Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Another List! Yay!
I got this from
The Tease's site

I rocked this list! Damn I'm smooth...

random blog stupidness:

(x) - you've done
(_) - you haven't done

(x) been dumped
(x) dumped someone
(x) shoplifted
(_) been fired
(x) been in a fist fight
(_) had a threesome
(x) snuck out of my parent's house
(_) been tied up (sexually)
(x) been caught masturbating
(x) broken an arm
(x) had a one night stand
(_) had sex with a member of the same sex (uh...definition of "sex" needed here...LOL)
(_) been arrested
(x) stolen parents' car
(x) made out with a stranger
(x) stole something from a job
(_) celebrated new years in time square
(x) gone on a blind date
(x) lied to a friend
(x) had a crush on a teacher
(x) celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans
(_) been to Europe
(x) skipped school
(_) skipped school soley to smoke pot
(_) slept with a co-worker
(x) cut myself on purpose
(x) been drunk
(x) smoked pot
(x) snorted anything
(x) popped pills (not tylenol)
(x) kissed a member of the opposite sex
(_) kissed a member of the same sex
(x) crashed a friend's car
(x) been to Japan
(x) ridden in a taxi
(x) been in love
(x) had sex
(x) had sex in public or a public place
(_) had sex at the office
(_) been engaged
(_) been married
(_) gotten divorced
(_) had children
(x) seen someone die
(_) been to Africa
(x) tasted my own sexual fluids.
(_) slapped someone I loved
(x) Driven over 400 miles to attend a show/festival/fetish ball
(x) Flown somewhere to attend a show/festival/fetish ball
(_) Been to Mexico
(x) Been on a plane
(x) Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
(x) Have been fisted and/or fisted someone eslse
(x) Thrown up in a bar
(x) Purposely set a part of myself on fire
(x) Eaten Sushi
(x) Been snowboarding
(_) Had sex at a friend's house when they were throwing a party
(x) Given Oral Sex
(_) Watched two (or more) people have sex (not porn, real life)
(x) Been moshing at a concert
(x) Eaten deer meat
(x) Made someone bleed, on purpose
(x) Had dirty thoughts about one of your best friends
(x) Had dirty thoughts about someone you've never met
Episode 1072: The Original Southside Crusaders vs. T and Pup

(13 or so years ago)

T walking home from school spies two big guys giving an old fashion beat down to a little dude. T also notices that one of the big guys is bustin' a droop.
T (thinking to himself): I wonder who those guys are. And why won't the one on the right pull up his pants?
T approaches the two fellows after the small fry frees himself from their stinging swings.
T: Hey guys. How's it going? Say, big guy, why do you wear your pants like that?
Big Guy: Easy access, nigga.
Other Guy: Yo, Ski, beat this fool down. I heard he was talking trash about your mom.
T: Easy now. I was wondering if I can join your club.
Ski: Nikki, you believe this shit? Nah, man. The membership is closed.
Nikki: You have to beat one of us down to claim the title of SOUTHSIDE CRUSADERS!!! And I don't think you can do it. Go ahead. Try. Take a swing at me. See if you don't get your ass kicked.
Nikki and Ski begin laughing and mocking T. T walks away a little dejected, but begins to devise a plan. Later at HQ T calls the only other person he knows:
Pup: WASSSUP!!!!!
T: What do you know about Nikki and Ski?
Pup: You okay? You didn't get beat down did you? Tell me what happened.
T recalls recent events.
P: Don't even think about it, T. They are notorious. Only a few have beaten them, and rumor has it the victors never live to tell the tale. Anyways we'd have to go to the gym and start working out if we want to beat them.
T: Fuck that.
P: Yeah. But I do have a plan....
Coming soon... the Ko....
Witness the Brute Force of the Southside Crusaders!!!
Episode 1109: The Crusaders vs. Super Annoying Ko (Is Ko friend or foe?)

Ko: T sucks. I might be stupid, but at least I have a girlfriend.
Pup: I wouldn't want to kick your ass in front of your girlfriend.
K: Oh, mister slack ass himself. Why don't you study a real science.
T: So you studied a so called real science and now profess to be a real man. Pathetic.
K: You hang out at comic book stores, T. That is so f*cking sad.
T and Pup regroup
P: Man, he is so fucking annoying. How can we penetrate his callous soul?
T: We need to find a way to make Ko annoy himself.
P: Or better yet, a sleeping potion.
T: Pup, you're a fucking genus!
K: What are you punks doing over there? Quit being gay and get your sorry asses over here.
Pup revels the strategy
P: I'll say something about how his sister is kewler than he. He should start to cry or at least get defensive. Pour the grape kool-aid mix in this glass of water, but hand it too him as water. He won't know the difference. And then in 15 seconds...
T: He'll pass out!
K: T, still having wet dreams of Zelda? Or is it Yuna now?
P: On three...1,...2,...3!
P: Ko, you're such a fucking poser.
K: Oh, yeah? Look at you, sell-out!
P: How much alcohol can you hold down?
K: Two twelve packs, a fifth of rum, a fifth of Sapphire, and then I'm done.
T: Well you should have no problem drinking my special blend. I call it the Great Grape Gatsby. Two parts rum, two parts Jaeger, and one part Scorsby Scotch.
K: But it looks like water. Honestly T...
T: Just drink it fool!!!
T hands Ko a 20 oz. glass of the sleeping potion. Ko guzzles down all of the Great Grape Gatsby. Fifteen seconds later Ko is down and out.
P: Good job T. He'll be out for the next 96 hours.
T: That was a close one, Pup.

Next Episode: The return of Nikki and Ski.
Imagine that...

Pup: Looks like our blog is doing alright.
T: Yeah I don't know why that is. We got super pimp daddy me, super pissy you, super annoying Ko, super invisible Dan....
P: Hummm... I like that. A super hero team.
T: Sounds good. Our catch phrase is...
T and P together: BRING IT!!!
T: Smooth.
P: So what you doing.
T: I don't know.
P: How you not know what you doing?
P: We should start talking like girls.
T: What?
P: It'll be fun. People don't know that we're not girls.
T: Dude, guess again.
P: I'll start. So what you doing?
T: Hating on Ko. Fucking asshole.
P: What he do this time?
T: He fucking fell asleep! (...burrrrnnnnn!!!!!!)
P: Damn. You need you a new man. So I went to Wal-Mart drunk as hell last night. And getting more drunk while I was there.
T: Yeah, what's new?
P: Well I come across this guy wearing nothing but a trench coat. He had a clipboard and he asked me what kind of nailpolish I like.
T: What kind of nailpolish you like? Did he think you were in third grade?
P: So I say, "You aint getting none, huh?" Then I puke on him.
T: Score.
T: Dude, I gotta get back to work. This is retarded.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Doktor Doktor

I'm indifferent when it comes to doctor visits. Of course I see a doctor three times a year, which really isn't too often, but its still more than most people I know. Maybe my friends can never become sick, they've developed an immunity to all the crap out there, no deadly diseases plague their families, in some sense they are immortal. But I know this can't be entirely true. The truth that I accept is everyone is sick, only the elderly and terminally ill care to do something about it.

