Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mid-Season Tournment

This last weekend was the mid-season summer league ultimate tournament. Unlike other tournments I've been to lately, this was a 2 day tournment. 2 days of pain. After a harsh 9 hour running around day on Saturday, Sunday started quite painful. It was difficult to get out of bed, everything was aching, and I was limping around. I don’t see why people want to prolong their life. This certainly isn’t worth it if this is a preview of old age.

As luck would have it. Our first game was against a group of high school kids. Fantastic. They all seem so young. They of course felt no pain that us old people feel after running for a day. Our chant for the game became “we’re older than your parent.. we’re older than your parents!”

Luckily, even with all the running, they weren’t that great of a team so we managed to beat them pretty easily.

On to the Semi-finals!

We were surprised as we met the opposing team. Most have been drinking a lot already. They explained that they’ve lost some people to injury and some to the World Cup so they just don't have the motivation to play a regular ultimate game. Instead, they challenged us to a different type of game.

In the first game, before you could substitute, you would have to do a shot. The shot consisted of you lying on the ground, and they pour apple juice, vodka, and whipped cream in your mouth. I don’t think the game actually happened, but good times were had by all.

A second game that didn’t really happen was beer-ti-mate. Basically, holding a beer the entire time you’re playing.

So we moved on to the finals for our bracket championship.

Much to our surprise, the team (who is famous for being drunk during the game) was totally sober and focused on winning. When drunk this team is very good. We were quite afraid of the sober version. It wasn’t good that half our team was drunk when we started the game.

It turned out to be a very good and intense game. It was a game to 11. We were tied at 10 and they had the disc. They score and they win. We ended up making a huge defensive stand and then scoring to win the game.

Yay for us!! We win another water bottle!! I think there was a side wager of pitchers of Margaritas and porn, but I haven’t seen either of those prizes yet.

Ultimate is the best sport ever because it’s the only sport where people playing the sport out drinks the spectators.

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