Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Year End Wrap Up

What a year this has been. So many big things happened this year. I don’t think I can remember a year where more has happened around the world.

After 8 years of being allowed to slowly destroy everything the US stood for, 8 years of slowing turning back the clock on progress and science, 8 years of us vs. them mentality, something wonderful happened. The public has finally understood that we need a person in charge that’s smart (and not just use gut feelings), that can bring people together from both sides (instead of ‘you’re either with us or against us’), and one that make us proud to say we’re American when we’re in another country. Believe me, living in another country, this was a really big thing.

In November of this year, Barrack Obama was elected the next president of the United States.

It’s sad that he has been given the worse job in the world though. With expectation of Obama exceeding those of superman, it’s going to be a tough road for him. 8 years of Bush has left Obama with 2 wars, a financial meltdown, huge unemployment, trillions of dollars in debt, the middle east more unsettled than ever, an environment that’s ever degrading, the country’s infrastructure eroding, kids not getting the education they need to compete in the world, and health care being ignored. We ask Obama to save the US, and in turn, the world.

2009 should be interesting.

Before we talk about this year, let’s see how we did with last year’s to-do list for this year.

Be in Summer league shape by the time Spring league begins – I’m going give this one a check since I didn't experience winter this year and got to stay in generally good shape all year. B
Finish revision of sci-fi Movie Script – Umm… 2009 re-revision! F
Finish writing romantic comedy movie script – Umm… 2009 re-revision! F
Don’t let the chances slip away. Take that chance, make something happen even if it doesn’t turn out – Depends on what you’re talking about. I’ll give myself a C on this one as I think I let a couple of good ones slip.
Do something new -personal skill-wise – I’ve taken sailing lessons as well as learned the Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, and Salsa. I’ll give myself a B+ on this one.
Go out of the country - 2x if possible – Yay for Canada, China and Australia!! A for me!
Make a short term (2-3 year) plan by end of March – D’oh. F

So it looks like I did ok this year.

One big thing that happened this year was that I moved to Sydney, Australia. It’s quite a big move. Distance wise, pretty much as far as I could’ve gone. An opportunity came up and I took it. It wasn’t an easy decision as I’ve had to leave behind a lot, but I couldn’t be happier about the decision. I will never have a ‘I wish I lived in another country’ or something like that.

Recently, I got to see the great barrier reef which has been on that list of things I must do. I’m very happy I got to check it off. It was simply amazing and I’m pretty sure people will screw it up soon enough. I’m glad to have seen it when I did.

Living in Sydney, I’ve been without a car for 5 months now, and probably for the rest of the time I’m here. It’s quite nice really. I’ve never really liked driving. The public transportation is pretty good here and the walking’s been great. Even better, I’m pretty sure I’m totally carbon neutral or maybe even negative now.

Besides this big move to Australia, some of the more notable things included a trip to China which rocked my world. Don’t think I’d go back anytime soon, but it was very awesome and worth the trip. The Great wall and Great Barrier Reef, not bad for 1 year.

Another notable is the Zombie Vacation movie that I made with my friends (catch it on a local You-tube near you). I’m looking for a new cast for Zombie down under if anyone is interested. Just send a head shot and maybe what you’d look like as a zombie.

On a sad note, we lost Tim Russert on Meet the Press this year. I know this sounds silly, but he was Meet the Press. He's why I get up on Sundays. He was a part of my Sunday. With such an exciting presidential election, I know he would've loved to be part of it.

I know it’s silly to say this, but this is my favorite from all the posts this year.

“… There are so many people out there that just doesn't care. I understand everyone has their own problems and hardships. But the more people care only about themselves, their own situations, and nothing about the world and people as a whole, the less chance this world will have to get better. What the world needs is a hero.”

I believe that. The world is in a mess and is in trouble right now. The world needs a hero now more than ever. It doesn’t have to be one person that saves the world. It can be a person that helps out one other person when they were in need. With enough heroes, we can push back this encroaching darkness that seems to be spreading.

For 2009, be a hero. Don't standby as the darkness looms. Stand up and fight. Fight for yourself and those around you. Do something positive for the world and for someone.

Have a wonderful New Years everyone!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Great Barrier Reefs

It was beautiful and sunny the entire time we were there, but I thought I share this one photo cause I think it's cool.

In my first major trip since being here in Australia, I took a trip to the Great Barrier Reefs. Somewhere I’ve always talked about, but never imagined that I’d go to. Living in the southern hemisphere and especially in Australia has really opened up a lot of places that I didn’t think I would ever get to.

I book at room on an island called Daydream island with a friend that’s visiting me from the US. Daydream island is one of the 72 islands here in the reef. One great selling point of Daydream is that the island has its own rainforest. Can’t beat that.

It was quite an exciting arrival. We flew to a nearby island (Hamilton Island). One of the larger ones here that has an airport. We then took a ferry to our island after a nice 40 min ride. This was especially nice being that they serve beer on the boat.

We got a wonderful room overlooking the water. We’re on the ground floor so we can walk straight out to a little lawn area where we’ve seen tons of strange wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, there is an amazing amount of it here. Strange dinosaur looking birds everywhere. There’re also lots of cockatoos and some bats flying around everywhere. Even better, there were a bunch of wallibies that came up to us while we were sitting there drinking wine overlooking the water.

When it comes to marine life, there’re just no words to describe it. Every type of fish you see on videos can be seen here. Just walking into the water, you can see many types of fish swimming up to you. One fish in particular caught my eyes. It looked to have fluorescent colors of all types. It looked like it could glow in the dark. I called it the rave fish. I’m convinced it uses it fins like glow sticks. I started making bass sounds to see how it would react.

Words really doesn’t do this properly. Take a look at the photos. I think that speaks to the beauty of this place much better than any words I can put on here. Even photos only gives you an idea. Being here is a completely magical experience.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wishing you all the best from Pup-land

Monday, December 15, 2008

So What?

To make a decision that has pretty much single handedly destroyed the reputation of the US, weaken us as a country, and put us in harm's way both fiancially and physically, all Bush has to say is 'So what'?!

Really? So What?

So what that 4000+ US soliders and hundreds of thousands of civilians have died for your mistake? So what that we've spent billions and billions of dollars while bankrupting our own country and ignoring basic infrustrure and social needs? So what that you have proliferated terrorism around the world? So what that this world as a whole is a more unsafe and uncertain then ever before?

So what that you can so openly admit that you made a mistake but yet still stand behind your decision?

What am I talking about? In the below interview, Bush once again shows us his true colors and his lack of care or concern for what he has done. He just doesn't seem to realize the damage he has cause in his last 8 years. Even though he repeatedly said before the war that there was a connection between Saddam and al Qaeda, now he laughs off the lack of connection with a 'So What?'

This is the man you have put in charge of this country. Every single problem we have today is because of him and his Neo-cons. This is the decision that you have made and that you will have to answer for. Learn from this. Know that just because they say they're religious doesn't mean that they will do the right thing and that it certainly doesn't make them a good candidate to run the country. Know that just because they try to intimidate and scare you doesn't mean you have to bow down to them.

Please learn from this and never ever consider putting someone like this in charge.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Those who controls the past controls the future

Bush has often times said that history will look back on his presidency with some good will. That what he did was right. However, after arguably one of the worst presidency in the history of the United States where he has put us into 2 wars, increased the rise of terrorism around the world, facilitated the biggest financial disaster since the great depression, put us in the biggest debt in history, oversaw the biggest wealth gap this country has ever seen, isolated the US from the rest of the world, and moved this country socially backwards a few decades, Bush is no longer leaving history to do the judging.

For a while now, Bush and his white house team has been out there trying to reshape history. Reshape how things have happened in the past. One of the most blatant items with Bush blaming intelligence as the reason why he decided to go to war with Iraq. Even though internal notes have shown that Bush, Dick, and Rumnsfeld had been planning this invasion before 9/11.

There are too many things for me to post everything here. I'll let Keith summarize it for you.

