Friday, June 23, 2006

What the Fuck is Wrong with You People?

I think this maybe the second time this topic has made the "What the Fuck is wrong with you people" list. Congrats to these people for having me pissed off like this twice.

"Chief executives of U.S. corporations earned 262 times the pay of the average worker in 2005, the second-highest level in the 40 years the data's been kept, an economic research group said this week.

Last year, the average CEO was paid $10.9 million a year, or 262 times an average worker's earnings of $41,861, the Economic Policy Institute said Wednesday.

The research group also found a CEO earned more in one workday in 2005 than an average worker earned in 52 weeks.

The group includes salary, bonuses, stock options and other payments in its definition of CEO pay.

Even with stats like this, the Republicans refuse to raise the minimum wage from $5.15/hour. Working 40 hours a week, a person working minimum wage can expect a whopping $206 a week before taxes."

Here’s the problem with all these fuckers that keep these Republicans in power. Yes, I’m talking to you people who vote to keep these bastards in. You’re fucking selfish and greedy or you just simply don’t know any better.

I’m sure the minimum wage has nothing to do with most of you and so you don’t really care. You know, most of you also call yourselves Christians. You all seem to love pulling out that card around elections. Well, this is a very Christian thing to do, you know, helping the rich and screwing the poor. Jesus would be proud.

Yes, he’s very proud of you for not helping the poor as you waste endless amounts of time and resources keeping people who love each other from being together or waging an unnecessary war. Yes, Jesus is very proud indeed.

Why don’t you, the common republican, care anyway? Do you think these people will just use that extra dollar increase for booze or drugs? You probably believe in some lies and pipe dreams about how the rich will share their wealth voluntarily. That they will get SO rich that it will naturally trickle down to the poor. If you believe that, you need to wake the fuck up. That will NEVER happen. NEVER.

These are hard working people that are doing backbreaking shit work. I guarantee you this is work that you would NEVER want to do. They deserve a fighting chance to have a good life just as much as your silver spoon overfeeding self.

BTW, if you vote Republican and you make below 300K a year and/or are not a straight white male, you’re a fucking ignorant brainwashed dumbass.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Newport Beach, CA
View from my balcony

Don’t you wish your Pup was Ghetto like me…

You can put the Pup in a very nice upscale $230/night room…

The Pup will still bring a 12 pack of beer and open them in the deadbolt hole because he didn’t have a bottle opener. BTW, this results in a big mess so I don’t suggest it.

The Pup will still fill the trash can up with ice and use it as a cooler

The Pup will still check for nudie magazines under his mattress

The Pup will still have no hesitation dropping something from the 8th floor

The Pup will still swim up to the pool bar and order a PBR

Monday, June 19, 2006

Almost Perfect

I’m in one of the best rooms in San Diego right now. My room overlooks the dock and the Pacific Ocean. I’m in a little resort hotel with 2 swimming pools and 2 nice restaurants among other very nice amenities (can you say swim up pool bar?).

When I went to get some ice, I started a small conversation with another guest. He had suggested this very nice restaurant that was within walking distance. I could make a short stroll around the dock and it’s right there on the water. You could sit outside on a near perfect night with a great view of the ocean. Being that it was dusk, it also had a perfect backdrop of the sun setting beyond the ocean.

After dinner was finished, I could take a slow stroll back around the dock. There are several seats on the trail so people can sit and enjoy the view. It would be dark when I started on the way back because of the wonderful dinner and conversations. While sitting at one of those benches, the fireworks show from the nearby theme park would begin and light the sky with its array of colors.

Yes, it would be quite the perfect night. I definitely could and would do all of these things if she was here with me.

People wonder why I don’t sleep. I don’t sleep because when I lay there awake, I wonder where she is. Sometimes I wonder what if there is no she at all. That's a thought that keeps me awake each night.

Tomorrow's hotel is suppose to be even better. Fantastic.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Kids Redeemed

It’s no secret that I’m not impressed with the kids today. It could be that I’m just an old bitter man who drinks in the front parking lot with a wife beater and yells at the kids.

After the NIN show, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I headed off to the Artic Monkeys concert.

The concert was held at my favorite venue where I’ve had some of my favorite concert moments. Some that comes straight to mind is seeing Prodigy where we were asked to leave the upper levels because all the jumping was causing the place to become unstable. Orbital/Crystal Method where some of the sickest moves I’ve ever seen were displayed in a dance off. Dido where I was about 5 feet away from her. This and others like Pet Shop Boys and Marilyn Manson just to name a couple.