I'm not dying, and I'm not old. But I do have a very common disease known as diabetes. Its common as is known, and for the most part at early onset its easy to manage. As a matter of fact, when managed properly, the disease begins to recede, or at least it becomes less of a bother. Proper management includes, maintaining a healthy nutritious diet, exercise and use of prescribed meds where necessary. So its easy to deal with.

And I deal with it fine. But doctor visits...what a waste of time. I go to be patronized, or scolded, or both. "Hello there, T. How do you feel? Any problems? Your blood pressure looks great, you're due to lose some weight, but otherwise all seems fine. What was your blood sugar the last time you checked? You haven't checked this morning? This week? This month!?! But two months ago you did...humph. You need to...blah, blah, blah...." But he doesn't let me go with just a lecture: "We'll have to take you to the lab and drain your blood!!!" Okay, he doesn't want to drain my blood, but he's just covering his back to make sure he doesn't release an at-risk-patient for six months. The test gives great results. As a matter of fact he says, "This looks fine. I don't know what you're doing but keep doing it. But you need to monitor your blood sugar at least twice a week...." Yeah, earlier you said two times a day. Punk.

So he makes me feel really bad about not taking care of myself, but overall I'm okay. I guess I'll fork over the 50 clams and buy a glucometer and test strips. Wait, he prescribed these to me. So I have no choice. Freak. He's the fourth doctor I've seen for diabetes treatment in two years. Its too early to say if he's good or not. Maybe there's something more to my condition, but he was too eager to head out for lunch. I like to pretend that there's nothing else wrong. So there went an hour of my day. At least I pocketed some medical supplies like half a dozen alcohol swabs, an excuse-from-school pad (I'm sure this will retail for a few hundred on e-bay) and some other miscellaneous crap. I'll do it again in six months. "Six months to the day," I ask. "Yep." Easy, I say. Easy.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Good Grief, T!

T at work:
T: Man, I'm in such a good mood, I think I might do some work today. Doo da doo. Pull up Excel. Doo doo dah! Alternate colors for all cells. Red, blue, yellow, green, etc. Ta dah!!! Now add some black border lines to a few cells...add text comments with font colors complementing cell colors...Ta dahh!!! This looks like block-style Teletubbie Land!!!

Well yesterday was cool. I went to church and met Giselle. My friend had told me beforehand that Giselle is an associate pastor. So I'm mid way from the stage doing my famous eyebrow trick (I can do 'the wave' with my eyebrows) toward Giselle and everyone else on the platform. It was all I could do to stay awake. At one point it looked as if she noticed me; that's when the eyebrows really perked up!

So I sit there listening to some pretty good music. Then some old dude talks about a slave girl.... Thirty minutes later I'm introduced to Giselle. I stand there for a moment and whisper, "Hi." Next thing I know she grabs me and hugs me and gives me this great big smile. (I was warned about the hugging, but I was cool with it.) I do all I can to keep from falling over. Its a good thing I didn't try to cop a feel on the...pastor? So I made it through the introduction without fainting. Then I just walked away.

So I catch up to my friend, on our way to Sunday school. She says, "Did you get her number? Did you ask her out?" I reply no to her questions. She's like, "You need to go back in there and talk to her." "Now!?" "Yeah!!!" So I go back into the chapel and wait patiently while she finishes a conversation with one of the deacons. Then she notices that I'm just standing there. I say, "Hi. You don't have to hug me again, cause I'm kinda shy." She laughs. "I'm wondering if you would like to do coffee sometime." "Sure!!!" Then she just takes me, leading me to her office. We make small talk along the way: "How long have you been in the ministry? How did you get started? You must really like what you do!!!"

In her office she finds a business card with all the 411. I happen to dig out from my wallet a faded business card of my own and we exchange digits. She changes from her robe and then she leads me to a coffee pot in the hallway. "This isn't quite what I meant." "No, I know! I really want to go out and have coffee with you. Dating in Mac-Town is sorry. I'm glad you came around!"

She tells me a little about her religious upbringing and chats a little about her accomplishments while she's been the assoc. pastor. In a hurried yet gentle manner she shows me to my Sunday school class; I knew she had to get back to work. I was thirteen minutes late for class...burrrrnnnn.....that's ten minutes and some change. Wait till I tell Pup.

In the class, my friend puts me on the spot. "This is my friend T. He's going to be dating Giselle!" The class show their approval of me. The business committee person announces an upcoming party. "Hey, let's invite T and Giselle! There's no way she'll miss a social gathering like this." I wasn't really paying attention to the announcements until my friend invites me and Giselle to this party.

Well I didn't see Giselle the rest of the day, but those 13 minutes were like magic. Man, that was great! One down and six to go...or maybe one to keep....

Question to audience:
Is it one down and six to go for T, or should he stretch out the one he has now and see where he lands?
Airport Manners

I was sitting at the airport again the other day. Being generally bored because I’m too paranoid about missing my flights so I’m there 3 hours early every time. For a while there in the beginning, I was thinking this is a good time to catch up on the magazines. See what’s new, who’s dating who, what to wear, what not to wear, and what was SO yesterday. Yes, I’m very girly this way (actually I’m just an information whore. I need to know EVERYTHING. Sad really.). Anyway, I hang out by the magazine stores a lot and read.

Soon I found out that there’s only so much information one can gather from magazines, or in the case of any magazine with a hot female on the cover, nothing. Argh, I hate magazines that are just one big ad!! No I don't want to peel and sniff your page! Also, I found out it’s really hard to read magazines with all those stupid inserts falling out of every other page. I usually just stare at the cards as they fall on the floor, then I look back at my magazine. I’ve caught the evil glare of the employees as I left more than a few times. What in the world am I talking about…. Oh yea.

One thing that I see, although not often, but still enough that it is disturbing, are the guys that are looking at the nudie magazines in the airport. Yea, there are enough of them that they keep that section in almost every magazine place in airports. Yew I say. Three words for you. Digitalize your perv-ness. Bring a lap top and get some movies and/or gigs of picture if you want. Buy the magazine and go something private for some quality time with the magazine. Just don’t stand next to me drooling over naked hard-core porn while I’m reading Bon Apatite.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you shouldn’t look at porn or naked women. That’s all good. Just don’t be doing it in at the airport. That’s just nasty. Here’s the reason, if you can’t control yourself enough to not look at nudie women in such a public place like an airport, you’re certainly not going to control yourself about releasing your little soldiers in public.

Going to the bathroom and hearing pooping sounds is one thing, but hearing the guy in the stall next to you grunting and saying, albeit softly, “yea, that’s it, that’s how you like it.” is another whole disturbing thing. This is really gross and makes me want to pee at his shoes to make him stop.

