Saturday, June 03, 2006


Welcome to my top 10.
This is a list of the top 10 albums currently playing in my car, home, office, nightmares, etc. The list changes from week to week so actually this top 10 is from last week. So here goes.

1. Washing Machine--Sonic Youth
Okay, so I've got a picture of trouble girl Kim walking down to the corner store not wearing any underwear, to buy her baby a soda pop just becuz. And I'm blissed. Need I say more? Actually, yes there is more to say. The intro to No Queen Blues just rox my world. How da...? What da...? Did I just hear that? And you gotta give it up for the Diamond Sea. Put your weight on it Mr. Tee, put your weight on it!!! Okay, alright?

2. Confield--Autechre
cfern scared the shit out of me Wednesday night. Perhaps it has something to do with the drunken stupor I forced upon myself but I swore someone was knocking on my door. "Who is--. Oh, it's Autechre! Maybe I'll sit up straight and pay attention." See this is odd becuz (love ya, Kim Gordon-Moore) the fractured drum sequencing on lentic catachresis unnerves me more than any other song on the album. CAUTION: Don't play Confield when nursing a hangover!!!

3. The Ultimate Experience--Jimi Hendrix
This is one of the best compilations I own. Though I lose interest towards the end, it's great to hear my old favorites back to back...Castles Made of Sand, Long Hot Summer Night, Red House, Manic Depression. Shit. You gotta love it when Jimi is messing around. For example listen to the guitar noodling on The Wind Cries Mary. I'm like, "Dude, that's gay. But it's Jimi. HAHA!"

4. 10,000 Days--Tool
Yeah, I'm a Tool freak. But fuck the messages in the songs, Tool is fucking hard!!! Initially I only liked the first half of the album, Jambi and the Pot being faves. But now Intension stands out. Okay I know many people have creepy Tool experiences, and I wish I did too. But here's something. Two weeks ago or so I made a journey to Atlanta, perhaps it was to see They Might Be Giants with Pup. I listened to 10,000 Days in the car and by the end of the cd I felt sad. Not depressed, rather sunken. I took note of it because hard-hitting heavy metal bands should enrage anger and hate and evil and SATAN!!! I digress.

5. The Creek Drank the Cradle--Iron and Wine
I've got to give it up to Sam Beam for doing what he does to revitalize that old Southern bluegrass folk sound. There something about the tired yester-year sound and the sad slow lyrics that hit me. One line that stands out, "Lately she don't care for a warmer breeze/Or shade around the base of the maple trees." Dude, she's about to leave you. GET A CLUE!!! Iron and Wine is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands.

6. The Beekeeper--Tori Amos
...And she's becoming folksy too! I must admit that a tame Tori is a good Tori. So I must have been playing the album at work when a co-worker came by and mistook Tori for Joni (Mitchell that is) which I thought was a compliment :-) Ribbons Undone is by far my favorite on this album. Gives me goose bumps whenever I hear it.

7. Memento--Dead Can Dance
Another compilation album, but this album in particular is far better than DCD's A Passage in Time. Even the album's cover art is better. The song selections are what make a superb compilation. It's great that The Carnival is Over follows Cantara whereas Cantara is followed by The Garden of Zephirus on the 1991 compilation. I can do without American Dreaming, but this would be Fortune Presents Gifts Not According to the Book. Blah. When it come to DCD, you're either into it or not. I say kudos to Brenden and Lisa!

8. Simpatico!--Velocity Girl
I like pop! Sub Pop that is! Bubble-gum POP! Sarah Shannon's voice is to die for! And she's cute! I'm charmed by pop that takes itself for what it really is with REAL talent. The girl is a trained opera singer and the boys in the band play their own instruments. I'm listening to it now and I Can't Stop Smiling! No, really! I'm hurt that they've disbanded, but I can always press play again...uhh, maybe not right now. I've got a list to complete after all. The All-Consumer is a favorite.

9. Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding--Venetian Snares
I heart IDM, glitch music, drill and bass, etc. Actually this album should be higher on the list but confield is already up there...hehe. Okay, songs like vida, keek and huge chrome peach are glitchy with the drums wound tighter and tigher and tighter. But then you hear the staccato of Texas Instrument's Speak and Math performing random calculations in monotone and it's just creepy. "7-6-9-2 increase by 4-8-7-5 mulitply by 6-2-5 subtract from 2-8-3-9." beat bea be b loop loop beat bea be b. I listened to this Thursday night after playing Magic: The Gathering for 4 hours.

10. Behavior--Pet Shop Boys
NO! I'M NOT GAY! And you don't have to be gay to like PSB, damnit. I bought this album for Being Boring, a long time favorite. But songs like This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave and How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously are just as strong. I Get Along from Release has sentiments to To Face The Truth: "I've been trying not to cry/when I'm in the public eye/Stuck here with the shame/and taking my share of the blame" and "You know it hurts me when you lie/Sometimes it even makes me cry/'Cause I'm so in love with you." NO!

Okay you get bonus points if you can spot the reference to Big Daddy Kane. 10 more bonus points if you know where I got the title for this blog.

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