Monday, December 08, 2008

It Doesn't Stop

I hope you realize the lasting damage you have done by voting and keeping the Neo-Cons and Bush in power these last 8 years. I'm sure you don't though. Must be nice to be so ignorant. It is after all, bliss to not understand things very well.

Here's another fun little tidbit for you.

The current head of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Stephen Johnson that Bush has appointed believes that "It’s not a clean-cut division. If you have studied at all creationism vs. evolution, there’s theistic or God-controlled evolution and there’s variations on all those themes. "

Are you fucking kidding me? That's right folks, the person that's suppose to be protecting our environment can't or is unwilling to separate between God and science. Are we suppose to pray for a better environment? Can we pray to get back all the dozens of animals that goes extinct every year?

In a long line of unqualified people in positions that Bush has appointed, Johnson received his bachelor of arts degree in biology from Taylor University, “an evangelical, interdenominational covenant community committed to advancing life-long learning and ministering the redemptive love of Jesus Christ to a world in need.”

It's no wonder he has no need or care for science.

In a role that is suppose to uphold both the law and in the best interest of the environment, Johnson has continuously bow to polluters. At least 4 former heads of the EPA (including those from Republican administrations) has publicly critized the work that Johnson has done. This including trying to strike down the ability for the EPA to control carbon emissions from coal power plants. Think about it. The head of the EPA saying the agency doesn't have the right to control or put limits on carbon emission. What does he think the EPA is there for? Not only is he not helping the environment, he's actively trying to get laws repealled that are protecting it.

This is the kind of Neo-Cons you have put in charge and the lackys he chooses. This is the kind of world you want the rest of us to live in. A world where religion is used for blind and corrupted purposes. I'm not saying you're that way, but you've let religion blind you into voting someone into power purly base on what they say, not who they really are. Do you really think your God wants someone who doesn't care about the environment to be in charge of the EPA? Do you not remember phrases from the bible that says it's your responsbility to take care of this place and all the creature that live here? If you believe all animals are created by your God, and you voted for someone who doesn't care if these God's creatures go extinct, what kind of person does that make you? Also, please don't go saying 'all life is precious' in one event, and then allow other life to be destroyed.

Don't pick and choose as you so often like to do.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ultimate Down Under

Here are some of my impressions of Ultimate in Australia

There is no drinking during or even after the games. Maybe I'm just on the wrong teams, but I don't understand ultimate games not involving drinking.

The game rules are a bit different. They play to a time limit instead of scores. A blow out could get ridiculously silly after a while. I know cause my teams have been part of these blow out. Not on the good side either.

As I'm suffering from right now, you can get sun burned without the sun being out, and it being a very cloudy/rainy day.

The teams are very big on spirit here. After the games, they get together in a circle and congratulate each other on a great game. Sometimes there is a game involved too. Similar to the cheers some teams I've been on still does for each other, but they do it after every game. I quite enjoy this.

Did I mention the non drinking? I'm still weird-ed out by the lack of drinking.

Playing with high school kids in the Australia is exactly the same as playing with high school kids in the US. That's all I'm going to say.

I'm trying to put together a club team mainly of ex-pats. It's turning out to be a really international team. It's going to be so much fun playing with people from all over the world.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

What the FUCK is wrong with you people?

Here we go again. Why do you people insist on making me write these things?

Since Obama has been elected to be the president of the United States, gun sales across the country has sky rocketed. Bucking the trend of this terrible economy. All you damn dumbass ignorant bastards are out there screaming oh no, Obama's going to take out guns away. I need to buy a gun for protection now more than ever! This along with the lines of, we don't need to put food on the table, we just need to go get us a gun.

What the fuck is this 'more than ever' bullshit I keep hearing? More than ever what?! That the asshat you voted for to be the president put us into the worse financial disaster since the great depression and still not admitting it's his fault? That the asshat you voted for has put us in 2 wars which he said would paid for itself and make us safe? How's that working out after spending trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives?

You CANNOT force democracy through the barrel of a gun. How ignorant and stupid are you that you can't figure this out?!!!!

That same asshat that you repeatedly voted for has done NOTHING to make us safer from terrorist in any fucking way imaginable and in fact has made us weaker. By creating more poverty around the world with this economic mess, you're creating more reasons for people to become terrorist. As I've described in other posts, this terrorism crap is mostly about money. Don't buy into that religious crap. That's just a good front. It's all about money. If you can't afford to provide for your family, you will do anything to get money. That includes joining crazy ass groups as long as they pay. The religion part is just icing.

That same asshat has moved us socially back decades and made us a laughing stock around the world? Is this what your 'more than ever' shit is about? Is this the reason you think we need even more guns out there now more than ever? After he's screwed things up SO badly?

You dumb fucks. Yes, more than ever, you are a stupid fuck.

Let's start with the 2nd amendment. Learn to READ you illiterate bitch. You are NOT a well regular militia. You are not owning your gun to protect this country. You do NOT have a constitutional right to own a gun.

I'm willing to bet money on this. If you look at all the people around the world. It's probably more likely that if you can't read, the more likely you'll have a gun. You want to join that population?

Why can't you get it into your head that guns has NEVER ever EVER solved anything? Look at some of the most violent places in the world, middle east, Africa, south America. Know what? There are more guns in those areas than the non violent places in the world. Is this a coincidence? No.

Let's not go into how much I despise guns and think that only cowards uses guns. Yes, all of you who use guns are cowards. I don't care what the reason is (only exception for zombie killing, but even then, guns are not the best weapon). You want to fight someone, man the fuck up. Knuckle up or even knife up. But oh, you can't. Inside you're all just little chicken shits aren't you? Have to hide behind a big bad gun.

I just read that the department of the interior has now allowed guns to be carried into national parks. What in the hell is wrong with you? You feel unsafe in a national park and need a gun? Think that deer or squirrel over there's going mug you? Think some crazed gunman is going to find a park to shoot up? There is nothing good that could possible come out of this. This administration just will not stop putting this country and her citizens in harms way.

How can it be that there are no places where a person can go where they would be no guns? Why must y'all think that it's necessary to have a gun to feel safe? Do you not believe in people that much? Are you that paranoid that you think everyone's out there to get you and your family? Do you think it's a good idea to expose children to guns? Because that's what going to happen. They're going to think it's ok. How well do you think these scenarios are going to play out?

The more you have these thoughts and feelings that you need a gun. The more you can't trust fellow citizens and the people around you. The more you arm yourselves. The more the terrorist are winning. Yes, you are doing EXACTLY what the terrorist wants. They have changed you into someone more like them. Someone more violent, someone less trusting of others.

If you have a gun, getting a gun, or feel you need to have a gun everywhere you go. I don't EVER want to hear you say shit about the war on terrorism. You have made the decision to cross the line to join their side.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

For the first time since as long as I can remember, I'm not going to be celebrating Thanksgiving or having turkey. I didn't think it'd be that big of a deal, but I don't know. It's quite odd.

There are so many things that were kinda part of my annual thing to do, like having the turkey meal, cooking fun things, planning my black friday trek, watching football and passing out in a turkey coma, etc. It doesn't seem that big of a deal, but it is a once a year thing, and I kinda miss it.

Well, it's only one year I guess. It's better to know what it'd be like to miss it then never had that experience.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Work Work Work

I'm a bit tired of always having to work at nights. This is not to get ahead of the game. This is just to keep a float. My billable hours are around 60 hours/week. That's just the billable hours. This is not including all the extra crap I do that I don't bill for.

When I was in the states, this is what I was doing. This is what burnt me out. This is one of the reason I wanted to leave the US for a while. Now, different hemisphere, same shit.

I keep thinking there will be a break soon with the holidays coming up. Most of my customers here have manatory shut downs (i.e., you can't come to work) which is really nice. I have a visit from a friend and a good trip planned to do some relaxing.

All this and I don't even get turkey this year. Boo.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear Big 3 Automakers,

Go Fuck yourself.

