Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I should be Working in the White House

The National Journal published a list of salaries for the 403 White House staffers. Here are some good jobs that I would love to have:

Ethics Advisor $114,688
The ethics advisor position must be quite easy. The administration can save over $100K/advisor/year by simply eliminating these 2 positions and replace it with a copy of the bible.

Director for Lessons Learned $106,641
Yes, there is a White House Director for Lessons Learned. It’s like getting paid to be a “yea, you shoulda done that” person. What kind of qualifications does this job require? Let me know so I can apply next time it’s open. I’m very good at tell people what they should have done after the fact.

Supervisor of Search and File $92,820
$92K for search and file? I can definitly supervise other people to go search and file stuff for $92K/year.

Director of Radio $55,200
In the morning it’s smooth Jazz. The afternoon we’ll go all 80s!

Director of Rapid Response $45,000
Director of Fact Checking $46,500
Funny that the Director of Rapid Response and Fact Checking are among the lowest paid positions in this administration.

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