Friday, April 30, 2004

Match made in car heaven?

Today when I was going to work, sleepy and generally annoyed at the ridiculousness of having to be anywhere by 8am, I saw a green bug buggy 2 lanes to the left of me. My first though, "punch buggy!" Seeing as there is no one around, I punched myself in the shoulder. Ouch. That's wasn't a good idea.

As the Pet shop boys remix CD was blairing in the background and me sitting waiting for the light to change, I looked at the bug once again. I noticed that there were no hubcaps on that bug.

Big red, my ghetto supercar, has no hubcabs. In the traffic of H2, nice new Mercedes, and BMW (yes, I live in a disguisting rich county), our two cars stood tall and proud without any hubcaps.

To that, I say, you rich people can all go to hell.

Part of me said, follow that chick in the bug!! Part of me says, that's how you get stalker status. Oh well, I was kinda late for work anyway.

Besides, it's probably not going to be too hard to spot that bug.

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