In the last few days, the big 3 automakers have been crying for help in the face of possible bankruptcy. This Pandora’s box of corporate welfare that this government has began with the helping of private financial companies who have made horrible disgusting decisions in the past years has every corporation thinking that the government will bail them out. The idea of the government helping out private corporations goes against the very foundation of what one would call capitalism in which the smart and the strong survive. The stupid and weak, deservingly, perish.

I would like to first remind you that Bush been in charge the last eight years. This economic problem didn’t just pop up. Bush probably had something to do with this ‘worst economic fiasco since the great depression’ don’t you think? So many of you wanted an average guy that you can related to in the most powerful position in the world. Well, you have it. This is what happened. Let’s move on as that’s a moot point.

So many of you so easily threw out the word Socialism, or even Marxist during this last campaign. So you’re afraid of socialism huh? Do you remember voting for a guy name Bush for president in the last two elections prior to this one? Who do you think is in charge of all this corporate welfare right now? Bailing out corporations? What do you think this bailout is?

I’ve heard so many of you scream and yell about how you hate giving welfare to people. Do you think this is better? Welfare for corporations that obviously made dangerous decisions based solely on greedy. Now we’re suppose to help them out? Is that now ok? Helping big organizations instead of people? When the corporations were making record profits, were you getting a share of those profits? You feel any of that profit trickle down to ya? Can you connect the dots on why the wealth gap is at the biggest levels ever in history?

Back to my original point. For decades, the automakers have refused to evolve in their thinking and their car design. Even when they were facing stiff competition from more efficient, more reliable Japanese and German automakers, they held steady in their thinking. Instead of changing with the times to more efficient, more reliable, and more economical cars, they give us bigger and more wasteful SUVs. The only ideas they have is to make things bigger. That’s it. Bigger. And that’s what the fed the American public.

Along with their oil company buddies (ExxonMobile had the most profitable quarter EVER in US history in Q3 of this year. They made $11.68 Billion. That’s $1,485.55 per second. This is while the country and families everywhere was hurting from such high gas prices.), the automakers killed any projects that would make for more efficient cars. They killed any idea of having cars that used any other type of alternative energy other than oil. Ideas for hybrids or electrical cars were non existent.

In the last few years, while the only concept the automakers introduced the public to were bigger and more gas guzzling SUVs, the Japanese were bringing us efficient and economical cars and hybrid varieties. It’s obviously what type of cars people prefers today.

So now with sales down dramatically in the last few years, you’re asking the government for help as you’re near bankruptcy? It was your own stupidity in making large SUVs and refusing to make more sustainable cars that got you here. It was your refusal to look into the future. It was the bed that you shared with the oil companies that got you where you are today.

You drove off the cliff with your idiotic decisions. Now live with your own incompetence. It is completely your fault and yours alone. I see no reason why the government and the taxpayers should help you in any way.

Oh sure, you’re going to promise more economical cars, more green technology if the government gives you money. Blah fucking blah. You’ve had decades to work on this technology and not only did you not work on it, you actively prevented this technology to be developed. There is no reason why anyone should believe that you will hold true to your words now.

If the government does decide to keep these companies alive. They better damn well clean house before they do. It’s obviously so many people in Detroit are refusing to change their thinking, and it’s time they go or we’re just going to be back to where we are in a little while.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Best Damn Commercial I've seen in a while

Not totally sure why I think this commercial rules, but it does. I get fired up everytime this comes on TV.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Prop 8.

I had a post that I wanted to write on this. I will post it eventually. I have posted on this subject several times now. So for now, here's a much better worded version of what I want to say.

I don't understand people and their reason behind voting against love. I don't mean that literally of course. I've heard all of your arguments. Nothing you have said makes you seem any less of a bigot.

This thing we call love. This thing that so many of your God(s) claim to be (The whole God is Love thing). This is the fundamental concept you're attacking. You're attacking the ideal of love between 2 people. That one thing in this world that's so precious that it's worth living and dying for. Somehow you attack the concept of love and you think you're doing right?

What does it matter to you anyway? How does this affect you in anyway? No one is taking anything from you. No one is taking away your right or choice to love another. No one is making you love someone you don't want to. All you're being asked is to be tolerant enough that you share this love that you're allowed to have, and by all accounts should be an unalienable right to all people, with a population of people in our society that has somehow been left out.

Is that too much to ask for? Do you not think every person in this world deserves a chance at love? To love and be loved?

You think your God tells you to do this? To oppose love between 2 people? When you say God is love, is there a little asterisk next to it that isn't mentioned? If that is the case, if you God is against love, then perhaps you should contemplate if you're worshipping the right Lord.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Now on to something much more important

Cloning from the grave: Scientists create new life from a mouse that has been frozen for 16 YEARS

You all laugh when I talk about zombies, but oh, it's coming. You just wait.

In case you're wondering, this is how it's going to happen.

Science will finally make a major breakthrough and reanimate a dead thing (could be a rat, or prehistoric dinosaurce or something). There will be quite the scientific breakthrough. Little did they know, this reanimated thing will be carrying a virus. The very virus that brought it back from the dead.

There will be an accident where a lab tech gets bitten.

The rest is history.

Just FYI.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thank you. Thank you so very much.
This is probably the best present a person could get on his birthday.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Please make the right choice.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

What the Fuck is wrong with you people?

Seriously. WHAT the Fuck.

SUMTER, S.C. - A 12-year-old boy trick-or-treating with his family in central South Carolina was shot from inside a home Friday and killed, and his father and brother were wounded by the gunfire, authorities said.

The shooting suspect, Quentin Patrick, was in custody, a jail official said. Patrick, 22, has been charged with murder and three counts of assault and battery with intent to kill.

The family was headed home from a city-sponsored event downtown when they decided to stop at a few homes, Sumter Police Chief Patty Patterson said. The father and his four children approached a home with a porch light on about 8:30 p.m. local time while their mother waited nearby in a vehicle.

Being that Halloween is by far my favorite and most cherished holiday, this shit is not tolerable.

Is 'people hanging on to their guns' really an insult? No. Fuck you people with guns. Why the fuck do you people think you need guns? Arming the world is not the answer. Do you really think if everyone in the world had a gun there would be world peace? Look around the world. Where has there been conflicts where there were no guns? Guns are always the tool for violence. Not for fucking peace.

Don't you fucking realize guns made for only one purpose. It's not for defense. It's not to scare anyone off. It's made to kill. It is a tool for killing and ONLY for killing.

Don't give me that fucking 2nd amendment bullshit either. You are NOT in a damn well regulated militia and it's not necessary to the security of a free State. You therefore do not have the right to be armed you fucking jackass. Learn to read the damn constitution.

This kind of shit happens all the damn time. Happens more often than it should. Being that people are inherently stupid and irrational, allowing them free access to guns is just not a fucking good idea. This is one of those cases where a gun is something that's just too dangerous for a person to have and as a society and as people, we need to take this away.

Why the fuck don't people realize guns are bad?! How hard is that to get through your dumbass???

Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is Funny

That's funny. I don't care who you are. That's just funny.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Teapot? Kettle?

In this most recent attempt of a long line of failed attacks, Palin has been repeatedly tried to accuse Obama of being a Socialist.

All this because he does not believe the majority of wealth in the US should be concentrated in the top .1%.

People, are you in this top.1%? Cause if you are, you have every reason to dislike Obama. BUT I'm going to guess you're not in this top .1%, and if you're not, why the fuck would you vote republican? You understand they don't give a flying fuck about you right? Unless you're making a crap load of money, they think you're just as bad as anyone else. Yes, they don't think you're any better than those damn liberal hippies your broke ass bitch.

Also, if you're not in this top .1%, why wouldn't a little redistribution of wealth be that bad? Are you doing that well right now? If you are, good for you, but most of the country is not.

Stop thinking you're in the top .1% you jackass. You're not now, and you probably will never be (barring a lottery win or freakish inheritance). I'm not trying to be mean or negative, just being realistic.

They don't care about your beliefs. They don't really care about your religion or what your values are. All they care about is how big your wallet is.

