Tuesday, December 19, 2006

That’s So Punk Rock

I was visiting Orange County this past weekend. I was there for work, then stayed for a couple of extra days. I can’t get over the great feeling of being back there every time I go. It maybe the beach that my hotel overlooks that makes me fond of the place, or the childhood memories. For the longest time, that was where I strived to move back to. I still consider the few years I lived there the happiest time of my life.

I’ve been away from there for over 20 years now. The last time I was there I had a rental car and was driving aimlessly (i.e. lost). Eventually, I realized I was driving to our old home. It was uncanny that I remember exactly how to get there. The roads, stores, and places have changed, but I still remembered it like yesterday. As many of you can testify, I can't find my way through a box, but I knew exactly where to go some 20 years later.

I went by our old house, then went by the elementary school I went to. I was sad that they tore down the slide that I spent so much time in. It was a giant robot with 2 slides for arms. Granted, the thing was a death trap with its rusty metal construction and several screws loose or exposed.

That’s just how we roll back then. Kids today are just too soft. A little tetanus never hurt anyone.

On Saturday night my brother and I decided to go out to Hollywood. We first went to a hole in the wall Taqueria where I made friends with the bartender. A specialty of the house was a drink called the Mexican painkiller. I don’t remember what exactly is in it, but it was something like a margarita with 4 types of tequila. Soon enough, I was indeed out of my pain/sobriety.

Thank you Mexican painkiller.

We decided to go somewhere else so we cruised down Sunset Blvd. We drove by the Viper room and I had to stop. The viper room is an establishment I’ve always wanted to visit. Viper room, along with places like whisky a go go and the Roxy are institutions of rock. And you know me. I’m so punk rock.

I didn’t know who was in there but there was a cover. Since I accidentally left my wallet in the car, my bro paid for the cover which made the visit doubly sweet. We made ourselves upstairs into a small dark room. There was a band on stage.

I was trying to figure out who they were but soon knew based on a song I’ve heard before. The band was LA Guns. I’m not sure why I knew them and their music, but I did. It was strange as I don’t remember ever listening to them. Hearing them rock out though, I felt I knew this music for some reason. Kinda surreal really.

The whole situation was a little cheesy, but pretty punk rock I thought. The band was rocking, the crowd was drunk and excited, and all the groupie chicks were around and adoring the band. That’s some old school rock. I think a nice pit would’ve made it perfect, but it didn’t seem like the right crowd and the place was pretty tiny.

We rocked the night/early morning away. I felt totally punk rock afterwards.

1 punk rock institution down. Next time, more punk rock action.

Who’s goth-ing it up with me for next time? :)

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