Thursday, August 28, 2008

My First Domestic Flight in Australia

It's very difficult to do updates when you don't have Internet at home. Doing it at work and while you're sober is just not the same.

Well, here we go:

- I went to Melbourne this last weekend for work. I don't know, I think I may should've chosen that city instead. It's all nice and nature-y there. The vibe seems a bit better too.

- I had the best cab driver EVER. He was chatting away. Telling me where he was driving. All the local places, and some of the places we were driving by. Seriously the nicest drive ever.

- Went to a very cool bar without a name. There are many alleyway bars in Melbourne (unlike Sydney that only has super large bars). It was pretty sweet with the way it was set up and a live DJ. Then went to another bar named 'cookie'. It's pretty sweet. Even sweeter was our waitress. OMG. Seriously. We should clone her.

- Had probably one of the most fun flights ever on my way back to Sydney. Even though I was in the last row in the corner seat, it was still so much fun. What made it fun was the flight crew that sat next to me. They were hilarious. This was the crew that's working the flight back so they weren't working during my flight. Oh, it was just so much fun I can't even tell ya. They got me a bunch of food and beer to take home too.

- Beer and wine are free on flights here. Score.

- You can bring liquids on the planes. You don't have to take off your shoes either. Once again, score.

- All flights comes with food of some type, and not just the bag of pretzels. I got a cupcake, and these cheese and crackers. On my flight back, thanks to the crew I was sitting with, I got a steak sandwich and like a 6 pack of beer for the way home.

- I'm taking United on my way back to the states next week. Everyone here has grimaced when I told them that. I don't think it could be THAT bad. Besides, I have 16 drink tickets. I'll just make sure I sit on the lsle next to the bathroom.

- I saw all these things about Bali. I think I have to go while I'm here. Sadly, it's not one of those go by yourself kinda things. So... guess I better get a move on things.

Cheers mates,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Observations from Sydney

- One good thing about so many Asians around here is that there are a ton of arcades here. One bad thing is that there are so many Asians here. I can't play any games without getting my ass whooped.

- There were some crazy DDR action on Friday night. Who's doing a movie on this? It's sure to be better than most of the other movies made from video games'. Furdell, this one is for you. I saw a dude playing Crazy Taxi. I left to get something to eat, do some errands, maybe took a short nap. When I came back, he was still picking up passengers. Same game.

- I had yum cha (dim sum) today. I was there by myself and people gave me the strangest look being that this is supposed to be a big group of people kinda thing. Despite that, the food was super good.

- I just had the best cream puffs that were freshly made in front of me.

- I had a Russian cabbie today. He explained to me how the Georgians are the real terrorists in this conflict and that all this western propaganda is all evil. I thought this was really interesting to hear the other side's view on this. Made me glad I made my trip. The variety of people here is just amazing.

- They can say Shit on TV. Yet the world didn't end. How amazing.

- I think it's funny to say Rubbish instead of Trash.

- On the Bizaro front, there's a Delilah-ish show here that's hosted by a dude. Same type of stories and music though.

- So far, when I try to talk with an Aussie accent, no one has been able to understand me.

- While walking along the beach this Sat, I saw some whales. Yay whales. They were very cool and were just hanging out next to the surfers. I think they were judging the sufers or trying to decide if they should eat one of them.

- While on said beach, they had some loud dance music playing. Nothing beats beats on the beach. Nothing.

- I finally figured out how to text back to the states. That's right bitches. The texting is back!

- I'm set up to go to a Trance event at a dome in October. It's going to be sweet. Party goes from 10pm - 6am. Let's see how I do. In case you're wondering if what the event is: Godskitchen 'Angels in White'

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maybe I'm more awesome than I thought.

To all you nay sayers out there.

Who move to a new country and in less than 2 weeks:

- Became a regular at a bar. You know what that means? People know my name there. I know the bartender's and the manager's business, and I get served drinks even after last call. That's right. suck it.

- Went out with a girl. Had a nice dinner and drinks. Less than 2 weeks. Suck it.

- Went out with random people that I randomly met.

I'll update you with more of my awesomeness later.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Decisions Decisions

Ok folks, I need some help in making a decision on where to live. Here're the two scenarios I'm working with.

Choice 1:

Standard 1 bedroom apt.
Wonderful view of the Harbour bridge and the city
Fully furnished

Choice 2:

Share the apt with 2 girls
1 bathroom
A tiny room in an apt. Like really small/Can barely fit a double bed and that's it
Area for an office
Unfurnished room, so will have to buy bed
It's $520 cheaper a month + only 1/3 utilities
Have good friends that live across the hall. 2 guys and a girl. It's almost like a 'Friends' scenario.
They all go out and hang out together

Being that I'm in the city all by myself, and that my coworkers are pretty much non-existent. I can instantly have 5 friends. Very tempting. The room is so tiny though. Although I would save quite a bit per month.

Here's the other thing. The girls will be making a few more interviews and will decide by Friday. If I want that 1 bedroom, I'll have to act fast. The rental market here is ridiculous. The renters have said it's a quick turnaround so if I apply tomorrow, I should be able to move in by friday if all goes well. This is before the girls make the decision.

What should I do?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One World.... One Pup

Does anyone else think the slogan of one world, one dream of the Olympic games is a bit ominous coming from China? Do you know what their one dream is? Yea, you should be concerned.

I'm currently watching my favorite Olympic sport. Woman's beach volleyball. Seriously, best spectator sport ever. In case you were wondering or have noticed that their bikinis has gotten smaller, it's not just a fashion statement. I heard this on the TV today. There was a rule change recently that said their bottoms could only be so big. I don't know who made that rule, but it's a fantastic rule.

Between every point, they play a short sample of a song. They just played 'Push it' by Salt n' Pepper. Sweetness.