Know that.

OK, back to my original point of this post.

A few years ago, a certain governor said the following. I'll let you guess who said it.

"And Alaska - we're set up, unlike other states in the union, where it's collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs."

Hmm... we share in the wealth? Why, that sure does sound a little socialist doesn't it?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Suck it Bird!

No, your eyes are not mistaken. No, this is not photoshop.

This is a giant spider eating a bird!! Oh, the circle of life here in Australia.

Terrorists my ass. This is what you should be fearing.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I feel odd

I'm not sick, but I don't feel well either. I really don't think there's anything wrong with me. Nothing that I can tell anyway, but still, something doesn't feel right.

Is it the work? I don't think so. It's picked up a little, but it's nothing I'm not used to. I just got recognized last month and got a random bonus (good ol' cash). My customers so far are all loving that I'm in town and not 14 hours away.

Is it the social life? I don't think so either. I'm pretty much booked for the rest of the year. I have salsa lessons, ultimate, raves, and shows till the end of the year. I have cooking lessons and even a lesson to do 'Mix Medium' art which I'm not even sure I know what that is.

I really don't have anything to complain about. Yet, I don't feel right.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

How Low Can You Go?

This is just disgusting and pathetic. I guess when you're desperate, you're willing to do anything. Isn't there a point where Americans will stop tolerating a politician and his party's tactics that breeds nothing but fear and turn us against each other?

What I'm talking about is at the heart of an ambitious "robo-call" campaign from GOP nominee John McCain and the Republican National Committee, part of a $70 million get-out-the-vote operation underway in electorally important states.

"Hello. I'm calling for John McCain and the RNC because you need to know that Barack Obama has worked closely with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, whose organization bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, a judge's home and killed Americans. And Democrats will enact an extreme leftist agenda if they take control of Washington. Barack Obama and his Democratic allies lack the judgment to lead our country. This call was paid for by McCain-Palin 2008 and the Republican National Committee at 202-863-8500."

Let's forget the fact that there is really no facts in this message. Let's forget the fact that this is an almost perfect example of negative and fear mongering campaigning. Think about all the problems in our country and in the world. As someone running to be the most powerful person in the world, your strategy is to talk about some unbelievable link about someone your opponent was an acquaintance with decades ago? Really? Does that really seem very presidential to you or does it seem a bit high school to you?

For someone who claims they love this country, you don't seem to have a problem tearing the people apart and making them fear and distrust each other. That's not the type of president we need. We need a president that will bring the American people together, and bring the world together.

I hope you will reject this type of politics and tell the people responsible that this cannot and will not be tolerated. Tell them that we will no longer live under their fear mongering and toxic speeches.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Women for McCain

This would be funny except what they're saying is true. I'm not trying to say what I know what's best for women, but if you are a woman voting for McCain, please seriously consider the following points that may concerns you.

- McCain does not believe that an abortion is ok even when the health of the mother is concerned (said this again during the 3rd debate).

- McCain and Palin are very anti abortion even in cases of Rape and Incest. I don't have anything clever to say here. This just seems absurd.

- In Alaska, Palin made rape victims pay for their own rape kits.

- In the next 4 years, whoever the president is will probably appoint 1 or maybe 2 more supreme court judges. Roe v. Wade could be in danger of being overturned.

- McCain is not for equal pay for equal work between men and women.

So before you vote for McCain and Palin in the election in the next couple of weeks, think. Do you want someone that will take away your ability to choose and impose their rules on you? Do you want someone who doesn't think you deserve equal rights?

Don't just vote for someone your family or husband or boyfriend said to vote for. Don't say oh I don't care about politics, politics is boring, or politics doesn't affect me. Find out about the candidates, find out the facts on their policy and make an educated decision.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let Me Clear My Throat

I've been hearing a lot of Anti-Obama people and groups saying that he will make this country a socialist country. Some even throw out the word communism.

First of all, please look up what these words mean before spewing them out. I am willing to bet you don't really know what you're saying or what it means to be in these types of government.

To these people who are spewing suggestions of socialism like it was some type of horrible disease, I bet you voted for Bush in the last 2 elections. In case you been under a rock, you might notice that we're under a bit of a financial crisis. The current president, the one that you voted for twice (probably), is hailing his economic stimulus plan of partially nationalizing major banks.

Think for a moment what this means. For the longest time, the banks were enjoying the profits for themselves and their shareholders. Now that they're in trouble, the current president is using yours and my money to help out and to buy a stake in them. Guess what this model of government is called? Anyone? Anyone? Buller?

That's right. This is socialism. By having the government have ownership in big banks and using the tax payer's money in these institutions, you're essentially federalizing banking in this country. Congratulations. You don't have to wait for Obama. The guy you voted for is way ahead of you. You know, that guy that's 'just like you', and that 'you can have a beer with'. That guy.

So, how does that make you feel? You think that whole socialism thing is a good argument against Obama? You're already part of the it. Like it or not. You voted for the guy that's starting this process. Once again, congrats!

Btw, both McCain and Obama is supporting this bailout plan. So if you're saying Obama is for socialism by supporting this plan, well then, so is McCain.

Also, as a side fact, do you know who the strongest economy is right now? or at least in a couple of years? That's right, China.

Guess what type of government they are? Huh? Anyone? Anyone?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Base

Is this the base that people keep talking about? This is the group of people voting for McCain? Is this the group of people you really want to be associated with?

I realize that there are going to be dumbasses on both sides, but this is just a bit scary. Guilty because of someone's name? That's what's motivating your vote? Not the fact that the Dow is around 9000? For all of you out there that thinks Obama's tax increase for the super rich will affect you, why aren't you caring about the economy instead of someone's name? And if you don't care about the Dow, you're probably never going to be in that super rich category.

If someone named Hugh Harry Richard could solve the current economic crisis, I would vote for him regardless of his name.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

And The Pile Just Keeps Getting Bigger

In response to her reponses durin Katie Couric's interview, Palin got on Fox news and had this to say.

Apparently, she was annoyed. Yes, that was her reason. Damn Couric for not just giving her an chance to say whatever she wants and to ask follow up questions.

"In those Katie Couric interviews, I did feel that there were lot of things that she was missing in terms of an opportunity to ask what a VP candidate stands for, what the values are represented in our ticket. I wanted to talk about Barack Obama increasing taxes, which would lead to killing jobs. I wanted to talk about his proposal to increase government spending by another trillion dollars. Some of his comments that he's made about the war, that I think may, in my world, disqualify someone from consideration as the next commander in chief. Some of the comments that he has made about Afghanistan -- what we are doing there, supposedly just air raiding villages and killing civilians. That's reckless. I want to talk about things like that. So I guess I have to apologize for being a bit annoyed, but that's also an indication of being outside the Washington elite, outside of the media elite also. I just wanted to talk to Americans without the filter and let them know what we stand for."

I would think asking where you get your news, which Supreme Court decisions you disagreed with, why Alaska's proximity to Russia gave you foreign policy experience, and your opinion of the bailout package for Wall Street would be quite informative about "what a VP candidate stands for". But no, apparently, talking negatively about Obama is what she wanted to talk about.

I think that's pretty telling if she thinks that's what a VP candidate stands for.

It blows my mind how anyone could still even remotely consider voting for this ticket.

BTW, if you think she was great in the debate, here's what has to say.

Palin mistakenly claimed that troop levels in Iraq had returned to “pre-surge” levels. Levels are gradually coming down but current plans would have levels higher than pre-surge numbers through early next year, at least.

Palin repeated a false claim that Obama once voted in favor of higher taxes on “families” making as little as $42,000 a year. He did not. The budget bill in question called for an increase only on singles making that amount, but a family of four would not have been affected unless they made at least $90,000 a year.

Palin claimed McCain’s health care plan would be “budget neutral,” costing the government nothing. Independent budget experts estimate McCain's plan would cost tens of billions each year, though details are too fuzzy to allow for exact estimates.

