNdnoplaymakespupadullboyAllworkandnoPlaymakespupadullbear AllworkaNdnoplaymakespuPadulldogaLlworkandnoplayMakespupadullboy


It’s been really good. A lot of things that I thought I’d miss, mainly working with people, hasn’t really hit yet. I’m quite enjoying working by myself. I think I’m getting a lot more done than I would be if I was at an office.

There’s so much I have to learn with this new company. It gets overwhelming at times and I have 2 weeks to get all caught up. This is gonna be fun!

Fun like getting punched in the balls.

So I thought I needed some social interaction and went to play ultimate last night. Afterwards, I went to the bar that a couple guys and I always go to by myself. This is the first time that I’ve ever gone to a bar by myself. The others that usually go with me were no shows.

Since I only have 2 more chances to do this before my move, I figured I’d brave it. It wasn’t that bad though. I knew everyone working there and the couple that was at the bar.

I always thought it was odd how you make friends at the bar. For example, there’s this cool couple that’s usually there the same nights we are. I don’t think we’ve talked for the first few months we saw each other but there was general acknowledgement.

Then one night we were getting pretty hammered, as was the couple. We were watching muted Goodfellas on the TV and a few jagerbombs later, here we are (BTW, this couple can drink more jagerbombs than anyone I’ve ever met. I think they average about 6 per night (each) plus all the beer and drinks. They usually leave pretty sober. Amazing.)

So I hung out with them and the people that worked there last night. Last night’s conversation revolved around where sea monsters would more likely live. I said Pacific because the Atlantic ocean is wimpy.

Then the conversation went primal as more drinks were poured and the discussion of a karate monkey began.

This Karate Chimp.

So a good time was had by all. It’s gonna suck having to move and get established at a new bar.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 03, 2005

The Madness of Slow Cooked Smoked Meats

I attended what was dubbed the ‘World Series of BBQ’ this weekend at the American Royal. This was something that I had wanted to attended before leaving here. What I saw was much more than I expected.

The competition space spanned across 20 acres with over 500 teams competing in a number of categories. You have your vegetables, beans, potatoes, chicken, sausage, and desert category. That’s all nice and fine, but as you know, those are all 2nd class citizens when it comes to BBQ. The main event involves the judging of BBQ Pork, Brisket, and Ribs.

I went on Friday night, and as the competition wasn’t till Saturday afternoon, there were parties everywhere. There was a big offical state with the band that sand 'Louie Louie', but I must've seen at least 2 other dozen bands apread out all cross the space. People were everywhere. Let me correct that. Drunken ass people were everywhere. I’m convinced that this is just an excuse for everyone to camp out, cook some meat and drink. A lot.

The air was filled with hickory smoke goodness, and every tent (area of each team).had an unlimited supply of BBQ and alcohol. It was like heaven.

You could go by each tent to try out some of their food. Though this was not the competition food they would be serving tomorrow, it was all still very good.

We ended up at a tent where a friend had a friend that knew a friend that working. The meat was everywhere and the beer and shots were a floating. Good times was had by all. After staying at this tent for a while, we found one of our friends at another tent that was competing in the beans competition the next day.

Hour and hours later, after gallons of alcohol, we decided to go. Before we left, I saw an idea that I may just have to steal for a later party. A team had bought 2 giant blocks of ice. They cut (sawed) a path in the middle and raised the block of ice to a 45 degree angle. Individuals would sit at the bottom and drink as they poured shots from the top.

I don’t know if I explained it very well, but it was awesome and people were getting hammered.

Have a good Monday Everyone!