Earlier that day, I had endured two seriously tough ultimate matches that lasted about 5 hours in over 90 degree heat. We had very limited subs and was playing a high school/college team. Damn kids and their running around. It was all I can do during the game not to just hurl. I’m really selling this sport aren’t I?

Both games were great as both came down to the last point and more importantly we won both games. In the first game, because we were short people, we played 6 vs.7. Now that’s a lot of work trying to cover multiple people.

I was tired, to say the least, going into the concert. The venue offered standing room right in front of the stage or seating up in the balconies. Being old and very tired, we opted for the seats. Up around the seating area, I couldn’t help but notice that everyone around us was English. Not totally unexpected as this is an English Band. Their heavy British accents and England Soccer jerseys was an easy give away.

What a reaction when the monkeys finally came out. They rocked a lot more than I thought they would. There were people dancing in their seats and in the isles. As I looked down from the balcony, I saw a wave of people jumping up and down with fists pumping. Now that’s good crowd.

The energy level stayed high during the whole show. Crowd surfing ensued as the Monkeys kept rocking out. Even as tired as I was, the energy of the place lifted me back to life. About half way through the show I was back up and moving around in the isles too.

I was expecting a good concert, but it turned out to be great and lots of fun.

Kids, especially English ones, you are redeemed.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I Want to Pup You Like an Animal

With the continuing crap going on in my life, there has been an unlikely ally lately. I don’t generally go to that many concerts. Actually, before the They Might Be Giants concerts, I don’t think I’ve been to one in over 9 months (yes, I know that's still a lot more often than most people but the voices don't care about other people).

They Might Be Giants gave me a great lift with their energetic fun show that really helped my spirits. It all went away with the accident to Lucy last week, I was ready to punch someone in the face.

Last night I went to the Nine Inch Nails concert. Trent certainly delivered. The show was amazing and he was better than ever. Way to give my pent up rage a voice.

With that said, I must point out that I’m very disappointed in the crowd. Though they were into it, they weren’t really into it as much as they should. The music was rocking. Everyone should have been jumping around, but alas, just swaying.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Even right in front of the stage, there was no real action going on. T and I walked in the lawn area completely expecting a mosh pit or at least some slam dancing. Even there, nothing. I’ve seen more action at a widespread panic concert or at the Lilith Fair.

What the hell is wrong with these kids nowadays? Last time I saw NIN, there were 2 pits and looking toward that stage, you see an ocean of people jumping up and down with people being lifted to the top. People would run around and dance like they were possessed. Now that’s a good crowd.

In the good ol’ days, there would be a pit, maybe 2. As soon as one is formed, T and I would run and hurl ourselves in and clean up the weak from the pit. Yes, we were those guys. Of course that came with some serious bruises from other bigger fish in the pit, but it’s all good.

In this age of implanted fear from the government, religious minority enforced political correctness, lawsuit fears, too much coddling with our technology, and just generally pansy ass people who would use a weapon because they’re too chick shit to get some real action going, we as a society are going down the wrong path of civilization.

I’m not saying we should be anarchist or be randomly violent. No, that shit's just retarded. There is a certain degree of controlled violence that’s good for people, a controlled outlet. Anger and violence has become so shameful and unacceptable that we are forced to just pent it up inside. It doesn’t go away folks, it just manifests itself in other ways.

We’ve become so afraid to express ourselves. We’ve become so afraid to do anything that others may perceive as strange or different. We’ve become what the government and the religious minority wants us to be, an obedient subdued fearful group of citizens that needs their control on our lives because we don’t know any better.

Start mooing people, cause you're becoming cattle.

This country has shifted from power of the people, to power to the minority. If there is no hope in this crowd that I saw last night, there is certainly very little hope elsewhere.

As much as I wanted to hear more, I didn’t blame Trent for not doing an encore. The crowd certainly didn’t deserve one.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

6 -06 -06

The END is coming!! The END is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What? The world isn't ending today?
Damn it...

Yea, all you rightous self-serving religious fundamentalist will just have to spend a bit more time with us before your flying spaceship come takes you away.

So sad for you.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Welcome to my top 10.
This is a list of the top 10 albums currently playing in my car, home, office, nightmares, etc. The list changes from week to week so actually this top 10 is from last week. So here goes.

1. Washing Machine--Sonic Youth
Okay, so I've got a picture of trouble girl Kim walking down to the corner store not wearing any underwear, to buy her baby a soda pop just becuz. And I'm blissed. Need I say more? Actually, yes there is more to say. The intro to No Queen Blues just rox my world. How da...? What da...? Did I just hear that? And you gotta give it up for the Diamond Sea. Put your weight on it Mr. Tee, put your weight on it!!! Okay, alright?