Biden wrongly claimed that McCain had said "he wouldn't even sit down" with the government of Spain. Actually, McCain didn't reject a meeting, but simply refused to commit himself one way or the other during an interview.

Palin wrongly claimed that “millions of small businesses” would see tax increases under Obama’s tax proposals. At most, several hundred thousand business owners would see increases.

Come on people. Seriously.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Royal Randwick

Last week was the lawn party at the Royal Randwick. They Royal Randwick is a horse track here and last week was the first race of the season (I think), or maybe it was just a chance to throw a big party.

I wasn't too sure about this event as it was a pretty expensive event. The price of admission did include all you can eat and drink, so that along with a few friend's encouragement, I was there. Along with the horse race and booze, there was going to be 5 stages set up with DJs. Good ones, not glorified wedding Djs. That was also a big selling point. I haven't been to a big event here yet, so this will be a good trial. The event was also very cool in that every one had to dress up. All the guys were in suits and the ladies were all in nice dresses and hats. Big hats, small hats, feathers in their hair. It was pretty sweet.

We got there about noon, and for the next 5 hours, it was an open bar. Like I mentioned, this event was pretty expensive, so being the cheap bastard that I am, I tried to drink it all back. Yea... there was some serious drinking going on.

There were also lots of tents for food. There was an Asian tent that had stir fry and sushi, a curry tent, a fish and chips tents, and an Aussie food tent (meat pies, etc). I don't know if it's cause I was just drunk, but the food was pretty good.

In between the races, the DJs would start the beats. Apparently, the beats scares the horses, so no beats during race. Each stage was playing a different style. After a few races where I did terrible in the betting (if I chose a horse to win, the horse would come in 2nd, if I chose it to place, it would come in fourth. This happened in 3 races), I decided to concentrate on the drinking and the music.

I was loving the beats. It's been a while, and I sure miss good beats. I'll be the first one to admit this, I'm an incredible snob when it comes to dance music. I love dancing, but I will not dance to crappy music. Yea, get over it. With good music though, watch out.

So the beats were good and I got down. I must've been doing something right, or maybe just making a total ass of myself, but I got a lot of interest in the dancing which is always good. Had a few strangers take photos with me and got to pose for a few online magazines photos too (sadly, I was too drunk to remember which magazine they were).

It was a good day at the tracks. There was plenty to eat and drink and beats. Lots and lots of beats. I did bet on one last race and the horse did come in for me which even all of my other losses so it was all good.
Next week will be the first of the big dance events here in Sydney. Angels in White. Stay tuned for that, should be brilliant.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why you ask?

After all the blantant reasons why Palin is possibly one of the worse choices for this country, yet there are still so many people who like her. I too scratch my head every night about this. Why I ask? What is going on in all these people's head?

I couldn't find the words to articulate this, but fortuantly, someone has. I think this is the perfect summation/explaination of why people would vote for Palin:

She (Palin) is a natural product of mass democracy’s ongoing pursuit of charismatic mediocrity, in which voters not only seek someone with whom they can identify but also actively discourage politicians’ cultivation of expertise. Expertise grates against their egalitarianism, and so they try to avoid it in their political leaders.

For the full article, go here.

That's right. These people want someone as non knowledgable as themselves. Someone who can talk simple (mainly cause they don't in fact understand the issues and the details would confuse and scare them). These people voted for Bush for the same reason, and now they will vote for Palin. These people revolt against people who are smarter and has more expertise and knowledge than themselves. Somehow thinking they're being talked down to. Somehow thinking that someone who is smarter and has more expertise making a decision is a bad thing. That 'going with the gut' is the better decision making ability.

Don't be part of this group of people.

I promise there is a non ranty, non political post coming soon. There's just too much material here for me not to take advantage of.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Blast from the past

I wrote this 4 years ago. The night I found out the country was gonna get screwed for another 4 years.

Please, I beg of you, don't let this happen again.

All of you thinking about voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. Please wake up. Please listen to reason. This country CANNOT survive another 4 years of McCain/Palin/Bush. The economy will worsen, we will socially go backwards, and we will probably get into a few more wars. We DO NOT WANT THIS!

Please don't make me have to write another post like this again.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

If you think these are good qualifications to be VP...

You probably thought Bush would do well with our economy

- Palin has never visited Russ (although claims she can see it) and until last year, never travelled outside North America. Her reasoning "I'm not one of those who maybe came from a background of, you know, kids who perhaps graduate college and their parents give them a passport and give them a backpack and say go off and travel the world. No, I've worked all my life. In fact, I usually had two jobs all my life until I had kids. I was not a part of, I guess, that culture." Great. That's who you really want to be VP. Let's forget about picking the best, let's just pick whoever!

- Palin has never met a foreign leader until her trip this week to NYC. You think this one week trip is good enough?

- When asked how Alaska's closeness to Russia enhanced her foreign policy experience, Palin said, "Well, it certainly does because our ... our next-door neighbors are foreign countries." Alaska shares a border with Canada. Wow, that's some foreign policy insight. That our next-door neighbors are foreign countries. Alaska shares a border with Canada? I believe that was also a question on 'Are you smarter than a 5th grader?'

You've royally screwed up this country and a lot of the world's economy. Don't you think you've done enough?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So Much Crap, Where's My Shovel?

There is so much crap coming out of the McCain/Republican spin machine that I don't even know where to start or coherently group them. So, I'll just go with the list idea.

- McCain was voted the worst senator in 2007 by the children's defense fund. Their ratings were based on 11 key votes in the senate that had to do with education, children's insurance, and other children related topics.

- McCain vote No 3x since 2001 to fund the Head Start program - Even though in a recent interview he said he would be glad to fully fund it.

- McCain consistently voted to limit the amount of children that can participate in health care plans. Most recently, he support Bush's veto of the expansion that would give most children health insurance.

If you're a parent, is this the kind of person you want up in the White House? Can you really say he cares about you and your family?

- McCain has voted 19 times against raising the minimum wage. After 19 times, he did vote in the most recent bill to raise the minimum wage. That bill of course, was full of funding for the war.

- McCain is a big proponent of privatizing Social Security. Can you imagine what would social security looks like if it was privatized and people invested in wall street? Think that's a good idea now?

- McCain said at the beginning of the campaign that he does not and will not have a dirty mud slinging campaign. Obviously, that was before he got behind in the numbers. Way to keep your word.

- The McCain campaign has a new Ad out on Obama's connection with the former Fannie Mae chief Franklin Raines. Quite the nasty ad. Sadly,

The Washington Post reported -- with the kind of blind sourcing that suggests the source was Raines -- that Raines had "taken calls from Barack Obama's presidential campaign seeking his advice on mortgage and housing policy matters."

Raines said in the statement through the campaign, "I am not an advisor to Barack Obama, nor have I provided his campaign with advice on housing or economic matters."

Just another flat out lie from this campaign. Don't get me started on that ad about Obama wanting to teach sex ed to children crap. Aren't you all tired of this by now?

- Palin has been getting a crash course in foreign policy. This for a woman that has only left North American just once!. This for a woman that claims she has foreign policy credentials because she can see Russia from Alaska. This for a woman that is inches away from becoming the president of the US.

- BTW, where are all those cries of we don't need someone who needs on the job training?

- John McCain's presidential campaign has shielded the first-term Alaska governor for weeks from spontaneous questions from voters and reporters. Is this really the kind of VP you're looking for? Face it, if you're excited by her candidacy, you're not excited by substance, but just superficial crap.

- During the meeting Palin had at the UN, The GOP campaign, applying more restrictive rules on access than even President Bush uses in the White House, banned reporters from the start of the meetings, so as not to risk a question being asked of Palin. Photos of her and diplomats were available though. Isn't that nice?

- Let's talk about this 'Maverick' thing that many of you and McCain are so keen on. From several reports and from McCain himself, they will all tell you that McCain prefers to make decisions quickly and stand by those decisions. You know, make decisions by instinct or by the gut. In case you've forgotten, the current president also makes decisions the same way. See how well that works?

