Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not my finest hour

This is not going to be a very good post. I can tell you that now. Not because it's not that interesting, but more because I can't remember that many details to share, and some of the details that I do remember, I'm def not sharing. Not even here.

Last Friday started like any other Friday. Had meetings, did some work, had my usual Friday lunch. Nothing unusual.

I had a party with some Ultimate (Frisbee) people later that night so I was taking it easy during the day. Those things tend to go very long. It gets to the end of the working day, and me and a friend decided to grab a couple of beers before heading off to the party.

I got to the pub on time, which by my friend's time, is about 30 min too early. Luckily, this was my pub and my fav bartender was back from her trip to the US. We caught up a bit, and I had a few drinks while I waited. I was thinking I'm going to be so far ahead of him by the time he got here. Boy was I wrong.

When he finally showed up, it happened that he had left work a few hours ago and had started drinking. So he's had not a few drinks on me, but a few hours of drinking ahead of me. So instead of getting beers, as soon as he came in, he was getting shots for us. I knew nothing good happens after shots.

After a few shots, we got on the Ferry to go to the party in Manly (about a 30min ferry ride from the city). By now, we're probably still ok. Not like able to drive ok, but still ok.

This was a BYO party, and I told my friend to grab a bottle of Jack for the party while I went to the bathroom. I can drink a lot of that without getting really drunk. When I came back he had a bottle of Vodka in his hand. Oh crap.

I can't do vodka. We're not in College. There is never a time for vodka in my book. Sadly, being that I've been drinking so much already, I just agreed and we went on to the party.

This is where things gets fuzzy. The party was great. It was a house party. Lots of people, lots of drinking, and lots of soup (the host loves making soup). The kinda neat thing about this party was that there was a talent show. People did all kinds of talents.

Two acts really stood out. The first was this older couple. They performed a flamingo dance. It wasn't the fast version you would usually see, but a slow more expressive version. There was a lot of foot stomping. It was so good, and so impressive being they're a bit older.

The other act that stood out was the last act. This was from the host. She did a stand up routine which in my book is one of the hardest things ever to do. It was hilarious though. It was about how her not working on Fridays is actually more difficult than those of us that does work on Friday.

After this is where things get really fuzzy. My friend and I had finished the bottle of vodka by the time the talent show was over. I texted my dancing friend who said she was at a nearby pub and was ready for some dancing. Of course, I immediately jump at the chance for dancing.

So after this, I really have no idea. I know me and my friend walked to the pub. The next thing I remembered was kind of dancing somewhere. My friend no where to be found, and I was dancing with some strangers. Great story huh?

What I found out later is this. We got kicked out of a few bars for being disorderly. I'm not a disorderly drunk, I'm more of a touchy feely drunk, so this part was strange. We then went to the place with the dancing, and my friend wanted me to go with him to the casino to meet up with some girls, but I wanted to stay with my dancing friend and dance so he left.

I remember dancing some, then leaving my friend for the wharf to catch the last ferry home. She repeatedly asked to walk me there, but of course I refused. Such a bad idea.

I got to the wharf and I had missed the last ferry. I think I then proceeded to pass out at the wharf. The next thing I remembered was waking up at home butt naked. I have no idea how I got home nor do I know why I was naked. I'm not a naked kinda guy. I'm more of a boxer/tshirt dude. So the naked thing is very strange.

I checked my wallet the next morning, and it didn't seem like anything was missing. I did find some of my clothes in the hallway to my apt. Apparently, I also made some calls to people that may not have been a good idea. Nothing seem to be amiss really.

I still have no idea how I got home.

Drinking is bad.


KO said...

Ewww...naked pup is a bad thing.

Big Pinz said...

Flamenco, motherfucker. Not flamingo. Flamenco.