Once again, not hating on the self-love/greatest love of all, but come on. Wait till you get home or hotel or something you Perv.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Trials and Tribulations of Tiny Tricky Tiger T

Pup, Ko and T just hanging out at the mall:

Pup: Fool, when you gonna meet your quota?
T: I'm working on it.
Ko: Come on, Tee. I'll give you a quarter if you meet your quota.
T and P: Ko, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
K: Well guys, I think I'll get a milkshake and head home for a nap. See you chumps later.
P: Later Ko.
T: Why is Ko always taking naps? Is he a narcoleptic? Is he on the good shit? What gives?
P: Dude, its like this. I overheard his mom talking to my mom a long time ago and she said:
flashback to the conversation
Mrs. K: "For five years they had my Ko-Ko in the place for Down's syndrome kids. They poked and prodded and did what they could to determine if he has the disease. Five years!!! (sobbing) My poor little Ko-Ko. Finally they let him go.
Mrs. P: Why did they let him go so soon?
Mrs. K: They couldn't find anything. All the test came back "inconclusive."
Sequence ends. Return back to current time.
T: Inconclusive? That just means the doctors don't want to do the research. I mean Ko's my boy and all and they don't want to lift a finger to help him!?! Fucking MD's. I hate them all!!!
P: Dude, that's exactly what I said :) But get this. My mom told me later that inconclusive means that the boy is just dumb.
T: Oh.
P: Don't tell anyone I told you this, especially Ko.
T: I ain't saying nothing. Man, now I feel bad for Ko.
P: Yeah. But what about your dumbass self? Seven girls, T. You gotta talk 10 min. to seven girls each before 11:59p 31 Dec. 2004. You got six months left. If you don't get it done its your ass. I don't even care about the money. Wait. Its $50 and your ass!!!
T: I'm working on it already!!!
P: Have you even talked to one girl this year?
T: Uhhh...
P: Zelda don't count, Yuna don't count, family don't count, my friends don't count, co-workers don't count...
P: So that's a no, then. Damn, T. That's a damn shame. Damn.

Audience: So now you know T's dilemma. If you were T how would you go about meeting the quota? I'm thinking, rather T's think he should get a giant blow-up doll of Yunnie (that's Miss Yuna to the rest of you) and spend lots of quality time with her.

Ko--That's right. I told you I'd get you back. Best know who you messing with, sucka.
Apologies for not linking as a comment, but I thought it was too lengthy.

Your points are well placed. Several psychotropics are in fact now heavily marketed to "treat" something that was originally just a side effect of its intended purpose. To add to your rant, I will point to the fact that of all the psychotropics commonly used with adults (excluding ADHD meds), none have been studied in children and adolescents outside of pharmaceutical companies in-house research, with the exception of the recent federal study on Prozac. Certainly these companies are in a good position to conduct their own research, particularly when it comes to generating funding, but there is great concern over conflicts of interest when it comes to publishing null, or worse yet, negative findings. GlaxoSmithKline is currently facing lawsuits in NY and Britain for this concerning what they have known but avoided publishing about suicide rates connected with Paxil.

A lack of good data should not preclude prescribing for a child when there is a clear need, the physician has clinical experience in this treatment, and the child exhibits a positive response. The physician, parents, and child can weigh the risks and continue to monitor. But prescribing on a massive scale, as if it is common knowledge that these drugs perform as advertised and have no ill effects, is far different. This is compounded by the fact that the pharmaceutical companies often are in possession of data that suggests no effects or sometimes negative effects.

Mass screening for mental illness is only as beneficial as the integrity of the screen and the quality of the subsequent feedback/treatment. We already have depression days and anxiety days where every clinic, pharmacy, dentist, etc. hands everyone a questionnaire and then makes recommendations. These seem to have really improved our collective understanding of just how complicated the underlying causes of such symptoms can be (if undetected, please note sarcasm).

But back to children. Despite the lack of data, these meds are being prescribed in great quantities to what was previously an untapped market. Keep in mind there are no longitudinal studies of these meds over 20/30/40 years for their effects on adult brains/physiology/psychology, not to mention their impact on still developing children and adolescents. Worse yet, we are a long way from knowing what impact long-term pharmacotherapy of the sort might have on the children of those individuals. In fact we will probably be several generations into those effects before we begin to have a grasp on it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Bush to screen population for mental illness

After reading this article, my mind was working overtime. My mind kept trying and trying to find the logic and justification for this. I came up with some, but they were all so preposterous and they mostly included labeling people as Alphas and Betas.
This is one of the scariest articles I’ve seen in quite a while concerning our government. Not only is this a bad idea, but even the thought of entertaining this idea is ludicrous (not the dirty south rapper either). At first, I thought I had mistakenly gone to the onion or some other humor website, but sadly no.

Comprehensive mental screening for everyone, including pre-schooler? Are they out of their fucking minds? I agree with their statement that there are a lot of undiagnosed children out there. However, simply giving them a pill will not magically solve all their problems. Yes, it is the simple solution. Yes, it is the solution that will ensure that big pharmaceutical will have a stable consumer base. Yes, to the ignorant masses, this will certainly seem like a good idea. But NO, this is not the Right solution! This would be equilvant of some wonder pill that's being sold on a late night infomercial. It all sounds so good, but it's truly bad. Sadly, the administration only cares about staying in power for 4 more years.

Drugging up children is not the answer!! Do drugs help children? Yes, sometimes. But this is usually along with other methods of mental health support. Thinking that a pill will magically cure problems with children at school is simply idiotic. There are no quick fixes for mental illness or deficiency.

There is also a big problem diagnosing children and having them labeled at such an early age. Although, I’m not a psychologist that deals with children, I think I still have enough credit here to say that these labels can have detrimental effects on the mental growth of the child. Children are mean and nasty towards each other. Elementary, middle, and high schools are tough enough without having some label hanging over you. Another point on diagnosing children, or even adults, this is not a perfect science. Not even close! Ah yes, things that jackass Dr. Phil forgets to tell you. Psychology is NO where near a perfect science. I could bore you with some overall predictability of psychological tests and assessments, but I won’t. The bottom line is that this is not even like medical science where you can take a x-ray or do a blood test and can say “yes, this person has this broken bone, or this cell deficiency. Yet we are still willing to prescribe pills to our children that no one really know exactly why they work, just that they do (This is true. They kinda know why it works, but not exactly. The process of how drugs are made usually include making a drug, test for the “proposed” main effects and note the side effects, then whatever the strongest reaction is (whether it’s the main or side effects), that’s what they will sell the drug as.)
I’m not even going to go on about how there are certain “recommended” drugs for this program and that it just happens that these large pharmaceutical companies are large contributors to Bush and the Republican party. I won’t even start going there.

As a friend of mine pointed out, this will probably be sneaked into the “No Child Left Behind” initiative. No one would dare questions an initiative such as “No Child Left Behind”, hence once again it will sneak by without very much publicity. This is a big thing with me due to the RAVE act being sneaked into the very popular “AMBER ALERT ACT”. Who would question or say anything bad about an act to quickly help missing children? No one of course. But if we looked through the Amber alert, we would see that they attached the RAVE act which classified all raves in the same category as a crack house. This means that they can shut down any “rave” event and hold the promoter responsible. Hence, the end of Raves in the US. I hate you. Oh my God I hate you. Ok, I’ll stop this even though it pisses me off to no end. I’ve digressed enough.

If you are reading this, please let someone know of this. Spread the word. Yes, all 5 of you that reads this blog. If you are a parent, you should be very frighten for your children. So speak up.

