Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Why don't these douche baggers realize that this whole idea of tea-bag party is not a grass root effort? This whole idea is well funded by Republican million and billionaires and sponsored by Fox News. They're looking to keep the tax cuts for the ultra rich, not for you. They are just using you. They could give a rat's ass about you and you will never become one of these people that will benefit from these tax cuts for the super-rich.

How absolutely ignorant and disrespectful can you be by comparing your idiotic little circus sideshow with what the founding fathers did.

Think what you're doing. Fighting for the super rich to keep more of their money. That's great. Really good cause you've selected there. Cause no one need help like those poor super rich people. They sure need someone to speak and fight for them.


chops said...

Do you want socialism? I mean come on, I want to keep my money too...just like the super rich. I don't need Obama spending my tax dollars on things in bills that apparently he doesn't even read.

Pup said...

Are you secretly making more than 250K that you're not telling me? Cause if you're not, you're getting a tax cut. Apparently, you're not reading that.

All you're doing is arguing for the super rich to keep more of their money, and you having to spend more to make up for it. So if you really want to keep more of your money, you should probably not be arguing for the super rich to keep more of theirs.

KO said...

I enjoy watching prominent Republicans saying teabagging. That's hilarious.