Making decisions quickly and by instinct is very important for a jet fighter pilot and perhaps is fine in the Senate where damages really isn't that big. However, it is not a good attribute for the presidency. When the president make rash decision, and then sticks by them, well, you get what has been going on the last 8 years. 2 wars and an economic recession. Is this what you all want to continue? This making decisions by the gut crap. This is NOT a good thing people.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What the Fuck is wrong with you people?

Once again, what the fuck?

Unless you're trapped under a rock, you may have heard there is a major financial crisis going on in the world. What started in the US with the mortage crisis soon spread to every part of the financial world. Soon, companies that has been around for hundreds of years fell vicitim to this crisis.

Oh, but it didn't stop there. What happened in the US is spreading all around the world. The world is in one of the worse financial situations since WWII. There are millions that have lost so much from their retirement account. So many that have lost their savings.

Let me tell you how this happened. For as long as I remember, the Republican (most of them anyway) have waved the flag of free market. A free market where there were no rules, no checks and regulations. They believed the market will take care of itself.

At the forfront of this was John McCain. For the last 25 years, he has been carrying the flag of less/no regulation for the financial institutions. It was a bill that he sponsored that allowed the banks and investments firms to begin projects that would eventually lead to the housing crisis.

Today, I saw McCain on the campaign trail saying that he will put in regulations for the financial section to prevent these type of things from happening. Really? You want people to believe that you'll be working to put in regulations that you have been working to get rid the last 25 years you've been in congress?

Listen, I expected McCain to change his voice on this. Of course he would. He's running for the presidency. No, my WHAT the Fuck goes to all of you who are thinking of voting for McCain. What the fuck are you people thinking?

Don't you people ever think about things before you decide on something? You hear the Republicans talk about change. Do you not remember who's been in the White House and had the majority in Congress for the last 8 years? So what are they saying exactly when they say change? Are they admitting that they've been fucking up the last 8 years and that we need something different? Are they saying they need to get themselves out of office?

Oh, but the Democrates will tax the really rich. I could become really rich one day and I don't want to be taxed. I hear that a lot as a reason not to vote for Obama. Because he's talking about taxing the super rich and capital gains. First of all, if you're thinking is that you will become really rich one day, you're probably not going to be. I don't think you can fathom how much money some people in this country has.

You think you have a good salary making $100K/Year? You think you might be part of this super rich group? Try making at least 10x more than let's talk. Capital gains taxes? Are you a day trader or something? Do you have a lot of stocks that you move around that's not part of your 401K? No, I didn't think so. That capital gain tax has nothing to do you with.

As recent as just a few days ago, McCain is still saying the financial fundamentals of the country is great, and that its best days are ahead of us. Yes, if you're uber rich, this little crisis probably doesn't bother you too much. Unfortauntly, for the other 99% of the population, this is really fucked up.

Not only is it fucked up in the US, the effects are fucking up around the world.

This is the direct result of McCain's economic ideals, that the markets doesn't need any restrictions. He opened all the doors so wall street can collapse under its own greed. This is what he wanted and fought for the last 25 years. This is the result of his thinking and the extent of economic knowledge. 'Let's just let the market take care of itself' is NOT an economic plan.

Can you really vote for someone that's caused so much damage and hardship to so many millions of people around the world?

Seriously, what the fuck people? Look into these things before you just agree you want to vote for McCain.

I'll predict it now. If McCain wins, we will be even further in debt. There will be a global recession. We will be in another war. Oh, but rest assure. The top 1% who makes millions and millions of dollar a year will get their tax cut from McCain. Cause you know, they're the ones that really need it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here we go again

The investigation into Sarah Palin's abuse of power case ran into resistant as the Republicans naturally want to end it or delay it past the election. Even Republicans who supported the "Troopergate" investigation now wants it delays.

Can you really tell me with a straight face that they're NOT doing this solely for political reasons? Screw the law, the law can wait, let's see if she becomes the VP first. What kind of irresponsible behavior is that?

This all from the party that's ran this country for the better part of the last 8 years. What have they done you ask? Oh you of such short memory. We're in 2 wars. Our reputation around the world has been dragged through the mud. We had one of the worst repsonses to a natural diseaster EVER. Our country went from a surplus in buget to the biggest deficit EVER (with most of our money owe to people who doesn't like us). Our financial system is in its worse shape in the last century. Companies that has lasted hundreds of years couldn't survive 8 years of this Republican administration in charge.

So half of you out there are considering voting for ANOTHER VP that wildly abuses their power in the office. Wow. You guys really don't learn do you.
Ultimate Down Under

Last night was my first night of Ultimate Spring League here in Australia. I'm glad that I've been able to find ultimate here. Also, for the first time, I have a friend that went to play as well. I don't think since uni have I know people outside the sport go play with me. So yay for that.

One problem that I can already see is that it's played at fields around suburbs so it's going to be quite difficult to get there without a car. No train lines for me. I may have to learn how to use the bus lines. Bus line and Ferry line. Finally frontier.

I've played around with the idea of a car. They have the ones you can rent for a few hours at a time. There's one that's parked right in front of my apts. I'm still not sure about driving on the wrong side so I'll have to see about that.

Anyway, back to the Aussie ultimate. A lot of it was the same. We started late. The calling card of ultimate. There were a lot of differences though. Overall, I think the level of game play was not as high as it was in Atlanta. It could be that this was the first night or that this was not the big summer league which would bring in more of the good people. I guess this might be good. I looked pretty good out there and I haven't played in a few months.

One very big notable difference was that after the game, each team did cheers for each other. The league in Colorado I was in did that, but I haven't seen it anywhere else. The sportsmenship was very high with both teams huddling up and saying good stuff and cheers for each other. Took me a bit by suprise, but it was totally cool.

I'm going to have to figure out this transportation issue, but other than that, I think this is going to be fun playing ultimate here.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Finally Caved

It's 4am and I can't sleep so I decided to create a facebook page. Yes, I know. I've been fighting it for a while. Well, when you can't sleep you do some stuff you might regret later.

So if you're on there. Let send me an invite.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Why Waste Time When Someone's Already Done It Better?

I've been trying to figure out a way to verbalize this and to find examples of this. I've seen it, I've heard it. Just haven't had the time to find it. Well, thanks to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, I think they's said it all.

Watch this when you have a bit of time.

See how fast the tune changes for the Republicans when they run into these issues that they so quickly cast judgement on before.

Can someone tell me what a VP even does?.. that was then. I accept your nomination for VP of the US.. That's now!

Pregger Teens? Blame the Parents, they're pinheads.. that was then. Respect their choice.. That's now!

Whinny female politicans? They should get out of politics if they can't handle the criticism. It's a step backwards for women when they can take a little heat.. That was then. There is a deep rooted sexism going on in the media and this country... That's now!

This government is broken and we need someone to fix it!.. That's now! Umm.. Republicans have had the white house and congress for most of the last 8 years.

How can you not see this well coordinated spin machine? I heard a person they interviewed after Palin's speech, she said 'I really liked her speech. She used small easy to understand words.' What the fuck is wrong with you?! How is that a reason to vote for someone? Why in the world do you want someone like you to be president? You're obviously not that great. Why would you want someone not that great in the White House?

What the hell is this obession with wanting someone 'just like you' or that 'can relate to you' to be the president? This goes to both parties. There are NO political people at this stage of government that's ANYTHING like you or can really relate to you. Unless you have millions of dollars in the bank, several mansions, or a private jet you can put on ebay (can't believe Palin said that in her speech and people cheered). What the fuck are you thinking? Oh, yea, that reminds me of the time I put my private jet on ebay to sell... oh wait. No, that was a used porn dvd. Nevermind.

They're not like you. We need someone that's better than us to run the government. Better is not a bad word, neither is Elite. I believe elite means something like the best. Don't you want the best to be running the government?

