Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I think...

Let me explain some things about what I think. This is after all, a blog about what I think.

I think that ideally, socialism and even communism are ideal societal models. However, humans are not capable of living in such a world because the majority of humans are still innately just simple animals who are greedy, lazy, self-preserving, and incapable of self sacrifice or lacks the understanding of the meaning of the greater good. Humans are also incapable of running such a government without becoming corrputed. Basically, humans are the broken ones, not the model.

I think that there is something wrong with our society when entertainers and CEO makes millions of dollars while teachers barely make minimum wage.

I think the wealth gap is one of the biggest problems society faces today. Here’s a very insightful article. It’s great to think that the American dream is still true. That you can work hard and be rich. Well, you can work hard and be ok. The way our society is shaping up, the rich will take care of their own, and they’re not really looking for new members.

I think that the wealth gap problem will not be solved because the people with the money have all the power and the people without money have been taught that this is ok.

I think people don’t see the real problems in the world because they’re too consumed in their own lives and that they would be scared if they knew.

I think we can give a lot more than we do. By pure numbers I’m sure the United States gives more than anyone else. Fractionally, it’s very insignificant. It’s like Bill Gates giving someone $100 vs. a guy making $40K/yr. making a $100 donation. Please don't say that it's the same thing.

I think there are a lot of organizations that do good but has an agenda behind it. What better audience to convert into your way of thinking than coming in and acting like a saint. Think of it as product marketing.

I think everyone needs to work. If everyone worked 10 hours a day, there would be a lot less bad things going on. Everyone would be too tired. The only thing people would want to do after work is getting a beer, not think about protesting or planning to blow up stuff.

I think people need to dance more. Especially in our society. Somehow dancing has become a bad thing in our society. People have no idea how to celebrate. We have lost our way even in knowing how to celebrate and that’s sad.

I think it’s funny that the topic of gay marriage only comes up during election time.

I think if it really does hurt the poor when you tax the rich, then the rich really aren’t the benevolent people that you think they are if they in turn punish the poor.

I think if we don’t start being concern with the real issues of this country like the lack of education the children are getting, it will rot this country from the inside out. It will be much more detrimental than any terrorist attack.

I think people need to know that all wars from now on will be fought for resources (oil, water, etc.). People can hide it behind religion or democracy, or any nice ideals like that, but at the end of the day, it is about a resource that someone wants.

I think if you think there’s nothing wrong with the environment, then by all means, move to the coast, have some kids, and let them run around in the sun for a while. See how that works out for you.

I think another beer will do me good.

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