Thursday, December 27, 2012

Evil? Yes please.

I define it as the conscious act of inflicting pain, physically or psychological, directly or indirectly, onto another being without any feelings of remorse or pity. Evil is all around us, the seeds are in all of us. However, most of us do not have the potential to harvest the powers of the seed. One must be willing to nurture the seed, to see it grow within one’s mind and soul, and eventually, allow the growth to take control. This is not such an easy task, and as of yet, there have been no one who is able to succeed.

What does it feel like to be truly evil? We hear accounts of ‘evil’ people everyday in the news; the murders, the rapist, the molesters, the drug dealers, the religious rights, etc. Are these people truly evil? The answer is no. Some of these people have a sickness, some are mislead, and some are just trying to achieve happiness in their own twisted way. That perhaps is evil in the view of many people, but there is a difference in what they do and true evil. The difference here is that these people have a self-interest in what they do. The drug dealers are trying to make money, the serial killers and molesters are trying to satisfy an uncontrollable thirst in their twisted mind, and the rapist a sense of power. These are self-gratifying actions, and although they can be deemed evil, they are nothing special. Nothing more than a pathetic primitive urge.

No, Evil is something completely different. Evil is a higher order state of being. Like being enlighten. Just as someone can become enlighten through the light, one can also become enlighten through the darkness.

In order to understand evil, one must understand the role evil plays in the balance, and in our world. As many have said, without evil, there would be no good, and vice versa. Without evil, the world would not exist. Evil is in our nature, as is good. Evil sparks life and ideas. It is only after evil has existed that good comes in to extinguish the flames evil has ignited. As is good, evil will never be able to be extinguished, and so, it will flare up again and again only to meet its match with good. So the cycle continues. However, it is the evil that first brought about the change. Without the existence of evil, or evil rising, we are complacent with what we have and hence do not evolve.

If we had not seen the harshness and evils of nature, we humans would have never banded together in the first place. If we had not seen the evils of wars, countries would’ve never been formed, and if cruelty and suffering were never caused by anyone, we would’ve been ignorant of our own full potential. It is only by these acts of evil that we allow ourselves to explore our true potential. We have the potential for great deeds good or evil. As we’ve mentioned before, good always comes after evil.

If there were no tragedies, where would the good deeds go? If there were no tyrants and evils, where would our heroes come from? If there were no evil in the world, what would be the point of existing?

Ok, so I went a bit off the topic there. I just wanted to show the important of evil in our world. Without it, there would be nothing. Anyone who would argue otherwise is close-minded and not able to see the views of the truly enlighten.
Back to the topic at hand. What is the action of one who is truly evil? The answer is simple. We can simply look at those who have achieved this feat, in the ways of the good. Those who are pure at heart acts not for any self-interest, but for the greater plan. Great figures of good such as Mother Theresa, Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr., did not act for self-interest, but for a goal that was greater than themselves. Great figures are passionate and devoted to what they were doing. The only joy they knew was knowing that their actions would have a greater impact for the present and the future.

So too are the actions of one who is truly Evil. The actions that are taken are not those of self-interest, nor of pleasure. These actions are done only to cause the maximum amounts of pain and suffering. These actions may be random, without reason, and without cause or could be carefully planned in order to inflict as much damage to others as possible. One may ask, this seems so robotic? However, that is not the case at all. Just as the great figures of good are compassion towards those that they help, the action of the Evil one must replicate the same feelings. The victims must know that the actions taken by the Evil one is a conscientious and deliberate act to harm them. There is no remorse in the actions that are taken, and there is no joy. These action are done just because the individuals inflicting the pain just feels it is something that has to be done.

The Evil one will cause the people of the world to shake with fear. A fate far worst than death, to live in fear and wonder. What will the Evil one do next? Who will it be? The Evil one will make the world rethink what it truly means to be Evil, and what they have taken for granted for so long. The Evil one will bring destruction and chaos to the world, without prejudice, and without care. The Evil one will continue to bring the mayhem, never yielding. Any hope of the light returning will be diminished by the Evil one. There will be nothing left but sorrow and the flames of hope will be extinguished.

As the prophecy of balance holds, the Dark one will not run rampant for long. After a period of time, the goodness of man will rise up, and a hero will be born to challenge the Darkness. This light of hope will no doubt win the war against the darkness, and soon the dark one will fall once again.

The acts of the Dark one will not be forgotten however, man will try to make sure that the Evil will never be able to rise again. They will put it in their history book. They will write books and make movies about the Dark one in hopes of helping following generations understand what could happen. However, as with all things, time will make people forget.

People will forget what had happened. People will cease to care. People will once again need to be reminded. The Dark one will wait as long as needed. Then the Dark one will once again rise from the ashes. Perhaps in a different form, but always with the same intentions. Thus the cycle continues.