2. Confield--Autechre
cfern scared the shit out of me Wednesday night. Perhaps it has something to do with the drunken stupor I forced upon myself but I swore someone was knocking on my door. "Who is--. Oh, it's Autechre! Maybe I'll sit up straight and pay attention." See this is odd becuz (love ya, Kim Gordon-Moore) the fractured drum sequencing on lentic catachresis unnerves me more than any other song on the album. CAUTION: Don't play Confield when nursing a hangover!!!

3. The Ultimate Experience--Jimi Hendrix
This is one of the best compilations I own. Though I lose interest towards the end, it's great to hear my old favorites back to back...Castles Made of Sand, Long Hot Summer Night, Red House, Manic Depression. Shit. You gotta love it when Jimi is messing around. For example listen to the guitar noodling on The Wind Cries Mary. I'm like, "Dude, that's gay. But it's Jimi. HAHA!"

4. 10,000 Days--Tool
Yeah, I'm a Tool freak. But fuck the messages in the songs, Tool is fucking hard!!! Initially I only liked the first half of the album, Jambi and the Pot being faves. But now Intension stands out. Okay I know many people have creepy Tool experiences, and I wish I did too. But here's something. Two weeks ago or so I made a journey to Atlanta, perhaps it was to see They Might Be Giants with Pup. I listened to 10,000 Days in the car and by the end of the cd I felt sad. Not depressed, rather sunken. I took note of it because hard-hitting heavy metal bands should enrage anger and hate and evil and SATAN!!! I digress.

5. The Creek Drank the Cradle--Iron and Wine
I've got to give it up to Sam Beam for doing what he does to revitalize that old Southern bluegrass folk sound. There something about the tired yester-year sound and the sad slow lyrics that hit me. One line that stands out, "Lately she don't care for a warmer breeze/Or shade around the base of the maple trees." Dude, she's about to leave you. GET A CLUE!!! Iron and Wine is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands.

6. The Beekeeper--Tori Amos
...And she's becoming folksy too! I must admit that a tame Tori is a good Tori. So I must have been playing the album at work when a co-worker came by and mistook Tori for Joni (Mitchell that is) which I thought was a compliment :-) Ribbons Undone is by far my favorite on this album. Gives me goose bumps whenever I hear it.

7. Memento--Dead Can Dance
Another compilation album, but this album in particular is far better than DCD's A Passage in Time. Even the album's cover art is better. The song selections are what make a superb compilation. It's great that The Carnival is Over follows Cantara whereas Cantara is followed by The Garden of Zephirus on the 1991 compilation. I can do without American Dreaming, but this would be Fortune Presents Gifts Not According to the Book. Blah. When it come to DCD, you're either into it or not. I say kudos to Brenden and Lisa!

8. Simpatico!--Velocity Girl
I like pop! Sub Pop that is! Bubble-gum POP! Sarah Shannon's voice is to die for! And she's cute! I'm charmed by pop that takes itself for what it really is with REAL talent. The girl is a trained opera singer and the boys in the band play their own instruments. I'm listening to it now and I Can't Stop Smiling! No, really! I'm hurt that they've disbanded, but I can always press play again...uhh, maybe not right now. I've got a list to complete after all. The All-Consumer is a favorite.

9. Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding--Venetian Snares
I heart IDM, glitch music, drill and bass, etc. Actually this album should be higher on the list but confield is already up there...hehe. Okay, songs like vida, keek and huge chrome peach are glitchy with the drums wound tighter and tigher and tighter. But then you hear the staccato of Texas Instrument's Speak and Math performing random calculations in monotone and it's just creepy. "7-6-9-2 increase by 4-8-7-5 mulitply by 6-2-5 subtract from 2-8-3-9." beat bea be b loop loop beat bea be b. I listened to this Thursday night after playing Magic: The Gathering for 4 hours.

10. Behavior--Pet Shop Boys
NO! I'M NOT GAY! And you don't have to be gay to like PSB, damnit. I bought this album for Being Boring, a long time favorite. But songs like This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave and How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously are just as strong. I Get Along from Release has sentiments to To Face The Truth: "I've been trying not to cry/when I'm in the public eye/Stuck here with the shame/and taking my share of the blame" and "You know it hurts me when you lie/Sometimes it even makes me cry/'Cause I'm so in love with you." NO!

Okay you get bonus points if you can spot the reference to Big Daddy Kane. 10 more bonus points if you know where I got the title for this blog.