Thursday, April 24, 2014

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Obviously if the blogging is going to restart, it should restart with one of the most common topics that you’ll see here.  Apparently, my lack of blogging has not made people do less stupid things that pisses me off (not that blogging will stop them either, but its worth the rant).

Today, Georgia will sign the ‘guns everywhere’ law where you’ll be allowed to carry a weapon pretty much anywhere.  Besides creating this wild west scenario in the state, the law will also change a few pesky laws to make sure that it’s easier than ever to pick up a gun with no ways of tracking where the guns are.  Sounds awesome doesn't it?

Let’s just go through a few of these new rules.

You are now allowed to carry a gun into:

Schools – teachers and administrators will now be allowed to carry guns if the school votes to allow this.  That’s exactly what we need in schools.  More guns.  How do we teach the kids not to bring guns to school if the teacher is packing heat?  What kind of example are we setting for them?

Airports – You can’t wear shoes past security, you can’t make a joke about a bomb, but if you’re carrying a gun, that’s totally fine.  The new law states that if you ‘accidentally’ bring your gun to the airport, it’s all good, just take it back outside.  No harm done. You tell one joke about a bomb and you're on a list for life with possible fines and jail time.  Jokes are more lethal than guns.  Yup, that sounds about right.

Bars – Yup, cause there’s no better place to have guns than where people get drunk.  Seriously, in what world would someone think this is a good idea?  The new law allows people to bring guns into bars unless the bar owner tells them to get out.  How’s that for an awkward conversation?  ‘Sir, you’re drunk and have a gun, I need you to leave’ – said no one ever. 

Churches – Cause that’s what Jesus would’ve wanted, for people to carry gun while they're praying for peace.  You should seriously re-examine your faith if you have so little trust that your God will protect you in a house of worship or perhaps you believe you can take matters into your own hands in which case, you also don’t believe in your God taking care of you.  Either way, you might need to re-examine your church going and how utterly little faith you actually have in your lord.

Govt buildings – The law now allows you to carry guns into non-secure govt buildings.  That’s just fantastic.  Although it’s not all govt buildings, it’s only the non-secure ones with no security checks where people can carry guns into the buildings.  So it's fine to allow people to carry guns into non secured buildings?  What are the workers in the non secure buildings?  Chopped liver?  There are more anti-govt hate groups today than at almost any other time in history.  Seems like this is a perfectly good idea.

Besides allowing guns to be carried in these places, the law also forbids the creation of a gun ownership database.  Yup, as a civilized society, why would we need to keep track of who has these murder sticks anyway.  Just to add to the craziness, the law also eliminated the fingerprinting requirement to renewing weapon licenses.  Seriously, since when has fingerprints been useful in solving crimes?  Oh yea, ALL THE DAMN TIME.

The new law also made it pretty much illegal to detain a person to check if they have a weapons carrying license.  So not only are guns now legal everywhere, you’re not allowed to ask if they actually have a license to carry it.  How in the hell do you tell a difference between a law abiding citizen carry a gun and one that isn’t?  Isn't that your whole damn argument?  That it's about the law abiding citizens?  So why in the hell did you include a rule so that you can't ask if you are law abiding!

Supporters of this bill all cry out that it’s about protecting the 2nd amendment.  It’s not.  It’s about money.  Pure and simple.  Nothing would boost sales of guns faster than a law like this.  The point of this law is not to protect anything other than gun profits and it uses fear as the primary driver. 

The most common argument you hear is that ‘bad’ guys have guns so the ‘good’ guys need to have guns too.  However, this 'bad’ guy is a boogie man created by gun lobbyist to instil paranoia into everyone.  The fact that everyone has a gun, good or bad, is also a creation by the gun lobbyist in the first place.  They created the problem and now they're creating the paranoia to scare people into buying more guns.  

Paranoia leads to fear.  Fear leads to hate.  Hate will lead to a whole lot of gun sales.

Guns cannot and will not ever bring a sense of security.  All guns can bring is paranoia.  Paranoia that that are ‘bad’ guys out there so you have to defend yourself.  This paranoia will just grow and fester in everyone who buys into these lies and then it will bleed into society in general until everyone is scared of anyone they don’t know, jumping at every loud bang and pulling out a gun as a first response.    

All these people banging their chest about being able to kill a ‘bad’ guy need to wake up from their adolescent wet dream.  You’ve watched way too much TV and movies or played too much video games.  You are not John McClane!  The gun makes it easy to shoot someone, but how many people are actually willing to kill another person?  Oh sure, in the heat of the moment many may, but killing a person will haunt you forever, guilty or not.  Are you prepared for that?  And what if you’re wrong about the person you’ve killed?  What if it wasn’t a ‘bad’ guy?  Are you willing to have that on you?    

Is this the society we are becoming?  A society where it’s all about the rule of the gun?  Where all situations only have one response?  So many people are being played by the gun lobby and I’m not sure if there is a way to make them realize that they’re just pawns in a game for profit.  The gun lobby couldn’t give 2 cents about the 2nd amendment.  They only want to increase sales and if increasing sales means bringing a society to its knees with fear and paranoia, well then, that’s just good for business.      

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