Sunday, August 06, 2006

Oh How Nice of Those NeoCons…

In case you had any illusions about who the NeoCons serve, this is a great example. And no, it's not you that they're even remotely concerned with.

I sure do enjoy hearing people complain how rich people are so discriminated against by taxes just because they’re rich. Most of time, this argument is from people who doesn’t have that much wealth themselves. They argue even though they can’t comprehend how much money these elites have.

Please note, when I’m talking rich here, I’m not talking about the guy making 100K or 200K a year. No, I’m talking about the uber rich. The group that’s .01% of the population that holds about 80% of the country’s wealth. Also, I’m not saying all of the .01% people are not good people or who would necessarily disagree with me.

So many people have been brainwashed to think that the rich are really benevolent people who will somehow send your broke ass a check because they’re nice people. I’m not saying that rich people are not nice. However, there’s a reason they’re rich and they stay rich for a reason. It’s not really about the people that I’m really against (most of the time), it’s the width of the wealth gap and the continuation of this government to perpetuate it that I’m unhappy with.

As I said in the beginning, most of the people that you hear complaining about taxes on the uber rich do not fall into that .01% of the population. The most prevailing thing I see is that many people live under the illusion that if they worked hard, they can be just as well off as these people, and WHEN they become this wealthy, they don’t want all these taxes put on them.

To that, I say slow down. Let’s take this thing one at a time.

I’m not saying that joining the ranks of the .01% is not possible in one lifetime. A lot of people got to where they are in one lifetime, but there are many more that are of family/old money. The chances of being that wealthy, especially in one generation, are very unlikely. Probably as good as me making the NBA playing center.

So before you concern yourself with taxes for this group, wait till you get there then worry about it.

Many of you give this argument that the rich are nice people, and if we tax them in any way, they will seek revenge by firing all of us. Let's talk about how contradictory this is for a moment.

You think the rich are nice, and if they’re nice, they would be ok with paying a little more taxes. Believe me, at the end of the day, it doesn’t affect them at all. They argue on principle, not because it really matters to them financially.

Similarly, the case is made that if the minimum wage is increased, all these restaurants and other hospitality industry that pays minimum wage will not be able to sustain their profits and hence will have to fire people.

Once again, if the rich are so nice, they would understand and not punish these companies when their profits drop a little to help out its employees. As we all know, this is not the case. No matter the cause, if profits fall or come under some arbitrary profit targets, the company is seriously punished by this faceless creature called “share-holders” that everyone bows down to.

There’s a point when you can’t blindly say that profits are the only thing we care about at all costs. To work so hard at a job and yet still live in extreme poverty is not the American dream. These people will never dig themselves out of the hole. If you are truly concerned with these workers as so many of you Neocons claim you are, try to help them for once instead of just your wallets.

Let’s say for a moment that I’m entirely wrong about my reasons to increase the minimum wage and that you are right. Why don’t you explain to me what your Neocons are doing.

The Republican has a package on the floor that would increase the wage from $5.15 to $7.25 per hour, phased in over the next three years.

HOWEVER, in exchange for this benevolence to the low income population, the Neocons also included in the bill that would exempt $5 million of an individual's estate, and $10 million of a couple's, from estate taxes by 2015. Estates worth up to $25 million would be taxed at capital gains rates, currently 15 percent and scheduled to rise to 20 percent. Tax rates on the remainder of larger estates would fall to 30 percent by 2015.

So basically they’re saying, we’ll give you your $2.10/ hour, but we’re going to want to keep an estimated $268 billion (by some figures) over the next 10 years for that.01% of the population.

Think about this long and hard. For once, don’t just think short term and just about your surroundings. Think about the big picture and how this will harm our society by continuing to further the wealth gap. Not to mention, the Neocons has created a $300 billion dollar budget deficit. This is not the time to give the rich a nice little present.

Do you think these people are really THAT hard up or concerned if they don’t get this money? Sure it’s nice to be getting billions of dollars, but listen, they’re not going to be starving. That I can guarantee you. They’ll be just fine. However, not having this money for the government will cut desperately needed programs that everyone in the country can benefit from, programs that I guarantee the rich will not help pay for.

I’ve never said that we shouldn’t have a gap between the wealthy and the not. However, the gap of .01% of the population controlling 80% of the wealth is a problem.

If the rich are going to fire so many people because they can’t afford them due to the high wages, what the fuck is the $268 Billion dollars all about? If the wages are increased, they’re still going to fire all those people AND keep their nice little bonus. That's the reality people.

I’m sure the Neocons will use this well by saying that Democrats are against raising the minimum wage come election time, and I’m sad to say that I’m sure the majority of the American population will fall for it. Wise up and wake up people.

The rich are rich for a reason, and they also stay rich for a reason. None of the reasons include looking out for anyone else but themselves.

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