Listen. Don't think I just LOVE the Democrate's choice Biden either cause I don't. I've got some serious issues with him. I bet you didn't know this. Biden is on my shit list. That's right. He's one of the people that created and passed the RAVE act. Oh. Biden, you didn't think I'd remember did ya. You think I'd forget with all our brains damaged and no fluid in our spines. Nooooo... I remember. War on drugs my ass.

Still though. It's better than the alternative.

People. Please pay attention. Do your own research. Look at both sides and the real issues. Not just the talking points. Make a good decision Please.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just Cause I'm Not Living in the Country Anymore.. Doesn't Mean I Can't Bitch

On American Politics.

Funny enough, I get more news here than when I was living in the US.

So, the McCain and the Republicans nominated Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska to be the running mate with John McCain.

Seriously? This is your pick? And you can say with a straight face that this was chosen because she's the best person for the job and not purely for political reason?

Can you say you didn't pick her because she's a woman? The pro-Hillary and scared conservative suburban mom population that you're targeting?

Can you say you didn't pick her because she's insanely conservative? The Christian right that you're so desperately trying to get out and vote? The horribly misguided Anti-Choice population that you want to excite?

Can you say you didn't pick her because she's so pro-big oil and pro-NRA? The population that gives you all your money?

I don't think you say deny any of that.

McCain accused Obama of putting politics before the country first, but I think this choice in a VP truly shows which party could give a rats ass about the country as long as they win.

How about some facts about Palin.

_Palin sought pork-barrel projects for her city and state, contrary to her reformist image. In her earlier career as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, Palin hired a lobbyist to help the tiny town secure at least 14 earmarks, worth $27 million between 2000-2003. McCain has touted Palin as a force in his long battle against earmarks. Really?

_Her husband once belonged to a fringe political group in Alaska with some members supporting secession from the United States. I believe there was a war that determined this is not legal.

_A private attorney has been authorized to spend $95,000 to defend her against accusations of abuse of power. The state legislature is investigating whether she had Alaska's public safety commissioner fired after he refused to dismiss a state trooper who had divorced Palin's sister. Yea, that's who we want in the oval office. Someone who will get someone fired for breaking up with her sister.

_She has acknowledged smoking marijuana in the past. Well. I don't give a rat's ass about this.

_Under her leadership this year, Alaska asked for almost $300 per person in requests for pet projects from Stevens, one of McCain's top adversaries. That's more than any other state received, per person, from Congress. Yea, you're really 'outside the system'.

_Bristol Palin's boyfriend, Levi Johnston, plans to join the family of the Republican vice presidential candidate at the GOP convention. Talk about the text book example of a shotgun wedding. Way to go on your Abstinence only education! See how well that works!!!!!!

_This is probably the most angering one. Palin opposed the U.S. government's listing of a variety of animals as endangered, including the polar bear and the beluga whale, both of which inhabit areas also rich in oil and natural gas. There is just no excuse for this. You want to hunt, go hunt a human. Leave these animals alone just cause you want to get rich off the oil that's in that space.

How well versed do you think Palin is on foreign affairs? Sticking up for Palin, a commentator on Fox News says that she governs Alaska which is really close to Russia. She must know how to deal with them. WTF? How are you still a channel?

"If you can take on Ted Stevens and that crowd in Alaska, you can handle the Russians," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C, told ABC News this week. Do you even know where Russia is? Have you read anything in the news lately about Russia? They're going to overtake China as the scariest country in the world. They're no joke. They're the real thing.

You want to vote for someone like that? Someone that may have a good chance of becoming the most powerful person in the world? If you do, all these jokes I hear about Americans are probably all your fault.

Monday, September 01, 2008

The Apt, the Apt, the Apt is on fire...

Here's a funny story.

I was doing laundry Saturday morning.

The laundry room is right next door to mine. I was going in and out all morning. I went out one more time to see if I left anything in one of the machines and as soon I went in the laundry room, I hear a click.


I've been in and out all morning and the door's never closed on me. What the hell? I just locked myself out. To add to the problem, I just put something on the stove, so I've got something cooking. If I don't get back in there soon, I'm going to burn the place down.

I've lived here for a week, and I'm going to burn the place down. Great.

I wasn't sure what to do. I knocked on one of my neighbor's door. This old dude in a robe came to answer the door. I told him the situation. This is what he said as a solution in all seriousness. Is your balcony door unlocked? Good. Go up to the apt above and jump from the balcony into my apt. You can hang from the bottom of the balcony and then swing yourself onto yours. Just don't let go.

I'm like what? Are you insane? I'm 8 floors up! I'm not Jackie Chan.

He said fine, looking a bit disappointed.

I remember my realtor works on sat sometimes so I gave her a call. Luckily, she was there. She said to come by the office and grab the key. I was a bit relieved as I'm only about a mile away from her office.

Then I remembered. Since I'm doing laundry, I'm barefoot and in my pajamas and a white t shirt. For those of you that knows me, my usual outfit.

I didn't really have a choice, and time was of the essence with food on the stove. I just started sprinting up to the office. The office is on this section of the road that has tons of cafes. It's brunch time, and everyone's out eating on the patio. Brunch is very big here.

So everyone's enjoying their leisurely meal when up comes a half dressed guy sprinting pass them. I bet there was some good conversations that got started from that. You guys can probably all imagine what that scene looked like.

Good news is that I got the key and ran back and the place hasn't burned down yet. The smoke detector hasn't even gone off yet (I know the smoke detector is very sensitive cause I've set it off a couple of times already).

I'm going to go make a copy of my key and hide it somewhere. I'll tape it behind something along with a gun, passports, and some cash and be all James Bond like.

That was just what happened before noon.

Next time, what I was doing till 4am later that night. Just as a teaser, there were 4 bars, some crazy lady, and a random warehouse party involved.

Till next time!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My First Domestic Flight in Australia

It's very difficult to do updates when you don't have Internet at home. Doing it at work and while you're sober is just not the same.

Well, here we go:

- I went to Melbourne this last weekend for work. I don't know, I think I may should've chosen that city instead. It's all nice and nature-y there. The vibe seems a bit better too.

- I had the best cab driver EVER. He was chatting away. Telling me where he was driving. All the local places, and some of the places we were driving by. Seriously the nicest drive ever.

- Went to a very cool bar without a name. There are many alleyway bars in Melbourne (unlike Sydney that only has super large bars). It was pretty sweet with the way it was set up and a live DJ. Then went to another bar named 'cookie'. It's pretty sweet. Even sweeter was our waitress. OMG. Seriously. We should clone her.

- Had probably one of the most fun flights ever on my way back to Sydney. Even though I was in the last row in the corner seat, it was still so much fun. What made it fun was the flight crew that sat next to me. They were hilarious. This was the crew that's working the flight back so they weren't working during my flight. Oh, it was just so much fun I can't even tell ya. They got me a bunch of food and beer to take home too.

- Beer and wine are free on flights here. Score.

- You can bring liquids on the planes. You don't have to take off your shoes either. Once again, score.

- All flights comes with food of some type, and not just the bag of pretzels. I got a cupcake, and these cheese and crackers. On my flight back, thanks to the crew I was sitting with, I got a steak sandwich and like a 6 pack of beer for the way home.

- I'm taking United on my way back to the states next week. Everyone here has grimaced when I told them that. I don't think it could be THAT bad. Besides, I have 16 drink tickets. I'll just make sure I sit on the lsle next to the bathroom.

- I saw all these things about Bali. I think I have to go while I'm here. Sadly, it's not one of those go by yourself kinda things. So... guess I better get a move on things.

Cheers mates,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Observations from Sydney

- One good thing about so many Asians around here is that there are a ton of arcades here. One bad thing is that there are so many Asians here. I can't play any games without getting my ass whooped.

- There were some crazy DDR action on Friday night. Who's doing a movie on this? It's sure to be better than most of the other movies made from video games'. Furdell, this one is for you. I saw a dude playing Crazy Taxi. I left to get something to eat, do some errands, maybe took a short nap. When I came back, he was still picking up passengers. Same game.

