Thursday, April 06, 2006

Immigration Smmimigration

There’s been a lot of talk on this immigration stuff. Just like always, the Pup has the answers for you. :)

People have been coming to the US for hundreds of years. Almost always the reason was economical. Yes, there are those in the beginning and some later that came over because of religious/personal persecution, but in the end, the reasons all had to do with the Benjamins.

I don’t care how nice a place is, if there’s no jobs or ways to make a living, those people would not have tried to immigrate there.

So let's agree that the major reason for immigration (legal or illegal) to the US is economical. The government continues to spend millions of people on trying to secure and keep illegals out of the country. However, that’s like trying to stop a swarm of ants trying to get at a piece of food one ant at a time.

The best way is to stop the ants is to get rid of the food that the ants are going after. However, here is where the problem lies. You’ll never hear the government suggest that they do anything to companies (hello wal-mart, agriculture, restaurants, etc.) that are caught hiring illegal immigrants. If companies had stiff penalties for hiring illegal immigrants, they would be less likely to do so. However, the current penalties are so soft and the rewards so great (almost free labor), that the pros by far out weight the cons.

The jobs will continue to be there as long as nothing is done to penalize the companies that hire illegal immigrants and so the flow of illegals will never stop. Of course this will never happen because politics has turned into one giant fund raiser.

As in most economic problems, it’s always the demand that drives the market. So, the other major problem that’s not being discussed is Americans. Yes, you are the problem. You’ve gotten too used to cheap stuff. If illegal immigrants really was such a problem for you, then pay double for everything. See how long you think immigrants are a problem for you.

Many people cite the healthcare, school, and other costs associated with illegal immigrants. However, do you know how expensive everything would be if there were no immigrants? Everything from fruit to that fast food you eat everyday. Just double the prices on every service and thing you buy and let me know how much you still complain about the relatively small cost of the healthcare and schools.

I love hearing about all these hard liners talk about building a giant wall between the US and Mexico. First of all, how much do you think that’ll cost? How much do you think hiring an additional 12, 000 patrol people will cost? All you'll do is help out the very lucrative coyote business.

The US fought a long and hard cold war to get a wall torn down between Germany, and now it is us who are thinking of building a similar wall? How does that play out in you people's head? Do you somehow think immigrants who's just looking for work is somehow just as scary as communism?

The current Neocons in charge should be ashamed to call themselves Republicans. The days of the Regan republicans (real Republicans) would never suggest such an asinine idea. Building a giant wall sounds like an idea from a 10 yr old trying to protect his clubhouse from girls. What we need are not 10 yr old chidish solutions. This is a serious problem for serious adults.

Will an adult in our government please suggest a good idea for this problem? I'm tired of hearing all these kids screaming at the top of their lungs just to hear their own voices and no actual solution.

Happy Thursday!

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