Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ramblings on a 6 hour flight

Once again, I’m sitting here on the plane. Another trip across the country.

Seven hours is a long time to be spending on flight. Lucky for me, the flight isn’t very full so I have 2 seats to my self. That is alright by me.

Sitting here in the near darkness. With only the glow of the screen. You can’t help but think about things.

For example, I’m wondering what everyone else is thinking. I know what the guy behind me is thinking. Turn off that damn screen!

Wonder where these people are all going? Home after a very long holiday? Traveling to exotic locations? Trying to leave behind a broken life and starting a new one in a place no one knows their name?

Wow, I’ve totally got nothing.

Work’s been very stressful lately. Along with that, things haven’t been going that well lately in general. Not that there’s anything bad, just that there’s nothing good. I was by myself on Christmas eve and New Years eve. I had plenty of invites to go places. I just didn’t want to be anywhere else.

What did really cheer me up lately was finding this band called ‘West End Girls’. They’re a female Swedish duo that does covers of Pet Shop Boy songs. They put big dance beats behind all the songs too which is fantastic. This stuff is so candy pop it hurts my teeth when I listen to them. I think I may have to buy their CD from Sweden.

I know women are not Pet Shop Boy’s target audience, but it’s odd that I’ve never met another female PSB fan other than my sister.

Moving on. Yep. More ramblings.

Man, I wish I could move to Seattle. I think I would really like that. I say this cause they’re showing a thing on Seattle on the TV. That and I've wanted to move there since high school.

You now how I know I’m tired? I’m too tired to write those political posts. I have quite a few posts that I want to write about, but I tell ya. My brain’s got nothing lately. I mean come on, read this post. Oh.. yea, you already are.


You know what I was thinking about? I think I only know of 1 married couple that doesn’t have kids. I’m very curious about this. Why are so many people having kids lately? According to the government, there has been a 4% jump in kids lately. With the country in such a mess with a coming recession, the never ending and bankrupting war, losing of civil liberties, climate change, unrest around the world, why are all these people bringing a child into the world?

This is one theory of mine. Things are so bad out there. No one really wants to deal with it or think about it. Therefore, what they do is have a baby. A baby is the perfect excuse to never pay attention to anything else for the next 18 or so years. You world now revolves around the baby. You’ve created your own little world. All that matters to you now is the child.

Not that I’m saying putting your child first is a bad thing. I’m just wondering why so many people are deciding to have kids now. I think the escapisam that comes with the child is a good reason. If anyone has a better theory, please let me know.

This is good. The writing’s coming a little easier.

Oh, this is a sign things are too stressful at work. Last night when I was typing, my arm was in serious pain. It felt numb and all my fingers hurt. Yup, carpotunnel (sp?). I know. Totally bad.

Oh, it looks like we’re about to land so I guess I better turn this off…

Hopefully, I’ll have more to say or at least easier for to me to type on the trip back.


Kate the Peon said...

Carpel tunnel. :)

We gotta chat this week re: Friday.

Big Pinz said...

You gotta get out of your stuffed head, Pup. Seriously; stop thinking so much.

Lady Pinz and I - who still have no kids or plans therefore - will be in ATL next weekend (1/26-1/28) and want to see you.

Tricia said...

Company coming?
Need a hostess?

Best to have kids early and get it over with while you're still young enough to swing from the chandeliers.

yoli said...


And by the way, you are on my top 5 list dude. :D yay