Sunday, January 03, 2016

Why the Limit?

Why limit yourself?

I think I've discussed this before in this blog, but probably not for a long time. It's something that I've been thinking about lately so I thought it might be interesting to write it down again. I never understood why people think of good and evil as a dichotomy. More importantly, why do people think you can only either be good or evil?

The concept of good and evil are amazingly childish and naive. It's too simplistic to think a person can only be either one or the other is just ridiculous. Yes, I know most people believe it's a spectrum, but even then, there is only 2 points in the spectrum. To either be good or evil. Most people strives to be either one or the other, but the question is why? Why not be both?

I don't believe good and evil are mutually exclusive. If a person's goal is to Understand, then they must know both sides of the coin. Simply working towards one side of the spectrum leaves you utterly ignorant of the understanding you need to reach your goal. After all, how do you know what good is if you don't know evil and vice versa. Beyond that, what's wrong with wanting to be both? Are people's goals so simple and narrow that they only care to define themselves so incompletely?

This concept has held back our species for far too long. We fight wars, we waste resources, we waste time over this childish concept of good and evil. The potential for humans to advance and evolve lies in the embrace of both sides of the coin. The potential for humans to self destruct lies in the continued battle of good and evil.


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