Thursday, July 08, 2010

Church and Guns

This strong connection between right wing Christians and guns really confuses me. These right wingers argue with each other about how Christian they are and try to out do each other on being Christian, but when it comes to things like wars and guns, they will support it to the end of time. There are a lot of things that we can argue about Jesus, but I think its pretty universally agreed that he wasn’t really one for the violence.

During this week, the governor of Louisiana signed a law that allows people to carry guns into churches. Really? Cause you feel that unsafe in your own house of worship? What exactly do you actually think your religion is all about? You argue that other religions might be hiding things in their places of worships. So instead of showing people how a religion should behave, you're just going to be just like them?

Besides the absolute contrary views to Jesus you are showing by bringing a gun to a church, you’re probably too ignorant to understand this, but you are questioning your faith in your own religion. I understand you're not the best about understanding that you can't have everything your way, but you are going to have to decide one or the other. You cannot have it both ways in this case. Either you believe that Jesus is all powerful and will protect you (especially in a church), or that he is not all powerful and that you need to protect yourselves by bringing a gun. You can’t believe in both as they're contrary and if you think you need a gun in church, well, that's not giving much credit to your sworn lord and savior.

Have we become that mistrusting of a society that there is no refugee anywhere anymore? Must we be armed everywhere we go? How far is the paranoia going to go?

One thing that proponents of these juvenile laws rarely understand is that their paranoia is generally based on their own efforts to legalise guns and allowing them to be carried everywhere. This paranoia that everyone else has a gun and that you need to carry one to ‘protect yourself’ is a gun fantasy that is perpetuated by organisations like the NRA. It also shows your immaturity in understanding that what you see in cartoons, movies, and tv isn't the real world. These is just gun fantasy and is just not the case in real life. Guns hurt the innocent much more often then they hurt an intended target.

What about the actual implementation of this rule? When you see a gun in public or a church, how will you know if that person is suppose to have one or not? Should they look a certain way? Is it ok when some white dude is carrying a gun? What about a young black male carrying a gun? Will you call the police? What about someone of a Muslim descent? How will you act then? Will you just shoot first and ask later?

By supporting these laws you show your utter ignorance for your religion, society, and your basic understanding of how things work in the world. This world is complicated and has complicated answers to its problems. Your simpleton responses don’t help or fix anything. It’s time you let adults who know how to think handle things.

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