Monday, April 30, 2012

What are Your Real Intentions?

The Conservatives and GOP ran on a platform of jobs during the 2010 election. They railed against government spending and promised to work to lower the unemployment rate from the near 10% it's been sitting at since the aftermath of the global financial crisis. A crisis caused by years of uncontrolled and unregulated banking practices.

This message of jobs got them a majority in the house of representatives and won may state governorships in the election. Then the country waited for their plan to bring jobs back. What we have been seeing from this group of Republicans is far different than what they had advertised.

Looking at the GOP's behaviour, it is obvious that the GOP's number one goal is to take over the white house. Even though they were elected to create jobs, they have blocked and rejected all job bills that has been brought up in congress. As the economy will be the number one issue during next year's election, the GOP will do everything to further destroy the economy or at best keep it status quo in order to blame this on Obama. The GOP may have talked about jobs during their election, but it is only one job they're concern about.

Even though it is their sworn duty as a member of congress to do what's best for the country and all Americans, the GOP only cares about winning the presidency. Even if it has to further destroy the country, they're willing to sacrifice the country and her people for power to drive their regressive agenda.

As we have seen in the last year or so, the GOP has focused on 2 main types of legislation. The first is to tear at the fabric that has made our society great. In the name of saving money, they seek to get rid of anything that helps the middle and lower socio-economic status. They have cut budgets for everything from public libraries, parks, to even elmo. What this does is it opens the door for private companies to come in and provide these services, but at a cost. A cost that will further drain the already tight budgets of middle and low income families. Again, the loyalty of the GOP is openly seen here. Sacrifice American families for profits.

The 2nd type of legislation that the GOP has heavily pushed are regressive social agendas. The GOP has focused most of the attacks in the last 2 years on women and women's health. What's scary is that they have evolved in their attack to restrict and take away rights from women. No longer will you hear the GOP talk about repealing Roe vs. Wade. They realise that the country is not ready to wholly reject providing safe legal abortion practices for women.

What conservatives have done is to change their their tactics so that it's much more indirect and deceptive. They have gone after funding for abortion providers, they have made legislation to make it very difficult to be able to buy insurance for women, they have even done things like make legislation so that a women has to travel to the health center multiple times to get the care she needs.  They have also made it difficult for clinics that provide abortion to remain open with outrageous rules and specifications.  Together, they have it more dangerous and difficult than ever for women to receive the proper health care they need.

As I've mentioned before, today's GOP are not conservatives like the ones in years before.  The people in the GOP and controlling the party today are Neo-Cons.  Neo-Cons are a twisted mutation of conservatives.  They are very well funded, well organised group that's been planning for the take over for decades now.  They've set their plans in motion years ago and now we're seeing the fruits of their plan to dominate the country with their twisted theocracy.  They use ideas like Christianity to influence the masses while subscribing to none of its teachings.  Neo-Cons don't have a belief other than to rule with absolute power.  Power and money is their religion and the only thing they look up to.

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