Saturday, January 05, 2008

At the moment

I’m sure these will change within weeks, but just wanted to put down what some of my favorite things are at the moment.

Favorite restaurant (casual/fast) – Waffle House/Chipotle
Favorite restaurant (nice) – Fuego
Favorite bar – Brick Store / The Earl
Favorite song – Almost lover – A fine frenzy
Favorite movie (in theaters) – Juno
Favorite movie (rental) – Waitress
Favorite drink (non-alcoholic) – Bubble tea
Favorite drink (alcohol)– Jack D
Favorite shows (on TV) – Pushing Daisies, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, Heroes, Meet the Press
Favorite show (anime) – Bleach, Naurto
Favorite sport (playing) – Ultimate
Favorite sport (watching) - Football
Thing most looking forward to in 08’ – Trip to China
Car I’m currently driving – Lucy (Prius)


Mrs. Monkey said...

We're getting a chipotle, but I can't say it's a favorite of mine. It's good though, and I'm looking forward to it.

But I miss my Pasta House, Pasta con Broccoli!!!

And that almost lover song makes me weepy, so I haven't downloaded it, even though I like it.

Pup said...

I think I like the song cause it's so sad. I think it's getting pretty popular though so...

OMG, Chipotle is the best.

Kate the Peon said...

What is bubble tea???

KO said...

Juno is a great movie! It makes me want to be pro-teen pregnancy.