I know others of you are much better writers and articulate much better than me, so please do so on this.
The trivialities of T

T and Pup exchanging e-mail from their work terminals:

Pup: Where were you last night? I was calling yo place, your mom's place, Shaniqua's place, Nikki and Ski's place. Nothing.
T: Oh, man. You're not going to believe this. I was at the grocery store last night, in the 1-15 item self check out line, with TWO items, for fifty f*cking minutes. Usually there are four operating stations, but for some idiotic reason two stations were not working. So I was next in line behind some old dude who was taking his time, raising his hand to ask the cashier questions about dog food, and then tomato juice, toilet tissue, etc. Then there was this old lady that was scanning two boxes of Kool-Aid packages. Do you know how many Kool-Aid packages are in a box? Well last night I found out. She scanned them all individually. Urrggghhh!!!!!
Pup: I bet she's still there.
T: Well finally the old dude finished flirting with Rebecca, and it was my turn. hehe!!!
Pup: Hey, why didn't you go to another line?
T: Cause I was next, yo!!!!
T: In unrelated news, I shaved this morning.
(side note: Anyone who has spent any amount of time with T would agree that he needed to shave 2 months ago.)
T: And took a shower!
Pup: 'bout damn time.

Question to audience:
If you were in T's place last night, would you have jumped lines?

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Man if I knew anything about animation/cartooning I would be set. I got the storyboard and dialog. I hope no one becomes bored by this or runs off to become a transvestite. Oh yeah, the names of the innocent have been protected (except for Ko, you deserve what's coming your way)

T and Pup hanging out at Pup's crib
T: Yo, Pup. I think I scored a date for this weekend.
Pup: Yeah. With who?
T: I don't know. Some girl.
Pup: Ya got to do better than that.
T: Here's how it happened. I went for a walk Saturday afternoon and started a conversation with a neighbor. She tells me she wants to introduce me to someone. So I'm like cool. Just tell me what I gotta do.
Pup: What you mean what you gotta do? You need to figure that out on your own, dumbass. You getting no help.
T: Man, shut up.
Pup: I aint playing.
T: Here's what I gotta do: I gotta go to church this Sunday.
in walks Ko
Ko: T, you going to church? I hear there are some cuties up in the Lord's House, yo. You need to be reaping the Lord's blessings!!!
T and Pup: Ko, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
Ko: Sorry dudes. I was just passing through to get a doughnut before I take a nap. I'll see you chumps later.
exit the Ko
Pup: So you going to church?
T: Yeah, I guess I gotta go. Can't let my neighbor down.
Pup: Look, you don't need that wimpy ass attitude of yours. Be a man!!! Bring your A Game. Don't bring your B Game and definitely don't bring your Ko Game.
T: Can I bring my game boy?
Pup: ABSOLUTELY NO!!! And no mention of Zelda either. I ought to smack you.
T forshadowing events yet to happen
T: Hi. Um.... What's your name again?
Girl: Not Zelda.
T: Yeah, that's what I thought. That's, um, that's very nice. sigh.
daydream ends
T: Man, Zelda is such a kick ass game, dog.
Pup: You'll be sitting there for the rest of your life playing Zelda and not knowing what its really like to be someone's prince or a hero to someone very special.
T: ???
Pup: That's right, chump.
T turns on his gameboy advance to run a mission in Final Fantasy Tactics, on the sly he's ignoring Pup for fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes later:
T: Did I tell you she's an Ivy League graduate? Yale or Harvard or something.
Pup: Oh snap, T!!! You gotta get up wit it. Man, you really need your A Game!!!
T: Dude I don't even know where Harvard is. She's out of my league. I went to a po' dunk college in the dirty south. At the freshman assembly they asked:
Emcee: By a show of hands, how many of you are here on Presidential Scholarships?
I raised my hand and said, "Sir, I'm here because of affirmative action. Does that count?" They told me to keep my lips shut on that topic and they'll give me a full ride. Just like that, and I had the whole fours years made. 0.5 GPA, baby!
Pup: News flash: There is no such thing as leagues. It's just one big ass game. But you have to know how to play!

Question to the audience:
Do you think the girl is out of T's league? Why or why not?
Are there leagues? yes/no. Give an example.
Woooooo Whooooo!!!!

I learned a new word!!! Learning is da bomb diggedy!!!

apheresis, aphaeresis, n, (linguistics) 1. omission at the beginning of a word as in 'coon' for 'raccoon' or 'till' for 'until'
2. A procedure in which blood is drawn and separated into its components by dialysis; some are retained and the rest are returned to the donor by transfusion

aphaeretic, adj, Relating to or formed by or consisting of aphaeresis.

e.g. Boy, I'm too tired to whoop yor ass right now. Stay in yor room till your daddy get home. I'll make him beat your ass till the red meat shows. You out your damn mind callin' your auntie a stank 'ho.

English grammar and ebonics complement each other.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Quick note: I've added some links to some blogs that I'm addicted to. Check them out, these people articulate better than a stuffed bear. Mad Props to you all!

If your link is one of the ones that I've posted, hope it's ok :)
Bubble-licious Poems and such..

Call me silly. Call me immature. Call me what you like, but I will openly admit I enjoy some soda pop/cheesy things (among other things), whether it’s in music, movies, art, or even in rhyming words (I was definitely enjoying reading Dr. Seuss books to my nephew much more than he was listening to it). I think this is something that a lot of people are missing. I am constantly irritated by people who have been taught that there are things that are for children and things that are for grown-ups and that those things are mutually exclusive. Best example here I think are cartoons. Oh, how many times have I heard an adult say, “I don’t watch cartoons because they’re for children”.
Quick note here. I think animation has become more acceptable as computer animation is becoming more common place. That however, is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about drawn (or mostly drawn) cartoons.
When will people understand that cartoons are simply another medium with which people express ideas? Yes, it was created in the beginning to amuse children, but things evolve. Using illustrations we can convey a message just as well as any other medium, and many times those messages can be quite strong and powerful from the way it is illustrated. Even better than a lot of other mediums, animation can easily created new fantastic worlds and characters that are still governed by basic emotions that we see everyday (unlike the fabricated emotions of the reality shows. I mean really, who cries that much over anything? Urgh!).
Cartoons can convey deep human feelings just as well as any other medium. It all depends on what you watch. No, Spongebob is not terribly deep (although crazy ass funny), but if you watch things like Evangelion, Lain, any Hayao Miyazaki movie, etc., I think many people would be surprised at the depth that it gets into.
Just like most things, it all depends on what you watch. Just don’t discount one medium because they were initially made for children.

Go out and rent a good anime cartoon series/movie, Don’t spend your nights watching the terribly creepy “Who wants to marry my Dad?” Yuk.

Funny, I started this blog as how I like bubble-gum writings (poems)and such. Guess this one took a life of its own.

