Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Things You Probably Already Knew About me

In case you don't, or in case I forget about myself.

In no particular order.

25. I will be the first to admit that I listen to some embarassingly cheesy music and watch embarassingly cheesy movies.
24. I LOVE 80s and dance music.
23. I'm addicted to playing Ultimate.
22. I am confused as to where I should be in life.
21. I miss my friends and family back home.
20. I will own a bar someday.
19. I love to dance.
18. I want to find someone that smilies and is excited when they see my mobile calling theirs.
17. I think one day we'll screw up the planet enough that Godzilla will wake up and kick our ass.
16. I think people need to relax about what's not important. It's not necessary to get that excited about trivial things. And yes, most things are trivial in the grand scheme of things.
15. There's a time and place for John. There's a time and place for Pup.
14. I never want to stop going to new places, eating new food, having new experiences, learning new things.
13. I love the water. I love watching it, listening to it, being on it, being around it. Just not being in it.
12. I love to sing along to songs but I'm a terrible terrible singer. Too bad for you I don't care :) 11. I hope I never say "I wish I'd......" when I get old.
10. Even though I work insane amount of hours, I work to live. I don't live to work.
9. I believe there will be a zombie uprising that will end humanity.
8. If I can choose a superpower, I would choose between time stop or being able to communicate with anyone and anything.
7. I have music on pretty much all the time. I think life is better with a soundtrack.
6. Smell is very important to me. I love it when things smell good. Especially people.
5. I love to people watch. I love making up stories about them. I could do that all day.
4. Roast pork on rice is one of my favorite dishes in the world.
3. I love to cook and have dinner parties.
2. I think sleeping is a waste of time.
1. I detest the idea of perfection. Perfection means you can no longer grow and learn anymore as you've can't get any better. If you can't become better and learn more, there's no reason to exist.

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