Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Mystery to Me

Why are some people so attracted to bad boys and girls? Why is there such a strong attraction that it defies logic and the very nature of self preservation? In nature, it is unheard of that one would knowingly be attracted to something that he/she know is bad for them. It would be like a deer befriending a lion.

This kind of thing does not happen in nature because we all know the inevitable conclusion of this relationship.

Yet, we see this all around us in outrageous relationships that just should not be happening. Are the lives of some so deprived that they must seek others to fill them with excitement even if it’s in a self-destructive form? Are they so pathetic in their inability to live life that they must cling to the first thing they see as exciting in order to live vicariously through these bad boys and girls?

What is this attraction that’s so strong and emits such strong emotions that it takes control and overrides our genetically encoded warning system to not be with someone knowingly bad for us?

Although as I write this, I'm reminded of moth to flames or the mantis' breeding ritual which has the female killing the male after they're done with the mating. Hmm.. I'm poking holes into my own questions.

Spare me the research on attraction and how ‘opposites attract’ is a relationship myth. Yes, even though Paula Abdul sang a song about it, it's a myth. I’m not talking about the long term here. I’m talking about that initial impression.

Seeing someone across the room, that feeling that you get is what I’m asking. Almost like a drug, you feel you need to speak with or be close to that person. More times than not, it’s the ‘bad’ one in the crowd that captures the imagination of most people.

In nature, when a creature detects something bad, it runs away. Yet, humans today couldn’t be more attracted.

Perhaps my inability to understand is just masking my jealousy. Maybe I just need to stop watching so much Jerry Springer.

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