OOROO for now!
Did everyone make it through the weekend? I think I did. I'm still a little dizzy. Weird thing. Saturday night I swore I saw a guy cursing another guy out on the street. But the other guy did nothing. He just stood there and took it like a man. The first guy just kept going. He even walked circles around the stiff, as if he were ready to throw a punch or something. I thought about calling the cops. But that would be too risky; they're likely to throw my ass in jail. So I just watched and waited until I got bored with the ordeal. The next day I looked out across the street and noticed that the "other guy" was a post of granite with a round top that stood about five and a half feet from the ground. I didn't jump to the conclusion of "Man, I'm stupid." I had to figure it out. Then I remember that this guy has a dog and maybe he was playing/scolding/both with the dog at like late-at-night o'clock. Then I think, "Who the hell plays fetch with Fido after (okay, I'll just make up a time) 11pm? Old people are messed up." Then I think back to what I was doing..."How many people hang out in their apartments, in the dark with a few candles lit, listening to freaky music, and spy on their neighbors?" (C'mon now, raise your hands... I can't be the only one.) Then I think, "Damn, I'm smooth!!!" Have a great Midsummer's Day!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Good idea: Drinking
Good idea: Playing Ultimate Frisbee (Best sport EVER)
Good idea: Drinking a few and playing ultimate
Bad idea: Drinking 96 ounces of beer and playing Ultimate while being sick. After one perticular point, I was on the sideline just kinda laying there flopping around like a fish. Couldn't breath or move. It was quit the sight. :(

All this pain is making me feel like writing some cheesy stuff. Here you go!

Trust me

Somewhere along the line, our paths became tangled.
In the paths that we have taken in our lives,
They have led us away from each other.
In this world of strangers, we are unique.
For we chose to become strangers. Not willing, not conscientiously,
but we just keep missing each other.
The past cannot be changed, but our futures have yet to come to be.
I offer you a deal, as we begin to write our future together.
We will begin as strangers.
When we meet, I will not ask that you love me,
I will not even ask that you give me the benefit of the doubt.
One thing I will ask, I will ask that you trust me.
No matter what is said, no matter what is done,
I ask that you trust me.
I will never lie to you or do you harm.
I will always protect you. I will always be there with you.
I will think of you first no matter what the appearance may show.
Let this trust be the beginning of a new path.
A new path that leads us back together.
The road may be long, the path may make some turns.
In the darkest hours when you’re lost and adrift,
Remember my promise to you.
I will never lie to you. I will never do you harm.
Trust me. That’s all I ask of you.

BTW, people, I know you're reading this. Say hi. Post a comment, even if it's about how bad it is. It's only nice to do so.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Free Association

Not being able to rant is a really hard thing for me. I've seen at least 3 things that I could go on about. But I won't. A promise is a promise. So hmm.. what else to post. I'm just going to free associate. I think I'm getting sick. Yuk! Actually, there's no thinking about it, I think I am sick. Being sick usually make me just sit around and think. For me, this is a very dangerous thing. Who know what could come into my head if I just leave it open. Right now, there's some Bob Marley music playing... man, he was a cool dude. I don't think I can stand having dreads though. I think all that dirt would freak me out.

I bet some of you are reading this and thinking.. man, this is time I'm never going to get back. Well, you're right. My throat sure hurts. Typing is a lot less painful than talking to people on the phone.

I was just reading this monologue I wrote a while back. It sure is disturbing. It's amazing I can write something like that. It's too long to post here, and it is too disturbing to be a posting here anyway I think. I don't know who you people are. You'll probably have me committed. I do think the monologue is very good.

True story about how I wrote this. During college, a few of us were driving through some very rural areas in Mississippi to some casinos. On one of the long paths in the middle of nowhere, I was in the back seat with a pad of paper. I thought I could kill some time writing or drawing something. I had nothing. The paper stayed clean for hours. I got a bit frustrated with nothing coming into my head to write or draw, so I started looking out the window. Nice quite country scenes. It was quite nice. We were driving through a small town when I saw her. A young girl, probably not even in her teens. She was just standing there with a blank stare. It was as if there was nothing inside, a shell of a body just standing there.

Her expressions weren't scary or anything like that. Just a blank stare, if anything it looked a bit sad. For a moment there, everything seemed to slow and then our eyes met. There was a sensation that surged through my body. I was frozen as thoughts and imagery flooded my mind.

In a matter of seconds, the world sped back into normal time, I yelled for the people in the car to look at that girl. “there’s no one there” they replied. “I’m pretty sure the town’s abandoned.” Not wanting to lose or forget anything that was seared into my mind I quickly started writing. The result was the monologue.
True story.

I’m going to rest now. I think my throat would appreciate that. Night.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Mother Nature, I give up.

It was about midnight last night. I was sitting on my futon by the window with the fan on full blast. Having suffered through 90 degree weather all day, midnight only brought 3 degrees of relieve as the temp. stayed at a nasty 87 degrees. All the fan was doing now was blowing warm air and humidity on me. It’s like a giant sweat machine. So I was lying there mostly naked drowning in my own sweat. Not a pleasant sight.

I finally decided to turn on the air. For those of you that know me, this is a big thing. I NEVER turn on the air or heat. I’m in training for a post-apocalyptical earth where the climates will be extreme and I’ll be the only bad ass able to function properly. I’m smooth like that. I digress.

Well, actually, there’s not too much to this post other than to say I can’t handle this heat. Mother nature, you take this round, but I’ll get you yet!
Talking Geeky

I consider myself a geek and I go out of my way to do nerdy things. Play Magic the Gathering, play only RPG video games and talk/chat/post for hours (on other people's blogs, of course) about the big wussy monster on level 100,000,000 that nearly kicked my ass (but lucky for me and my level 10^6 Archer...), and all other nerdy things. "Dude, I just got 'The Doomsday Machine' special edition on DVD. The one where the Enterprise is about to blow up!!!" See. I'm basically a nerd. But I'm cool wit it.

What gets me is when in conversation someone says, "You just can't get around it without an alpha-beta 2 dash ten red/blue switch." Then there's that awkward silence. I'm like, "Dude, no one's laughing. I don't get it. What's the punchline?" Said person repeats him/herself and still no response. Now me, I'm ready to shoot the sucka down. "Man, you stupid. I tried it without that switch and it worked fine. Looks like you need to go back to the drawing board, dumbass." But I can never get my two cents in. Someone, that one person who always looks out for the little man, changes the subject. "Anyone catch Enterprise last night?" Its weird because the person who says these weird things know exactly what they're talking about. Whatever the hell it is they're talking about, they own it. We've all been there.

I guess you don't have to be a nerd to know what I'm talking about, but it’s especially funny when it’s nerdy talk. Or Chris Rock. Now you've all seen PootyTang on the Chris Rock Show. Pooty is generally bragging about his new video, while Chris is continually boosting his ego. Then Pooty goes, "Stank shank on the Pooty Booty!"
Chris: Pooty what the hell you just say?
Pooty(annunciating every word): Stank-shank-on-the-Pooty-Booty.
one minute of silence
Chris(laughing): Ohhhhh, Stank shank on the pooty booty!!

as if now it makes more sense.
These are moments that, one could say, "You just had to be there!"

Monday, June 14, 2004

I’m stopping the rants!.. Well for now at least.

No rants for at least a week. That’s as long as I can promise. It’s a new thing I’m trying out.

