Saturday, January 17, 2009

Finally. The End is Near.

After 8 nightmarish years under this man, I hope this is last time we have to discuss how badly he's screwed not just the US, but the world.

Here to my support to Obama who has inherited the worse possible situation in US history (since maybe FDR). Here's to him cleaning up after your 'average joe/make decisions from his gut' that you thought could run our country from all the crap in the last 8 years.


chops said...

Pup said...

I guess you didn't know that Bill Frist is one of my absolutely most hated person in the world.

Healing in Africa? Really? This is from the guy who refuses to give out condoms as a way to prevent the disease from spreading? He doesn't support any type of birth control in Africa and he doesn't support anything that helps out the women so that they won't be in these situations in the first place.

So he'll help patch up the symptoms once someone gets AIDS, but he won't prevent it? That's a good thing?

The healer? Are you serious?

No child left behind is a good thing? What kind of delusional world do you live in?

The only thing good about Medicare now is that these for-profit hospitals will continue to make more money (btw, a frist family legency. Cause saving lives should involve how much money you've got).

Bush doesn't allow Medicare to collective bargin with any drug company. That's why drugs are cheaper in other country. This is how he's helping the old?

You think Bush wanting to privatize everyone's social security and put it in the stock market is still a good idea?

Pup said...

Healer huh? A healer that refuses to support stem cell research that could cure so many problems we have today all because of his twisted thinking on science?

All that healing he did for our vets coming back from the war?

A healer that will only support abstinence education? Cause you know, that works great.

If he is such a healer and so concerned with Africa, why didn't he do anything about the mass genocide that happened during his watch? Is it because they have no oil? You think if they had oil the US would've went in and 'saved' all these people that were regularly getting raped and killed by warloads.

Look at the world today. Does it look like it's in any sort of healing stage? Do you actually think Bush in the last 8 years has healed more than the suffering he has caused?

Africa and the middle east is in turmoil and the rest of the world is broke under your healer's watch.

Thanks a lot.