Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Sir, are Disgusting.

How could anyone, at this time of world tragedy, when so many of our fellow man needs our help, do you dare criticize those that are helping? How dare you criticize the president for having an immediate response to this tragedy? How dare you take this opportunity to falsely claim a country as having 'made a pact with the devil'? I cannot say how utterly you disgust me without filling this page with swear words, and so I will let Keith say what I think.

To all those that are in the front line or being sent to the front line to lend their help and expertise, all the best wishes to you. Do your best as you remind the world the best in humanity. Remind everyone that there are still those of us who think of others first and the fact that we help each other when in need. You are all heros to me.

To those who are suffering through this tragedy, I'm very sorry for your loss. Know that most of the world have you in our thoughts and wishes you our deepest condolences. To those that are still trapped or are awaiting aid. Help is on the way. Stay alive. We will find you.

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