Currently, Greece is playing Austria. Goodness, it's just all kinds of awesome.

During the formal timeout, 12 Chinese girls in bikinis ran out and help coordinate the wave. These even coordinators know how to throw a party.

Ring of fire? Wha? How's that an appropriate song to be playing?

Yay for butt patting!

Ha... they announcer gives instructions on how to cheer. That's funny.

Awww... it's over. Yay to the Austrians for a big upset over the Greeks.

It's been interesting watching the Olympics from Australia. I've been able to see a lot of sports that doesn't normally get shown in the US because Americans aren't in them. For example, I watched Badminton today. That's not too bad.

They also showed the women's weight lifting in the 49kg class. Now there wasn't any Aussies in this. I think they wanted to show because the women didn't look like body builders at all. They looked like quite attractive women. Attactive women that can lift more than double their body weight. It was quite the sight.

Whoa. They're showing field hockey now. Cool.

I'm not sure how it is in the US, but it's non stop Olympics here.

I sure hope they show table tennis. I would sure love to watch some Olympic table tennis.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Aussies/Kiwi - 2 Team Pup - 0

Once again I have failed in keeping up with the locals. This is quite sad as I thought I did quite well tonight. Nonetheless, I had to retire early.

Just to give you a condense version of the happenings today.

- Got a number. This time from a girl. That's right, no more dude numbers. This is going to be sweet.

- Starting to be a semi-regular at a bar. Oh, it's so on.
- Got a bunch of numbers from a bunch of older ladies. Don't know what that's about, but it just happened.

- Saw a bunch of rave kids in full rave gear on the train. I asked where they were going. I had no idea where they said they were going, but I doubt I could keep up. Good god I'm old. Getting old sucks.

- There was a drug bust of Ecstasy worth half a BILLION dollars here in AU. I'm a bit sad about that.

- I saw a bunch of punk ass kids on the train today. They thought they were hot shit. They were barely cold diarrhea. Seriously. The old crew of Tony, Ski, and Nikki would've killed these fools without blinking an eye, and they thought they would try to be tough with me? Shit. They don't know how I roll.

- Have I mentioned rave chicks in full rave gear is just totally hot? Well they are.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Why Am I?

What am I so drunk you ask? Yea. Note to self. Don't try to outdrink a Kiwi, a Brit, and an group of aussies.

I was sitting in my hotel room all by me self tonight. I was thinking. I need to get out there. Meet some people and shit.

Where do I feel most comfortable even without my crew. A local dive bar of course.

So I went out and hit a few local bars. The first few didn't really click with me. Then I went to the 'Fortune of War'. Supposively the oldest bar in Sydney. Right away I struck it up with the bartender talking about Rugby. She was quite a cutie which really helped out things.

Then I talked to this german guy. He was pretty cool and I got his number. Weird I know. I have no issues getting dude's numbers. I need a crew.

After he left, this Kiwi and his girl came in. He was all kind of crazy. So funny. We started buying each other drinks.

Then this group of Aussie girls came in. It was great fun as we started doing Jager bombs. You know how everything goes down hill after Jager. These gals had been drinking before they came here. Within 30min, had more to drink than me in the couple of hours I've been at the bar, and were perfectly fine with drinking more.

Of course, the Kiwi was helping everyone out with drinking more and more. It was a grand ol' time.

At the end, they said they were ready to start drinking and headed to a bar called 'Three wise monkeys'. I can only imagine what that's all about. I was pretty hammered so I wasn't able to join them.

What a bummer. These were my kind of people.

Oh well, guess I need to work on my tolerance.

Monday, August 04, 2008

More Observations from down under

- Cigarettes are the most amazing things in the world. What other product can you put a label that reads 'This product will KILL you' and people still buy it. How is this product legal?

- I just came back from an arcade in the middle of the city. With all the Asians here, you can imagine the competition. There were 8 Tekken 6 machines linked together. The level of play was pretty ridiculous. Of course, I had to give it a shot. That was probably the shortest game I've ever played.

- I watched these 2 girls play (and beat) house of the dead 4. They looked kinda like cartoon characters with the way they looked. If there's a zombie uprising down under, I'm hanging out with them.

- There are a lot of Japanese and Korean girls here that look like cartoon characters here.

- You can openly walk around and drink in most parts of the city.

- You haven't heard hot/sexy until you hear an aussie girl say 'panties'.

- I have watched so much Rugby in the last few days. Did you know there are different versions of Rugby? I didn't either. Apparently, it's like the NFL and AFL in the US. In one of the versions, teams can score over 100 pts. Odd.

- They may not have a Halloween here, but they have a pirate day celebration.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Live.. From Down Under... It's Pup!!!!

Now that I'm on the other side of the world, here's a few things that I've observed.

Food is insanely expensive here. Like double the price of the US. You know how you can get a roasted chicken from the grocery store for about $6 in your grocery store? Yea, it's A$14 dollars here. You know what the exchange rate is? 1:1

Actually, everything is expensive here.

I've been watching a lot of Rugby. Still not 100% sure what's going on, but I think I'm getting the hang of things soon and it looks fun.

There are Aussie versions of 2 of my favorite shows. So you think you can dance Australia and Project Runway Australia. Sweet.

A new video game here costs A$85. That's just insane.

I was awake at 4am today due to jet lag. I started walking around looking for apartments at 8am. I walked by several clubs that were just starting to close. I later talked to a friend here who said she had an early night at the club last night. She left at 5am.

Driving from the right side is weird. Not getting hit by a car is a bit of a challenge for me right now.

I need to learn the metric system and to tell the temperature in Celsius. It's screwing with me when I look at stuff.

8 thin slices of hard Salomi costs A$6. Other cold cuts are equally expensive.

Going out tonight. Should have more interesting things to report tomorrow.