Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm sitting here on a Sunday night. Trying not to think about all the work that I still have to do. Instead, I'm staring at a blank word doc. I am so desperate to be able to write something. Anything. Even things like rants which I have never had any issues with, are not coming to me. As a matter of fact, nothing is coming to me anymore.

I'm reading over all the things I've written before. Both here on this blog and all the things I've kept to myself. I remember writing these. I remembered having so much to say and so many ideas that my fingers were having a difficult time typing it all into words. Now, nothing is coming to me anymore.

This probably sounds a bit crazy, but I used to get a lot of ideas from the different voices in my head. They all had something to say. They were connected to something bigger. Part of a collective conscientiousness perhaps. Whatever it was, it had ideas. It had things to say.

It has all gone quite now. No matter what I do, or what I try, I can't reconnect to that place. I can't hear anything anymore. It's all so silent.

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