Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Think

Another list of things in my head. Seriously busy here with working then going to the house to work some more late at night. I will hopefully be fully moved into my new house by this weekend!

I think painting your own house sounds like a good idea at first, but then you start doing the work and realize you’re not a very good painter.

I think if you come visit my house, you should pay no attention to the edges of the wall.

I think drinking while painting is a good idea until you take off the tape and realize you just painted on the trim cause you didn’t tape the right places.

I think I need to buy some Lowe’s stocks. I have spent so much money there recently.

I think Sam is a really sexy name for a girl.

Like having a kid or a pet, once you get a new house, that’s the only thing you talk about in conversations.

I think we’re ignoring some really important domestic issues that’s going to hurt the country badly in the long run.

I think everyone should be a little nicer. In other words, stop being such self-centered assholes.

I think the religious conservatives will outbreed the liberals.

I think that my house warming party will not include furniture. It will by BYOC. Bring your own chair.

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