- I had yum cha (dim sum) today. I was there by myself and people gave me the strangest look being that this is supposed to be a big group of people kinda thing. Despite that, the food was super good.

- I just had the best cream puffs that were freshly made in front of me.

- I had a Russian cabbie today. He explained to me how the Georgians are the real terrorists in this conflict and that all this western propaganda is all evil. I thought this was really interesting to hear the other side's view on this. Made me glad I made my trip. The variety of people here is just amazing.

- They can say Shit on TV. Yet the world didn't end. How amazing.

- I think it's funny to say Rubbish instead of Trash.

- On the Bizaro front, there's a Delilah-ish show here that's hosted by a dude. Same type of stories and music though.

- So far, when I try to talk with an Aussie accent, no one has been able to understand me.

- While walking along the beach this Sat, I saw some whales. Yay whales. They were very cool and were just hanging out next to the surfers. I think they were judging the sufers or trying to decide if they should eat one of them.

- While on said beach, they had some loud dance music playing. Nothing beats beats on the beach. Nothing.

- I finally figured out how to text back to the states. That's right bitches. The texting is back!

- I'm set up to go to a Trance event at a dome in October. It's going to be sweet. Party goes from 10pm - 6am. Let's see how I do. In case you're wondering if what the event is: Godskitchen 'Angels in White'

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maybe I'm more awesome than I thought.

To all you nay sayers out there.

Who move to a new country and in less than 2 weeks:

- Became a regular at a bar. You know what that means? People know my name there. I know the bartender's and the manager's business, and I get served drinks even after last call. That's right. suck it.

- Went out with a girl. Had a nice dinner and drinks. Less than 2 weeks. Suck it.

- Went out with random people that I randomly met.

I'll update you with more of my awesomeness later.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Decisions Decisions

Ok folks, I need some help in making a decision on where to live. Here're the two scenarios I'm working with.

Choice 1:

Standard 1 bedroom apt.
Wonderful view of the Harbour bridge and the city
Fully furnished

Choice 2:

Share the apt with 2 girls
1 bathroom
A tiny room in an apt. Like really small/Can barely fit a double bed and that's it
Area for an office
Unfurnished room, so will have to buy bed
It's $520 cheaper a month + only 1/3 utilities
Have good friends that live across the hall. 2 guys and a girl. It's almost like a 'Friends' scenario.
They all go out and hang out together

Being that I'm in the city all by myself, and that my coworkers are pretty much non-existent. I can instantly have 5 friends. Very tempting. The room is so tiny though. Although I would save quite a bit per month.

Here's the other thing. The girls will be making a few more interviews and will decide by Friday. If I want that 1 bedroom, I'll have to act fast. The rental market here is ridiculous. The renters have said it's a quick turnaround so if I apply tomorrow, I should be able to move in by friday if all goes well. This is before the girls make the decision.

What should I do?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One World.... One Pup

Does anyone else think the slogan of one world, one dream of the Olympic games is a bit ominous coming from China? Do you know what their one dream is? Yea, you should be concerned.

I'm currently watching my favorite Olympic sport. Woman's beach volleyball. Seriously, best spectator sport ever. In case you were wondering or have noticed that their bikinis has gotten smaller, it's not just a fashion statement. I heard this on the TV today. There was a rule change recently that said their bottoms could only be so big. I don't know who made that rule, but it's a fantastic rule.

Between every point, they play a short sample of a song. They just played 'Push it' by Salt n' Pepper. Sweetness.

Currently, Greece is playing Austria. Goodness, it's just all kinds of awesome.

During the formal timeout, 12 Chinese girls in bikinis ran out and help coordinate the wave. These even coordinators know how to throw a party.

Ring of fire? Wha? How's that an appropriate song to be playing?

Yay for butt patting!

Ha... they announcer gives instructions on how to cheer. That's funny.

Awww... it's over. Yay to the Austrians for a big upset over the Greeks.

It's been interesting watching the Olympics from Australia. I've been able to see a lot of sports that doesn't normally get shown in the US because Americans aren't in them. For example, I watched Badminton today. That's not too bad.

They also showed the women's weight lifting in the 49kg class. Now there wasn't any Aussies in this. I think they wanted to show because the women didn't look like body builders at all. They looked like quite attractive women. Attactive women that can lift more than double their body weight. It was quite the sight.

Whoa. They're showing field hockey now. Cool.

I'm not sure how it is in the US, but it's non stop Olympics here.

I sure hope they show table tennis. I would sure love to watch some Olympic table tennis.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Aussies/Kiwi - 2 Team Pup - 0

Once again I have failed in keeping up with the locals. This is quite sad as I thought I did quite well tonight. Nonetheless, I had to retire early.

Just to give you a condense version of the happenings today.

- Got a number. This time from a girl. That's right, no more dude numbers. This is going to be sweet.

- Starting to be a semi-regular at a bar. Oh, it's so on.
- Got a bunch of numbers from a bunch of older ladies. Don't know what that's about, but it just happened.

- Saw a bunch of rave kids in full rave gear on the train. I asked where they were going. I had no idea where they said they were going, but I doubt I could keep up. Good god I'm old. Getting old sucks.

- There was a drug bust of Ecstasy worth half a BILLION dollars here in AU. I'm a bit sad about that.

- I saw a bunch of punk ass kids on the train today. They thought they were hot shit. They were barely cold diarrhea. Seriously. The old crew of Tony, Ski, and Nikki would've killed these fools without blinking an eye, and they thought they would try to be tough with me? Shit. They don't know how I roll.

- Have I mentioned rave chicks in full rave gear is just totally hot? Well they are.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Why Am I?

What am I so drunk you ask? Yea. Note to self. Don't try to outdrink a Kiwi, a Brit, and an group of aussies.

I was sitting in my hotel room all by me self tonight. I was thinking. I need to get out there. Meet some people and shit.

Where do I feel most comfortable even without my crew. A local dive bar of course.

So I went out and hit a few local bars. The first few didn't really click with me. Then I went to the 'Fortune of War'. Supposively the oldest bar in Sydney. Right away I struck it up with the bartender talking about Rugby. She was quite a cutie which really helped out things.

Then I talked to this german guy. He was pretty cool and I got his number. Weird I know. I have no issues getting dude's numbers. I need a crew.

After he left, this Kiwi and his girl came in. He was all kind of crazy. So funny. We started buying each other drinks.

Then this group of Aussie girls came in. It was great fun as we started doing Jager bombs. You know how everything goes down hill after Jager. These gals had been drinking before they came here. Within 30min, had more to drink than me in the couple of hours I've been at the bar, and were perfectly fine with drinking more.

Of course, the Kiwi was helping everyone out with drinking more and more. It was a grand ol' time.

At the end, they said they were ready to start drinking and headed to a bar called 'Three wise monkeys'. I can only imagine what that's all about. I was pretty hammered so I wasn't able to join them.

What a bummer. These were my kind of people.

Oh well, guess I need to work on my tolerance.

Monday, August 04, 2008

More Observations from down under

- Cigarettes are the most amazing things in the world. What other product can you put a label that reads 'This product will KILL you' and people still buy it. How is this product legal?

- I just came back from an arcade in the middle of the city. With all the Asians here, you can imagine the competition. There were 8 Tekken 6 machines linked together. The level of play was pretty ridiculous. Of course, I had to give it a shot. That was probably the shortest game I've ever played.

- I watched these 2 girls play (and beat) house of the dead 4. They looked kinda like cartoon characters with the way they looked. If there's a zombie uprising down under, I'm hanging out with them.

- There are a lot of Japanese and Korean girls here that look like cartoon characters here.

- You can openly walk around and drink in most parts of the city.

- You haven't heard hot/sexy until you hear an aussie girl say 'panties'.

- I have watched so much Rugby in the last few days. Did you know there are different versions of Rugby? I didn't either. Apparently, it's like the NFL and AFL in the US. In one of the versions, teams can score over 100 pts. Odd.

- They may not have a Halloween here, but they have a pirate day celebration.