Monday, June 19, 2006

Almost Perfect

I’m in one of the best rooms in San Diego right now. My room overlooks the dock and the Pacific Ocean. I’m in a little resort hotel with 2 swimming pools and 2 nice restaurants among other very nice amenities (can you say swim up pool bar?).

When I went to get some ice, I started a small conversation with another guest. He had suggested this very nice restaurant that was within walking distance. I could make a short stroll around the dock and it’s right there on the water. You could sit outside on a near perfect night with a great view of the ocean. Being that it was dusk, it also had a perfect backdrop of the sun setting beyond the ocean.

After dinner was finished, I could take a slow stroll back around the dock. There are several seats on the trail so people can sit and enjoy the view. It would be dark when I started on the way back because of the wonderful dinner and conversations. While sitting at one of those benches, the fireworks show from the nearby theme park would begin and light the sky with its array of colors.

Yes, it would be quite the perfect night. I definitely could and would do all of these things if she was here with me.

People wonder why I don’t sleep. I don’t sleep because when I lay there awake, I wonder where she is. Sometimes I wonder what if there is no she at all. That's a thought that keeps me awake each night.

Tomorrow's hotel is suppose to be even better. Fantastic.

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