Sunday, February 22, 2009

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

So the new administration recently announced a bailout plan for Wall Street in the sum of about a trillion dollars through various things. After seriously fucking everything up, and I really mean fucking things up for everything, they’re complaining they don’t like the plan?

Really? You don’t like that plan that’s going to put a trillion dollars into the market after you have single handily fucked it up because of your greed and utter incompetence? You have proven once and for all that capitalism doesn’t work without regulations because humans (and especially those on Wall Street) are inherently greedy and must be controlled.

The concept to let markets take care of themselves because they’ll be able to regulate themselves is a fucking joke. That’s about as good of a plan as giving a crack head a bag of crack and telling him not to use any of it. Only ‘someone you can relate to’ would EVER fucking think that way. This is why you are not fit to the president of this country. This is why you don't want an average Joe to be the president. Congratulations to all of you that voted to have ‘someone you can relate to’ be the president for the last 8 years.

I don’t think you people understand how badly you’ve fucked up everything because of your greed. All for what? So you can go buy another plane? You’ve fucked up people’s retirement plans. Plans they’ve been working forward to for decades. In a matter of a few years you’ve managed to destroy it all. You’ve fucked up schools and charity’s funds so they can’t help those in need. Not only have you fucked the present, but you’ve fucked the future as well. That’s nothing short of impressive.

You’ve made the average people poor, and poor people in dire need. Sure, those of you that has millions has lost money too, but you know what? They’re not starving. So you can’t buy another luxury car or maybe not being able to fly first class (oh no!), but you know what, at the end of the day, you’re not starving. Because of what you did, you are causing actual people to suffer. Most of whom had nothing to do with this. I’m sure most of you on Wall Street are too self absorbed to care, but you are directly the cause of pain and suffering of so many people. Congratulations. Hope whatever bonus you got years before was worth this.

You’ve fucked up people’s sense of security in financial institutions because of your greed and you set up some bizarre standard that each company must constantly grow in profits or be punished. With these expectations, there’s no wonder companies would do whatever is necessary to meet you asinine and pretty much random expectations of growth. Ok, that’s a rant for another day.

Just a quick flashback. Do you remember when a certain president was pushing that we put all our social security money into the stock market? That would’ve work out well huh.

What’s worse is that not only do the people on Wall Street not really get it (still paying out bonuses last year to executives and still trying to buy a private plane), but there are people in the government who defends how these top executives does things.

There has been for a while and most recently a call to limit the compensation of top level executives in these Wall Street firms. These fuckers who have driven their company straight into the ground because of their greed and lack of morality gets paid ridiculous amounts of money. Instantly, you have most Republicans lining up to defend their compensation. That’s great. Not only that, why has no one argued to remove all these dumbasses from their office?

They obviously suck at their job. Look at their job performance. Who else can suck so badly, completely and utterly fail and still keep their job? Do these companies really have no one better to run them? Are there really NO one in their entire company or elsewhere that they can find to do a better job? If that is true, you’ve got some real problems.

I have worked with this population. I’m not just blowing this out my ass. I have had many banking and financial firms as customers. I know how it is there. No one is worth that much money. Period. I have argued so many times that they need to evaluate how these people are brining in so much money for the company. Everytime, I'd get my hands slapped for wanting to 'bother' these people.

This is a sector where high functioning psychotics and sociopaths freely roam, are feared, and rewarded to enforce their deep clinical problems. Unlike almost anywhere else in society where these types of behavior are frown on and medicated, this greed driven sector promotes and nurtures these people.

The point is. For so many years, so many people have pushed Wall Street and ‘Capitalism’ as the cure all for all problems. So many people thought Wall Street would be able to control themselves. Even though most people didn’t understand how Wall Street and financial firms actually made money, they put their trust (and their money) into Wall Street. We all turned a blind eye as to how they actually made money, and we refused to regulate them because they made money (once again, no one knew how), but as long as the profits were coming in, people didn’t care.

What you see today is the result of not asking questions. Not caring how people and institutions made money as long as they were making money. This is what happens when you waste your time trying to regulate individual people’s personal lives instead of worrying about real problems in society. This is what happens when you trust greed to do the right thing.

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