Sunday, November 11, 2007

Look what I just got...

I was at Target going to get batteries, some birthday cards and a new bottle of Mr. Clean. I love that Mr. Clean. Have I ever told you? It doesn't work any better than any of the other products, but I sure do like using Mr. Clean. I think I feel better cause I think he's there cleaning with me. It's more fun when you and Mr. Clean are cleaning and singing to songs on the radio. Ok, that might be TMI..


So I walked by the electronic section and there it was. I didn't believe it when I first saw it. I thought it was just for display. Then I saw a lady come up and ask to buy one. I started freaking a bit. There was 2 left in the display case. I tried to be calm and pick out my birthday cards, but my mind was elsewhere. I kept staring at the case with the Wii.

What do I do? What do I do? As you may or may not know, I'm not good with randomly spending money. Not that this would be random, but it was not in the plans for today. I was there for batteries, cards, and Mr. Clean. All of which I had coupons for. That's right. Coupons. Suck it.

Then I saw another dreaded thing. A guy with his daughter going up to the counter and asking to buy the Wii. OMG. They're going to run out before my eyes. I have no time to make the decision.

I made an executive decision. I went over there very hesistently. I asked for the Wii. The sales guy gave me a nodd of approval and said 'right on'. He seriously said that. Strangely, that made me feel a lot better.

Now I'm sitting here with a Wii. Part of me wants to hold it and sell it (the cheapest price on Amazon is $383), but part of me wants to bust it out and start playing it.

I think you guys all think this is a no brainer, but it's not for me. I know what is probably the right decision, but it's hard to do it. You don't need to tell me I'm crazy.

Guess I'll go and think about it...


Jamie said...

OMG, I'm so proud of you for buying it! Now just suck it up and open it! Do you know how much FUN it is? Worth SOOO much more than a few dollars! And I'm sure when the boys beat games, they'd be willing to trade!

Big Pinz said...

That's just what you need - a game that will encourage you to flail about wildly in your home, probably after drinking Jack all afternoon, without adult supervision. Sell it, buy a PS3 and go back to your glory days of Final Fantasy-inspired immobility. Or sign up for World of Warcraft and join me in the truest descent into time-sucking dorkery.

Pup said...

Jamie - good point..

Big Pinz - Ewww on PS3. Besides, they don't have a FF game yet. That's a very good and valid point about drinking and Wii-ing. I'm sure something's bound to get broken.

Kate the Peon said...

Dude, you have no shit in the house to break.

Did I miss your birthday? I know I missed your call...and your text. Sorry dude. Just can't deal right now.