I had the most Brillant weekend. I flew to Philly this weekend to see Dido in concert. Is that bad? Flying to other states to see a concert? I mean, I really like her, but does flying to another state begin to boarderline on obessing? She’s not coming anywhere near where I live, so it’s justifed in my mind. Though still sounds a bit stalkish If you’re thinking yes that’s stalkish, I’m flying to 2 different states on consecutive weekends next month to see Sarah McLachlan. Where all this money and vacation time will magically appear I do not know.

Anyway, back to the most Brillant weekend in recent memory. Hmmm.. now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think I can describe this weekend on this PG rated blog. Let’s just say I was up for 41 hours straight, and it involved a lot of adult language, adult situations, Drug and Alcohol references, and some nudity. Not in that order. Well, maybe it was, it’s all bit blurry. This would be such an excellent movie. Sadly, What happened in Philly, MUST stay in Philly. I don't make the rules :(

One funny part that I just remembered and can share is that during this visit, I also attend a friend’s graduation. After being up for about 30 hours prior to that, I was a bit tired. Acutally, more like stumbing idoit tired. I’ve also been wearing the same clothes all this time. Yuk. Anyway, after I saw him walk I had to get some water and walk around to avoid falling asleep and falling down some bleacher stands where I was sitting. Those bleacher seats were making me more stiff that a bee's knees.

I walked outside the building and found a nice spot under a tree by the sidewalk. After sitting down for mere seconds, I was falling asleep. I must have dozed off for about 15-20 min. and when I got up to go back to the graduation, I picked up my water cup saw that it had 45 cents in it. Wow, getting paid to sleep in public. Aces! I think in the blur of consciousness, I saw a man in an animal suit putting that money in the cup. Scary or funny? Hmm.. you be the judge.

Now that I’m re-reading this, this wasn’t that exciting. Deleted scenes on the DVD it goes.

Ok, more after I catch up on the 67 work emails I’ve gotten at work on Friday. ARGH! What is that about? Never emails when I want them.
I promise the other stories will be more fun. That is if I can remember them.

BTW, I’m sure a lot of you will be able to pry the information out of me after torchering me with a couple rounds of nice cold brew. (waving hand) You'll buy me some free drinks. Check me out getting free drinks. Man, I’m smart :)

Brain not functioning... must sleep soon... only 11am.. argh!!!!!!

Congrats Ko and Jenny on graduation!
A shout out to all the Greeks I met this weekend!! You guys rock!
Dido rocks my world!

Top 5 best weekend EVER!

Friday, June 11, 2004

My heart has been troubled of late by a certain lack of familiarity and application of several important, erudite expressions in the English language. Therefore, I implore you, make great effort to insert the phrases "the bee's knees" and "the cat's pajamas" into as many of your conversations as possible. The time is long overdue for their return to popularity. For those of you skilled at the use of these idoms and seeking something more daring, perhaps you could try out the lesser known variations: "the flea's eyebrows" and "the sardine's whiskers." Others are certain to look upon you as jaunty and smashing.
Room 101 (nightmares and such)

Those of you familiar with Orson Well's 1984 recognize the reference to ROOM 101. Citizens who offend Big Brother are labeled double-plus un-good and serve a sentence in the dreaded room. The room houses their greatest fear and there is no escape. If a felon claims to have no fears, the Ministry of Justice(?) impose their fears upon you. It’s been a while since I read it and I lost the cliff notes but you get the general idea. Room 101 is Purgatory.

I had a dream last night where my fear of insects, specifically bees and the like, sequentially manifested itself into a nightmare. Here goes.

A mosquito falls into my cup of coffee. I pay no attention to it, so I swallowed it. The scenario starts again; new full cup of coffee but this time a beetle falls into the cup. I scoop him out, toss him on the floor and stomp on him. Reset: Roach in coffee. This one was tricky. I scoop the roach out into a clean cup without using my hands. I fill the cup with water, cover the top with a saucer, run to the bathroom, dump the roach in the toilet and flush him down. Reset: Yellow Jacket in coffee. I hesitate. The bee seems to be enjoying a nice swim. I do nothing for several minutes. The bee flips himself over. I gasp. He then flies out on his own. I swear my heart stopped for an instant, but I never see him again. Reset: Hornet in coffee. I immediately walk away and take a seat in the living room never returning to the kitchen. "I don't need the coffee after all," I fool myself. Then from the living room some other tale begins. That's all folks!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

48 Hours, Another 48 hours, A Week and 48 hours later...

John: Yo, T. Let's start a blog.
T: Okay. What's a blog?
John: Its just a poster board where we can rant and rave for free.
T: Sounds cool. Sign me up.

Two to 3 weeks later:
John: T, you need to post.
T: What? What do I need to post?
John: The blog I set up.
T: Oh yeah. Okay, I'll go post.

A week later:
John: Check out my post.
T: Yeah okay. Maybe not.
John: ???
T: That wasn't phallic?
John: Dumbass.

A day or two later:
T: Check out my recent post!
John: See. There you go!

Okay. Now if you go and read our posts, and I'll admit, John has posted much more than I, you may see a pattern developing. Its like Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte. Two unlikely heroes, one throwing slap-stick street humor around, and the other not very humorous at all. Instead, he's just bitchy. Both suck at what they do (we're giving it some good effort), its a wonder the blogger community puts up with this tasteless--no not tasteless, rather its just missing the sizzle. Oh well, back to my Suzanne Vega song...duh duh da da duh duh da da duh duh da da duh duh da da....
T and Pup's Fabulous Vacation!

I've been working for four days straight which can really run a brotha down. So I decided to take Friday off. Called up Pup, got a full tank of gas in my make-believe-tricked-out '94 Ford Escort (I have a few faded Dragonball Z stickers posted on my car that make for some fly ground effects) and headed out to Bankhead. Yeah, I don't think my car make it to Europe and back on one tank of gas, so I had to economize.

Friday June 4 2pm

Head out to Waffle House on Mt. Zion for breakfast. Pup ordered a double order of hashbrowns s/s/c/t/d (I had to talk him into the peppered) which he didn't eat it. Good for nothing stuffed animal...wait I ate his meal with a side order of bacon! Hmmmm! Bacon!!!

Driving around Hapeville to see if my ho's are still working it. Suddenly Bo-Bo rolls up and ask me for some weed.
Bo-Bo: Got some weed?
I act all innocent and stupid like I don't know what the hell he's talking about even though I have pink-eye and reek of Mary-Jane.
T: Nah, man. Talk to those guy over there.
Turns out the "guys over there" were undercover cops. Gotta hate it for Bo-Bo. So we leave Hapeville.

Now we're riding down Metropolitan Ave. (Old Skool Atlantians will know this street as Stewart Ave. Enough said.) This time I aint pimpin' out no ho's, I'm trying to get one to turn a trick.

Pup: Damn, T. Its four o'clock in the afternoon. We still gotta go holla at Tony, get a belt for Ski, kick Nikki's ass, play craps with Shane, holla at Monique, check on your baby mama, pick up L and get to Club 112 before midnight. And you know your ass needs to eat like four times. Them Stewart Ave. ho's can wait!
Damn. Pup's right.

