Monday, August 20, 2007

Pup's Movie Review

Tonight Starring: Stardust

I saw this movie this weekend and I gotta tell you, other than knowing that Neil Gaiman (author of the sandman series) wrote and produced this movie, I didn’t know what this movie was about. Since I’m a big fan of Sandman and Claire Danes, that was enough to get me to go.

This movie was a very welcome surprise in the fantasy genre in a summer full of sequels. Sure, the overall plot has been done several times (nerdy boy searches for love, nerdy boy transforms to hero to save the girl, they live happily ever after), but this movie does a good job in putting a new angle on the storytelling. For those of you that tries to 'figure out' the movie instead of enjoying the story telling, cut it out. It's not that you couldn't figure out the plot and ending of the movie within the first 5 min of the movie, but you'll miss out on the beauty of this movie which is the storytelling.

Also, different than many movies this summer, this wasn’t a movie that seemed like just a 2 hour commercial (e.g., transformers) for its merchandise.

If you liked the Princess Bride from many years ago, I think you’ll like this movie as well. There are many elements in Stardust that are similar, but not so much as it seems like a copy. The supporting cast for this film is wonderful. You’ll see Robert De Niro as you’ve never seen him before and I don’t know what kind of movie magic they did on Michelle Pfeiffer, but she looked amazing.

Besides the story, what I found amazing was the soundtrack. I believe the composer is Ilan Eshkeri and he did a very good job in a score that really help emphasis the emotions of the scenes (especially the chase and fight scenes) and the mystifying setting of a fantasy movie.

Overall, this was a great fantasy romance movie. Those of you that know me know that I like the cheesy movies, and this is surely one of the better ones I’ve seen in a while.

Go see this movie. Take a date. You won’t be disappointed.

Official Pup Rating – 2 Paws up


Jamie said...

Sweet, it's on my list!

Kate the Peon said...

Yeah, I can pretty much guarantee that I will NEVER see this movie.

Also, I fell asleep watching 300 this weekend, but in my defense, there were extenuating circumstances.

Big Pinz said...

Read the book (and anything else by Neil Gaiman) - you won't be disappointed.

Kate the Peon said...

Where the hell are you, bitch?