Monday, July 23, 2007

Going to the Chapel and we’re….. Gonna get marrrry….

This was the 2nd of my 4 wedding this year. For some reason, the weddings are picking up again. I went to quite a few for a few years there in a row, like 5-7 a year. Then it quieted down to 1 a year. Now, we’re back into wedding mode. I am running out of unmarried friends though.

I think unlike a lot of people, I enjoy weddings. It’s a very happy time for all involved. There’s the happy married couple, happy families, and happy people that hasn’t seen each other for a while. I am particularly happy with the dancing (even though most of the time the music is questionable, but it’s the one time I don’t mind. It’s wonderful to see the old people out there dancing). We’ve totally lost dancing as part of celebrations in our society, but that's another post.

Weddings are also great in that there's generally an open bar that keeps me happy.

I flew into Boston to meet up with my old roommate and his girlfriend, then picked up my friend and first go down to Foxwoods then the wedding. Once again, I was hit with a delay flying in. It’s been such bad luck for me on flying lately.

Instead of getting in earlier, I got in right in the middle of a Friday rush hour. What’s even worst is that I was driving to Harvard Square where to celebrate the new Potter book, they transformed the place to Diagon Alley. This was insanely cool and everyone was dressed up. I felt like such a muggle in my car. The only bad thing is that it meant traffic was pretty much at a standstill.

I eventually picked up my friend and we went on down to Foxwoods. In case you didn’t know, Foxwoods is a casino. It was strangely located though. You get off the highway and drive around in a forest in a while. Then all of a sudden, boom. Huge casino.

My old roommate and I pretty much grew up gambling together, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. The inside of casinos all look the same. However, my friend from Boston had never gambled before. This was pretty exciting for her. It was great for us too that she picked up the game (craps) amazingly fast and was enjoying it. New blood is always refreshing. She gets very excited about things too so that made it really fun.

Yada Yada.. a few hours later, I had a yellow chip. Go me!

The next day was painful as it was a morning wedding (10am). We had about a 1.5 hour drive from the casino and we stayed up till about 3 or 4am. This is so not a good idea. It was painful. What made it worst that it was a full on traditional Catholic wedding. Mass and everything.

The wedding itself was a bit long, but nice. The reception was good as it was at this old house over looking the river. I don’t know what they were using, but they served some of the best meatballs I’ve ever tasted. Seriously, the recipe must’ve called for ground beef, bread crumbs, and crack.

After the wedding, we checked into our hotel room. My old roommate and his gf left because they had a really strange schedule of flying out of Boston at 6am. Being that we’re about 4 hours away, this made the logistics very difficult. I think they were just going to go to the airport and sleeping there.

My friend and I went out after they left. We first went to this seafood place for an appetizer of oysters and crab meat. Then we walked around for a bit and found this great little place for Italian. The day and now night was just perfect. Around 80 degrees, no humidity, and a slight breeze. You really can’t beat that as we sat outside and ate under a strangely bright star lit night.

I order this shrimp pasta dish that had the biggest shrimps I’ve ever seen. The menu said it was soaked in egg, but sheese. Size of your fist. We ended up having to bag a good part of our meal which I tried to avoid, but there’s just too much good food to leave here.

We walked around a bit, then found a bar that had some darts. I’ve been fancying darts a lot lately. We drank and played darts for a while which was amazingly fun as we’re pretty competitive with each other. That’s the thing when you know you’re with a good one. It doesn’t have to be that exciting, just being with them is all that’s important.

Eventually, a couple started to play darts next to us. Being a bit drunk, my friend and I were very friendly and they were as well so we started playing together. They were such a fun couple. It was like we were old friends as we all had similar sense of humor and all. It was probably just the alcohol, but whatever.

This couple was telling us what they did, and they were chefs for movies and TV shows. They’re up there for a movie and next month they start on 30 Rock. Yup, they cook all the food for the crew and cast. So cool!

After playing for what turned out to be hours, we headed back to the hotel. By the time we got back, we were starving. We sat on the bed and just pigged out on our leftovers. We didn’t have utensils so we were just picking up the pasta and giant shrimps with our hands. Classy I know.

This was an amazingly good trip. We really didn’t do anything extraordinary the whole weekend (we drove about 500 miles, so we were in the car most of the time). Being there with good friends made all the difference. It really is all about who you’re with.

Of course, I wasn’t going to get off that easy. My flight back was delayed as well (seriously, it’s getting old) and I didn't get home till pass midnight. Oh well..


Kate the Peon said...

I have that meatball recipe. They're expensive to make, though.

Big Pinz said...

Former roommate? My God... the Monkey is alive?

Pup said...

Big Pinz - Nah, the one I was living with when I moved back to ATL.

The monkey is now like bigfoot. No one's sure if he's real anymore.

KtP - That's a good house warming dish

KO said...

Sweet, I didn't know it was wedding season for you as well! I was invited to go to 5 weddings this year...none of them are within driving distance! Though I did get an excuse to go to Tuscany and Singapore. 3 down...2 to go.

Tricia said...

A wedding in Tuscany?
Now that makes me want to get married!

I went to 2 funerals and no weddings last year. Does that mean I'm getting old? Sheesh.

Pup. Friday night?
You game?
I need to get my drunk on.

Jamie/foundme said...

Yeah, I've been to two funerals this year, but missed the wedding.

Die, and I care, get married, and nope.

Pup said...

I go to whatever event has an open bar.

steve said...

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