We do all the stuff Pup mentioned and managed to evade po-po along the way. Its like 11:30pm. Where oh where did the day go?
We're getting into our club gear at L's place. Oh L is Leroy. A real smooth cat from around the way. I think he's working on a new jazz album. You might want to check him out.

We're at Club 112. Everybody, I mean everybody is getting their freak on. The DJ got his beats on, the bartender got his drinks on, the girls on the dance floor got their booty on, the playas in the house got their mack on. Smack-ity smack! There aint no better place to be right about now!
The three of us get down and do our boggie until 7 am....

Oh damn. I got my stories wrong again. Four years ago it was me, John and James at the Nike Pavilion until 7am. Two nights in a row. Rave till dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've never been to Club 112. And weeds grow in your front yard. Hate weeds!!!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I met the girl of my dreams today.
She was everything I’ve ever imagined she'd be.
Intelligent, witty, caring, and all so cute.
We talked for hours into the night,
Finishing each other’s sentences and sharing the same thoughts.
I lingered on her every word, treasuring every moment spent with her.

So what do you do when you’ve finally found what you’ve been looking for all your life?
When you’ve finally reached the gates to the garden of paradise,
Then suddenly realizing that the key that you hold won’t open the gates.

what do you do at that moment when you realize that the one you’ve been searching for all your life has already found someone else?
What the fuck is wrong with you people?

This is my weekly comment on, What the fuck is wrong with you people? A commentary on how society as a whole or groups in society is pissing me off. There're a lot of them, so this will be a long running column.

Please do not get this column confused with "Who the fuck is you?", a weekly column on individuals who are pissing me off. Well, maybe not weekly, I’m pissed, but have too much work to carefully craft all this anger into words. I’ll try to get to it when I can.

Anyway, in this article on MSNBC Chimps near extinction, it was reported that a recent study shows that Monkeys may be extinct in 50 years!!! ARGHH!! In case you didn’t know, I love monkeys. Apparently there are some damn jackasses out there that I’m going to have to kill.

“It is believed that the illegal hunting and eating of apes -- known as the bushmeat crisis -- has had the greatest impact on the rate of decline, along with deforestation, human encroachment and disease”

Bushmeat?! What the hell? Who eats apes? Damn it if I’m not going to have to make a trip and do some stupidity cleansing. All you stupid ape eating people have to die! You people should know better. You are disgusting. I don’t care if you are starving. There are better ways. Get a Damn Clue.

Now, I will not place all the blame on those people who are doing this. Although they will shortly receive my foot to be inserted into their asses in the mail, they are only the pawns. The continuation of the richer countries in the world to ignore Africa will only lead to the destruction of all these wonderful natural resources and creatures. What? There’s no oil there? So let’s not worry about it? You rich people can’t take anymore resources from this land so you’ll just leave it to rot? These are people that want to be help and would be willing to accept help. Why isn’t anyone interested in them instead of the middle east? I bet if we find oil or something that can make some already rich people even more money, we’d be there in a second. If they found oil, Exxon would be sponsoring the biggest relief you’ll ever see. BTW, damn you DeBeers. That’s another rant.

Don’t think I’m only blaming the rich countries on this either. Damn it people in Africa, get a fucking clue. Stop all this bullshit fighting. Warlords? Come on, that’s so 18th century. You have epidemics of AIDS, famine, plague, never ending wars, desertification, etc. Get your shit together people. Stop fighting each other. The enemy is everyone else in the world. They’ve taken everything you had, your people, your resources, and they left you with nothing. Kill those few megalomaniacs and egotistical greedy bastards that are playing their little warlord games and work for greater goals, something other than, let’s see if I can live another week.

Back to you monkey killers. I’ll kill each and every single one of you. I’ll probably go after everyone you know, family, friends, everyone. That I promise. If you people won’t clean up your act, I’ll unite the monkeys and lead a revolt and monkeys will rule the land. Can’t be worst than what’s there now.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Fans of dance offs, cheer offs, and drum offs unite, for the anticipation is over.

On August 24, MGM will finally release to DVD what might be the greatest film of this genre...Roller Boogie (1979). Have mercy on your souls if you are unfamiliar with this timeless masterpiece. The film stars Jim Bray, an actual roller skating champion, and Linda Blair, in an oft overlooked dramatic role. You know the plot. A kind roller rink owner ("Just let the kids skate!") is squeezed out by rich corporate goons looking to demolish the place and build a strip mall. Rich girl and poor roller disco stud fall in love and then set out, along with their crazy gang of roller skating misfits to save the rink. Why? So that they can compete in the big roller boogie contest, of course. Picture Saturday Night Fever on wheels, although sans Bee Gees and Travolta's angst leaves much to be desired. Still memorable are the screenshots of gigantic portable cassette players, a scene of thwarting the bad guys with a fruit fight, and of course, all the boogie (read, ass shot) action.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Blind Dating vs. Booty Calls (or the combination, Blind Date Booty Calls)...

Yeah, I watch too much Jerry Springer, Blind Date and Spike Lee movies et. al., SO WHAT? Who else would you want to make connections between dating and booty? (Probably someone who dates)! Anyway, everyone knows that with blind dates there lies some uncertainty of getting the booty. Its the case where the circumstances dictate the course of action. But I don't buy that. The opportunity is there for the daters to get busy and do the bump and grind. A hedonist would say, "It don't matter how many teeth you're missing, nor does it matter that your left eye always focuses somewhere on Mars, it don't even matter if you sign your name with an X, lets get it on!" And the daters would immediately quench their desire for one another. Hell, don't even worry about the small talk crap cause I don't care what you do, where you're from, how many kids you got, cause after this you'll be a ten-digit number. This brings me to my next point. A booty call is nothing but a 'date' where you know you're going to get it. You didn't seal the deal for an intimate relationship during the blind date (that wasn't the plan, remember?) and you're not going to. The happiest man or woman is the one who is on a blind date with Shananay or Tyrone and has two or three voice messages from Trisha or Pookey. Its even better if Trisha and Pookey are on blinds dates themselves.

And that's my final thought. Until next time, take care, and take care of each other.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

I say yo, Pup! Drop me a funky ass beat...

da duh da da da duh da da da duh da da da duh da da
da duh da da da duh da da da duh da da da duh da da

I was hangin out in Bankhead
Thought I'd wait around for MARTA
And to my great surprise
Aiesha dialed my cell phone
I told that ho to shut it
I don't need no mamma drama
And then she said "I love you"
It was V-day after all.......

So I was headin down to Shawn's crib
He stayed out in Decatur
But he played some Tekken Tag
And I whooped his ass like daily
But then my head was spinnin'
I was thinkin 'bout Aiesha
Cuz she was just a friend
While I was creapin' with Moesha....

da duh da da da duh da.......
[Repeat 2 times and kick in the funky remixed bass line]

Moesha was her sister
And we're keepin it on the d-l


Shane is one year old
And I aint the baby daddy
"Then/why/won't/you/get/off/your/fat ass
And take a blood test!?"
(nag nag nag)


The moral of the story is a brotha can get distracted
And its V-day after all
And you know I gots to bang it...
Till the morning comes
Rising of the sun.....

Time for another Rant.

