Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sir, the line was back there.

I don’t mind the 50+ hour weeks. I don’t mind that I have customers that call me on the weekends or late at night. I don’t even mind the never ending load of work.

This however, is crossing the line.

I’ve been looking forward to going to a concert for a few months now. The concert is going to be next Tuesday. A concert that was surly going to kick ass and one that will allow me to kick other people’s ass in a fun friendly way.

Then I get the call yesterday. A customer wants me in NYC next week from Monday to Thursday. Oh.. I so don’t think so.

I argued and argued but they wouldn’t have any of it. It’s not that I’m not customer focused, but the meetings they want me for are for 2 hours each day. It’s not a good use of my time to go to NYC for 2 hour meetings each day that I can easily do over the phone. This all stems from the project manager leaving for vacation and is too anal to not have everyone onsite.

So, no kick ass concert for me. I’ve been waiting for years for one of the bands playing.

Talking to my boss yesterday, he mentioned that I may have to go up to NYC again (for another customer) the following week. I don't mind that, but of course, he picked a day when I was planning on going to another concert. What the hell? These are the first 2 concerts I’ve wanted to go to all year.

This does not make for a happy Pup.


Big Pinz said...

I think I had to blow off about 1/3 of the baseball games I had in my shared season-ticket package last year because I had to work late. The paper never once offered to reimburse me. Jerks.

Pup said...

I'm done with this working crap. Who's got a good get rich scheme I can join?

Where's the monkey when you need him?

Jamie/foundme said...

You know what I have to say about it. "Your job sucks. Get a new one!"

barrie said...

Where's the monkey when you need him?

Getting spanked?

Big Pinz said...

The image of The Monkey getting spanked will haunt me for many months.

Kate the Peon said...

The problem I have is that you SHOULD have a problem with the late night / weekend phone calls, with the CONSTANT 50hr weeks.

Work to live, man, not the other way around.

Jamie/foundme said...

Maybe THIS will help cheer you up?

It's a version of COPS AFTER the arrest!