What NOT to say on a date

  • I'm very anti-gun. I mean, it's so impersonal. You feel so disconnected from the person you're killing. I like to have that connection so I prefer knives.

  • I see dead people riding in the back seat of my car sometimes.

  • People are really not that special. Really statistically, there's probably like 1000 people just like you.

  • Yea, most of the things I want to do involves a lot of danger.

  • Pot is hilarious. The people that use it, the whole culture. Hilarious.  I'm high right now. 

  • I can drink so much. Seriously, it's almost a problem how much I drink.
Look at Us

For all the times that we, We ever wouldn't be,

Look at us baby,Look at us now,

For everday that I should have you by my side,

We'll make it baby, look at us now,

Remember the time, when our love wasn't so fine

We made it baby, look at us now

Everybody believed we would never be,

Look at us up above,

We are so in love,

Everyday in your arms,

For every night I dream, Together you and me,

Look at us baby, look at us now.

I knew it all along,

Baby look at us.

Monday, April 30, 2012

What are Your Real Intentions?

The Conservatives and GOP ran on a platform of jobs during the 2010 election. They railed against government spending and promised to work to lower the unemployment rate from the near 10% it's been sitting at since the aftermath of the global financial crisis. A crisis caused by years of uncontrolled and unregulated banking practices.

This message of jobs got them a majority in the house of representatives and won may state governorships in the election. Then the country waited for their plan to bring jobs back. What we have been seeing from this group of Republicans is far different than what they had advertised.

Looking at the GOP's behaviour, it is obvious that the GOP's number one goal is to take over the white house. Even though they were elected to create jobs, they have blocked and rejected all job bills that has been brought up in congress. As the economy will be the number one issue during next year's election, the GOP will do everything to further destroy the economy or at best keep it status quo in order to blame this on Obama. The GOP may have talked about jobs during their election, but it is only one job they're concern about.

Even though it is their sworn duty as a member of congress to do what's best for the country and all Americans, the GOP only cares about winning the presidency. Even if it has to further destroy the country, they're willing to sacrifice the country and her people for power to drive their regressive agenda.

As we have seen in the last year or so, the GOP has focused on 2 main types of legislation. The first is to tear at the fabric that has made our society great. In the name of saving money, they seek to get rid of anything that helps the middle and lower socio-economic status. They have cut budgets for everything from public libraries, parks, to even elmo. What this does is it opens the door for private companies to come in and provide these services, but at a cost. A cost that will further drain the already tight budgets of middle and low income families. Again, the loyalty of the GOP is openly seen here. Sacrifice American families for profits.

The 2nd type of legislation that the GOP has heavily pushed are regressive social agendas. The GOP has focused most of the attacks in the last 2 years on women and women's health. What's scary is that they have evolved in their attack to restrict and take away rights from women. No longer will you hear the GOP talk about repealing Roe vs. Wade. They realise that the country is not ready to wholly reject providing safe legal abortion practices for women.

What conservatives have done is to change their their tactics so that it's much more indirect and deceptive. They have gone after funding for abortion providers, they have made legislation to make it very difficult to be able to buy insurance for women, they have even done things like make legislation so that a women has to travel to the health center multiple times to get the care she needs.  They have also made it difficult for clinics that provide abortion to remain open with outrageous rules and specifications.  Together, they have it more dangerous and difficult than ever for women to receive the proper health care they need.

As I've mentioned before, today's GOP are not conservatives like the ones in years before.  The people in the GOP and controlling the party today are Neo-Cons.  Neo-Cons are a twisted mutation of conservatives.  They are very well funded, well organised group that's been planning for the take over for decades now.  They've set their plans in motion years ago and now we're seeing the fruits of their plan to dominate the country with their twisted theocracy.  They use ideas like Christianity to influence the masses while subscribing to none of its teachings.  Neo-Cons don't have a belief other than to rule with absolute power.  Power and money is their religion and the only thing they look up to.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Anger is a childish & generally useless emotion exhibited by those without a real sense of power. It is only those that have little to no understanding of real power that would use anger as a way to display one's prowess. Anger, as a comparison to other emotions, is weak, self-destructive, and unsustainable. Only a fool would believe that anger is useful in achieving anything.
It is healthy in a democratic society to have disagreements and counter viewpoints about the government it has elected. With a majority rule, there will always be those that act as a counterbalance to the majority view. That is in essence the heart of democracy, to be able to hear multiple arguments and decide which course is best.

However, when these disagreements and differing viewpoints escalates beyond just a difference in viewpoints and one side of the argument begins to attack very structure and purpose of a freely democratic government, those voices are no longer constructive. Those voices become a disease that seeks to weaken the government to give room for anarchy and tyrants to fester and grow. For the sake of the society, we can allow those who spreads this poison to go unchecked. It is one thing to disagree about government policies or how it's carried out, but when you begin to question the very need for government, those are words of treason.