What’s the deal with media’s reporting of missing people? I mean, look at all the ones that gets all the coverage. They’re usually young white attractive females. Elizabeth Smart, that crazy Wisconsin girl, that other Utah girl, Amber (of the Amber Alert) just to name a few. In the past year, have you heard of anyone disappearances/kidnappings in the last 3 years or so that doesn’t fit this description? OH yes, there was a one, one 10th story about a little African-American girl that was kidnapped and escaped her captors by herself. To escape her captors on her own is quite a feat, and had she been a young white attractive female, she probably would be the national hero for a good week or so and probably get a book and movie deal. Instead, she gets a slap on the back for a good job of not wasting the communities’ resources looking for her.

Fact is people, there are a lot of young people who goes missing. Boys and Girls, of all races and from families rich and poor. Do a better job broadcasting on ALL these children when they go missing instead of just concentrating on the young white attractive females that will get you good ratings. I understand that people are idiotic, bias, and more sympatric towards that population, but everyone deserves the same attention from all of us when they are in trouble. Just think how you would feel if you or your children were not in that young white attractive female group and something happened to you and no station would pick up your story.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Yes, I indeed got served.

Thank you B2K.

First of all, going to a blockbuster around here on a Friday night is a huge mistake. Hundreds of screaming kids running around and lots of generally pissed off looking parents finally realizing the propaganda of how great children are and the need to procreate are all lies. Not that I’m against children, just lots of children screaming in a little room while I’m trying to make a video selection.

So I have a routine of going down the new release wall starting with the A’s. I am too obsessive to stray from this routine, even if I know the movie I wanted to get and see that there’s only one copy left. Must go down the wall in order!! I have a problem.

So I make it down to the end of the wall where the new release of “You got served”, AKA, Breakin’ 2004 was sitting with relatively few copies left. After a failed attempt to convince my friends that this is a movie to be seen in the theaters, it was finally my chance to see the movie in the privacy of my own home along with the many other movies I do not admit to have seen (I’m talking about you Battlefield Earth and Riding in cars with boys, Worst movies EVER).

With a caption like this, how can you go wrong?

“At Mr. Rad's Warehouse, the best hip-hop crews in Los Angeles compete for money and respect. But when a suburban crew crashes the party, stealing their dancers-and their moves-two warring friends have to pull together to represent the street.”

Represent the street! Hell ya…

This is perhaps one of the best movies I’ve seen this year!! If we as a society would only learn from these kids. Don’t settle your quarrels and problems with Guns and Knives. That doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Settle your difference in a Dance Off!! Why can’t we learn?!! Learn damn it learn!!
Dance off is clearly the only way to settle things in a civilized fashion.

Here are the top 5 effects of living “you got served” as the law of the land.
1. Dance Dance Revolution would be a class taught in schools. SATs my ass. The DAT. Dance Aptitude Test.
2. CSPAN would instantly become the most widely watched network as senators and representatives get down to it on issues of the land.
3. CSPAN 2 would instantly become the 2nd most widely watched network as we see the House of Lords and House of Commons “serving” each other.
4. People would finally realize the bump and grind is not actually dancing (yes, I’m talking to you, you nasty drunks who thinks you’re dancing).
5. This Obesity epidemic wouldn’t even be a problem.

See all good. No bads.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I LOVE lists!

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that are true.

01.I am perfectly content to sit by myself for hours listening to the same songs over and over again.
02. I'm a loud person.
03. I would love to do country line dancing.
04. I don't really care about...anything.
05. I can completely lose myself in a song.
06. Driving aimlessly while blasting music is therapeutic.05. I love fall.
06. I hate turtleneck sweaters.
07. My friends mean the world to me.
08. I also hate when people TypE LyKe D1s.
09. I only get 3-4 hours of sleep a night sometimes.
10. I believe that even if they work, long distance relationships still suck.
11. Computers suck <-- br="" but="" i="" need="" them="">12. I don't like people
13. I like shopping for shoes.
14. I don't like studying.
15. After high school I'm going to Law school.
16. Sometimes I feel like passing out in the middle of the floor for no reason.
17. I want to go to Europe.
18. I have a lot to learn.
19. I'm vegetarian.
20. I sometimes like to watch the rain and think.
21. I like pop music.
22. Johnny Depp is beautiful.
23. Groups of the same kind of people make me sick.
24. I can type rather fast.
25. I wish I could sleep better.
26. I wish love was like a movie.
27. I'm not a huge fan of the holidays.
28. I like the movie Star Wars
29. I want to win the lottery one day.
30. I like the Starting Line.
31. I trust people way too easily.
32. I don't have a job.
33. I dont like a lot of people.
34. I like to go stargazing.
35. I know a lot of people, but only have a few close friends.
36. I'm easy to get along with i think
37. I'm a very aggressive person.
38. I like having "beauty nights" with my friends.
39. I need to find something I'm talented in and stick to it.
40. I'm very insecure, even though I don't show it.
41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing.
42. I never want to live in Australia.
43. I'm too aggressive.
44. I love flavored lipgloss
45. Sometimes words can actually hurt me more than sticks and stones.
46. The movie Honey makes me sick.
47. I like holding hands more than anything.
48. I have no life.
49. Sometimes, I like spending time alone.
50. I'm not a big fan of relationships.
51. It needs to be quiet and dark for me to fall asleep.
52. I miss being kissed.
53. I love to find money in my coat pockets.
54. In the winter i never want to leave my house.
55. I wish I was good with directions.
56. I'm pretty good with forgetting about things.
57. I like to read childrens stories.
58. I dye/cut my hair way too much.
59. Emotional neediness scares the crap out of me.
60. Hearing people say they miss me, when I thought they didn't care, makes me smile.
61. I like the beach.
62. One of my favorite movies is Life as a House.
63. I'm very loud.
64. I feel like something's missing, even though I'm pretty content with my life right now.
65. My hair has a mind of it's own, and that mind is a paranoid schizophrenic.
66. I think meat is gross!
67. For the most part I don't care what anyone thinks of me.
68. I don't like having a boyfriend.
69. the song iris by the goo goo dolls is one of my favorite songs.
70. I've never (really truly) been in love.
71. I get really excited about girls/boys who play acoustic guitar.
72. I have never seen E.T.
73. I am drawn to intellect and humor.
74. I want my hair to be long but I can never grow it out.
75. I hate when people do things just to look important.76. I love the game twister.
77. I'm not old-fashioned.
78. I watch a lot of TV
79. I'm not picky about anything.
80. I like acting like a kid.
81. I don't understand why everyone feels the need to be obsessed with star shaped things.
82. Music plays a big part in my life.
83. I hate the word "emo"
84. I want silky smooth skin.
85. I love Oprah.
86. Sometimes I think to myself: Wow. People are really stupid.
87. Stupid people annoy me.
88. I may sound sarcastic but I really am serious.
89. I can forgive and forget.
90. I like being mean to people I don't know.
91. I can't stand ignorance.
92. Really tall people scare me.
93. I hate snow.
94. I love to laugh.
95. I don't listen to people that much.
96. I HATE hello kitty gear.
98. I think people throw the word love around too much.
99. I am outgoing
100. I hate when people always have to sound smart like when they correct the teacher.