Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bravo, Bringers of War.

War is and should always be, the absolute last resort. Whatever the excuse, whatever the reason, war should not be on the table unless absolutely necessary.

This is obviously not a philosophy this administration subscribes to.

War does not just affect those on the battlefield. People on the battlefields chose to be there. They have been trained and are equiped to be there. The majority of the causalities of war are not the ones that are killed on the battlefield.

There are no winners in wars. Just people who’ve lost less.

This administration went into Iraq to take down one person. Under the lies and manipulation of facts, this administration coerced the American public that this was the only way to make us ‘safer’.

Do you feel safer?

That’s not what I want to argue here though. Personal opinions on safety is a very pointless topic living here in the US.

What this short sighted administration has grossly ignored are the people they have made unsafe as a result of their pointless war. These are the real causalities of war. Compare to many, the ones that perished were the lucky one.

From a recent report by Richard Engel of NBC.

“There are dozens of clubs just like this one the outskirts of Damascus -- a red light district built on the slender shoulders of little Iraqi girls in belly dancing costumes. The girls are nearly all Iraqi refugees forced into what U.N. relief agencies call “survival sex.” The reason why is cold math. There are 1.4 million Iraqi refugees in Syria. Syrian laws do not allow Iraqi refugees to work in Syria, which struggles to provide enough jobs for its own citizens. But Iraqi children can often slip under the law, especially if they work on the black market. They work to support their families. Many were traumatized even before they left Iraq, and had relatives murdered or kidnapped. Now they are forced into prostitution -- victims of war, victimized again every night.”

For the full article, please click here.

Iraqi children, having to work in sex trade to help their families survive. These families that have been displaced by the war. Families with parents that used to be engineers, scientists before the war and are unable to work now. Now, they have to see their daughters sell their bodies to provide food and rent money.

So it is worth it? Our minor, if any, increase sense of security? Is it worth these children working as prostitutes? The trauma that these children goes through on a nightly basis. Is that worth what we’ve gotten in following this administration to war?

Anyone with any decent sense knows the effects of war. Wars do not stop on the battlefield. This is not a damn video game where after you win the war, it’s over. No. When the battles are over, that’s just the beginning of the real war.

We used to be a country that helps the weak. A country that comes to the aid of those that can’t help themselves. We used to be a country that would willingly take a punch rather then allow an innocent person receive the punishment.

Under this administration, we’ve now become the ones that create and expose the weak to their predators. We’re now the country that bullies other countries that we don’t like.

This foolish administration has opened Pandora's box. They have no plan nor intention of closing it. For during chaos, those that are the loudest and spreads the most fear will rule. The wise and moderate will be silenced.

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