Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Sunday Night

Sunday nights are tough sometimes. It's a time I dread each week. It's the last night before another week of work, another busy week of running around. Sunday night is your last chance to relax. It's your last night to mentally prepare yourself for another week of stress and onslaught from life.

I sit here on Sunday night. Drinking a nice cup of tea (Moroccan Mint this week). Thinking about last week, and thinking of the week to come. It's always the same. The routine that is.

I know life isn't scripted, nor should it be, but one thing I do think about on Sunday nights is how I'd imagine them to be, or perhaps how they should be. I imagine us making dinner. Afterwards, we would chat on the couch with a blanket if it's cold, or perhaps on the bench in the yard on a warm summer night.

We wouldn't talk about the coming week, for that will come when we go back to the real world tomorrow. No, tonight we would give our minds a rest from the real world. An escape from schedules, meetings and to-do lists. Our minds would be given the freedom to imagine. Tonight, on Sunday nights, we would talk about worlds beyond ours and dreams of what's to come. We would let our imagination take us away. We would talk about all the things that may and could be. Reality would not be barrier for us as we talk into the night.

Tomorrow when we open our eyes, it will be another week in reality. But tonight, when we close our eyes while I hold you in my arms, only our imagination will know where we'll be.

Yea, that would be a good Sunday night.

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